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Bv VOX 1

Jewish Women's Guild Are Fairv Godmothers

DO you realise that fairy godmothers still exist? Two went to the Nor thcote- Home,

lirange. This home cares for the younger children of parents receiving medical treatment for TB. There is a constant need for clothes, as the disor ganised home life of the chtydren sometimes cannot produce them. . And here is where the fairy godmothers come in. Mrs. Ley And Mrs. R. Asher, of the Adelaide Jewish Women's Guild, ar rived at the home with a large carton filled to the brim with brand new wool-, lies, dresses and pyjamas; £60 would hardly cover its value* It was all the work of the guild and was done in such kindliness and sympathy of spirit that the gift was doubly appreciated. This generous spirit of service to the underprivi leged covers a wide range of guild's activity. *'

Mrs. Aitnur .Roberts, 3ross road, Malvern, is pre sident of the Adelaide Jew sh Women's Guild, Mrs. Saunders, 10 North street, ienley Beach, iionorary secretary. Eadyndi Phyilcian ' Mr. G. J. Krummel, whom [ have met on the village ireen at Stockport cricket rith the visiting JPs' team, writes me from, 15 Turner tvenue. Plympton, that he read with great interest my reference to Dr. C. A. Feige, vho for many years prac tised at Eudunda. 'I well remember' Dr. Feige, his wire and family -f five daughters and a son Kurt, who died recently at Monash,' Mr. Krummel jays. ^ 'The younger members were schoolmates of mine -ome 50 years ago. Well Jeloved Dr. Feige doubt less played a part in my 3rst seeing the light of day. 'His mode of transport vas a fine pair of ponies (shod by my father) and a looded buggy. He fre juently covered long dis ances to attend the sick; there was no hospital at Eudunda then. Now it has me second to none. 'About 1910-12 Dr. Feige sold his practice to Dr. Pur ris and retired to Adelaide, rhen came Dr. Matison, Followed by Dr. E. B. rhomas. who died suddenly xrhile attending a patient in hospital. Dr. B. E. Brookman is medico there low.' Horn Tt mttr Mr. Krummel, having spent 57 years in Eudunda, cept up with the times and ;witched from blacksmith ng to a motor garage.

?After having been in busiriess for .28 years, he' was able to turn ft over to his .son Glen, who carries on a flourishing garage where his father was one of the original motor dealers. Mr. Krummel saw good seasons and bad, but never has he seen farmers as prosperous as they are to day. Four years ago. he and his wife retired to Plymp ton, but he still is in terested in a share farm of 600 acres, three miles south of Eudunda, where they run sheep and grow barley and oats. They visit the nice old town periodically and so see the premises once oc cupied by Dr. Feige. WinimtiVi Bill Mr. Jock Cook, secretary of the Royal Caledonian Society Pipe Band, told me yesterday that they will hold their annual Clans men's Ball at the Palais RoyaL tomorrow night. Sir Mellis Napier and Lady Napier will be wel comed by the Chief, Mr. N. H. Campbell and his wife. 'Known as the Blue Lake Ladies, 58,4voraen, includ ing 28 players, of Mount Gambler Caledonian So ciety, are coming up for Royal Show week on Tuesday, September 7,' Mr. Cook said. 'In appreciation of the hospitality given us, we will put on a dance and social as a welcome to them on the following night' Child Play Prospect Hill people have held meetings to form a committee to .erect memo rial children's playground. They wish to honor the memory of Will Griggs, for many years postmaster and storekeeper. He was widely revered as a friend of people in need, was a de voted adherent of the Methodist Church. The playground will be on the reserve next to the tennis courts and near the site for the new hall. Treasurer, who will re ceive donations, is Mr. Dean Michelmore, of Pros pect Hill. The Rev. Neil Usher is chairman' of the committee. KuipU Ctliriy That reminds me. Mr. Usher is still manager of Kuitpb Colony. I hope I did not mislead you recently when I wrote that Mr. F. B. H. Vincent, of YMCA Quartet and Ade laide Benevolent and Strangers' Friend Society fame, founded the real Kuitpo Colony. That honor belongs to the Rev: Samuel Forsyth. OBE, who started off scratch with a lease of a section for 10 years from the Woods and Forests^ De partment. ? ? ? ? ?*? ???--?

This: lease was trans ferred to the Lands De partment, and gradually the colony was Increased from 500 to nearly 1,000 acres. The Government '? then panted a perpetual lease on condition that the pro perty was used for chari table and rehlbilitation purposes. Mr. W. H. Tucker (hono rary secretary) has been issociated with Mr. For syth in the grand work all that time. He was man ner for 12 yean until 1946 when he came to Central Methodist Mission head quarters in Franklin street. He was secretary of Kuitpo Colony for five years during the great de pression. Witchillna I thrust greatness upon Mr. Maurice Smith when I said that he manages Myrtle Springs and wit :helina stations,' 1,000 square miles each. Mr. J. Hurst manages Witchellna. Mftathtr Ctmpltlntt There are many com plaints about the weather, but not so many as there would be if the Federal Government regulated it Instead of predicted it