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Stepping íntrllíBenct.


June 14-Peri, brig, 145 tom, Gwatkin, mas- ter,' from ¡¡Sydney. O. S. Brodie, agent


Jun« 12.-Shamrock, steamer, 200 tons, Gil- more, mailer, lor Launceston. Passsengera (cabin), Messrs. Lewis. Lyall, Gardiner, Mid- wood, and Kelab, Captain M. Hill, Mr. and Mrs Innis, Mr. and Mrs, Wilson and three children, Rev. S. Hewlett, Mrs. Powell, Mrs. Murray. .Steerage-W. Lock, J. Holloway, 1 soldier, and a deserter. H. A. Smith, agent.

June 14-Corn «hin, steamer, 94 toni, J. Tag- gart, master, lor Launceston, Passengers-(ca- bin)-Mr. Slater ; steerage-Wm. Green, Wm. Roberts, Wm. Young, and J. Jncubs.


June 13.-Lillias, for llobort Town, via Gee-


Juno 13.-Sluimrock, for Launceston.


June 14.-Peri, brig, from Sydney: 243 bogs lugar, Ilespe & CJrice; 1144 bags sugar, 80 chests lea, Dalgety 6c Co. ; 5 hhd». brandy, 12 llhds. rum, 100 cuses Geneva, order; 6 ca-ks rum, Dunlop, Macnab & Co.; 12 pockets hop«, 66 chests teu, 67 hall chests ditto, 22 barrels 2 tierces 1 hhd. refined sugar, 3 hluls. molasses, W. P. Splatt; "9'hbds. loaf sugar, It. P. Mervin; 20 ' cases furniture, 1 bundle brooms, 3 rolls zinc, P.

Davis; 12 lings bone dust, 5 casks ironmongery, 2 bundles shovels, II. Glut*; l8 bags maize, 2 cases fruit, 1 cask ditto, C. II. Dight; 351 deuls, H. A. Smith; 60 casks bottled beer, 9 eases

oranges, Gwatkin.


June 12.-Shamrock, steamer, for Launceston :

580 sheep, 50 boxes window glass, 1 quarter. cask wine, 4 casks beef, 2 c.ises drapery, 4 bdlcs. bags. Part of original cargo from Sydney ; 1

cask fruit, 1 parcel books. . |

June 14-Cornuoiu, steamer, for Launceston

-1 cask beef.

The schooner Brothers, at present in port, has the honour of being the first vessel built at and registered as belonging to Port Fairy. We can- not say much in praise of her build, but she will do for a beginning. .

Tne Lady Mary Pelham was sold by Mr. Henty whilst in Van Diemen's Land, and   delivery will be made upon her arrival there the first trip. Captain Rosevear will then take charge of the Minerva, and Commodore Fawthrop   superintend the rigging and fitting out of the Lady Julia Percy, now being built at the Convincing Ground by Mr. Stocker for Mr. Henty, and of which vessel it is probable he will obtain command upon being launched. - Portland Gazette.

The schooner Thomas Lord was put up to auc- tion at Sydney, on the 7th instant, nr.d bought in

at the sum of £800.

The new brig Diana is to be laid ou as a regu- lar trader between Sydney and this port. Cap-

tain Lawrense succeeds Captain Devlin in the

command of her.