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MOTOR CARS MOTOR CARS MOTOR CARS PAN AMERICAN MOTORS LIMITED, 3 GOODWOOD ROAD, GOODWOOD (City Side of Centennial Hall) , UA7429 UA7429 UA7429 AfttT.Amg-g BEST AND CLEANEST CARS AT THE LOWEST PRICES AND EASIEST TERMS. 2,000 MILES WARRANTY AND THREE YEARS' TERMS 1954 M-G. T-F- brmnd new. 1958 HOLDEN Sedan. New 1952 M.G. T.D. Mark n_ ex dncoed iridescent green, suspension, d n c o e d eepUonally well sent, posh button . HJtt-V. cream. Very tow mile- . faultless mechanically, radio. Dep. £265. 2.000 ace. driven by a careful new bood and tyres. 3.000 miles warranty. 3F?er. to excellent con- tniles warranty Dep. dltion throughout. Dep. £275. £305. 1953 MORRIS MINOR Con Terfc. dneoed betee. im- ,_,, ..o,,-.,. n-rwnnn s» 1952 MORRIS Minor Hilite xaeulate throughout. UM WP^^aSSSP KD-ml?S' Sedan. 12.000 miles, one *«ry low mileaee. tyres as *ml _&?c1 „. ™e,?* owner car. beautl'ully utw. Den. £190 Keen «2fKW»JSri?' 5nTi«*?JSr kept, tyres 90 p.c 2.000 buying. 2400 miles war- JSS-.fwne* ™i LJ?, mi'-« warranty. Dep - written warranty. 1858 JAGUAR MARK VTL 1952 VEtOX Sedan, new look. Dep. £255. Two to I9S1MORRM MINOR Con- choose from. 1951 VAUXHALL Wyvern vert, dncoed original Sedan English body, im SS11* SUS^USii 'KiJ 19S1 ^AT 1100 Sedan, one maculate condition t55h_ £££. .SSP*.^?* owner car. dncoed light throughout, perfect me a^«*h£Vv«i-r?*£' Fe«-' mechanically oer- ' chanically. original saint ESS Sii2 iirSSt*89' *ect ty™5 80 P-e- Bar- as new. done a very low 3.000 miles warranty. gjjn. £155 deposit. milease. new tyres. 2.000 miles warranty. 1951 Arnrrrw on -f-.n_ j.. 1951 FTAT 500 C. Saloon, du ePed,«reen-_fanlt!ess me- and transmission, food ? fjgSlS*'*;*?** ?°°*jp- BBforSS* « mSE 1951 VELOX Tourer, immacu Je*5*B^l°t « ertras. t»res 80 p.c Good value. l*te throughout. This 82? ^VB?8 *nd tood. £13I» den ear is really dean. One Dep. £igo. owner and has been 1950 AUSTIN A40 Tourer, du- driven very carefully. 1950 MnitRTc n-rwiDr. ^ '^S!1 cream, mechani- vS.haTe any ?***? ^P wen iSL^SiP- VerT c'11* *«JoUe«»- '?» hood **2S. new tyres. Den. £215. warranty Dep. £185. ,„..„„ _„ „ - 1948 M.G T.C. Roadster, du 1941 pinrinn #-____^., la*- MORRIS 10 h.p. Sedan. e0€-L. - red- immaeulate ^^ fn^£5E , Convertible. dncoed black with red condition throughout JsU-SrS11?1 tnroMhoirt. upholstery. In immaculate new hood, tyres 83 p.c -SS? tSF JSSJ*' 'nd *««« reconrt.. runs »xcep ''?'?»? Dep. £255. UonaHy wen. D«p £113 in- wram ™ «, .. 1939 HTLLMAN Sedan. weU ^^ £°£° '^ Sedan, dneoed ? 1940 CHEVROLET Sedan, dn- kept, sound motor and pSnSS?1&?S&al!S3 && tood tym- °~ ? ??»- ' 1939 CHEVROLET Sedan, ins rmmmw ~ .. _ U3- WILLY8_Tourer. green green duco. in very good '^ ESSS?01^ Sedan, to duco. This popular car condition, tyres 90 p.c. gKepnonaUy good condC ? is in first class cond.. mechanically sound. A . EyV '25? 80-.Pc- *ny new hood and tyres. very goodbuy at £160 trial. Dep. £150. Tonr» at £175 dep. dep U3* £25? 7* Sedan, new 1937 MORRIS 8/40 Roadster. 1938 VAUXHALL 10 h.p.. green duco and tyres. engine Just been' done up. dueoed cream, engine has sound mechanically. At good hood and tyres, neat inst been rebored. Neat £150 dep. appearance, for £95 dep. n&f^so '00^ tyres. COMMERCIAL VEHICLES 1953 52HI?T.S!»*rtJ!!!hter U/18 1952 ADSTIN A40 Utility. 1952 BEDFORD Panel Van. - cwt. utility, lSUno miles. steering column gear well cared for. very tow nice duco and appear- change, very low mileage. mileage. Exceptionally ance. one owner vehicle. beautiful appearance. sound motor and trans faultlus mechanically immaculate condition mission. Any trial. Dep. *nd body spotless. Dep. throughout, for £320 dep. £225. £290 and carries our / and iOOO mile* war - X0M mites warranty. £450 ranty. Compare our _ under list price. price. ilt51 MORRIS 8/40 Utility. 1952 BEDFORD Utility, du- 1951 CHEVROLET car-type fitted with canopy, in coed green. original Utility, one owner from extra good condition In throughout, ont owner. new. in excellent condi every respect: the best in been used as a private Uon. stand- any. test, color Adelaide. Tours for only car. New tyres and up- cream, lyres and dueo as ,_,_ 1*52. 45?-.. - _^ ^ holstery. Stand the most new. Very small mileage. 1M7 FORD VJ 10-12 cwt. ear- critical inspecUon. Dep Give 2.000 miles- gnaran type Utility, cream dUco £195. tee. and upholstery un- 1942 INTERNATIONAL 3 - ton marked. New tyres, very truck. Tray top. Engine ? sound motor and trans- . and transmission fault- 1951 FORD PREFECT Utility, mission, performs very less. Good tyres, reg. and color green, in good, run wen. £230 d«P_ or £695 Ins. Bargain. Cash £350. nlng order, new tyres: cash. or £150 dtp. performs wen. Dep. £165.

DEVONSHIRE MOTORS LTD. AUSTIN DEALERS 1954 AUSTIN AJO IMP. 1950 PLYMOUTH JRO 2-DOOR SEDAN. SPECIAL DE LUXE Dueoed beige brown , SALOON. - dueoed upholstery BRAND I black with- blue NEW. rmwi»«n«»» leather upholstery. delivery ? £782 37.000 miles only. extremely well shod. ? ? This vehicle is in 1952 FOBD CONSUL SA- beautiful order. Suit LOON. Dueoed pas- new car buyer, tel bin* with blue Guaranteed at .. £1.150 leather trim . only It52 FORD 10 'PREFECT 25.000 nil'*ff a very SEDAN. Australian . dean vehicle and body duco grey red worthy of a new leather trim, per car buyer, only .. £785 feet order through - 1951 MORRIS' .OXFORD : ? DAN. duco pastel . .-,-;?. -SALOON. ????— Duco ? . blue, all leath. up bUck, brown leather hoist-, motor, tyres trim, only 13.000 and general condl easy miles. weQ shod Uon excellent .. . £655 and in exceUent or- 194? BOICK 8/40 6PE der. Only ? £685 CIAL DE LUXE SA ,».- -^nTnn, .„ . LOON dueoed grey ? 1948 MNGKR 10 b.p. with maroon - TOURER, duco leather upholst* cream ' bine* Tftather fitted with radio by trim, new hood, this ? Bulck many other vehicle has lust been extras including De reoorea by as. mister and seat Guaranteed at .. £435 covers, only 38.000 . 1949 MORRIS .MINOR at*?!' ?°*-1 ^.'Vf £875 CONVERTIBLE 1947 STANDARD 8 h-P. dnro black, grey up- - 2-DOOR 8EDAN, hoUtery. weu shod. dueo grey, blue bargain .. .. .. .. £495 leather trim a very clean ear at .. .. £435 s Terms to Suit .81 FRANKLIN STREET ' LA5501 Phones . LA5502 AT CAPITOL USED CARS LTD. 131 Gouger street, Adelaide. (26 yards east of Brown street) LA2005 Cash Dep. 1952 MORRIS MINOR 4-door sedan, excellent throughout. 2,000 miles written guarantee ..£695 £232 1352 STNGE-R S-M. sports. In keeping with its age. 2.000 miles, written guarantee ? £585 £195 1951 VAUXHALL VELOX sedan, appearance like ____ new. 2.000 miles written guarantee ? -- £695 £232 1951 VANGUARD sedan, sound throughout, good ' ? duco 2.000 miles written guarantee ? £665 £222 1950 RENAULT sedan, seat covers, good tyres, rei. - and lm- 2.010 miles written guarantee .. £395 £132 1949 VAUXHAIX VELOX. pastel blue duco. excel Irnt oerionntr. 2.000 miles written guarantee £645 £215 1949 HUMBER STTER SNIPE, nnmarked. high gloss b'ack dLco rn.i Is absolutely Al throughout. 2.000 miles written guarantee ? £770 £256 1948 AUSTIN 8 tourer, sood body duco and tyres. ? Win guarantee for 2.000 miles .. .. £390 £130 1948 PL'SCMOUTH sedan A verv solid American ? c-r mech. souoa. 2.000 miles written guar. £695 £232 1948 tm.TMAK sed*n neat appearance, gives good 2.000 miles written guarantee ? £460 £180 194: SINGER 10 seoan a lively performer .. .. £295 £95 1939 CHEVROLET STANDARD sedan, mecb. OJC. . £355 £140 1936 TERRAPLANE two-door sedan, excellent throughout ? ? £295 £148 Utilities 1953 VANGUARD SPACEMASTER Utility. Abso ^^ latelv cean throughout. 2,000 miles written 1952 MORRIS OXFORD utility, 'with canopy' ei -Slent thrm-iout. 2.000 miles written guar. £645 £215 AT CAPITOL USED CARS LTD. LA2005 AFTER HOURS X5235

JL UKJJiNS. NEW AND USED. »rompt delivery of your new Austin. Too price on . your trade-in. Liberal terms. If von require a guaranteed used. Austin inspect our com prehensive range. They are guaranteed by After Cales Service in our specialised Austin workshop. DOUG. BURNS & SONS LTD An*M' MetropoUtan Dealers. 209 Cllles st~ Adelaide (Just east Hanson street). Telephone C1407. USTIN HEALEY 100. 1954 modeL Delivered June. One owner since new 9.000 gen uine Tpn** This car Is dueoed beige with contrasting red leather trim. Tyres practically unmarked. Spare has never been on the road. This Healey is virtually a new car. £1.250 cash or terms. MODERN SERVICE STATION. 250 Prospect road Prospect. ML4482. A USTIN8. We spedallse in GOOD late ? Model AUSTIN CARS AND TRUCKS Buy or selL Cash. Terms or Trade. DEVONSHIRE MOTORS LTD, '^Ssioi?1^

AT BLACK'S MOTORS 107 St Vincent st_ __ „ Port Adelaide. J1334 ^5 Pnr-J P^f'cf sedan ««7S 52 Holden Sedan .. .. £84! kI S3 Prefect sedan £475 ?50 Fdrd Prefect sedan £525 18 £or5 Prefect sedan £46- « Ford Prefect sedan £»1 ?4? VauxhaU 18 h.D sedan £495 « *H°rns 8/40 tourer £31 Sfflf^X18??1' . Si '38 Chev sedan £350 25 chev. sedan .. £260 ?29 Chev. sedan .. £150 '28 Nash Buckboard .. £50 CASH. TERMS or TRADE A TOOTOER ST. CAR SALES. -£». 287 Gouger st. near West .... ~ ... terrace. LA2277 54 Holden Spec, new £464 de.p ,54 Holden Stand., new £443 dep. '54 Ford Consul Sedan. „_ radio as new . . . £925 ;|2 golden Sedan .... £8 '52 HUlman Sedan ? £61 ?SO Prefect Sedan . £470 '50 Morri. Oxford Sedan. radio £695 '50 Mnrrte Minor Convert. £525 40 Prefect Sedan. -51 eng. £35( 4C HU'mao Tourer £32; '51 Fordson Utility £425 Cash terms, trade Cars or ? Motor Cycles. ? AUSTIN A70. beautiful cond £695. terms. 408 King Wm st city ta*oh ? A AA. CAR radios lnstallec -tV while you wait, from £30 18/6 cash, or 7/6 ?weekly Sun stroms The Car Radio Spe I cialists. 148 Port road. Hind marsh. ? ADELAIDE MOTOR WRECK _ Un'G, 57 Franklin st. LA5327. Wrecking all makes and model: cars and trucks. ? AUSTIN A40 wanted urgently highest cash price paid on Inspection. ADDISON MOTORS LTD.. 556 Port rd., AUenby Gdns. .TL3757. i ? A. DRIVE YOURSELF CARS. SHORTS. 275 North ter -o AdeL. Hospital). W1092. X355S.

Universal motors ltd., 145 FRANKLIN ST.. ADELAIDE. LA487R. CADUiAC SERIES 60 CON ifERTIBLE. latest V8 O^.V. mo tor. ' Interested parties can in spect in our showrooms. 1952 HOLDEN SEDAN, very pw mileage. In as-new condi tion throughout. From original owner. This lovely car is fault less. Dep. £295. .1952 HUMBER SUPER SNIPE. Suit new Humber buyer. Abso lutely Derfect condition through out. Astor radio. Tyres as new —a rare opportunity to pur issse one of these aristocrats at a bargain price. Dep. £325 1952 VANGUARD SEDAN un marked black duco. leather trim ?erfect condition throughout. Very wen shod. £845. on de posit £285. 1952 HARTNETT TOURER. This economial little car is in very nice order throughout. Green duco. Dep. £135. . 1952 MORRIS MINOR SEDAN, unmarked grey dueo. Faultless condition throughout, wen shod' Suit new ear buyer. Dep £230. Sedan. Radio, well shod, very good upholstery and excellent ueo. Very good condition. Dep. £165. 1938 HTTJ.MAN MINX SEDAN. excellent . appearance. seai covers. Mechanically perfect. Very well shod. Dep. £150. 1947 OLDSMOBILE SEDAN. Genuine one owner from- new. Urtect order and condition. his magnificent vehicle for £295 deposit. 1932 FORD B4 COUPE, me chanically O.K. Good appear ance, excellent running order: well shod. Dep. £95. UTILITY. 1950-51 AUSTIN A40 TTLJTY. faultless condition throughout well shod, lovely appearance. Sun shield fitted. Den. £220. UNIVERSAL MOTORS LTD., 145 FRANKLIN ST- ADELAIDE. LA4878 (after hours X1850). AT MARKET CAR SALES, 176 Grenfell street. W1821. (Past J. N. Taylor's, opposite side) 1952 RENAULT Sedan, shim mering blue duco. radio, fault less throughout, good tyres. Reg. August. '55; 13.000 miles. Al most not a used car Strictly for a new car buyer. £543 cash. £182 dep. 1952 CONSUL, light green, un marked duco. brown trim, tyres 00 p.c. well above average. Compare the price. Cash £7aO. dep. £250. 1950 MORRIS OXFORD Se an, faultless, grey orig. duco. tyres 70 p.c. brown leather/ rim. demonstrates particu- , £215 WeU* CaSh £M5' dep*' 1950 FORD PREFECT Sedan. A good solid family car. runs Ike a watch, tyres 60 p.c; good brown upholstery. Reg- Jaiu. 55. Gren duco. Cash £460.

1949 VAUXHALL WYVERN Sedan, spotless green duco. Astor radio,, reg. Feb.. '55: mech. sound throughout, has Peasant appearance; well kepti irown leather upholstery. Cash £565. oep. £188. 1938 AUSTIN 8 TOURER, blue ' d'=o- food body, very well i shod; 4 speed gearbox, recondl-i ;ioned motor, new battery, lay back seat and good brakes. Tnis car's performance Is as toundUiK. Only £250 cash. TRADE-INS ACCEPTED. ^T WESTERN MOTORS 106 Grote st.. City. 1954 Holden Utility. 2.000 miles, dep. £350 1952 Holden Sedan, ex. condition. radio, safety wheels, dual horns, mascot £860 1952 vanguard Utility, new look model £795 1952 Holden Utility . £810 1952 Mayflower Sedan, reg. and ins. £595 1951 Holden Sedan, well shod £775 1949 Vauxhall Velox Se dan, ree. and ins. £565 1949 Vanguard Sedan . £450 1950 StaKer 9 Utility . £275 1947 VauxhMl 12 Tourer £475 193a Ford Vg Sedan . £365 W-- trade cars, utilities and motor eyries. Easy terms. Phone LA3365. USTIN 10 SEDAN 1938 model, original duco trim. &c registered well «hod mechanically really Rood Thi car is a beauty Priced at onl« £350 cash or terms. MODERN SERVICE STATION 250 Prospect rd.. Prospect. ? ML4482. ? AUTO WRECKING CO. re auire good cars for wreck tag Inspect. Top price. 186 Hlndley it. LA2431.

MOTOR CARS MOTOR CARS DEPENDABLE MOTORS LTD. PEDGEOT DISTRIBUTORS FOR SOUTH AUSTRALIA. BROKEN HILL AND NORTHERN TERRITORY. 246-260 Gouger street, Adelaide Phones LA2291 and LAI 674 ^NEW AND USED CARS From 25 p.c. Deposit 1954 PEUGEOT Saloon, demonstration model, only 6.000 miles ? ? '.. £1.065 1953 FORD CUSTOMLINE Anniversary model radio £1.375 1952 M.G. T.D.. excellent appearance, reg. and ins. .. £725 1952 MORRIS MINOR 4-door Sedan only 16.000 miles £695 1951 VAUXHALL VELOX cream duco. excellent cond. £675 1951 MAYFLOWER reducoed blue, reg and ins ? £465 1951 HOLDEN Sedan, registered and Insured ? £665 1950 PEUGEOT Saloon. 2-tone duco ? £595 1950 JOWETT JAVELIN Saloon, olive green, fawn lthr. £575, 1950 MORRIS MINOR Saloon, grey duco ? £545 1950 AUSTIN A40 Tourer, good condition, only .. .. £495 1950 SINGER 9 Tourer, red duco extra good .. ?? £475 1949 FORD CUSTOM Sedan radio ? £765 ' 1948 SINGER 9 Sports Tourer, with radio, dueoed red £395 1948 AUSTIN A40 Tourer. long reg. and ins. only .. £445 1948 PLYMOUTH Sedan, blue auco. only ? £585 1947 OLDSMOBILE Sedan, very original a beauty £765 1947 M.G. T.C. red duco. popular at only .. .. £495 1946 VAUXHALL 14 Saloon, green duco. popular car . . £395 1940 AUSTIN 8 Saloon, popular car ? £275 1940 D.K.W Tourer, new hood a beauty ? £235 1939 CHEVROLET Sedan ? ?-. .. £445 1935 TERRAPLANE Coupe, good tyres, runs well .. £195 1935 FORD V8 Roadster, dueoed red ? £175 1930 AUSTIN 12 Roadster, good order, reg. and Ins. £95 1927 MORRIS COWLEY Tourer, drive away for only . . £45 Commercials 1952 PEUGEOT Estate Car. only 15.000 miles ? £825 1952 HOLDEN Utility, grey duco. This can be yours for £745 1951 PEUGEOT Estate Car. well shod ? £725 ?1951 BEDFORD Ute. ex app.. reg. and ins ? £475 1950 AUSTIN A70 Utility canopy, low mileage .. -- £575 iliu FORD lo'coup? Utility, canopy '.'. V. '.*. V. *.'. *.*. £435 1950 VANGUARD Utility, reducoed only ? £475 1949 VANGUARD Utility, good order ? £465 1948 FORD MERCURY Utility good ? £525 1947 FORD V8 15 cwt. new tyres ? £425 1946 FORD V8 Van ? £395 1945 STANDARD 14 Utility, near new tyres ? £245 1942 JEEP, ready for hard work ? £365 1936 WILLYS Coupe Utility, only ? £la5 LATE MODEL MOTOR CYCLES TRADED. TRADE-INS ACCEPTED. You Can Depend on DEPENDABLE AT MONARCH MOTORS, 810 Port road, Woodville,

BUS STOP 20. M7982. AFTER HOURS UA830S. DEPOSITS CONamniABLY REDUCED. BALANCE OVER 3 YEARS. 2,000 MILE WARRANTY. Dep. 1947 FORD V8 Sedan, radio. Today's special ? *'5 1953 AUSTIN AJO 4 Door Sedan. 11.000 mfles, as new £180 1952 MORRIS MINOR Sedan. 32.000 miles, as new .. £180 1952 HILLMAIt MINX Sedan, low mileage ? £185 1952 VAUXHALL WYVERN Sedan. New look. 1 owner £215 1952 MORRIS MINOR Sedan, blue. low mileage .... £'5 1951 BEDFORD Utility, 1st class mech ? *'5 , 1951 FORD PREFECT Sedan, in perfect condition .... £ 145 1951 VAUXHALL WYVERN 8ports. 20.000 miles only £155 1950 HOLDEN Sedan, one of the cleanest ? £200 1950 FORD 10/10 Ute.. mech. perfect ? £1S0 1950 AUSTIN A40 Sedan, very good appearance, cond. £170 1949 VANGUARD Sedan, cleanest '49 Vanguard in AdeL £ 180 1947 VAUXHALL WYVERN Sedan, mech. very good .. £145 1940 FORD PREFECT Sedan, bargain at ? £120 [ 1938 STDDEBAKER^DB LUXE Sedan. 6 cyL. ? £150 1938 FORD TEN Sedan, very sound mechanically .. £130 1935 itittuan sedan, in good running order -: .. ?? £U0 GOOD TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE ON YOUR CAR OR MOTOR CYCLE. ANGUS McLEAN LIMITED, 14 Anzac Highway, ? LF52U Keswick. LF5141. After Hours, X3787. WE GUARANTEE ALL TITLES EASIEST OF TERMS.^ Dep. ?51 AUSTINA40 Sedan. 1 owner, immaculate cond. .. £225 I |\NLL^N8PM^XTSn.^«for V. Y. II ' || ?50 SKODA Sedan, veiy clean and good ? £'| '50 MORRIS MINOR Sfcdan. well kept ? |1|| '50 FORD Pilot Sedan one owner, excellent ? fcisg ?49 VANGUARD Sedan, with radio, unmarked .... .. £220 ?48 mblAK MINX Sedan, exceptionally well kept .. £}B5 ?48 VAUXHALL WYVERN Sedan, one owner ? £lfo ?48 FORDANbLIA Tourer, a real classic ? flto ?47 ChSv Sedan A rare opportunity .... .... -? £f65 ?40 HILLMAN 14 h.p. Sedan, immaculate condition .. £17o ?40 AUSTIN8 hp Tourer, sound and clean ? £125 ?39 SINGER Roadste very clean and sound ? £125 ?38 MORRIS 8/40 Sedan good performer .. .. ? *:« ?38 VAUXHALL 4 h.p Sedan, good and original .... £140 ?37 UHKV Sedan clean and sound ? £}S2 ?37 WILLYS Sedan, spotless condition .. .. .. .... — §}«- '34 PLYMOUTH Roadster, mech. sound, good value -- £'§ ?30 CHEV. Tourer, sound and honest ? *-oo COMMERCIALS m &SW%b£F^&ti&£a?- :: :: :: :: gg ?If HOLDEN Ute.. cannot be faulted .. .. ? §260 ?Ii FORD PREFECT Ute.. sound good buying ? £145 ^-S^R^WuIe^m^Aus? overhauled I! I! II I'! CASH BUYERS. TRADE-INS ACCEPTED. Motor Cycles Traded. OPEN SATURDAYS.

A- TOWN AND COUNTRY MOTORS LTD., 11-15 O'CONNELL STREET. NTH. ADELAIDE M9294. LOW DEPOSIT. L953 HOLDEN Sedan. Latest model 10.000 genuine miles, one owner. Bargain today. 1952 FORD°rPREFECT Saloon. AustT body genuine one owner 10.000 miles. Bar gain £545 or £180 dep. 1951-5 MORRIS MINOR 4-door Saloon. Black with red lea ther trim Why wait _ six months? Bargain at £68a or £225 deposit. L952 SINGER Sports. Attractive appearance Has allover tonneau cover. Only £48a or £160 dec 1950 MORRIS MINOR Convert ible reg. and ins. near new tyres well kept. Only £490 or £180 dep. 1948 MORRIS 10 Saloon. Recon ditioned recently reg. and ins. well shod £465 or 1949-50 MORRIS 6 Saloon, color green, well shod, reg. and Ins. Genuine bargain. £575 1949 VAHXHALL WYV E R N Tourer Radio fog light. &c. Reg. an-* In.- A bar gain at £495 or £185 dep. 1949 VMJXHALt. 18 Saloon Black fith leather trim. hi» good tyres and per forms well. £585 or £1BS deposit. 1936 AUSTIN 7 P.oadster. well shod re* and ins genuine bargain at £125 or £50 'commercials. 1953 MORRIS 8 Utility Well shod. A neat and handy uni' Only £485 or £160 dep. 1947 CHEV. 3-4 ton Tipper, in ex oricr throughout. £675 or £235 deposit. ? TRATIE-TNS ACCEPTED. CASH BUYERS TRADE LATE MOTOR CYCLES. A USTIN A40 tourer. '50 model. ?£&. many extras, mutt sell. £515. Future Motors. LA5794.

COVENTRY MOTORS, ^'iTR^sfAD'EI^roE0^ LA4241 LA4242 Dep. 1952 VANGUARD Sedan £240 1950 HOLDEN .. £240' 1952 MORRIS Minor Trer £200 . 1951 VANGUARD Saloon £190 1952 HARTNETT Tourer £120 1951 MORRIS 2-door Se dan ? £200 1951 AUSTIN A90 Conv £270 1950 VAUXHALL Saloon £215 1940 RENAULT Tourer £110 1938 FORD V8 Sedan .. £125 1938 FORD V8 Coupe £110 UTILITIES. 1952 LAND ROVER 9.000 miles £200 1938 MORRIS Commercial 30-cwt. Van .. £55 1930 FORD A Utility .... £55 1935 BEDFORD 30-cwt. .. £70 TRADE-INS ACCEPTED METROPOLITAN DEALERS FOR STANDARD 8. SPACE MASTERS. DE SOTO CARS AND TRUCKS AND THE NEW CADET AUSTIN UTILITY. Only done light work; ap pearance is perfect, has been overhauled. This utility is *n excellent buy at £550. ' 69 QUOTE TREET.

MOTOR CARS MOTOR CARS AUSTINS 1954 AUSTIN A30 2-dOOr SEDAN NEW. IMMED. 782 1951 AUSTIN A40. black sedan ? 665 1950 AUSTIN A40. blue. RADIO sedan ? .675 1950 AUSTIN A40. green sedan ? 595 1949 AUSTIN A40. green sedan ? 565 1948 AUSTIN A40. green, sedan ? I I. 550 1948 AUSTIN A4G black sedan ? 435 1949 AUSTIN A70. grey, sedan ? 609 1948 AUSTIN 16 H.P.. black, sedan ? V. '.'. 'I 565 1951 AUSTIN A*0. creac TOURER ? .. ' 565 1949 AUSTIN A40. green, tourer ? 525 1940 AUSTIN 8 H.P. cream, tourer ? 228 1937 AUSTIN 7 H.P. green, tourer ? 220 uTmnEs. !Hllul^N.A|8^pWrp?&l!u?ty ? 4955 5f5°o A-ul^S A^»ck-U1? ?-?:?.? v : '? ' :: I 1953 AUSTIN A70 Hereford utility ? '. .. 725 TRUCKS llti A-uISn f T^fcJSSftruS*. W1H1 Si.dES;. NEW. 'HI We Are AUSTIN Specialists DEVONSHIRE MOTORS LTD., 81 Franklin street. LA5501 PHONES LA5502

ALEXANDER'S USED CARS LTD., 686 SOUTH RD.. EDWARDS TOWN, next to S.A. Rubber Mills. LF2665 ALL HOURS. Approx. Dep £ 54 Vanguard Spacemaster, 1,100 miles, as new .. 275 51 A40 Tourer . f. 180 50 Singer Sports ? 140 50 Jowett Javelin ? 220 48 Ford Mercury ? 275 48 Morris 8/40 ? 135 48 HlUman Drophesd Coupe .. .. 163 47 Vauxhall Tourer, Wy vern .... ? 140 47 Ford V8 Sedan . . 200 46 Hillman Sedan .. ..130 45 -Ford Station Waggon . 147 41 Renault Sedan 90 38 Studebaker ? 135 38 Morris 8/40 .. ..85 38 Chev., 2-door Sedan .. 165 38 Austin 10 Sedan .. ..125 37 Vauxhall Sedan .. ..115 '37 De Soto Sedan ? 130 '37 Ford Coupe ? 160 '36 Plymouth ? 133 '34 Buick8/40 ? 94 '30 Essex Tourer ? 15 '27 Studebaker Sedan .. .. 15 '26 Rugby Tourer ? .15

COMMERCIALS 52 Holden Utility .. ..230 48 Dodge Panel van .. 200 41 International car-type . 180 49 Ford V8 3-ton Truck 90 39 Bedford 3 ton Up truck G. Well hoist, steel body 37 Ford V8 Utility . .... 100 All types trade-ins accepted. ABSOLUTELY the cheapest cars in and around Ade laide, are at 20th CENTURY AUTO SALES, '^AWoirH*^' , Right opposite Windmill Hotel. 1952 International Utility £895 1951 Singer S.M. Sedan .. £62a 1951 Renault Sedan .. £465 1951 Austin A40 Tourer £d2o 1951 Austin A70 Sedan £645 1950 Singer Sports Tourer £43j 1951 Wyvern Sedan £565 1950 Armstrong Siddeley . 1950 Morris MinoV Con vertlble .. .. £465 1950 Vanguard Ute. .... £a?o 1949 Holden Sedan £5oO 1948 Plymouth Sedan .. £695 1948 HUlman convertible £435 1947 Ford V8 Sedan . .. £485 1946 Pontiac Sedan, radio £525 1942-5 Chev. Hollywood Convertible £725 1942 Standard Panel Van £195 1939 D.K..W. Tourer . £225 1939 Hillman Tourer . £195 1938 Chev. Sedan ? £245 1938 Morris 8/40 Panel Van .. .. £i95 1937 Morris 8/40 Ute. .. £145 1937 Ford V8 Sedan- .. . £195 1937 Hillman Sedan .. ?? £195 1937 Chev. Ute ? £245 1936 Chev. Ute ? £.525 1936 Singer Roadster .. £195 1936 Plymouth Sedan .. £135 1936 OldsmobUe Sedan .. £165 1936 Willys Tourer .. . £195 1935 Chev. Sedan .. .. £165 1935 Chev. Roadster ... £175 1935 Chev. Tourer .. .. £145 1935 Ford VB Coupe .. .. £175 1935 Ford V8 Coupe .. .. £225 1934 Chev. Coupe .. .. £235 1934 Standard Coupe .. £125 1934 Hillman Sedan .. .. £195 1935 Austin Sedan ? £195 1934 Wolseley Sedan .. £225 1932 Triumph Tourer £ 85 1929 Model A Ford Tourer £50 1929 Packard Sedan .. £75 1928 Chev National Tou rer .. .. . .. |£75 1927 Essex Sedan £45 1927 Morris Cowley Ute. . £45 1952 velocette Motor Cy cle ? . £100 CASH. TERMS OR TRADE-INS. ML6366. GOOD range of carefully selected sedans. ~7 tourers and utilities. Chev.. 1931. Austin A40 sedan Morris Minor Vaux hall. 1941. and many others available at Payneham Motors. 260 Payneham rd~ Payneham. FA7775. ? AUSTIN A40 Somerset sedan, 1.800 miles, fitted with plas tic seat covers, unmarked. Quick. ?^GBSStoO* MOTORS 113 Parade. NORWOOD. ? F6439. ? A T

THYER MOTORS LIMITED 243Piriest.W1581 Offering an outstanding selec tion in good used cars. Terms to suite the buyer. .We carry our own finance. BUICK 1952. all imported saloon, fireball motor, hy draulic tappets, most elaborate and distinguished vehicle In S.A.. fitted with every extra. DE SOTO 1948 DeLuxe Sedan, olive green in first class order, just been thoroughly over hauled. £795 HILLMAN 1953 Saloon, very small mileage, new condition. £810 WYVERN 1951. good clean vehicle, leather upholstery. £565 MORRIS MINOR 1950. convert ible genuine *ne owner and small mileage. £510. HUMBER HAWK 1949 Saloon, all original and in good order. £675. CHEV. 1939 Sedan, good order, reconditioned motor. one owner from new. £450. VAUXHALL 14 1938 Saloon, fair condition, good buying. £250. FORD 10 Tourer, one owner well kent and attractive ve hicle £295 SINGER 10 1940 Tourer, glass curtains. good condition. £325 Commercials FORD Prefect 1951 Coupe Util ity, all oriK and good buyine £395. COMMER iHillman type! Couoe Utility, one owner, small mile age. £550 LIBERAL ALLOWANCE ON YOUR TRADE-IN. ? I ? A . DRIVE yourself Cars. Tt OBOTJ f&BBft: LA»a78.

.USTIN A40 SEDAN. 1951. *»? with radio; excellent order: fery clean family car. Easy terms, at ? BETTA MOTORS. 213 Main North road, ? Nailsworth. ? JUY for cash cars utes. Auto 'Cars, 78 Grote st. C8380. — |UY cars, cash on the spot. 'For the highest prices in Adelaide, just ring LA1985 or Jm assy* cflyoxi 1UY 1952-53 Holden. Vaux.. ?«-» Austin sedan, must be good:. BCaslL Inspect week-end. P8807. ATTERIES charged and tes , _|ed while D wait. COWAN Bfc THORPE. 130 Currie st. ? [UYING ? CARS. LF4595. &.*« Safe ^gBSSiSZ T»UY 25 cars wanted urgently. Must be late models and in good mechanical order.

Hghest cash value paid on the spot. ADDISON MOTORS LTD.. 556 Port rd.. AUenby Gdns. Phone JL3757. BETTA MOTORS. 1954 PONTIAC. brand new rar. for Immediate delivery, at 213 MAIN NORTH RD, NAILSWORTH. F6396. 'CENTURY MOTORS LTD., 12 HANSON STREET (near Wakefleld street). ILL VEHICLES GUARANTEED R-A.A. INSPECTION INVITED. 1953 PONTIAC Sedan, low mile age radio. In excellent 1952-3 CHEVROLET Utility, very low mileage. One owner. Cream duco. 1953 AUSTIN A40 Somerset Sedan. In very good con dition. 1951 PONTIAC Sedan. A very good one reasonably priced 1950 JAGUAR Mk. V.. in excel lent order, crey duco. radio 1952 VANGUARD Utility, excel lent condition throughout. 1952 MORRIS MINOR four-door Sedan. As new condition, extras. 1952 MORRIS MINOR Convert ible, in excellent condition. 1952 MORRIS OXFORD Sedan. Black duco. red leather up holstery, low mileage. 1950 FORD 10 h.p. ANGLIA ? Sedan in very good order ALL VEHICLES REG. AND INS. NO CONSIGNMENT VEHICLE8. W1624. CENTURY MOTORS LTD., 12 HANSON STREET i near Wakefleld st. intersection) After hours. DA7898 or UA9152. pHEV. tourer. 1926. Also several V other vehicles of similar vintage. aU in exceUent condition, t 686 South rd.. Edwardstown. niTROEN Light 15, private cVngVoo *»TfiK=* ^IHEV. or Ford wanted Capitol y Used Cars Ltd., 131 Gouger | CHEV. 1948 car-type ute., gen uine 1 owner from new; very low mileage: all original; clean. ; sound vehicle, at BETTA MOTORS. 213 Main North road. ? Nailsworth. ? ^__ CENTURY TRADING CO. LIMITED/ 217 HANSON STREET (near South terrace). THESE CARS ARE OPEN TO R.A.A. TEST OR YOUR OWN MECHANIC. ALL CARS FULLY GUARAN TEED FOR 2.000 MILES. Terms from V* deposit and . three years'* balance. Our premises are floodlighted every night for inspection. 1952 HOLDEN Sedan, in good order, with new appearance. Good buyat £795. 1953 AUSTIN 8 h.p. A30 4-door Sedan. In first class order. 9.000 miles. Only £675 or £225 dep. 1953 HOLDEN Sedan. latest sus pension model, radio, sun visor, wheel spats, dual horns. R.A.A. report -available for inspection Only £895. 1947 MORRIS 8/40 Tourer. A very sound job Good hood and curtains. Only £385. 1939 CHEVROLET Club Coupe, fold-down rear seating, re cently, overhauled. A really good job. Only £395. 1948 CHEVROLET Sedan, radio. 4 new 6-ply tyres one owner, who purchased this car new in June. 1949. In wonderfully good order, reg. and ins. Only £885. 1950 AUSTIN A70 Sedan, would be the best kept A70 in town. Good buy at £695. 1950 CHEV. Sedan, radio, in very good order throughout, new condition inside. Good buy at £1.145. 1953 VANGUARD Sedan, new look front, fitted with Laycock de Normanville automatic overdrive at £80 extra cost. This car is in wonderfully good order throughout. £795. 1951 HILLMAN MINX Sedan, seat covers, in really good order, with nice appearance. Only £635. 1939 VAUXHALL WYVERN Sedan, just reduced, good en gine, reg. and ins. Only £295. 217 HANSON STREET. Phone C4260: after hrs. FA9017. DON'T MISS THESE SEVEN BARGAINS TODAY. Price. Dep. '46 Dodge sedan £595 £150 '40 Austin A tourer £295 £120 '37 Morris 8/40 tourer £250 £100 '38 Austin 10 sedan £275 £110 '36 Chev sedan . £325 £135 ?41 Austin 10 sedan £335 £135 OUR SPECIAL — 1940 VauxhaU 10 .sedan. £385 or £145 dep.. inc. radio. SEE THESE AND MANY OTHER 1927-37 bargains from £55 to £165 at QUALITY MOTORS 153 Parade, Norwood, rear Super Elliott' t. FS449 day. U5266 night.

MOTOR CARS CLEM SMITH MOTORS, 152 WEST TERRACE. ADELAIDE. LA4530 Price. Dep. £ £ 54 FIAT 1100 Sedan .. 875 295 51 HOLDEN Sedan 725 245 51 HOLDEN Ute.. orig.. 16.000 miles .. 775 255 50 VANGUARD Ute. . 545 185 50 MORRIS MINOR Convertible 475 165 48 FORD Anglla Sed. 360 120 48 M.G. Y Sedan .. 645 215 46 FORD V8 Sedan . 454 180 40 SINGER 10 Tourer 275 90 39 HILLMAN MINX Sedan .. .... 295 100 39 FORD Prefect Ute. 250 85 38 STANDARD 10 Tourer. complete engine recond. 285 95 37 COMMER 10 Ute. . 185 60 36 CHEVROLET Stan dard Roadster 240 80 36 MORRIS 8/40 Road ster ? 225 75 Will 'trade Cars and Motor Cycles. ODGE Sedan. 1948 model. 1 owner car, in immaculate condition; many extras: don't miss this bargain at BETTA MOTORS, 213 Main North road. ? Nailsworth. ? DUFFIELD MOTORS, 52-5* HANSON STREET. Offer for sale or trade— 1952 AUSTIN A40 Saloon. steer Ing column , gear change. Particularly well kept. Price £745: £248 deposit. 1952 JAGUAR Mk. VII. Saloon, beautifully kept fitted radio, low mileage. £800 below list price. 1952 HILLMAN MINX Saloon, 16,000 miles, fitted with sun visor, other extras. Keenly priced. £735; £245 deposit. 1951 FORD Twin Spinner Sedan, radio, good condition. Price £965: £321 deposit. 1951 CHEV. car-type utility, ex cellent order throughout. 1950 SINGER Sports Tourer, nice appearance, runs well. Bar gain price. £395; £132 dep. 1948 BUICK Special Sedan, with radio, one owner car. £925: £308 deposit. 1954 HOLDEN Utility, brand new. available delivery ap prox. 19th. 1953 FORD Mainline Utility, ex cellent buying at £1,145: £381 deposit. Trade your present vehicle at its true value. We are cash buyers for all makes good sound vehicles. Phones C6370; after hrs. LF3379.

FORD Twin Spinner utility for bale. 6.000 miles. £900. Apply K Jenkins. Ambassadors lotel. between 8 ajn. and 10 a.m. [7*ORD Prefect sedan. 1948. I- £395. terms Aus. body, eather. 408 King William st. A4014. ? CORD Station Waggon/ 1945 C excellent condition, abso utely perfect mechanically, at 86 8outh rd.. Edwardstown. J2665. ? CORD 1950 ANOLIA TOURER. C in showroom condition, lodywork and mechanically well ibove average Just the car for he summer £445. 69 GROTE STREET. FORD Prelect Seaun .. £265 FORD V8 1935 Sedan £251 STANDARD *38 Sedan £301 JVOLSELEY -38 Sedan £30 UORRIS 8/40 '38 Rdstr. £22 UORRIS 8/40 '40 Ute. £225 Terms: REGENT MOTORS 38 Carrington St.. City FAIRPRICE CAR PAINTERS. AVERAGE PRICE £10. 64 MAIN NORTH RD. ML4692. FORD. 1948. MERCURY. Really well cared for A -eautlful and rare car; body rork Is perfect. Mechanically rell above average. £820. 69 GROTE STREET. FORD PREFECT SEDANS at BETTA MOTORS. 1953. 1951 and 1950 models in 'SfnbSr^ScJfeH ROAD. NAILSWORTH. CORD Mercury, 1948. excellent I: condition, canot be fault* it 686 South rd.. Edwardstown. Ph. LF2665. ? 17'ORD Prefect tr- 1939. new 1: hood. £225. terms. Auto Mart. 81 Gilbert st. LA4014. — rpORD FREIGHTER 1948. ori 1: sinal 26.000 mileage, extra lood buy Phone LU4554. ? OOR sale '41 Ford passenger I? bus. 28 adults. 50 children. Well shod, mechanically sounc Inspection invited. £650 C. I. MURTON. Cummins. ? — FORD or Chev. wanted, post war. Capitol Used Cars. 131 3ouger st.. Adelaide. ? - FIAT 500C. 24.000 miles, excel lent condition. £550. £180 deposit. Ristich. X4650: 3 Can ning St.. Glenelg. 6 to 7 pjn — T^ORD T front and rear axles r complete with wheels. £o. Apply 60 Cumberland av.. Cum TMORD1' Consul wanted urgently^ ?I: highest cash price paid on inspection. ADDISON MOTORS LTD.. 556 Port rd- AUenby Gdns. FORD Customline sedan, spe cial 1953. with £100 worth of extras. This car is in excep tionally good order and appear ance* Genuine 26.000 miles. Available at Payneham Motors. 260 Payneham rd. Payneham. FA7773 ^ —— — TT'ORD Custom sedan, good or JD der, radio, loose covers. £695; take older car or £23; dep Apply corner Angas and Goodwood rds.. C.O.R. Oarage TJ» OLDEN 1951 black. 38.1)00 Jus. genuine mileage. Phone SSUbraUl sedan, fitted tl with radio 25.000 sen mile age privately owned, mechani 111 cond. and appearance as new. T*is most neauitful Amer can car will be sold for oniy £1 395 cash or £465 den. Dia mond Motors. 237 Torrensrd Hing^v&d sivyss SV N^ro/'rinriiJTi8- 1% fto'ffiES'11'^. 'UTILITY. JH Alate model utility that is becoming increasingly hard to get Motor has been over ruled. £810. 69 GROTE STREET. HOLDEN. 1951. SEDAI In perfect condition, i one -owner car. Will stand any inspection. We can re commend this one at £783 69 GROTE STREET. ? HOLDEN sedan, 1950 except, well kept Terms or trac cheaper car. _260 .Payneham rd ?¥o& s'edTn 'wanted ur H gently, highest c^hprice paid on Inspection. ADDISO MOTORS LTD.. 556 ; Portroad. Allenby Gdns. JL37a7. ? HOLDEN wanted. Pay. casl Capitol Used Cars Ltd.. 131 Gouger st.. Adelaide. ? — — XT OLDENS. Spec, new two Jtl tone green, radio. Stand., new cream duco. red uphol. TTOLbEN sedan. 1952. 18.000 HuSw»°EraiA£8bS3 H really well kept English body 1950 model. Appearance ind mechanical condition excel lent. Astor 6 yalve radio. £835. MaughaD Thiem Motors. 134 Flinders street. W2874. tj OLDEN 1951 sedan. 42.000 H Genuine miles, to good* or- der £675 cash or £225 deposit. iny trial gi™n_ ML3900. ? TNSPECTION WELCOME AT BETTA MOTORS 213 Main North road. Nailsworth. * Always a good selection of sound, reliable, selected. ? new. and as new cars and utilities in stock. Don't fail to call at BETTA MOTORS. . 213 Main North road. Nailsworth. JOWETT JaveUn. 1950. abso lutely immaculate, at 68- South rd.. Edwardstown. LF3665 MG's. urgently wanted We have buyers waiting and can give highest prices in town; also Morgans and other sports cars. We will also call and inspect Ring LA2117 or call at Suprem Motors. 131 Gouger st. ?

MOTOR CARS \f ORRIS. 1947. 8/40 TOURER. -'A Really genuine, costs noth ng to run. Has been well ' ooked after A trial on the oad will convince you. £350 :ash. 69 GROTE STREET. /f ORRIS Minor. 4 dr. and 2 L'Xdr. saioons. green, new. im nediate deUvery. Also Wolse ey 4/44 and Morris Vx ton and ?\ ton utilities Immediate de very. Thompson's Garaee. Crystal Brook. Phone 222 and 9 after hours. ? ,1' ORRIS Oxford wanted ur TX gently, highest cash price laid on inspection. ADDISON MOTORS LTD.. 556 Port road, lllenby Gdns. JL3757. ? f ORRIS MINOR sedan. 1954. as new, low mileage. A- J. Sennett -t Co., 1 Unley road, Inley. Ph. UA7139. ? I* ORRIS 8/40. 1940 £295, *L terms. OJC. order. LA4014 lutomart. 81 Gilbert st.. city. TORRIS 8/40 wanted. LA4014. M-Automart, 81 Gilbert St.. :ity. ^ ? I/TORRIS Minor Sedan. 1950. ± £175 dep 948 Morris 8/40 Touprer. A beauty at £135 dep. .938 Morris 8/40 Tourer. £90 926 Morris Oxford Utility. £5 ALEXANDER'S USED CARS LIMITED. 686 South road. Edwardstown. LF2665. Next door S.A. Rubber Mills. VUMBER^ PLATES Raised 3 numbers 21/- pr. LUCY & ;ON. Gays Arc. off Adelaide Arc. W3168 and LA5078. ? OTJMBER PLATES. 6/-, 7/6 or W post J/-. Allard. 27 Market -t. Off Gouger st. LA2010. Open r|LDSMOBILE 1940 sedan, per v7 feet mechanically and beau uful appearance. £200 dep. or £495 cash. Diamond Motors. 237 Torrens rd.. Croydon Pk. LU385J. ? -ACKARD 1824. Fair condition. L tyres good, suitable for country work. Best offer. Ring [JONTIAC 1951 SEDAN, in . perfect order throughout, all leather upholstery, in-built radio. &c; well shod. reg. and ins. £1.385, at 213 MAIN NORTH RD.. ? NAILSWORTH. ? ? RENAULT wanted, cash. Auto mart. 81 Gilbert st. city. RLA4ENAULT sedan. 1949. good motor and tyres runs well. reg. and ins.. £385 or £165 dep. orman Motors, 12 Halifax St.. City C7318 ? — RUGBY tourer. 1927, also several other vehicles of similar vintage, all in exceUent condition, at 686 South rd.. Ed wardstown. LF2665. ? RADIATORS. New methods. Chemical cleanout Specialists in repairs and Core replacements. Same day service. TONKIN RADIATORS LTD.. 203 Hanson street ? ADELAIDE. naiea

KlUiiAlun icpaus auu i« cores. J. Taylor. 187 Gren eU st. W1215. Prompt service.— SINGER 1S39 tourer. 1.500 j miles since new rings, bear ngs, valves. 3 new tyres, well tared for, lovely appearance. !9 Trafford st.. Woodville Gdns. 3INGER 9 sports wanted ur 3 gently, highest cash price )aid on inspection. ADDISON MOTORS LTD.. 556 Port road. Ulenby Gdns. JL3757. ? SINGER. 1948. 12 H.P. SALOON. 3 beautiful English bodywork, nechanically good. A trial will :onvince you. £525. 69 GROTE STREET. STUDEBAKER van. cheap. 3 Ring after 6. ML7188. ? ? SINGER NINE TOURER. Roomy 9 Aust. body bench type front seat, beautifully kep:. one owner :ar. £475. Maughan Thiem Motors 134 Flinders street. W2874. ? : ? — South Australian USED CAR CO. (KINGSWAY LIMITED). BENT^ 'Iteel^ 'S828* SALOON. Color grey, with matching grey leather, ex ceptionally good order, all Imported, equipped with many extras, including in built radio. Any inspection or trail arranged. Price £2.650. 1953 WOLSELEY 8/80 Saloon, color grey, one owner. 7.000 genuine miles, condition like new. Genuine reason for selling. £1.125 or £400 deposit. M.G. 1V« Litre Imported saloon, fitted with sunshine roof, color two-toned green with matching green leather, well cared for, sound mech.. good appearance, for £685 or £295 dep. 1953 AUSTIN A30 Saloon. 4-door imported body, with low mileage, as new, from ori ginal owner. Good buying at only £665 or £225 dep. MORRIS MINOR 2-door Hl-lite model, color green, with green leather upholstery, has been very well cared Iok Mech. sound. Un marked throughout. For only £650 or £275 dep 1952 RILEY l¥t Litre Saloon, color sunbronze with red leather upholstery. Fitted with new carpets all round, good appearance, sound in every detail. Only £1.050 or £365 deposit. . 1952 MORRIS MINOR 4-door Saloon, color grey with brown leather uphol.. small mileage. Has been care fully maintained from original owner. £695 or £245 dep. 1951 WOLSSLEY 6/80 Saloon, color moonstone grey, fit ted with radio, also heater and demister. good value at £795 or £345 dep. 1951 RILEY 2Vz Litre Saloon. Grey with red leather, has been fitted with new tyres, sound throughout. Good value at only £995 or £435 deposit. 1952 MORRIS OXFORD Saloon. Color green with green lea ther upholstery, low mile age. Exceptionally well kept throughout, duco and upholstery in really good order. Only one owner. £825 or £245 deposit. Phone W2532 After hours Mr-- Oakes. W3357. 11-19 BROWN ST. ADELAIDE

SINGER sports tourer. 1950. ex cellnt condition. Cheap LF2665. ? SINGER 114 LTTRE TOURER. 3 English body, sports car. Jutstanding performer, exceUent :ondltion. Push button radio. ;an really recommend. £625. Uauahan Thiem Motors. 134 ?Tinders street. W2874. ? STANDARD 6 1933 12 h.p road ster. £165 LF2794. — — SKODA sedan 1952 exceUent 3 order. 2.000 mile guarantee, low deposit, easy terms. Skoda Distributors. F3517 ? SPORTS cars and light cars wanted, pay cash. LOFF LERS. 41 Gouger st. LA1985 or LF3703 after hours ? =- STANDARD 10 sedan 1938, ex cellent motor good bodywork and tyres. £285 or £90 dep. Nor man Motors 12 Halifax St.. City. 37318. . ? \7ANGUARD Spacemastei V sedan. 1954 modeL as np« registered for 10 months. Fix tures Include sun visor. £1.04 Consider trade cheaper car. At 686 South rd.. Edwardstown LF2665. ? VAUXHALL Wyvern tourer, a V smart convertible, excellent condition. 1948 model. LF2665. VAUXHALL 14 SEDAN. 1935 6/14 sedan, in particu larly good nick as regards motor, interior and exterior, registered. &c. £265 cash or terms. MODERN SERVICE STATION. 250 Prospect rd.. Prospect. ? ML4482. ? VAUXHALL Wyvern or Velox wanted urgently, highest cash price paid on inspection. ADDISON MOTORS LTD.. 5o6 Port rd.. Allenby Gdns. JL3757. VANGUARD SEDAN. NEW LOOK LATE '52 MOD. 10.000 MILES. £885. TERMS. RING F6794 ? ? VANGUARD sedan wanted ur gently, highest cash price paid on inspection. ADDISON MOTORS LTD.. 556 Port rd.. Al lenby Gdns. JL3757. ? — irANGUARD sedan, 1951. excel V lent motor, good bodywork and upholstery grey duco. £71 or £230 dep. Norman Motors. 12 Halifax St.. city. C7318. — — WRECKING various makes and models K. Pederson Motors 5 Orient rd. Kens. Gdns. FA7859: off Magill rd.. Tranmere. WANTED all makes and models of good used cars, from 1940 to 1954. We pay top cash price and will pay out your terms If required See us for the best price. Century Trading Co. Ltd 217 Hanson st.. near South ter ' Phone Central 4260. — — lirrLL pay high prices for W good SEDANS. TOURERS and UTILITIES or will take a few good modern venicles on consignment Thyer Motors. 243 Pirie St. W1581. ? WRECKING all makes of cars 62 Maesbury st.. Kensington P«^6: Rftsr hours FA1752. ? WANTED Austin 10 or simi lar sedan. 1936-40. Ring F*fi47Q ? ? _^ ^— — TXT ANTED HOLDEN OR VAUX W HALL SEDAN. IN FIRST CLASS CONDITION FOR CASH RING F8794. ?

MOTOR CARS WANTED urgently today. Late model Holaen. Morris. Austin sedan or similar. Pay top cash price. Phone W1015. Inspect anywhere. ? WANTED FOR SPOT CASH^ ALL MAKES CARS AND UTILITIES. Pay out your hire purchase. Call or phone REGAL MOTORS. 50 HANSON STREET. C7SC0. ANTED! Wanted! Wantedl '35. '50 cars or utilities. NORMAN MOTORS. 12 Halifax st. C7318 OLSELEY 8/80. 27,000 miles. excellent condition and ap pearance. 13 .Eglinton av.. Forestville. ? WAN'ltD GOOD USED CARS FOR CASH. WILL PAY OUT YOUR HIRE PURCHASE ? IF REQUIRED. CENTURY MOTORS LTD 12 Hanson st W1624. Near Wakefield st. intersection. WANTED. Holden special se dan, new or will consider very low mileage job We re quire two Holden Specials imme diately, will pay over list price and supply finance to purchase for new Holden specials. Con tact Mr. Thomson at Century Trading -Coy. Ltd.. 217 Hanson St.. near South ter. Ph. Cent. 4260. ANTED good clean tourer or sedan. 1938-52. Ring C5462 WRECKING. Fiats 501. 503 vY and 509. Cowan & Thorpe, 130 Currie St. LA1537. ? TIT ANTED . Good used cars for cash. GREGERSON MOTORS. 113 Parade. Norwood. F6439 YORKE MOTORS,

CNR. HANSON AND ANGAS STREETS. C6803. 1954 VANGUARD SPACEMAS TER. low mileage, carefully „ driven by one owner. ''H.M.V. radio. 1952 CHEV. Sedan, radio. This vehiclels condition Is as 1953 FORD ZEPHYR, radio and extras. 11.000 miles. Green with red upholstery. Excel lent throughout. 1952 VAUXHALL VELOX Sedan. radio, ex value .. £835 1952 MORRIS MINOR 4 door Sedan ? £750 1951 HILLMAN Sedan .. £625 1951 AUSTIN A70 Sedan, per feet condition throughout .... £715 1950 SUNBEAM TALBOT 90 Saloon .... £7B5 1950 CHEV. Sedan, one owner, coed condition throughout .- .. £1.095 1949 AUSTIN A40 Sedan . £575 1950 AUSTIN A40 Tourer. £550 1949 AUSTIN A40 Tourer, radio ? £475 1947 CHEV. Utility £875 1941 MORRIS 8/40 Utility £245 CASH. TERMS OR TRADE. 1952 AUSTIN A40 sedan, in ex -L cellent order throughout, genuine milage. 18.700. under sealed, one owner. £750, terms available if needed, available for inspection today. Phone [L3505. ? ?— ? 928 Chevrolet buckboard. good -L order, registered 6 months, good tyres. £30. 25 North ter race. Hackney, back lane. Jones s petrol station._ ? — ? rrr~ C00 MILES TEST RUN IF O REQUIRED. ROSS MARTIN. 51 FISHER TER.. MILE END. LU6908. 1952 Ford Prefect ? £585 1951 Vanguard ? £750 1950 Skoda Sedan ? £42a 950 Bedford Utility .. .. £19? 950 Morris Minor ..*.. .. £46j? 940 VauxhaU 14 Saloon. £445 1939 Chev. Sedan ? £345 1938Willys Roadster .. .. £34: 1938Vauxhall Coupe .. .. £350 1930 Austin Sports ., .. £145 1925 Studebaker Utility .. £3o TERMS OR TRADE-IN. 25 DEP. buys 1932 4-door H rnp. English sedan, good tyres, starter, battery, uphol stery fair, drive away foronly £95 Day or night, 13 Gwynne St.. Flrie. AUTOMOTIVE Service Ports And Accessories

A^^oiSfSROWN. Car Seat Covers. All makes tailored to fit. 227 Victoria so. LAo587. A UTO -WRECKINa CO. LTD. a. That spare part. We have It. Why pay more? Look for the sign. At 190 Hlndley st. LA2481. Wrecking Overland 6. We open Saturday mornings. AUTO WRECKING CO. LTD. J- That spare part. We have it. Why pay more? Look (or the sign. At 190 Hindley st. LA2481. Wrecking Whippet 6. We open Saturday mornings. |~1ARS RESPRAYED no waiting, v^ work guaranteed. Mason. 27 North ter.. Hackney. FA1667. — PETROL tanks, new. 14 gall.. £5/17/6; also brackets. 2 way taps and petrol pipes. Hayes & Co., 258 Gouger St., Adelaide. WRECKING cars and trucks. All makes and models. Huge stocks »f good condition secondhand parts for sale. Also open Saturdays. 830 to 11.3 TRUCKS, VANS BUCKBOARPS A A.A. AT T. Paltridge & Sons, A Mt Barker. A Commer truck (with Perkins diesel engine), written inquiries to above. In spection can be arranged on ap plication. ? — AA* SELLING OUT. 1952 Holden Utility, any trial. £250 dep. 1950 Austin A40 Utility, in exc. cond.. £165 dep. 1948 Uodge Panel Van.- all Im ported American body, £197 1941Pinternational Utility, car 1939 Ford V8 2-3 ton truck. 19389Beafofd Utility. £40 dep. 1938 Bedford 3-ton tip truck. G-weU hoist, steel body. £140 1937PFord V8 Utility. £100 dep. Trade-ins accepted. ALEXANDER'S^ ? USED CARS LIMITED, 686 South rd.. Edwardrtown, next door S.A. Rubber Mills. Phone LF2665. T PHIL O'NEILL'S. ~ 20 Goodwood ta. Redfem. We are the truck specialists!!! OHerings this week include:— 1944 FORD 3-3 ton tray top. ex tra good order 12 x 7 tray. 825 x 50 tyres. sheep hurdles as new . every where. «535 £200 deposit. 1939 CHEVROLET 6 cyl 1- cwt. coupe u ility. good order, weir shod £385 £150 dep. 1952 MORRIH 18 cwt coupe uti lity, only done 15.000 miles. £685. £250 dep 1844 FORD 4x2 utility. Just been thoroughly overhauled. £265 £100 dep. 1940 INTERNATIONAL coupe utility D.2 model .good I or der well shod. £345. £100 1938 FORD V8 2 ton tray top. very sound. £235. £75 dep. 1938 FARGO 2-3 ton tray top. good motor well shod. £165. £50 dep. . 1926 OVERLAND b.b.. extra good order, well shod. reg. to 31/3/55. £65 £10 dep. Several others, any trial. Very easy terms can be arranged. Always a fair deal. Phones LA3372: after hrs.. ? LFJ108. ? T»REWSTER JONES & CO. for TRUCKS AND TRACTORS. EDFORD panel van wanted, 49. '52. Pay cash. Capitol Used Cars Ltd. 131 Gouger st. T»EDFORD utility, 1946. excel Jj lent motor good appearance, runs well reg. and Ins. £3' or £125 dep. Norman Motors. 12 Halifox =t.. city. C7318. ? TJEDFORD 1948 Morris 8/40 -D 1952 coupe utilities, also 1939 Ford V8 coupe utility. These are in excellent order and ready for delivery at Payneham .Motors, 260 Payneham rd.. Payneham. CFAONWAY and NESBlfi! Motor Truck Specialists. 184 SOUTH RD. RICHMOND. Phone LU7158 or after hours X3897. 1 BEDFORD. 1952. 5-ton, tray top. 2-speed diff.. low mileage, excellent appearance and tyres. £7B5 2. FORD 1952. 5-ton 2-speed. cab and chassis -excellent order, suitable for tray, semi or tipper. £925 3 AOSTIN 1952 2-3 ton. tray top low mileage, well kept. £845. 4 CHEVROLET. 1950. 30 cwt.. tray top A real good little Job. £725. 5. FORD. 1853, Thames, hydraulic steel tipper. Only 10.000 miles like new. £500 de posit. ? 6 CHEV.. 1943 3-ton, tray and stake sides. One owner Very well kept. £395. 7. INTER.. 1943. KS5. tray top £1?5FORD 1952. blitz. 4 X 2. on dual 8.25 x 20. £250, Terms available. ?

TRUCKS, VANS BUCKBOARDS rillT OF WOODVILLE. U Tenders will be received up :o noon. 18th November, for the Corporation's KB5 (1948) Inter, lational Truck. 50.000 miles. Inspection by arrangement M. L. SMITH. ? Town Clerk. DISTRICT COUNCIL OF V MALLALA. Sale of Tip Truck. Offers will be received up to 'riday. 3rd December, for ou 1949 M.S. Bedford 3-ton short vheelbase tip truck, fitted with 3-well hoist and steel body, in :ood condition. This truck be ns replaced by larger model, 'ull particulars available from 3ie undersigned. , . . No offer necessarily accepted. D- G. PITT. District Clerk. ~|ODGE. 1951 tipper, new f motor, for quick sale. Price .850. Easy terms. Coventry otors, enr. Brown and Gouger Lu'81R8nB LA4241: after nours- f ORD Prefect utility. 1946. * vSS,BOOli condition through out £365 or £120 dep, Norman Motors. 12 Halifax st. city. C7318 JiORD V8 '47 model car-type :. utUity. very clean unit. £565. terms. Future Motors. 7-ORDSON Thames 4-5 ton. X1 well shod, mechanically sound, reg. and his. Phone Mun doora P.O. Commer. 1948 4-5 on, fitted hydraulic bag loader. Tray. 15 ft. x 7 ft. 6. Phone Mundoora Post Office. ? TORD Prefect utility. 1952 - model, 12.000 miles. £485. W. A. Thompson. Crystal Brook. Phone 222 or 19 after hours. ? 7ORD semi-trailer. 1949. good X condition, overdrive. &c. In spect Thomas Hardy & Sons. f .SE6DdINTERr.. 8 2?smeed-dlrT. -'-suit semi-work. £550. Take trade-in. 76 Carrington street. City. C7230. ? — AND Rover. 1949 /good condi Xj Uon throughout. engine overhauled £350. Cash or erms A. J. Bennett & Co. 1 Unley rd.. Unley. Phone UA7139. MORRIS 8/40 utility. 1951. ex ceUent motor good body work and tyres. £395 or £130 deo. Norman Motors 12 Halifax st.. city C7318. ? MORRIS 8/40 utility 1938. motor O.K. Tyres good, £175 or £55 dep. Norman Motors. 12 Halifax st.. city. C73I8 ? L,f ORRIS diesel. 5-ton truck. -U1949. very good. 11 months' registration, deposit £240 Apply Coventry Motors, enr Brown an.1 Gnnger streets, or ring T-ERKINS diesel engine avail ? able for conversion of your truck or bus. British Motor In dustries Limited. 217 Franklin st.. Adelaide. ? ? — - 'NTER. KB6 tipper, excellent - order, well shod, price £800. Apply P. E. Thiele. Loxton. Phone 88 . ? — WRECKING all makes of trucks. 62 Maesbury street. Kensington. F6156; After hours, FA1752. ? 1938 MORRIS, economical 30 JL cwt. van. ideal for green grocer's round or one unit cara van. £195. COVENTRY MOTORS, corner Brown and ? Gouger sts. LA2141. Coravons fir Trailers A CARAVAN HOLIDAY. AU sizes for hire. Not Xmas or Jan. Smith LF3363 ?

A. ;aram-ns of distinction. 109a ANGAS STREET. CITY. C2215 PRINCES MOTORS LIMITED Many to choose from Terms. Terms. Ve Invite you to inspect day. light or week-end In comfort. We buy for spot cash ? C2215. ? ALL STEEL TRAHJPRS. unior'4 ft. x 3 ft., chassis and wheels £19/10/-. runlor. 4 ft. x 3 ft.. 4 ply tyres. complete. £39/10/-. 2 cwt.. 5 ft. x 3 ft., chassis and wheels. £39. 2 cwt.. 6 ft. x 4 ft., chassis and wheels. £39/10/-. .2 cwt.. 5 ft. x 3 ft. all steel. £52;. new tyres £69. 8 rwt.. 6 x 4. all steel. £55; new tyres £72. I wheeL 12 ft. x 6 ft. 6 In.. 3-ton £150; plus tyres. £205. 1 wheel. 12 ft. x 6 ft. 6 in.. 4-ton. £165; plus tyres, £230. Caravan chassis £50. ALWAYS DISPLAYED. ' 59 Hardy's road, : TORRENSVILLE. LU6826. A T Hardys today. Good used a. three-berth. £235; brand lew 15-ft. 4-berth. £395; cash or erms. 189Waymouth st. ? pARAVANS. CARAVANS. ?ew and secondhand caravans for «alue and sitisfaction Consult— BLACK & WHITE CARAVAN SALES. 183 Pirle street, city. Inspection Invited over week ends. ' ARAVAN chassis. £50. New caravan shells, frames and trailers made to order. . See GLOBE PRODUCTS LTD- 45 Port rd.. Bowden. LU4738. Buy where you get the better value for your money. ? = — FOR ten years HARDYS have catered for the buyers who want a good caravan at a rea sonable price. New or Secondhand. Cash or terms. Visit our Showroom. 189 WAYMOUTH STREET. ' would be foolish to buy your caravan without first seeing Hardy's. 189 Waymouth street. 1VT&W de luxe caravan. 4 berth. -^ £415. £125 dep. 99 Port rrt.. Southwark. LU5462. ? rnoWBARS supplied and flt -s- ted prompt service. TRUS COTT LTD. Phone W2197. — rpoWBARS. Towbars Patented -1- tubular totrbars. Lightest stroneest. safest Recommended by aL G.M. engineers. Avail able for Holden. Vauxhall. Con sul. Zephyr and other makes. Priced from £3/10/- Freeman Motors Ltd. 221 Grenfell st.. Patent infringements will be prosecuted. ? rriRAVELITE TRAILERS. Light 2-wheel Weight only IV* cwt. Capacity 5 'to 7 cwt. Priced from £36/10/- - Assembly kits from £31/10/-. Large 2-wheel trailers also avail able with wheels to suit your car. Trailers built to order. Light trailers for hire. Terms available A J. BENNETT & CO. 1 Unley road. Unley. Phone UA7139 ~MOTOR CYCLES ALL DNDER £75. ?52 PANTHER 350 c.c. £75 '52 PANTHER 350 compo. £75 ?51OEC 197 C.C. £66^fc '51 B.S.A. Bantam .. .. £65 '51 EXCELSIOR 125. spr. £62Va ?51 JAMES 125 C.C. .. .. £65 ?51 CZ 150 C.C ? £72 '50 B.S.A. Bantam .. .. £58 '50 GADABOUT ... £58 '4B MATCHLESS 500 cc £75 ?48 B.S.A. Bantam .. .. £4714 ?49 B.S-A. 500 CC ? £75 ?49 B.S.A. Bantam .. .. £45 '49 AJ.S. 350 C.C ? £75 '48 AJ-S. 350 c.c ? £65 OUTFITS '42 B.S.A. and s.c £45 48 MATCHLESS and Dusting .. £75 *48 ARIEL s.v. and s.c. £75 Easy terms arranged at LOFFLER'S. 41 Oouger street. Adelaide. ? LA1985. ? * AA *»* ?» L.OKFLER-S. '52 B.3.A. 250 o.h.v. £»8 ?52 TRIUMPH 6T «.h. . £195 '52 ri.js. 500 springer £175 '52 AJJs. 500 springer £172% '52 VELOCETTE LE 200 £85 ?51 BOYAL ENFIELD Bullet £115 51 TRIUMPH 5T .. £145 '51 MOTO GOZZI . .. £165 51 MATCHLESS Twin . £152Vi '48 VINCENT H.R.D. .. £155 ?49 TRIUMPH 5T . £115 OUTFITS. '52 ARIEL and Dusting £175 51 NORTON and Dustg. £175 1.000 cc ARIEL 4 And sc * £*b 47 B.S.A' and Dusting £115 '49 B S.A and Dusting £125 ?53 MATCHLESS and. Dusting £215 Easy terms arranged. LOFFLER'S. 41 Oouger street. Adelaide. LA1985. t™ TNEW B.SA From the Bantam to the Golden Flash can be yours for only V« DEPOSIT at the new B.S.A agents MOTOR CYCLE & CAR TRADERS LTD. 88 GOUGER ST. ADELAIDE. ? Phoae LA3397 A RE you t-ellins your motor 1 cycle? Highest prices paid .or late model machine* at , Lofiier's. 41 Gouger st Ring A*'.J.S. °r 'TWIN.'* CHEAP. 1950 500 cc. s/heel. motor genuinely good, nice appear.. -tc. £139/10/-: terms. Frearson's. 228 Rundle st. East End. Continued on Next Page

MOTOR CYCLES MOTOR CYCLES AUTO RESALES, 91 GODGEK STREET. LA2007. The House of Sound Used Motor Cycles. Low Deposit. Top Trade-in Allowances x k»— v moictht.v pavmknts *83 TRIUMPH 650 cc '51 B.SJV and txix .. £95 ms new . . . £215 ?51 BAl«TAM S. HeeL '52 TRIUMPH 6T.. s. exceptionally well hub absolutely as kept too_7reg- and new. 10.000 miles . - £215 Ins -. £65 ?S3 POSH CYCLE. Super '50 NORTON 500 C.C. Elliott, semi-racer £17/10/- . s. heel. EAi runs ?61 TRIUMPH 5T_ s. well ? .. .... £»5 tab. .dual seat res. ,„ RAMBLER- ^ ^ ?50 B-.A. 125 cc. .. .. £55 VUllers motor, runs 50 PANTHER. 600 cc. . £85 extra well £25 ''Si&oc^n'Zi™* £75 '*' WS£w&lS£l £u '49 MATCHLESS. 500 ^ &5&BBS *» * *' * FfiSFg-JS *& £175 _& ' neW:. Ur. £185 S.A. MOTOR-CYCLE SALES, ' 85 GOOGER STREET. LA3608. Deposits from 25 p.c. of the Cash Price Highest Trade-in Allowance ?52 TRIUMPH 5T. brand '51 MATCHLESS 350 cc new new suspen- »- h«el ? tisa ?51 TO—EN FLASH s. '50 BANTAM B.5.A. .. £45 heel dual seat. weU £155 .«,_--_,, mnzuy, ?S3 PANTHER 353 cc 125 ? £30 ani'V^- ..*?? £115 '51 BAA. 500 cc twin. ?» TRIUMPH 5T. s.£ig5 s^heel^ne ownerv £U5 ?50 MATCHLESS s- heel. '54 VELOCETTE MJS-Sy. 500 - -- £120 500 cc s. heel. „ 61 JAMES. 125 cc. ... £55 Z030 miles, as near . £S25

ARMY B.S-A- outfit, recent o'hauL £55 or offer. U2225 B^_TTAM BJS-&-'s .CHEAP. Ranee of genuinely sound recond. models from £49/W-: terms, full equipment, any trial. Frearson's 228 Rundle st. — — BOWDEN _ MILLER, 716 South road, Edwardstown. new B-S-A-'s. Triumphs and Velocettes. plus large MB « used machines. Prices from .£18 to £240. Easy terms available. _ARGAINS galore. Only ?* X- depTlow wkly payments and Int. rates. Own finance. Hab bard^SS Grote^ _ BU* X- we require a large number 85 Grote -t«^f ? i^; BE BUY PROM BOLTONS The Motor Cycle People. For yoor used motor cycle. Select range ol late models. At low deposits and easy terms. 101 Plrie street. ? CTtrap ride to work, 250 o-h-T. B_-A.. 4 speed gearbox, runs weU. £25 cash. Cooper'*. 89 f^'oLDEN' FLASH in ex. order. VT at bargain price, must sen. easy terms. SKODA DISTRIBU 'xawaI^^selling cheap. J Choice oftSo particularly son's. 228 Rundle st- eastern end. ? ? JAMES. 3 miles ld_ cheap transport A 122 cc. spring cycle or cycle. Hnbbards. 85 -TAMES motor cycle new from £90 wsh or £25 dep Terms Include comprehensive insurance and all machines covered by 3 _Payneham:__Phone ? FA1166^ (a nnnn-r St. LA4816. ?

-I OOK. well kept 250 s.v. B.S-A. -Li Very original condit- reg. and ins. till next year. £o5 or £20 dep. Cooper's. 89 Gouger st order. Antomart. 81 Gilbert st. P ANTHER. exL cond- marvel lous opportunity^ to buy a cheap bike low dep.. Quick sale. F5413. ? ? ? OPEEDO CABLES. -5 Speedo. gearsand »xb. Prom SOLE SMITH AGENTS ISAi! LENROCTS 211 Pulteney cstlver star 5^sX O 1339 looks and performs SaD* welt £29/10/-: terms. S??Sfe^ento^od~clSn' given. Moulds & Ellis. 48-50 W_t_eld st. C5462. ? WANTED, m/cycles. top casn '££57 Murray Mitchell. 91 Glen Osmond rd. UA8094. — — — Business Portnerships A' ? T T a A A A A WE can ~~'.t. your business. * JOHN WYLES ^CO Establiihed 1873. Real Estate Agents. Auctioneers. Valuers. 17 Pirie st_ C652 A A A A A A A ? A AT JAMESTOWN. COUNTRY GENERA STORE. Large shop and dwelling. 6 room. Good T.O. and profits. Lease. Rent, only £3A0/ Ehort hours. Scope for large improvement. _. price only £1.250. &A-V. Terms. JOHN WYLES _ CO.. Est- 1873. 17 Pirie St. C652. . VAC. POSS. Leading sub urban school shop, delica tessen, mixed. Turnover £300 per week, trial Modern plant, display refrig.. electric meat slicer. comp. scales, showcases. &c No opposition Res. of 4 rooms and all conv. Price £2.650 S_V. T^-JOHNSON. TO rTTTPPTC ST T.A3132.

A VAC. POSS.. Prospect. Busy 'mixeH delicrtessen. upto date plant, Ige. display and storage refrig.. comp. scales, clock-face scales., meat slicer, showcases. &c Doing lie. trade. Big profits can be improved. Self contained fiat and all conv. Price 79 CURRIE ST. LA3132. . GROCERY, mixed, taking £350 weekly, in good west ern suburb, up-to-date Plant, has display and storage refrig comp. scales, cutter, cash reg.. showcases _c Lovely home of 5 rooms with all modern con veniences Good buying at £1.950 Tenns N 79 CURB— ST. LA3132. AraEEHOLD mixed business 'at popular city beach, tak ing over £300 weekly; has comp. Sales, cutter, display refrig-. fhijwcLses Residence has 4 wmsTaU mod. cons. Shop has Srner position in good resi dential area. Excellent value lor £3^0 Ter^ to nfJRRIE ST. LA3132, ? ? VAC POSS. Cilenelg. Busy * delicatessen, mixed, with ♦™-nnipr£250 Per week trial ^V«O§&_ 79 CURRIE ST. LA313Z. ? WSmSst -T ? HANDY city^ country Proflts£shop!well-fitte^ modem 32 currie st. LA3226. ? —POST OPP1CE store. Ba rossa Valley. £90 per week ^Btr^eVfe^lV^7 We can also offer bakeries, post office stores, mixed busi nesses, groceries, country gene ral stores, guest homes and flatS' B. J- KEARNEY. 20 Grenfefl street.

A—UNLEY. Shop and 4 rms.. 'reasonable renteasfly con i^c^lng^ck^d^n^M^d0: 20 Grenfell street. ? l-KILKENNYl Adjacent 'Port rd- grocery and mtaed. Present owner 8 years, lock-up ihopTshort hours. £200 per wfc Pull purchase price, including £LM0|tOJk- KEARNEY. 20 G^S3539.Str't' GENUINE BARGAIN . . Drapery men's wear, large ;nop. main mad. no opposition. T.O. £150. Long lease. Nice res- garage, scope for vast im provement. Owner retiring. £1.000. 3JL.V. No goodwill A. E GREEK 201 Victoria sq LA5329. LA4827. ? ATTRACTIVE sub. grocery, hardware, taking £320 wk.. good profits, valuable plant, lovely residence, sacrificing ac count illhealth. Price £1.900 and r.a.T. A. O. A. FROST. c/o W. J- Robertson. 65 King ^JfiiZAC Highway library. 1.000 A. books stationery. &c. £500. Shoo with Ige. room, rent 35/-. tJ. McNSTLL. 76 PraakUn st.—

Business Partnerships A STORE — SOUTH-EAST. In THRIVING SOUTH-EAST town. t_o. in store £180 p-w. School bus doing circuit back to town (58 miles per day), re turns £5/16/- per day. 5 rmd. dwelling with all convs_ gar age 30 x 18. excell. plant. Price including freehold. 32 seater. modern school bus. plant. £5.250, plus stock. A M* X *??'!- BUSINESS In wonderful corner position. £250 p.w. Well capable of grow ing A really comfortable 4 rm. dwelling and s.o. Ample land. G &.G. agency. NO FRUIT and VEG. LEASE. £4 p.w. Price £1.800. s.a.T. WM. JAMES & CO. LTD.. 116 Gmwler pL ? C3068. After hrs. UW2185. BUSINESS SPECIALISTS. A CTION BRINGS RESUL.'l'S'. £»-Let us sell your business. K. J. POWELL ft CO.. 121 Currie st. LA2801-2. Branch Offlce*:— Kilkenny. -Glandore. Prospect. Glenside. LA2801-2. After hrs.. X3814. A DELICATESSEN. Main road eastern suburb. A rare opp rtunity to -purchase j a trup delicatessen Lock-up Owner states t.o._ £390 p.w. Good lease available. Work V man- and wife 6 pjn. closing Clean bright compact shop with good storeroom all modern olant. No opposition and no delivery. As the overhead expenses are negligible, the profit is excep tional Good buying at £3,500. plus ? sat. R. J. EGLINTON 32 Currie street. LA5011: after hn MLS244.

BUYERS and sellers. Consul us! Satisfaction assured. W.I 3oney & Co^ 12 Pirie rt. C1024. | BUY entire stock drapery, fancy goods, &c lots £10 to £10,000. tOD price. Prompt sash. r Phone business hours. 1X6842. after hours JX6818. — BUTCHER'S business. nice shop and dwelling, plant Includes eL saw, deep freeze, rood trade, nice sub. O. S. DEBNEY. 7 Pirie St. C4068- — -— CIRCULATING Ubrary. Quick KJ sale, key city position, chance expand, best offer. UA6489. ? — /CARAVAN manafacturjng busi \-- ness, showing booq yrun »r sale as goinc concern Good plant Arc For further particu lars. write to PC29. Advft'yr. DRAPERY, stationery, sthn. sub., suit lady. £300. Plus stock. R. H. Curnow & Sons, 20 GrenfeU st. LA2907. LA3196. — EARLY closing grocery, city, 2 rms. rent 30/-. t.o. £180 wk. £750. S.A.V. A. J. McNKTTiT.. 76 FranVlin St. ? ELDERLY client wants small grocery, mixed, with dwell. Has £2.000 spot cash. R. H. Curnow & Sons. 20 GrenfeU st. LA2907. LA3196. ? GROCERY, early closing, east sub- good plant, t.o. av. £250 p.w.: £650 s.a.v. A. J. McNEILL. 76 Franklin St. ? IN city, grocery, mixed. 4 good rooms, £180 wk- £1.650. plus stock (£5001. R. H. Cur now & Sons. 20 Grenfell st. LA2907. LA3198- ? ? MIXED f. and veg. main sthn. position, 5 rms., present owner 5 yrs. Business, stock and some furniture for £1.275. R. H. Curnow & Sons, 20 Gren feU st. LA2907, LA3196. ? POST office store, freehold, country. £100 per wk- P.O. £8. 5 rmd. stone residence. £2.250. Dlus s.a.v. approx. £500. K187. Advertiser. ? CELL privately, well equipped (3 smallgoods bakery, going concern; medical reason. K216. Advertiser. — ? SOLID five-roomed house, large shed, used for general motor repairs, hoist, bowser, compres sor. Good taxi phone connec tion. Apply 18 Bond street. West Hindmarsh. — — —

SERVICE STATION AND GARAGE. Situated two miles from G.P.O. on main suburban highway. Established over 40 years, new car franchise, lucrative used car trade- Modern lubritorium and car washing bay, well equipped workshop: long lease available on attractive terms. 4-rmd. residence attached. For aU particulars contact LEWIS HANN Ss CO.. Public Accountants. 237 GROTE ST.. ADELAIDE. Phone LA2395. WA£iusu'i* post office 'with J/Utt te shop, freehold or leasehold by a genuine cash client whom we have recently ISvL ^ ^tulness- .must be #8£L30&tS£M from clty J M- FOLEY. cnr. Park ter. and ? Unley rd. U2412. U3215. WANTED. FLATS. BED AND B/F GUEST HOMES. &c. ADELAIDE OR COUNTRY 20 Grenfell st. LA3529. -I . — SUBURBAN GROCERY. A main thoroughfare, large, clean shop with good plant! 3-room clean flat attached Cheap rent. Takings £225 per week guaranteed mainly over p?reiiioaods-...v.i-rice £i-«° 2. — FREEHOLD GROCERY, mixed. 5-roora brick dwelling, very clean, modern convs. Takings £200 per week, no de livery. Grocers' hours. Very good comprehensive plant in cluded in this reasonable price of £4.000 plus £800 s.a.v. 3.— EASTERN SUB. DELICA TESSEN with a storeroom, main tram linp nlanf in *vf*0lloTi

conaition. raKings £165 per seek. Price £1.350 plus s.a.v. Owner going interstate, must sell quickly. 4. — SUBURBAN GENERAL, MIXED — WITH POST OFFICE Very good plant. Takings £150 per week. P.O. returns £5 £50 per week. Price £1.400 plus £250 ra.v. 5.— GENERAL. MIXED. WITH 5-ROOM DWELLING main highway, new display refrig. and other good plant. Takings £150 per week. Short hours. No week-ends. Price £1.500 plus «juv. 6. — WOODVULE — FREE HOLD. GENERAL. MIXED — Lovely large shop and mod 5 room dweUinc with room to erect another shop. Expand ing district. Plant consists of 24 ft. refrig. with display. ??ec. cutter. &c. Weekly t.o £450 guaranteed. FuU price £7.500 plus s.a.v. A lucrative business and a lovely home. ATTENTION!!!!! Why waste time? Just call on Foley and he will draw on his long list of selected businesses. You can inspect on the spot without obligation J. M. FOLEY, Cnr. Unley rd. and Park ter. U2412. U3215. After hri. FA837B. ?

Hoys—, Lend For So It i AT MITCHAM. 31 Hillview rd. Valuable site. 2 frontages. :ondemned house thereon. Bus route at rear. Auction at Ade laide. 26th Nov To Inspect ap ?ly No. 33 same street. See last week-end Auction ads. TACKMAN & TRELOAR LTD. * T NETHERBY. 14 Montrose A av- splendid foothills po i tion. NICE TRIPLE FRONTED bungalow. 5 rms.. bathrm.. every conv.. 80 galL h.w. ser vice. Roomy grounds. 2 gar ages. Auction at Adelaide. 'Jfith Nov. Inspection by order or ap pointment. Puller details last week-end Auction ads. ^^ JACKMAN & TRELOAR LTD. ALL QUALITY HOMES - VACANT POSSESSION. POPULAR BEACH SUBURB. Ideal situation. 1 minute Es planade. Attractive modern, cream brick residence with tiled roof Large lounge. 2 bedrooms, ent. hall, beautiful kitchen and bathroom. h.w. service. Bendix washing machine brick garage, est. garden, incl. carpets blinds. -fcc. £5.950. ADJACENT UNLEY PARK. VICINITY VICTORIA AV. A very desirable and substan tially built 5 room residence with spacious verandah- Nice size lofty rooms, in perfect condi tion. Large garage. Grounds at tractively laid out with lawns, flower beds and GRASS TENNIS COURT. Incl. Venetian and can — .... kii-i4. -*c ten

CLOSE ONLEY ROAD. Freestone and brick VUla resi dence 5 very nice rooms, modern tltchen and bathroom, ample built-in cupboards, rotary hoist. fcc ALL IN PERFECT ORDER. £3.300. F. E. & W. N. PARSONS 91 KINO WILLIAM STREET. LA3260 T CABRA. Delightful home. 5 nice rms. attached garage. goo-Mini at^StS: '?SSfe m°Hto'usls*rrUR^NTLY fc RE QUIRED in southern suburbs. Prompt inspection. PRTTCHARD & MORROW, U3552. 165b King Wm. rd.. Hyde Park. ? AT UNLEY PARK. In auiet. tree-Unea street, close tram and bowling club. Convenient to shops. FAMILY RESIDENCE. A comfortable single-storey house well built, attractively decorated In good taste: 8 rms. i including dressing and sewing rooms) sleepout. 2 bathrooms, elec hot water service Roomy garage. laundry. workshop. Neat easily-kept garden with PLENTY PLAYlNO SPACE FOR CHILDREN at back. Owner leaving foi England, must selL VACANT POSSESSION in Janu ary. See last Saturday's Auc tion Columns. F. W. BULLOCK & CO. 6 KEITH WILKINSON. 16 Pirie street.

A TTRACTIVB HOMES. EDWARDSTOWN. Modern triple fronted red brick tiled roof home of 5 rooms ind sleepout. Is of spacious de sign with weU set up kitchen. EXTRA BLOCK of land planted with lovely shrubs and fruit trees. Price £4.300 the lot. In cluding floor coverings and blinds. ADJACENT BURNSIDE TOWN HALL AND MAIN THOROUGH FARE. Lovely modernised 5 roomed attractive bungalow and alecp out. In really perfect order with modern bathroom and kitchen, also has nice verandahs. Garage. Price £4.650. with immediate possession. Liberal terms avail able. ADELAIDE (CTTYK (Close West terrace). A 5-roomed stone and brick cottage In good order, with ex cellent bathroom and kitchen. Sink and dralnboard. Price. £1.700. Owner may accept near offer and £1.000 dep. imme diate possession. NORTH ADELAIDE. __. ? (In best area). uJ^01?.-, *«n»te-« cream texture brick, tiled roof. BRAND NEW with large steel framed windows. Has garage attached and is well Jfncei Good sized block of land *'a«rt to wonderful area, clble to tram and parklands This home is well worthy of insBec? tipn and contains elaborate kS chen and tiled will bathroo^ £££.& V- Prlce- £&5-w. with fcrMvInSbiT51011- raberaI E. C. R. SHEPHERD & SONS LTD ^ COMPACT Store Warehouse or Workshop IN THE CITY.

,.VSJJ ^nvenienUy situated east uoor. night of way at rear v« MATTERS & CO Established over 80 years. L2 WAYMOUTH ST. PH. LA401L LMONDS. POULTRY ? , 6 miles city. 7 rmd 'res aU elec Venetian blinds «»2aer«£ Planted 400 heav«y cropped^ 3ftSffi|flHf«i Harrington's. 7 Pirin st. C3280. FOR SALE by G. Metters & Co Ltd. jms- «?g a', garage. ConvstacL bJ. bath, shower recess. 60 galL ?».»?!, kitchen cupbds. all itas equipment. Price £3.400 Terms weeWy? £1-6°° ^T»-:«/! ti£F*fSF:RLA1*?- ^ seIect pos« non. this popular suburb a lovely 7 rmcL triple-fronted, tiled rf. home with tiled bittern? shower alcove. 60 gall h.w.s' host. b.i. cupbds. Garage, brick fencing. £5.500. JOSLIN. Attractive mod. tiled rf. home of 5 large rms.. break fast alcove and attached garage. Fully tiled bathrm.. 80 gaU. h^l Plenty kitchen cupbds- cement paths. £4.925. WARRADALE In perfect or der. Red brick tiled rf modern home, built 3 yrs.. equal 6 rms. and convs.. garage. Close school, shops, transport. £3.450. or £1.700 dep. and 45/- weekly. INDUSTRIAL SITE. Main South rd (Close Cross road). Solid s. and b. house of 6 rms.. usual convs- set weU back from roadway on land 88 x 200 ft. Splendid opportunity for erection of shops or establish ment of small industry requiring premises for offices, showroom or storerooms. Price £4.150. G METTERS & CO. LTD.. Savings Bank BIdg.. King Wm. st. LA2694 or LA3703. . MILE END. Bargain, deed! estate. Solid freestone and brick residence. 6 rms.. garage. Vacant poss. Jan.. £3.500. GLADSTONE & CO.. 75 King William st. A. MILE END. Parker st solid freestone and brick residence. 6 rooms, tiled bath room, floor coverings, blinds, first class order. V.P. £4.250. GLADSTONE & CO 75 King William st. A . HINDMARSH. Building ia^block. 50 x 150. £225. GLADSTONE Si CO.. 75 King William it.

Hom—», Land For Sate ALLOTMENTS. St. Marys, terms .. . £19a Osborne ? £135 Nth. Richmond ? £31a main rd ? £300 St. Morris ? £32» Rosslyn Pk 66 x 140 .. £530 Pt NoarJunea .. .. £450 O. S. DEBNEY. 7 Pirie st. C40S8. A** BRAYVILLE. £2.600. 5 roomed t.f. house with tiled roof, in new clean cond- cons. Include w. to w. floor cpvs. b.i. cupbds.. s..s. sink, washing ma chine, blinds. curtains. It. shades, est. garden, framework for garage, cement paths. Built 3 yrs Very close to shops, school, transport and racecourse. Reas. terms. Further particulars and inspec tion consult Sole Agents. J. WELL SHARLEY & CO.. 33 Pirie st. C6757. C1922: after hours LU4917. T Grange, modern 5-roora res- all mod. convs. well appointed kitchen. &c- A.W. S.O. Tile roof. Block 150 x 50. well fenced. Handy school. shops and transport. Price £2.900. Terms, ^imm.vac^s. 79 Currie st. LA3132. A ONLY SENSIBLY PRICED HOME8 ADVERTISED. ALL V.P. FINANCE AVAIL ABLE. GLENELG IBROADWAY ES TATE) Lovely mod. r.b. tile rf. home of 5 rms. All mod, cons lncL TILED FL. IN KITCHEN, ven. bids- outside all-weather bis. Some slate paths. Est. garden. ONLY £3.750. KING'S PARK. A LOVELY HOME IN A DELIGHTFUL AREA. F'stone. and rd. bk. resi dence of 6 beaut. Ige rms. in perfect order, all mod. convs.. French windows, ven. bids, pol ished floors. &c. garage, good block. PONT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY AT £4.750. FULLARTON ESTATE. At tractive residence. 5 rms.. a.w. s.0- built of burnt r/b. MIDST SIMILAR LOVELY HOMES IN THIS 8ELECT AREA. AU usual mod. convs.. ven. bis.. It. fltts om£*£Zi2octm naths' ''?'? ALLAN F. N. COOK & CO. LTD. 32 Curie street. LA4926. Aftl-r hour* T.P4119 T TTIBBfl

A. SELECT EASTERN £\. HOMES. I Fully furn. mod. villa. 5 main rms. and sunroom, double rarage and workshop. £3.750. rerms arranged. £800 deposit can purchase mod. L-sbaped home. 5 rooms, garage and extra block at Ros Lrevor. FuU price £3.500 Royston Park. 6 room dwell ing. Garage and all cons., nice ?tractive home. £3.600. Good terms aranged. 5 room dwelling, large block and garage. £800 dep. Price only £2.300 ? See STRATTON'S LAND AND ESTATE AGENCY, 122 Payneham road. St. Peters. . ? MF3429. ? ACKLAND GARDSNS. Only ?£*- £1.250 dep. and 50/- weekly. New 5-room. well-appointed, timber-frame home with h.w.s.. &c. close bus and shops. £2.950. MURRAY HOI & CO. LTD.. City Office. LA2781. 22 King William street

AT ST. PETERS. Only seven mniutes from city. Pleasing ' residence of 7 attractive, spa :ious rooms. In excellent order throughout, brush fences, lawns md garage. Tram at door. £3.800. v.P- or £1.800 dep. and SO/- weekly. MURRAY HILL *: CO. LTD.. City Office. LA2781. 22 King William street. A —SPECIAL, £3.250. St. Mor XV ris, bungalow, 5 nice rooms, garage, cement paths, vac. poss. GLADSTONE & CO 75 King William St. A. BRAYVILLE. £4.125. A modern, all electric home, with tile roof. Extra large lounge, three bedrooms, large modern kitchen and sleepout. with provision for sunroom. Attached garage. Cement poths. This home is well fenced and included in the price are many extras, such as fluorescent light ing, rotary clothes hoist, ex tensive sheds and building mate rials. Vacant possession is available immediately. GEORGE HARROLD & CO.. 32-34 Waymouth st. LA4446. ALL VACANT KENT TOWN Most conveniently situated, handy transport, shops, &c, double-fronted hou.-e of 6 rms.. double brick garage and convs. '-500- PROSPECT Modern red brick house. 4 weU proportioned rooms, a.w. sleepout modern convs garage. Floor coverings and Venetian blinds to pass. In ' excellent order throughout. £4.300. BROOKLYN PARK ExceUently situated off Hen ley Beach rd.. with transport to city and beach. A modern red brick house, tile roof. 5 rooms and modern conveni ences. Lounge and dining room connected by double doors. Light fittings, w. to w. carpets.

E4.120. KINGS PARK Handy transport, a modern reestone and brick home of 6 ooms, brick garage, modern :onvs. Land 80 x 120. Carpets nduded in sale. £5.950. BUILDING BLOCKS SHIRLEY GDN& ? £210 lAMPSTEAD GDNS ? £210 CLEMZIG ? £250 ORKCALDY ? £305 3AKXANDS ? £325 HLTON EST. ? £352 3EFTON PK ? £360 SOONGARRA PK ? £365 kfORPHETTVTLLE .. £6sO 3ARCOURT GDNS- shop ping .. -. -. £731 Call for plans and lists of land hi other suburbs. FINANCE ARRANGED. SHUTTLEWORTH AND LETCHFORD LTD. 50 GrenfeU st. C1071. AT 82 ALBERT ST.. A. EDWARDSTOWN Vacant possession Inspection. 3 pjn. to 4 pjn.. Tomorrow. Tuesday. To be offered at auction on the premises next Wednesday, the 17th '-'$***;,&&&*-? Pelham House. 178 Currie street. Adelaide. ? LA3105. ? alu5tmentSestate Among new homes., £320. 65 x 157. £195. £10 dep. TORRENS PARK SOUTH 85 X 150. £850 cash. EDWARDSTOWN Nr school. 54 X 220. £445. HALLETTS COVE ^ S blocks, total price £225. MAIN SOUTH ROAD Indust. site. Mirreen. £1.100. WOODLANDS PARK Indus.. 80 x 167. £425. 65 X 145. £320 cash. KOONGARRA PARK 59 x 117. £275. cash. PANCHTTO PARK Cnr. site, view city. £425. Many others available. MURRAY HILL Sc CO. LTD., Southern Branch. 530 South rd.. Edwardstown (opp. Avoca Hotel) ? PHONE LF3606 ? A PAIR OP SHOPS. Ackland Gardens, brand new^ 16 x 20 and 19 x 40 among Housing Trust homes and factories. £2.850 MURRAY HILL A CO. LTD ? LF3606. ? ^LLO T~M E N T 8. Glenelg East ? £475 Kingswood. 81 x 100 .... £800 Kensington Gardens .. .. £3' Koongarra Park .. .. £32 Pinchley Park ? £225 Marino ? £300 D. L. HAYES. 20 GrenfeU St. LA1754. A ff» t.n«. .-» itfT AHAA

AT ST. MORRIS, lovely mod ern type home nice order. 5 rms.. good s.o.. particularly well appointed. 80 gaU. h.w. ser vice, tiled bathroom sunken bath. -fec Neat grounds, con crete paving large garage, work shop. SPECIAL at £3.995 Half cash considered. Quick V P. JACKMAN TRELOAR LTD.. ANZ Bank Chambers. 75 King William st.. LA4717. A. SOUTHERN district. New model residence of 6 rooms and all w. sleepout. and double earage. well fenced, cr position. £6.775. V.P At Alberton Gentleman's re sidence. 7 large rooms, and 2 sleepouts. freestone and brick, al) splendid condition, large earage. concrete drive paths ornamen tal Edns and tennis court Vac. poss. £6.750. or consider ex change for smaller home. Close Anzoc highway. New tiled roof bung., cr position, bus route 4 rms. and s/out- al most ready for occupation. £4.000. Parkside. good position, handy shops and transport. 4 rms., modern convs. and garage. £2.700. Vac. poss. * Enfield Heights. 5 rm. con crete block good order. £2.800. Vac poss. Keith Telfer Ltd- - 75 King Wm. st. A.N.Z. Bank Chbrs

Houses, Lond For Sole AT. ST. PETERS. Attractive freestone and jrick house, in spotless condi tion. 4 nice sized rooms, slecp jut. bathrm- gas stove, stain less steel sink-drainer, cast ;namel bath, heater. hrnd jasin. copper, cement troughs fcc. Nice block. 71 x 120 ft. Jood situation, handy to Payne nam road. Only £2.725. Vac. poss Sole Agents. ERNEST SAUNDERS & CO.. LIMITED. 91 King William st. LA1528. A ALLOTMENT St. James Park. 73.x 130 with a cement brick buildinic of 3 room* erected thereon. 12 fruit trees 18 vines. 16 roses, water and electric light. Clo-.e Springbank rd. Price £950. B J. KEARNEY. 20 Grenfell street ? LA3539. ? A GLENELG. bed and breakfast. 10 rooms expensively furnished. Tourist Bureau contacts Price B. J. KEARNEY 20 GrenfeU street. ? ? LA3539. ? AT FULLARTON Freestone and bk. residence, equal 3 bedrms- and s/o. situ ated on cnr. block. Lovely lounge 27 x 15. Kitchen- gas stove, terr. db.. s.s.s. some b.i. cupbds.. pantry adjoins. Fully tiled bathrm. Cement troughs, gas copper. Also outside rm.. playhouse, s/o.. &c. Lge. gar age well fenced. Handy all facilities. Inspect early. £5.150. E. & I. PATERSON. 8« Gawler place. W1790. ? After hours F3504. ? . ALL GOOD FARMS SHARLEY'S RECOMMEND 1. 29 acres, main rd_ brick hse.. outbldgs- Adel. power. Phone. Dairy (C.M.LO. Bore, irrigation rich flats. 21 hd. cattle. £6.500. Terms. 2 135 ACS. W.LW.O.. £7.200. Close good town, primary and high schl. pickup. New 6-rmd. hse.. dairy (C.M.L.). Perm crk.. dam. springs, rich black flats. Approx 75 acs. good pastures 30 acs. ready Dloueh Price incl. 14 cows. I buU. 4 heifers and lmplts. Must

3. MT. TORRENS DAIRY. £8.500. 84 acs. heavily pastured and. 5-rmd. st. hse.. dairy, hay ind lmplt sheds, gar. Sec. 8 . 3dks. Same owner 30 yrs. Half ; :ash will secure. Big opportun- j ty. t 4. 260 ACS.. MIXED OR GRAZING £12.000 Sit. in - jopular dist- close township. ; T-rmd. st. hse.. light plant.*' ialry ICMX. ). extens. out-, jldgs.. 3 bores, equipped 1 ac. ucerne. fruit trees. 10 sh. p. ! 3dks. ? Owner will leave £5.000 i -n mtge. Good chance here. j J. WILL SHARLEY & CO 53 Pirie st. C6757 and C1922. ' After hours. JL3362. 'We Sell the South.' | AT MILE END. A comfortable. I well-built, freestone home of : j attractive rooms, with splendid Cully-tiled modern bathroom, inly one section from city. £4.250. v.P- with all carpets. Offers considered without. Libe ral terms arranged. MURRAY H:LL & CO. LTD.. City Offlce. LA2781. 22 King WilUam street. DELAIDE Hills? It S? j Save time phone Lou Brew, ? Stirling 405; evenings 290. Offlce. f Aldgate. ? ? A -A. HOUSES AND FARM SELLERS. — List your pro- ! pertiei with us for auick sales and cash settlements. No sale, o charge Phone LA3251: after hours. F6S23. Phone, write or call. E C. R. SHEPHERD & SONS LTD.. Reid's BldB.. 31a ting William st. LU5080 and L1299 Open Sat. mornings. ; l . FINANCE available to A. PURCHASERS of houses and land. GEORGE HARROLD & CO.. 32-34 Waymouth st. — l T WAYVILLE. Vac. poss. -c*. £500 dep. Stone and brick res., within walking distance city, 4 large rooms, kitch- sleep out, laundry. Land 49 x 120. Price only £2.500. Dawe Bros.. Chap man & Co. 91 King WilUam st. A- . HOUSE plans prepared, your design from . £3/lo/-: 5 white prints. Specif. 2/6 each. W. J WRIGHT 36 Pirie street C1915. ? A8OUTH SUB., superior mod. triple fronted tiled f. and red brick res- 7 rms.. h-w.s.. garage, select position. Price : 5.500. V. poss. W. J. ROB ERTSON, 65 King William st. LA2041. — ? AT ENFIELD. 2 bedroomed home, as new. mod. cons., all elec. lot of b.i. cupboards, surfaced floors all floor cover ings. £3.200. Thornton. ML4341. a.m. or evening. ? A3 from today, my property at 32 ChurchiU rd.. Ovingham. withdrawn from all agents. Sgd. B. A. Rutter. ? BRIGHTON Park near Sacrea Heart College, and new Brighton School, attractive 3 bedrm. red brick home, tiled roof^ all electric convs.. 5 mins. -each, exceUent garden. Finance avaUable. VJ». £*.37o K. J. LANGLEY. Licensed Land Agent. 199 Victoria square t isius Vvpnin« ML6905.

BUILDING BLOCKS. — ^TJni berland Park. 60 ft. x 140 fd-Wt^l^^tP^rnS3 Ule 64 ft. x 130 ft., corner. SSo; Woodlands Park. 70 fC r 170 ft. with «ara«e lor quick ale £400: Clovelly Park. 60 ft. 150 ft near South rd.. £240. hners in aU suburbs, many on ekYce.^LKinfcgW°Uia^t: LA2781. ? B^S000' «S8?SS£ JUNGALOW. soundly .con tracted, immaculate condition. \ good rms- a.w. sleepout. nice !erandahs. weU fitted through ,51 Telephone c0.nnS5jA% toomy grounds, garage, snap SctL& t4-^EliSAReLTDf 75A^nz. ^K»-%lffla7. DRIGHT SELECTION CLEARVIEW. Elevated posi ion with fine view. Modern itone and brick home Tiled roof. 3 bedrooms, spacious lounge ind dinette. Well fitted kitchen. Ul new fences £3,400. Terms. £1.250 dep. A good buy CAMDEN GARDENS. Attrac ;lve triple fronted red bnck lome Wunderiieh tiled roof. 3 ledrooms. large kitchen, large sar Very weU fenced, neat :arden. £3,850. Inc. carpets, inos. ven. bUnds. Terms. £1.850 dep Vac. poss. BROADVIEW. Modern tiled roof brick home. 5 'rooms and ilnette Tastefully decorated, ots of buUt-in cupboards. At tached gar. Very neat. £4.300. Terms BRIGHTON LINE. Natty modern 3 bedroom tiled roof home, decorated inside and out in pastel shades AU electric. Spacious lounge and dinette. Ex ceptional value. £2.975. Terms, £1.250 dep. Immed. poss. UNDERDALE Triple-fronted modern freestone and brick home, handy to Henley Beach tram. A handsome looking home with appeal. 5 rooms and at tached gar. £4.995. WM JAMES & CO. LTD.. 116 Gawler Place C1784. After hrs. X8221 or X2779. BUNGALOW reiuired for coun try client, aporox. £3.000 cash Urgent Inspect from to EaV McFARLANE. Ph. LA4849. RIGHTON. £4.500. 5 roo:ned residence, sleepout 13 bed rooms), outside room, garage. Close train beach. Corner posi tion. VACANT POSSESSION. Sole Agents. WILFRED E. TAPLIN & CO. LTD.. 15-17 Jetty rd- Glenelg. X4104. BLOCK. 59 and 60 Lamington av. Seacliff LF29R5. ? BLOCK, corner, off Lady Gow rie Drive, good road. JX9042. BLAIR ATHOL. 76 x 128 The Crescent, sides fenced. £6 p. ft. Ring Owner U4224. ? BLOCK and shack near sea, north of Fort Lares el. stove, water, turn.. £500. O. S. DEBNEY 7 Pirie -st. C4068.— BUILDING block. Brayville. sell or exchange for car. Phone X3581. ? BROADVIEW. £1.500 dep- 5 rmd. mod. tUed roofed home, entrance hall. lovely kit. and bathroom, .shower alcove, attach, garage, ideal locality. V.P. £4.300. Jennings. ML6151. ? BLAIR ATHOL. An attrac. and mod. 3 b/rmd. home. w. to w. carpets, light fltts. and window treatments, fully fenced, close transp.. school and shops V.P. £3.400 or near offer. Jennings. Jp UMBERLAND PK- red brick Kj home. 4 rms.. a.w_s.o. and sun rooms, large cement block garage. land 200 ft. deep. mod. convs. This solid, well built, de sirable home £3.500. pxc. fin ance available. W. H. Roney & Co. C1024. 12 Pirie st F5245. FA7215. F5887. ? /SUMBERLAND PARK. IDEAL Kj FAMILY HOME, equal 1 rms.. 3 b.r. and s.o.. spacious lounge and dining rm.. ultra mod. kitchen, tiled bathroom and ale- h.w.s- garage. £5.R50. T.p. K» J. Powell & Co.. 136 An zae Highway. Glandore. LF2032. after hit. 03953.

Houses, Lond For Sole pmEMORNE St.. Pullarton. Well \~- oil. home, 5 rms. all com-*.. well equipped ktchn. s.o. gar age, workshop. £4.950. inc. all fir. coverings, blinas. light fit Lings. Building block ASCOT Pk. 60 ft. x 181 ft. crnr. site. £315. Percy F. Leadei 22 Kg. Wm. st. LA3910 ? I C1OL. laGxiT GDNS. REDUCED j FOR QUICK SALE. £2.»jO. v.p. solid brick home, ex. conci 5 rms.. and s.o., garage. Sole agents. K. J. Powell & Co.. 136 Anzac Highway Glandore. LF5205. after hrs. U2953. ? - EASTERN, close car line and shops, large 8 rm residence, bath and shower rms- kitchen and kitchenette, large outside rm. and garages, all modern convs. Very suitable bed and breakfast business. Call per sonally for details. Keith Telfer Ltd.. 75 King Wm st. ? A.N.Z. Bank Chrs. ? EASTERN SUBURB. A most desirable family home of 7 large rooms and a.x. s.o.. well constructed of red brick and tiled roof. In a most convenient position. , This fine property has a lovely wide front verandah, attractive lawns and garden on a block of 86 It. frontage, „ „.„ Recommended at £5,9dO. DAVIS & CO Theatre Royal Buildings^ Hindley street. LA3573 or UX1861. EASTERN SUBURB. Situated at popular Tranmere. New triple-front residence. .3 b.r., lounge and excell. kit- dining in front, with h.w.s.. tiled bath room, car port, and only tew yards transport and shops. £4.950. v.p. with £J.j00 mort gage arranged. _ ___ MURRAY HILL & CO LTD.. City Office. LA2781. 22 King William street. AST. new Uled-roof home in nice locaUty. built-in bath. aU convs. posses. Jan. £3.865. O. S. DEBNFY. 7 Plrie siL C4068. TPULLARTON ESTATE -T 5 rmd. villa res- workroom, garage, perfect order, wrougnt iron door pastel waUs floor covs., s.s. sink, all elec. £2^00. Harrington's 7 Pine st C3280. FINDON. 53 X 140. £340. A & J STEVENS LTD.. 27 Way

FOR private sale. Prospect area, very attractive modern lome. 4 rooms and b-wao- tile roof. r.b- host b.i. cupbds.. ihower ale, lovely garden, large Earage. handy school and shops. ^lsT£Vn?Lt3AffmCen|r5dd Lt^ ^cV^iffe HOUTH ST. ? ? ? PULLARTON. Substantial freestone and red j Brick bungalow of 7 rooms large lounge, dining room. den. 3 good oedrooms. sunroom and sleepout. Excellent kitchen and bathroom tarage. corner position, nice locality, neat garden. Close to school shops and transport and handy P.G.C CoUege. A ? iSod family borne Vacant possession. £5.000 ST MORRIS. A Spanish Mission type home, built 13 years, containing five rooms and sleepout. 83 gauo? i hot water service nice bath room with built-in bath, very well eaulpped kitchen, glass en- 1 closed back. There is an out- . standing and perfectly built garage for 3 cars, the garden | i- well laid out and paths are , paved. This property is per fectly fenced and in first class : order convenient to tram and shops and two minutes from school Outstandingly good buying at £4.000 Finance ar ranged. TOORAK. Nice family home of 7 rooms. 3 bedrooms and large sunroom. lounge, den and dinette mod ern kitchen and bathroom All in flrst class order Giving in wall to wall, floor coverings, blinds and light fittings gar age. Neat garaen with lawns. exceUent position close school and transport £5.650. ALFRED C. CATT, SON & CO., 18 PIRIE STREET. C1150. p OLDEN GROVE. 15 MILES G.P.O. 88 ACRES F/H- very fertile land. WATER LAID ON^ POWER LINE past property Part sown rape and turnips. Bal. growing summer crop Owner will con sider selling in lots. FuU par ticulars apply E. V. McFARLANE LA4849. 91 King Wm. st. X3495.

GLENELG BARGAIN. £3.600. Modern red brick home, con taining lounge. 3 bedrms.. large kitchen, modern bathroom. All gas appliances, painted through out. Perfect order Telephone. Fruit trees. Handy bus ana school. Ven. and canvas blinds. V'P' RAYMOND STONE. M°o^-gBsayahi. G^neEA$itM«fnc; „ Situated few doors from beach in best residential position. Per ectly constructed of Basket tange stone with black tiled roof. Containing 6 rooms, large sun room laU under main roof ). Ter raced front entrance, double d-%dffv&sra%Af- 34^0^ srs&sssf^Sh*. p L E N E L G ? £5.500. Moder^TreSdOMr1?^ed ro?f uTgldroaoCm \nSd«-kftc£n with latest 'PPO111^1115.'.,,1^ %$eS%**2*3S*r Ven7t|Can blinds. &c. WeU situated within 3 min. beach. PhoneX4101. after hours X7924. G^ffiS, JE25fc»Sg| $!!£15O\TAPLIN & CO.. ,= ,„ T--f« i-rt nienelg. X4104.

Gl LENELG. 23 A«Ku51'?al?iU .ettv^d^anrb^h./^ Sov Puller details last week lACKMAN°VraELOAR LTD. OLENUNGA. neat rea . oriO. br bung., in Rood order, arms. lurnHprn cons garage, close an WUUam street. LA2041. ? GOOD investment. Whidsor Gardens, corner block. 53 x 144 level, with view. £145. on £10 deposit. £2/10/- a monto. t m Burke Pty. Ltd.. 35 Gren Wl strwt. C6O40: after hours. MF1243 or LU6499. ? XXENLEY BEACH. 2 ATTRACTIVE MODERN HOMES 2. Built of cream brick, under architect supervision they are ldcaUy situated One witii frontage to the ES PLANADE offering an unrestric ted view of the sea, comprising three bedrooms two with plate glass doors to adjoining sleep outs Spacious lounge, dining room entrance sunroom lovely fully tiled kitchen and bath room. Laundry all modern appointments including electric h.w.s.. ample built-in cup boards. Venetian blinds. -tc The second with trontage . to SEAVIEW ROAD and having similar accommodation, design and appointments, an opportu nity for two families desiring close proximity, yet each being self-contained. Vacant pos session Price £11.000. Sole agents — WILFRED E TAPLIN & CO. LTD 61 Gawler place. C5591. HENLEY BEACH ROAD. Superior f. stone and brick Tudor bung., equal 9 rooms. ex ceUent appointments incl. 80 gal. h.w.«. fully tiled bathroom, re frigerator. Bendix washer, qua lity floor coverings. Garage, neat garden, cement paths. Suitable professional man or for conver sion 2 s.c. flats Price £7.000. Vac Poss-j STEVENS LTD.. Insurance House. 27 Waymouth street LA1921. After hours UA8327 and UA7866. HOVE. Built only 7 years. At tractive, tiled roof, brick residence. 3 b.r.. lounge, kitchen dinette. Venetians lawns, garg.. slate paths. £3.650. v.p- or £1.650 dep. and 50/- weekly. MURRAY HILL & CO. LTD., City Office. LA2781. 32 King William street.

Houses, Lond For Sole KENSINGTON GARDENS. Brick bungalow, color washed :ream. S rooms II smaill. ELEC. HOT WATER SERVICE. Land 15 x 132. garage. Close tram, ihops. bowlii.g club. .fee. VACANT POSSESSION. See last Satur iay\s Auction Cols. F. W. BUL LOCK & CO. & KEITH WILKIN SON. 16 Pirie st. IRKCALDY. new r.b. tiled rf. bung.. 4 large rms.. s.o.. attach, garage, h.w-s- s.s. sink. U.i. cupbds. V.P. £3.500. COULTER IS. CO. ? JL4121. ? 1EVEL block. 53 x 139 near i school and tram. 5 miles from city at Paradise. £260. or. £10 deposit and £4 a month. ? M. Burke Pty. Ltd.. 35 Gren fell street. C6040: after hours. MF1243 or LU6499 ? T OCKLEYS. 8 ROOMS. Triple fronted residence built of brick, lofty rooms sleepout. 2 bathrooms, laundry, also de tached flat with bathroom of 3 rooms, laundry. BricK garage, large block. Vacant poss. ex cept detached flat. Price £6.250. BROMPTON. £3.100; Situated near Catholic church. Croydon car line and Torrens rd. amongst goo~ homes, four roomed and sleepout attractive bungalow, excellent conveni ences, garage Vacant poss NORTH ADELAIDE 10 ROOMS. A very sound two-storeyed home, large rooms. 2 bathrms- , 3 toilets at first section. Ideal for many purposes including , bed and breakfast, guest home, flats. professional chambers, offices. &c. Vacant poss. Price £6.000. MATTERS & CO., Established over 80 years. 12 WAYMOUTH STREET. Phone LA4011.

lyTOUNT BARKER DISTRICT. ! .VXprooerties of all descrip lons for sale. Large or small, lontact — H. B. CHAPMAN. Licensed Land Agent. Jount Barker.- Phone 16 for ? your requirements. If ARION ROAD. ?»J-rtt Richmond Upstanding aod. home, built of all red brick nd tiled roof, 5 spacious rms.. houghtfuUy planned, with large ntrance hall. Tiled-in bath, ter azzo floors gas appliances. A icautiful home conveniently ituated. £4.500. a mortgage of £2.500 can be arranged COLEMAN & SARGENT . 32 Currie street LA2949. Aft. hrs.. LF2547 and M7026. U'ORPHt'ri'VlLLE ill-Attractive modern res. tiled oof. between Aneac Highway and ilenelg tram. b.i. bath, shower . ecess hot water service, bright i atchen. £4.995. ; larrington's. 7 Plrie st. C3280. VrAISONETTES. ROSEBERRY (WalkervUle) — Ulose tram and shops. PAIR )f BRICK MAISONETTES, each - rms. and k'e'.te. Usual convs. Soomy allotment. VACANT POSSESSION of one. Price £3.500. F. W. BULLOCK & JO- & KEITH WILKINSON. 16 Pirie street. ARINO ! Building block with newly j erected 18 x 10 asbestos shed. ' 3.1. roof water connected, land ? SO x 172. £410. JOHN WYLES Sz CO- ! 17 Pirie street. Central 652. ; MAISONETTES. i . LEABROOK. I MODERN PAIR built four years, one four rooms, one five ' rooms. Both vacant possession. Owner's flat beautifully fitted, completely s.c. with numerous built-in cubs., terrazzo and por celain sinks, tiled and built-in baths basins. &c. and includ ing certain NEW WALLTO WALL CARPETING. linos bUnds &c. Brick garage. Ideallr situated. reasonably priced at £6.700 '\TT. LOFTY. in approx. 1 acre of land. 9 roomed residence, h handy transport. Ideally suited as &rivate residence, guest or rest ome. Vacant possession. £6.500. SHUTTLEIWORTH it LfcTCHFORD LTD 50 Grenfell St. C1071.

kJANNINGHAM. Attractive, modern home of rooms. aU modern convs.. in luding elec. hot water service. i.i. bath, .-hower alcove, ample i.i. cupboards in large kitchen tte. Vacant poss.. £4,950. SHUTTLEWORTH *: LETCHFORD LTD 50 Grenfell st. C1071. 1/fILE END. An exceUent fam tU- ily house 8 rms.. in wide ree-Uned street, few minutes rom tram and shopping centre. fACANT POSSESSION. See last Saturday's Auction Column F. V BULLOCK & CO. At KEITH ViLKINSON. 16 Pirie st. ajTALVERN! I 7 IW- £1.000 deposit. 5 rmd. reestone and brick bungalow, ind s/out. Garage. Large ?ooms Perfect condition. FuUy 'SJr^gVo3^. 7 Pirie st. ? C3280. ? W-ORTH WALKERVXLLE. A charming older type resi ience of 7 rms. and sunroom. ?quipped with every conveni mce. including first class bath room well equipped kitchen. I.W.S.. &c. Set in spacious trounds perfectly laid out with .awns, shrubs and flowers. TENNIS COURT. Perfectly situated for pupils ittending WUderness School. ind handy shops and all other unenities. ? __.„ £8300. ALFRED C. CATT. SON & CO.. 16 PIRIE STREET. C1150 ' XT EAR PORTRUSH , ROAD. ll Glenside. bungalow. 5 rms- s. DUt. gas cons., garage. £2.700. R. H. CURNOW & SONS 20 3renfell st. LA2907. LA3196.— NORWOOD. 5 rms- very neat .home, vacant. £2,500. Aust. Housing. 40 Pirie St. C1327. — ATORTON Summit, 20 acres, li with good view, small house. Offers above £50 per acre con sidered. X594 Advertiser. ? TCETHERBY. Convenient J- sized building allotment. 70 x 175. For immediate sale. Price £440. F W. BULLOCK & CO. & KEITH WILKINSON. O16 VINGHA'M, 4-year-old r.b.. tUed rf. bung.. b.i. cupbds s.s. sink. w. to w. carpets. Ven. blinds, garage, cem. paths, lovely garden. V.P. £4.250. First to see will bu^ ? JL4121. ? PROSPECT. Single-fronted stone and brick 4 rms.. bath and laundry, spotless throughout, neat gar den, room for garage.wotary clothes line: fully furnished with practically new furniture. Only £1.850 the lot. G. B. ADDISON.

PAYNEHAM NORTH, within 4 mile radius of G.P-O- stone and brick house of 5 rooms, electric and wood stoves, qut buUdings Vacant possession. £.«.200. Low deposit accepted. Additional land up to 3Vi acres could be puronased if desired. ADELAIDE S roomed house, handy transport, school and shops, good order £800 deposit. Vacant possession. £2.400. PLYMPTON NORTH, an at tractive triple fronted dwelling constructed of Mt Gambler stone, all mod cons. Ught fit tings, floor coverings modern kitchen and bathroom, close shops. Vacant possession. £3.850 A & H. P. GAETJENS LIMITED. Est 1866. 50 Flinders st. W3061. LYMPTON SOUTH. Adjacent Anzac Highway Modern tiled-roof oungalow. built red brick. 5 looms, dinette, mod. bathroom and kitchen, h.w s.. good order throughout. VACANT POSSESSION arranged. Situated between tram and bus service. £4.985. Sole Agents. WILFRED E. TAPLIN & CO. LTD.. lft-17 Jetty rd- Glenelg. X4104. PAR1NGA PARK Building block, two 56 x 140 £275 each. K J. POWELL & CO. LF5205: after hrs. LF3316 ? PLYMPTON GDNS- OPPOR TUNITY, modern fully turn, home, tiled roof. 3 b.r. spacious lounge, well appointed kit- gar age. £4.750. near offer, v.p. K. J. Powell & Co.. 136 Anzac High Sler gg* LF^lg™- IJ5205

Houses, Lond For Sole PROSPECT. 39 Alexandra st. Modern 4 rms. and sleepout. £3.500. ML3004. ? PROSPECT V.P.. £5.000. At tractive f/s. and r. brk. home. 5 rms.. 2 s.o. spacious lounge and dining rm.. dividing plate glass drs.. w/w. carpets v;n. blinds ultra mod. kitch. b.i. cupbds- tiled bathrm.. gree.. cem. paths. exceUent gdn K. J. POWELL & CO.. 136 Main Nth. rd.. Enfleld. ML6285. after hrs. ML6308. ? — ? RICHMOND SOUTH (Maries ton p. Modern 5-roomed residence, tiled roof. 60 gal. h.w.s.. b.i. bath, ped. basin, shower recess, garage, numerous fruit trees, elec. cons washing machine. Price £3,500. VaCA?°&'j. STEVENS LTD.. Insurance House. 27 Waymouth street. LA1921. After hours UA8327 and UA7866. SALISBURY AREA. 21 acres of clean level land, with front age to good metal road, only 14 miles from G-P.Cv £3.250. A. S. ALTSCHWAGER. Fifth av- St. Peters. ? MF1106; ? SCHOOLTEACHER requires 3 bedrmd. home. between Goodwood and beach. £3.750. After hours, X3687. ? SEACLIFF. Elev. h/sites. views all fac. near trans. From £.280. terms. WILLMORE & RANDELL. 39 Rundle st. C7198. SEAVIEW Downs Estate, build ing block 60 x 153. £155. or £10 deposit and £2/10/- a month, excellent view, good building soil. T. M. Burke Pty. Ltd. 35 Grenfell street. C6040. After hours. MF1243 or LU6499. SEVEN rooms. 2 garages, acre land at Blackwood. 12 yrs. SSefiSS11 flR°°§; MrfJ SONS. 20 Grenfell st. LA2907. LA3196. — ? — GEATON PARK. Value. Lovely O triple fronted r. brk. tiled rf. home, 5 lge. nns. A.W.S.O all elec b.i. bath. ale. mod. kitch. w/w carpets. bUnds. V.P. 3 mins. train. Priced at £3.625. K. J. POWELL & CO.. 690 Port rd. York Stop 17. JL3110 aft.

.13— ViJdUAV. ? y ?-T PETERS. J Substantial 10-roomed stone nd brick residence (2 kitchens I, i good condition. Gas and flec ric convs. Garage. Excellent 0Sif'i?CSTE?ENi4LTD-.. Insurance House. 27 Waymouth street. LA1921 .tter hours UA8327 and UA7866. SEMAPHORE. ESPLANADE 7 5 SELF-CONTAINED FLATS nth vacant possession of one. ilevated corner site, close ietty. hops, train, bus. Land 136 x 10. room for building extension. ir portion could be sold off. See ast Saturday's Auction Cols. F. V BULLOCK & CO & KEITH VILKINSON. 16 Pirie st 1OMERTON. NEW. MODERN. 5 HOME. Close to beach. 6 good sized rooms, house 1.650 sq. ft., ex. joinery, first class appear ance. h.w.s.. water softener, plenty of cubs- lamlnex tops in kitchen, fully tiled bath room with shower recess, block 50 x 150, £6 000. MAELOR JONES & PAT TERSON. Basement, Steam ship BIdg.. 17 Currie street. LA2178. ? _____ TEMPORARY dweUing. suit able for storage. H. McLean. 29 Dunks st- Parkside. ? TRIPLE-fronted r.b. 5 rma. house. aU electric convs earage tiled bathroom and kit Shenf ven. blinds, light fittings. Boor coverings £3.600 less £100 if private transaction. 9 Barker av. FUnders Park. ? ?yiCTOR HARBOR GENTLEMAN'S RESIDENCE. 5 rooms. h.w. service, veran dahs, sleepout. garage, laundry and detached studio. Ideally situated close shops and beach. £4.750. VACANT ALLOTMENT, with frontages to Victoria street and Esplanade. This Is one of the few remaining vacant allot ments in this important area. £650. These properties are for de finite sale in deceased estates and we Invite your enquiries. SEARCY ESTATE AGENCY. Phone 203, Victor Harbor. 'ViroODVILLE. freestone ana T» br. bung.,5 rms.. s.o- close shops. V.P. £3.975. JL3470. WALK— RVILLE. Gentlemans residence. spacious f's. home. Select area. 7 rms.. lge. sunrm. set In lge. ground, ten nis court, double grge., weU planned flower and fruit gdn. This superior home is offered VJ?. £8.500. Inspect appoint.. only. K J. POWELL & CO.. 136 Main Nth. rd.. Enfleld. —

WALKERVILLE. In pleasant surroundings facing the beautiful .greens ot he WalkervUle Bowling Club, soundly constructed freestone and brick residence of nice appearance, comprising 7 rooms, tiled bathroom, Barage and all usual convs. Splendid block. 95 x 150 feet Sensibly priced for a quick sale at £5.250. With Immed. vac. poss Sole agents. ERNEST SAUNDERS b CO LIMITED. 91 King WUliam st. LA1528. Watch Foley's Column Change PARKSIDE 6 rooms, older type freestone, big rooms, garage, good, fairly mod. cons- close school. -R.C. church and .transport. £3.350 or offer. £400 second mortgage available. PROSPECT Bungalow. 5 rooms, modern nised. very close transport, in good condition throughout. An offer around £3.500 will be con sidered. WOODVILLE Modern home and shop site. 1 min. tram. 5 rooms, end. back, modern red brick home, tiled roof. fuUy tiled bathroom, 60-galI hot water service, £250 worth wall-to-wall carpets, stone garage with tiled roof, cement path, lawns, roses, _c. land 112 x 178, triangular corner posi tion. This would make a good shop site, offering splendid pos sibilities. £4.000. EAST PAYNEHAM 4-room modern War Service home. tUed roof, red brick con struction, stone garage, with ce ment floor aU sas appUances paid for. wall-to-wall Wilton carpet, lald-out garden.' close shops and transport. £3.400. HOSEWATER £800 deposit. 4 rooms and kitchen, brick home, in extra good condition, lots of extras, such as gas fire in the lounge, s. steel dralnboard in kitchen, all floor coverings, good garage, corner position, handy all shops, transport. -tc. situated among nice homes in a pleasant resi dential street. Splendid value at £2.300. J. M. FOLEY UNLEY RD.-PARK TER.. NORTH UNLEY. Phones U3215. U2412.* 555 Acres, at CLARENDON (ONE MILE WEST OF TOWN SHIP). NEXT THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 18 AT 2 P.M. IN CLARENDON INSTITUTE. FOR SALE BY AUCTION. 555 Acres Freehold, comprising undulating to hilly grazint country situated 1 mile west of Clarendon and 19 miles from Adelaide. AU cleared except for shade timber. WeU established, with sub. clover, perennial rye and other grasses. 350 acres have been heavily topdressed. Rainfall 31 inches. Watered b; Onkaparinga River, permanent creeks and bore equipped with pump and electric motor. Improved with comfortable 6 roomed stone house, sunroom. enclosed back verandah, stain less steel sink and cupboards, wood and electric stoves anc electric sink heater. Adelaide electric light and power and telephone connected. Shearing shed and yards. G.I. garage and several small sheds. Sub divided into 14 S.P. paddocks This property is particularly well situated near Adelaide and is excellent fat lamb, beef cattle or dairying country. It is at present carrying 800 grown sheep. 500 lambs and 26 heac of beef cattle, and is in good 6TERMS: 10 p.c. deposit, balance in cash within one month. For further particulars and inspection apply to the Auc tioneers. Goldsbrough, Mort Co. Ltd., . ADELAIDE. WILLUNGA OR BRANCHES.

louses. Land For Sale OODVILLE. 6 rooms, older type f. and -. home, immaculate order. :ompletely modernised, beautiful tit. and bathroom stone garage, arge area, concrete and stone fencing. Picked position. £4.100. JENNINGS ML4341. £1.850 NEAR city. Sf. V.P. 4 rms. K988. Advertiser. ? £»500 DEPOSIT. £5 PER WEEK K* Eastern suburb, comprising 1 rms. div. 2 s.c. portions. 1 I rms- furn.. other 3 rms. un furn. Close trans. Price £2.950. Be early, Willmore & Randell. 39 Rundie St. C7198: aft hrs. M8312. Houses, Land To Let pplTcants tc- pibli on 13/11/54 thanked and advise house now let. Houses, Lond .Wonted A. BUY cash, row cottages, pairs or single cottages, city preferred. X813. Advertiser. — ACTION BRINGS RESULTS. Let Us sell your home. K. J. POWELL & CO 121 Currie st. LA2801-2. 690 Port rd.. York. JL3110. 136 Anzac Highway. Glandore. LF2032. 136 Main North rd- Prospect. ML6285. 84 Greenhlll road. Glenside. ? UX3341. ? A — EASTERN SUBURBAN RES1 DENTS. THIS CONCERNS YOU We are the local land agents in this district, and urgently re quire homes laU types) for sale. Genuine cash clients waiting to Inspect. NO SALE. NO CHARGE. For that speedy and confidential ? sale, contact STRATTON'S LAND AGENCY 122 Payneham road. Bt. Peters. ? MF2429. ? A. JACKMAN TRELOAR LTD.' for Auctions or Private Sales. Phone for immediate attention. 75 King WiUIam st. LA4717. 48 Jetty road. Glenelg. '4144.

_^ A _ ** PROPERTIES WANTED. CITY — SUBURBAN. COUNTRY. We have a constant demand trough our Head Office and Country Branches for Properties if aU descriptions — Grazing, dairying and Suburban Homes. Mlctments, _c. For prompt sales, inspections ind advice without obligation. :ontact — RICHARDSON. KEMPE. 3OGARTH _ EDWARDS LTD™ 23 Peel st. toff Currie et.i. or Country Branches AT GRAYMORE or Golflands. d- Modern home, cash buyer. RAYMOND STONE. X3074. ADDED VALUE for that house near the city is what our nany NEW AUSTRALIAN :lients are prepared to pay for. :OMMERCIAL LAND CO.. 153A Uindley st. LA2242. ? A VICTORIAN family wants CV buy 3-bedroomed home in rood suburb. K984. Advertiser A - WE are direct cash buyers £»- for all classes of real estate. Seorge Harrold Sc Co. 32-34 Waymouth street. LA4446. — * JUST SOLD GAWLER PROPERTY, anxious to get settled suburban home. £2.500 £3.500. ALL CASH PURCHASE. Send price details, no agents. H799. Advertiser. ? A. COUNTRY SCHOOL TEA CHER, trans, to Adelaide, must settle for vacant poss. house this week; move hi ap prox. 6-8 wks.. £3.500 to. £4,500 spot cash Forward price par ticulars, no agents. H751. Ad vertiser. ? A . CAN YOU HELP? Must ?**? vacate flat buy any home, good or bad repair. £1.500 £2.500. c»n repair myself. PAY ALL CASH TODAY State price. No agents. H700. Advertiser ? A . WILL buy today, several pk. houses, priced from £1.200 up to £3^00. Good or bad state of repair. Suburban Builders Ltd UA8095. ? ? — ALLOTMENTS WANTED. AU mouth st. LA1921. ? A GENUINE cash buyer. £3.750. for 5 or 6 rmd. home, close to transport. A. Pomery. FA7988. ? — A CASH buyer for good home in St. Marys district: no agent. Apply P776 Advertiser. — BUYERS WAITING. Better class home, north or east, to £5.000. Older type. 5-6 rooms, north or west, to £2.750. Cottage.any suburb, to £2.500 A. S. ALTSCHWAGER. MF1106. BROADVIEW, SEFTON PARK. Bank official requires 3 bed roomed home, pay cash to £5.000. Jennings, ML6151. ? BUILDING block wanted. Man ningham. WalkervUle area.

BLOCK required, any decent locality, ready to buUd. near transport. K299. Advertiser. — BRIGHTON-SOMERTON Area. Requires gentleman's home. :o £7.500. LF5205. aft. hrs. X3687. ? BUILDING BLOCKS AND HOMES. Owners wishing to -ell please send us fuU particu ars and price. Cash buyers walt ng. No sale, no commission. 6HUTTLEWORTH _ LETCHFORD LTD 50 Grenfell street. C1071. BUILDING BLOCKS WANTED IN ALL SUBURBS Cash buyers waiting. No sale no commission. 3end us particulars and price. MURRAY HILL _ CO. LTD.. City Office. ? 22 king William street. LA2781. LAffi ATHOL. ENFIELD HEIGHTS. CLEARViEW. Port Augusta railwayman ur gently requires trust home; genu ne. immediate buyer. JENNINGS. ML4327. BY CLIENT. HOUSE TO MODERNISE. Must be good area, prefer 6 rms.. large block immediate cash settlement. Inspect to day. Maelor-Jones _ Pater son. 17 Currie st. LA2178. — BRICK house, two or three bedrooms wanted urgently, pay £3.000 to £3.500. Apply P778. Advertiser. ? BUY, home, preferably east, or southern suburbs, 5 or 6 rooms, must be reasonably priced; no agent. Apply P779. Advertiser. ? CAN pay £3.000 to £3.300 cash for suitable home, urgent, prefer privately. Apply P780, Advertiser. ? ? ? CASH buyer requires modern home in the eastn. or southn. subs- approx. £3.850. COULTER & CO., ? UX2748. ? COLLEGE PARK — Good older v^ type home. 6-7 rms.. about £5.500. DAVIS & CO- Theatre Royal Bldgs.. Hindley st. LA3573 or UX1861. ? ENFIELD HEIGHTS OR BLAIR ATHOL, wanted ur gently, genuine cash buyer can pay £3,500 cash for 2-3 bedroom home. JENNINGS. ML6151. ? Tn TJNDERS PARK BLOCK RE QUIRED. Phone A. & J. Ste vens Ltd. LA1921 or CALL 27 Waymouth st. ? ? ? FOR a quick and satisfactory sale ring C4948. Many N.A. buyers. ROLAN 51 Grenfell st TT'OR sales by auction consult IE SHUTTLEWORTH & LETCH FORD LTD. Auctioneers of Real Estate. 50 Oreirfell st. C1071. — FAMILY HOME required of six or seven rooms at GLENELG or SOMERTON. Immediate inspection with Client. CARLYLE JONES & CO. LTD.. 2 Moseley street. Glenelg. Phone X4164. X4165. LENELG. BRIGHTON. SEA CLJFF. For quick sales by private treaty consult JACKMAN _ TRELOAR LTD 48 Jetty rd. Glenelg. X4144. GLENELG DISTRICT. ? For a quick satisfactory sale or your home or block ring RAYMOND STONE. Glenelg Property Specialist. 34 Gower st. X3074. COD home needed before Christmas, limit £4.000. X593. Advertiser. ? HAVE been instructed to pur chase Immed. good home for bank officer. WoodviUe area. Cash settlement £5.500. Client will inspect immed. URGENT. K. J. POWELL & CO. 690 Port rd- York. Stop 17. JL3110 ? LARGS BAY area — Client wishes to purchase 6 rmd. home in nice position, about £5.250 or is willing to ex change a large home In splen did position on esplanade. Values adjusted. DAVIS & CO., Theatre Royal Bldgs- Hindley st. LA3573 orUX1861 ? \.f ELBOURNE. Business man lVI-here today and tomorrow to buy 2-3 bedroomed home, good sub. or beach sub- £5.000. LF5205. after hours X3687. ? MARINO, immed. cash buyer for elev. blk nr. stat. K283. Advertiser. ? 'KTORTHERN AREA. For elderly i.^1 couple, older type home. 4 or 5 rooms, close to transport, about £3.500: immediate Inspection. Thornton. ML4341. ? T-AY SPOT CASH for 5 to 6-roomed bouse in MALVERN. UNLEY or HAW THORN, i Would consider older type home). Will pay up to £3.500. Corner position pref. Definitely no agents. Phone U5124.

Houses, Land Wanted PROSPECT NATLSWORTH AREA. Local shop employe in this .rea requires 5 to 6 roomed lome. No objection older ype and wUl pay up to £3.500 ash. We will make immediate nspection with client. i. C. R. SHEPHERD _ SONS _TD- 31a King WilUam street. Adelaide. LA3251. ? RETIRED business man re quires smaU home in Pros -ect or WoodviUe. approx E 3.750. COULTER _ CO.. JL4121. ? ST. GEORGES. LEABROOK AREA. Genuine client anxious to purchase modern or older type borne of 6 rooms or 5 and sun room. Possession in Jan. next. Up to £5.500 cash. E. C. R. SHEPHERD - SONS LTD. 31a King Wiliam street. Adelaide. ? LA3251. ? TRUST home. 3 bedrooms, any sub. adiac Port rd.. wanted for Holden worker. Pay cash to £3.400. Inspect immed. Ring D2248. ? UKuENT. up to £ti.UUU lor 3 bedroom home in eastern suburb. , also £2.000 for house between Adelaide and Port Adel. Cash cUents. A. J. McNEILL. 76 Franklin st LA3338 ? WE can seU your freehold property. farm. house, dairy, grazing property, poultry farms. Send us full particulars Immediately. B. J. KEARNEY. 20 GrenfeU street. LA3539. ? ~\!fj ANTED at Dunleath. He^ms »» dale, Glengowrie. Modern residence for cash buyer. Ring RAYMOND STONE. X3074. VOUR UU1LU1WU till- OR HOME DEFINITELY SOLD within 30 days. Aft brs X8951 ? PENLEY _ CO. Alliance Buildings. 20 GrenfeU ? i street. ? LA1755. ? FLATS AND ROOMS

. ? To Let A VAILABLE today, holiday £&- flat, suit couple and child. £2344 X3387. . ? A ? FLATS and. rooms to suit £*- bus. ladies or gents. Also -ther accommodation. HOME ?INDER AGENCY. 21 Gilbert pi. A BOVE for girls, with every cV thing suppUed. Kent Town. IIP2585 ? BED sitting beautifully fur nished room double. Also large twin. room, sunroom at tached, permanent or casual 43 Augusta st . Glenelg. ? COM. f. b.s.r- suit 2 or 3 adults, separate kitchen. 387 Esplanade. Henley Bch- aft. 9 i.m. ? DONT hunt for rooms: use our easy terms for a cara van at Princes Motors, 109A Aneas st. Central 2215. ? FURN. b.s.r. and kitch.. in re fined home, £2'10.'- p.w bus lady. Ring F4417 after 10 Ga 'lenelg-somerton] 2 good modern furnished homes available from 16th Nov. and 9th Dec. respectively, for 3 wks.. £10/10/- p.w. HARRY _ CO. LTD.. GLENELG. ? X4101. ? GLENELG. hol. fiats, good, now short term. X4518. ? GLENELG. vac. sea. hol. fiat, now. February, not Xmas. LIKE a business lady to share furnished flat witl another, all conveniences; within second section. reasoT-a*ile rent X5B5, Advertiser. ? PROSPECT, unf. b.s.r.. sen. kitchen. Prot. no drink, refs P773. Advertiser. — - — PARKSIDE. for bus. cple.. and Semaphore, bus. cple. and l child, dble. furn b.r. and own kitchen £5. Brighton. Black Forest and Grange, double furn. b-r. and share kit- bus people. Phone. Neill. ML1030. CHARE room for man with use ?3 kitch. 244 Wakeneld st. City SMALL room with separate en trance for New Aust. 72A Findon rd.. WoodviUe. — — - — - CELF-contained turn. flat,. 4 O nns. conveniences, suit quiet bus or holid: y people 19 South ter.. City. ? Wanted ? STRIAN couple with two SyiTlooking for 2-3 rooms or house, handy to Glenelg. K119. AAVB DOUBLE furn. or, unf urn. c4b.-ranyn.^ub°u%.1pUeOrNbeul -Tem^n. 'So^feA ^ S Consider 2 rm. K301. Advertise^ A YOUNG Austrian cple. with _ new baby req. unfurn. room with kitch. K880. Advertiser — A FLAT or house for rent, A urgently required by exser viceman and widowed mother.

» ? . QUUOCh rirf»AfcJ ..w.*--.— - Required ior selected client* HOM-FINDER A_ENCY. 21 Gilbert place. No fee. LA2448: after hours ML5649. A FURNISHED or unfurnished EL home required. Mount Lofty. Aldgate. Blackwood. ,_ Or any good suburban position. WUl consider seaside . By highly recommended cUent for period of 3-4 months. ! C R SHEPHERD _ SONS. ' ' LTD 31a'Klng WUUam street A . OWNERS. FLATS, HOUHJKti _ If you want good. reUabie eeded tenants contact our office. We Introduce persons of repute ^C-Vr|lRyg|4/oeap!rlest. BED and breakfast accommo dations for two young Ameri :an men. In Hampstead area. :aU LA4379 ? BUSINESS girl requires s.o. fiat eastern suburbs. Ring LA0261 Moreland Monday 9-9. PHEF cook require furn. or L- unfurn. rooms, use kitchen «reek-end5. ForestviUe, Black ?orest or near. Pay weU. K886. Hdvertlser. ? P-URNISHED HODSE OR FLAT ?equlred by interstate engineer. Semaphore Lares area. 12 months. Ph JX6951 URN. flat. cons. sep. ent., bus. lady. Unley d5st pref. 2oUect Wed., urgent. K297 Ad rertlser. — ? ? FURN. or unfurn. double 2 or 3 rms.. b.r. and sep. kit. for dus. cole. Phone Neill. ML10S0 HERMAN couple looking for UT furnished room with use ot titchen. Albert Mueller Mea iow av.. CampbeUtown Adelaide. LADY, alone, urg. needs lge. unf. rm. use kit. K877. Ad MARRIED couple and daugh ter. 10, require house or Hat K300 Advertiser ? 'lTf-A. painter wire, seek s.c. lVX flat unfurnished rooms, personal refs K895 Advertiser. QUIET business woman seeks unfur. bed-sitting room and kitchenette, or three small un furn. rooms, sep. ent. K881. Advertiser. ? SMALL s.c. flat, couple. 1 child, good tenants K875\ Adver tiser ? ' ? S.C. room and kitchen wanted urgently by young m.c. K294. Advertiser. ? : — ; — ; — SINGLE gent req. single fur nished room. city. K890. Ad vertiser. ? : — — — — ? Smat.t. flat or furnished room and use of kitchen for work ing girl in or near city. Pay weU. K889. Advertiser. — ? WANT flat house or rooms, pay 3 months' advance, gd. cred. and refs. Phone C47o9. — WANTED, single room, by WAust famUy. for N.A. 3d. desiring improve lanB5|7*oe through conversation. K879, YOUNG married couple, no ties would Uke one room, and use of cons, or smaU s.c. fiat, unfurn. Please ring MF2437. ? SHOPS, OFFICES, &c. 4 IX classes clty^ properties, Jl offices worehouses. shops, sample showrooms. R. W. Swan & Co.. 25 GrenfeU street. — — - 'DEST sub. position. Woodville, X- block shops, good leases, good investment. One vacant soon. Suit land agen. acct.. almost any business. Experienced famuy take it over K262. Advertiser. riLOSE Rundle st- 2 offices, ap L- prox. 247 sq. It., now avail. Shuttleworth _ Letchford Ltd., 50 GrenfeU st. ? : ? FOR al) classes city, premises, sh- ps. ofBces. warehouses. Shuttleworth & Letchford Ltd.. 50 GrenfeU st. C1071. — - — ? TTARDWARE and electrical. 2 Xlnew shops nearing comple tion long lease, moderate rent. Housing Trust areas. All en quiries to W2675 before 11 a.m. RENTS coUected. city and suburban properties. Shut tlewortb & Letchford Ltd. 50 Grenfel' .street ? OHED. close city. 33 x 21. suit J able storage. L A. Ramsay. LA2141. ? = ? XrACANT possession in approxi V mately four weeks. 1.300 square feet, suitable store, situ ated Thebarton. Ph LA3647. — WNTD. rent a shop, vicinity ol Onler or Parkside. ur gently for miUlnery. Ph. UA8712. DOGS AND CATS BOOK now' for your pets, super accommodation while on holidays. Phone ML4703. — — FOR sale, two doe ferrets with young U Nelson st.. Step nev. =ft«r 5 ? MEAT, lean, boneless meat only 1/- 1b. 174 Sturt st.. Cent. Market and aU Christy's ahops. ———————————————

WANTED TO BUT A LUM1NIUM. brass, copper. — gunmetal. zinc, lead, brass ind gunmetal borings, batteries, jrinter's metal. cast Iron, winter's residue. N. BROWN- SONS PTY. LTD. OFFER SPOT CASH. ANY QUANTITIES. _,reest buyers of scrap metal ana machinery in Aat!Ti:~5- RECEIVING DEPOT AND ? FOUNDRY: EIGHTH ST.. BOWDEN. Phone LU4210. MACHINERY DEPARTMENT. Phone LU5521 (3 lines). Open Saturday mornings. HEAD OFFICE: 74 PORT RD- HINDMARSH. Phone LU4I46 (6 lines). Melbourne Branch: 740-746 Elizabeth street. X CLOTHING WANTED. Top prices for good MEN'S suits, trousers, sports clothes, shoes, &C. also LADIES'. CHIL DREN'S and BABIES' clothing, household linen, blankets. — c. PEDLERS. 3 GOUGER ST.. . ? LA5705. ? ALMONDS AND KERNELS, for best prices and cash on delivery — CROMPTON _ SONS LTD. 49 Plinoers st.. Adelaide. And East av.. Beverley. ? ALL MODERN FURNITURE. Household effects and an tiques bought outright. Ring Barrett _ Barrett Ltd., Auc tioneers. LA2355 for inspection. A. FURNITURE, any type, or quantity, cash buyers, taken on spot if necessary. WALLERS, 140 Gouger st- City. LA4865. — AAA. FUKNIIUR—, Honest prices. Sid Jones. J2214.

« ill WUAflllll Ul U1UUUU — or antique furniture pur :hased of wiU sell by Auction. .legaw & Hogg. LA5014 for valuer ,o caU. ? A LUMINIUM. brass, copper. £*? lead, radiators, batteries, icrap steel, cast Iron, bottles md rags. E. R. Way _ Sons. — A NTIQUE furniture, china. t\ silver. pictures, curios, iolman. Pirie st. W2234. ? BAGS ? BAGS ? BAGS. Cash In on top value for aU ised bags, except supers. Stock ind poultry breeders, consign ' UUe End Bag Co., Mile End. — BUY Simpson or Pope, cash. Box 601E, G.P.O. ? BUILDER'S dumpy level wanted. K296. Advertiser. — , BOTTLES, batteries. rags; WiU colfect. ML3697 ? BAT'IER__. ALL NONFER ROUS METALS BOUGHT BY RAY BOTTEN _ CO. AT IHE HIGHEST PRICES RING LF3732 or CALL at 15 KORANA ST.-J SOUTH PLYMPTON ? plANDELAHRA privately also \J salver Write P958 Adver tiser ? CHILD'S pedal car. chain drive, 16 Denman ter.. Lower Mitcham. ? ?- /'1ARFETS, bedroom and lounge V carpets req. Cash. FA8153. CHILD S jot oed. also vice and pistol drilL LA4014. ? DRESSING table, wardrobe, refrigerator. UA6843 ? EVANS & CLARKE. GrenfeU st- pay top prices furniture. &c W2358; after hours ML2295. FLAT bottomed boat for children's playground. Phone ML2201 ? GOLD, jewellery, highest prices. Myers. 57 Hindiey st. GOOD refrigerator, any model in reasonable condition, pay cash. Box 601E. G.P.O. ? GOLD, diamonds, precious stones and metals. McCabe, 71 Pirie st. ? HORNBY, Dublo access., dec. Hobby Shop. 98 Gawler pi. — HOOVER wasner. Best price. W3363 ? - HI G H E S 1 PRICE PAID for old car batteries: also metals, in Adelaide. _ ALBERT G. SlMS LTL-.. 195 Port road. Hindmarsh ? _U748a. ? PORTABLE PHONOGRAPHS. Bring to EDDY'S for HIGiU—U PRICES and prompt payments. EDDY'S. 73 Currie st, PLAYER PIANOS EDDY'S PAY HIGHEST PRICES and SPOT CASH EDDYS 73 Currie street. Ring LA4811. ? PiANO, buy priv. good i.f. FuU parties. K878. . Advertiser. — PlAuu, pay 1.0 £iuu. lntpec immediately Phoue C2362 PIANOS and players wanted. Spot cash. Allan's Limited. Rundle st. Adelaide. C5600. — OLANER ' and thicknessing X machine from 12 to 30 in wanted. M7703. ? : ? PiANOS. PLAYER PIANOS. Highest prices given. Spot cash ~ Prompt Inspection. KUHNEL'S 136 Rundle street. W2967 ?

PIANO wanted.- Iron frame. Reply P698. Advertiser. PIANO. SPOT -CASH. FA7781. IANOS and PLAYER PIANOS purchased. Highest price* laid. SPOT CASH. Inspection LAME DAY. SMITH'S. 219 Rundle street. ? Phone W1003. ? REFRIGERATORS? «_ We offer the HIGHEST :ASH PRICE. Inspect and pay ash same day. Phone W1003. RAGS bought. We collect aU suburbs. Northcote Watte 'roaucis, 52 Hanson rd.. North Wingfield. Ph. LF387B. M7853.— REFRIGERATOR, any model. In reasonable condition, pay ash. Phone X1710. ? REFRlGiKATOtiS and wash Ing machines for cash or as rade-ins McLeay Bros W2552. 3INGER sewing machines. We wiU pay up to £25 acoord ng to condition. Phone W1003 ir write Smith's. 319 Rundle st. SIMPSON or Pope washer or similar cash. Phone X1710. SECONDHAND spring tyne 2 horse cultivator, good order. JM1742. ? TlRAYWAY washing machine. L Ring W3363. ? TYPEWRITERS wanted, any condition, spot cash. Office Squippers Ltd. Phone LA5041. — H7ASH1NG MA^H1N_. re W f rigerators. spot cash. C2237. ' WASHING machine, any make, spot cash. Phone 51710. ? W'E buy for cash garden beats, sewing machines, ools. garden forks, spades, shovels, furniture, timber, galv. ron.. Try us. Phone ML1176, Northern Salvage Company. 252 Main North rd.. Enfleld. ? MINING NEW BROKEN HILL CON SOLIDATED LIMITED. [Incorporated in England with limited liability I. Registered Office: )5 Collins st.. Melbourne, C.I. The following cable undtr late of 11th November. 1954. has seen received from the Head Office of the Company in Lon- ? ion:— ' . The Directors have declared in interim dividend of l/3d. lU.K. Currency) per share (9d. per share for 1953) on the is sued share capital of the Com pany in respect of the year end ing 3ist December. 1954. This dividend less income tax at 9/- in the £ will be paid on the 1st January 1955. to holders in toe London and Melbourne registers as at 22nd November. The share transfer books' wiU be closed for one day. namely Monday. 22nd November. 1954. BY ORDER OF THE BOARD. CONSOLIDATED ZINC PTY. LTD r Attorney in Australia and New ? Zealand. P. R. FITZGERALD. Secretory. THE CONSOLIDATED ZINC CORPORATION LIMITED. The following cablegram under date of November 11, 1954, bas been received from the Head Office of the Corporation in Lon 'The Directors have declared a dividend of 2V* p.c. (actual) on the issued 4'* p.c. Cumulative Preference Shares of the Com pany in respect of the period 1st July to 31st December, 1954. rhe Directors have also declared an Interim Dividend of 1/3 (U.K. currencyl per share (1/- per share for 1953) on the issued Ordinary Shares of the Company in respect of the year ending 31st December, 1954. These dividends less Income rax at 9/- in the £ wUl be paid on 1st January. 1955. to holders on the London and Melbourne Registers at 22nd November. Ifio4. The Preference and Ordinary Share Transfer Books wUl be closed for one day, namely. 22nd November. 1954. In order to make provision for the present programme of capital and exploration expenditure up to end of 1956 and towards future projects and contingencies, it has been decided to issue 2.182.649 Ordinary shares of £1 each at par. These shares wiU be offered to Ordinary Shareholders In the ratio of one share for every three Ordinary Shares held at the close of business 22nd No vember, 1954, fractions of a new share being disregarded. Consent of H.M. Treasury has been obtained to the Issue. The new shares wiU rank parl passu with existing Ordinary Shares except that they wiU not entitle the holders to participate in the Interim Dividend declared On the basis of the latest avail able profit estimate for 1954 the Directors anticipate subject to unforeseen circumstances being able to recommend a final divi dend of 2/6 per share on the i.i creased ordinary capital (1953 2/- per share on the lesser. capi- It'is expected that provisional allotment letters will be de spatched 28th November to Ordi nary Shareholders on the London and Melbourne Registers at close of business 22nd November. 1954.' By order of the 3oard. P. R. FITZPBRALD. Secretary Australian Transfer ? Committee.