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Funeral Notice            

The friends of the late Mrs. Sarah Lawson, widow of the late John Augustus Lawson are respectfully informed that her remains will be interred in the Williamstown Cemetery. The funeral is appointed         to move from the residence of her daughter (Mrs  

L. Franks) 27 Collingwood Rd. Newport. THIS DAY    

Wednesday 9th August, 1933 at 1.30pm.            

Ernest Jackson Funerals    


FRY (nee Incoll). —On the 3rd August, at Jessie         McPherson Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Fry—       a son (Euan McGregor).  


HIPGRAVE-SHILL. — On the 15th July, by

the Rev. John Crockett, Norman Dudley, younger   son of the late Captain Walter Hipgrave, and       Mrs. Hipgrave (Elsternwick), to Myrtle (Norma),       youngest daughter of the late Mr. George Shill and  

Mrs. Shill (of Castlemaine).


daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Collie, Airlie, Barooga, New South Wales, to Joseph B., youngest       son of the late Mr. L. M. Reynoldson, Gunner- side, Strathmerton, and of Mrs. Reynoldson, Gun-     nerside, Brighton.    


ANDERSON. —On the 8th August, at the Sydney Sanatorium, Agnes Margaret, the dearly beloved      

wife of Albert Anderson, mother of Bert, Roy,     Clifford, Doris, and Ormond. -—R.I.P.  

BANFIELD —On the 5th August, at Wynnum, Central Queensland, Bertha Banfield, for 37 years  

the dearly beloved and honoured wife of Edmund J. Banfield, of Dunk Island (N.Q.).    

BELL. —On the 8th August, at Lang Lang, Martha, dearly beloved wife of Willian P. C.     Bell, and loving mother of Heather and little  


CARROLL. —On the 28th June, at Yarrawonga,   Mary, (native of Kilmore). —R.I.P. (New South   Wales papers please copy.)          

COLE. —On the 8th August, suddenly, at Morn- ington, Edwyn Arthur Cole, loving husband of Elizabeth and father of Dorothy and Ben, late     of Leongatha (Private interment.)      

DEAN. —On the Stli \iurutt (-udd'-iilO at lu» I ldf-nee The Innen llerrv aicnue, fcditlnnli

Ul n belo\ed husland oi Amj Dean and loMiit rj'l cr of Victor Ufud, \roi and I earl aged '1 j tiru —R.I.P.    

DICK. — On the 4th 4uc:ust 1933 it Iiribbani. 'II rai Dick formorh of Melbourne ind Strath j<* d Sydney.  

DODS. — On the 8th August, at his resisdence, 20 Dunstan avenue, Brunswick Frederick William late of the Victorian railways), beloved husban of the late Clara Augusta Dods, and loving father of Frederick William, loved brother of Emily (Doll), John Alfred, Rose (Mrs. Studley), Isabel (decreascd), Mary (Mrs. Kroshel, W.A.), Maggie     (Mrs. Kroshel, W.A.), and Alice (deceased), aged 72 years.

DONALD. — On the 5th August (suddenly) at Mildura, the loving wife of C. S. Donald   (Irymple), and daughter of Mr and Mrs T C Robinson, 186 Bellair street, Kensington, and sister of Annie Ford Robinson, and Thomas Robinson (Rutherglen) - At rest.

DONOHUE. — On the "th iugust, at Holhokc II i<l itali St Arnaud Hugh, liublrtnd of \UCL, «;eJ 6o jears - U test

EGAN. —On the 7th August, at her residence, j""0 Neill street, Carllo«, Mirv, dearlv btdoved < a i-hti r of the late lohn and LUzabcth Epw, late ci limbocn and Camperdown, and beloved sister i Johann i (Mrs. Çvans), Nora, Margaret, Sarah (Mr- Wilkinson^, Patrick (Ulausford), James, and Joseph (Coburg). —R.I.P.      

ELLERMAN. —On the Sth \nguet, at private hos

pul he« Flin, clde-t daughter of the lato U Horatio and \nne LUerman, of Lismore

EMERY. —On the Sth \URUst, nt his irsidencc, ">r Heidelberg road Ivanhoe, leslie William 'I n-lv belo» ed husband of Ainj T J^merj, anti Ul wd father of Dorotbj, Gv«.n (dectastd), and Ti m!, aped 71 jiars

FUNSTON. —On the 7th August (suddenly), at   Gisborne, John. beloved husband of Isabella,  

aged 59 years.  

GODDARD. —On the Sth iiiguat, at her resi

(¡ u 2" Rullvvav avenue Milvcni, Ellen, dearly li\i 1 wife of William Goddard, aud loved mother <t Kui j (Mrs Miller), sjdncj, and Flo (Mrs "Dai ) -Pence pt.rfpct peace (Piivatc inter mino (Inserted bv her loving fnmilv )

GRIEVE. —On Um SUi Augu«t, li"»", at her resi <lrn o No 21 MiX'nnnell strict Kensington, Annit

ii 1 loved wife of 'WtUiim Cumiron, and

i-vii" mother of David, Annie (Mrs J Grattoni, \" <* and Koruld and gnndmother of Dorothv i.r-iti n and Lorna Grieve, abcd 01 jcar*. (Private

I rmrnt )

HEARN. —On the îth \ug«.=t, d his i««dence ^ojenga. Tames, loving huai and of M-irgtict, ano. aîhcr of Jam & and Lorna deailv beloved son ot h late Janie* and Mr*. M Heirn (Merrigum), lord brother of Mr« Ja<k Brovrn (Mcirigum), Mrs. M -iilllviin (deecised), Mr* 1 >!ickcj (Hiu^ndon), Mr G Ulc»cv (Camperdown), Lltobeth, Agnes, jil William (Merrigum)

HEYENGA. —On the 4th August, at her resi- dence, Towong, SUSANNAH, widow of the late Wm. HEYENGA, aged 94 years.    

JANE. —On the 8th August, at the Clunes Hos-  

pital, Ada Louisa, the dejuly bclovtd wife of   Thomas Jane, late of Kolora. —Behind all shadows   standeth God.  

JANE. —Ou the Sth An.-ust, \da the loved r'ait^ater of the late Henry and Martha Ogicr Clunes lovvd sister of Ham, lila lied (di cMM>d). George Charles (decei^d) Ubirr Etlu 1

Pearl (deceased), Ernest, Eva, and Harold (de-   ceased). —He giveth His beloved sleep.  

LAKE. —On the 5th August (passed on to the higher life), Daisy, dearly loved wife of A. J. Lake, daughter of the late A. J. Hall and Mrs. Stewart Hall (Coonara Springs, Olinda), sister of Zoe (Mrs. Les Faulds), and Cedric Y. Hall.

LAWSON. —On the 8th August, at the residence of her daughter (Mrs. L. Franks), 27 Colling-   wood road, Newport, Sarah, dearly loved wife of   the late John Augustus Lawson, loved mother of John, Emelie (Mrs. R. Boyd), Sarah (Mrs. S. McKenzie, Christine (Mrs. L. Franks), Barbara   (Mrs P. Brady), Augusta, Catherine (Mrs. R. Rhodes), Victoria (deceased), Jasmine (Mrs. A.       Winters), and William, aged 77 years. —Father

and mother reunited.

MARTIN. —On the 5th August, 11-B at her re hidince, 2S L&tnbctb place, bl Kilda, hilen, relict of the ¡ate vlfred Hcnn NIartiii, loving molhei of May, riorence (Mr* Ufer), Tiara (Mrs. Keane, Svdnej), Ellen, Alfred, Annie (Mrs. Saker), Jtubv (MM Martini), and Ldna, and loving grandma of Meryl, aged 71 jcars (Privately interred

Brighton Ccructerv )

MUNRO-On the 8th August, lf',i!, al his resi dence, Moorabool, Hugh Willi in), the dearlv lovid husband of Uelm Mumu, and lovm¿ father of l^la and \le\ , and onh son of the late Hector ind Annie Munro of lim rlcii-h, and loved brothir of Annie (Mrs Hv in Cororooke) ind Katie (Mr l.urke. Inverleigh), a¿ed ."S ye ire

NEWBOLD.-On the 8th August, at her resi dence, 151 Spensley street, Clifton Hill, Janet,   dearly beloved wife of Joseph Newbold, and loving mother of Joseph of Adelaide, aged 70 years.  

Her end was peace.

NEWBOLD -On the Sth August, at her resid resdence, 121 Spensley street, Clifton Hill. Janet Newbold the dear sister of Mrs Camm (Fitzroy),   Mrs Johnson ( Armadale) Mrs. Murrott (West garth), and Ellen (Mrs Tomlinson Glenhuntly,

deceased), in her 70th year -A sufferer at rest


NISBET-On the 8th of August at his residence, I Holzer Street. Sandringham, James, loved hus     band of Isabella H Nisbett, Late oí East Prahran. At rest. (Private cremation )  

OGILVY.- On the 7th August, 1933, at King street, Ararat, David, beloved husband of Emily

Ogilvy, aged 90 years.

O'SHANNESSY.-On the 7th August, at Innis- fail, 89 Hotham street, East Melbourne, Patrick   Francis, beloved husband of Agnes and loving   father of T F. (Frank) and J G (George), aged 73 years, a native of Glensharold, County Limerick, Ireland. -Rest in peace.

O'SHANNESSY.-On the 7th August, at Innis-   fail, 89 Hotham street, East Melbourne, Patrick Francis, beloved brother of Mrs. George, Thomas (deceased), Mrs. Roche, Mrs. Andrews, and Mrs. Nicholls. -Rest in peace.    

O'SHANNESSY.-On the 7th August, at Innis-   fail, 89 Hotham street, East Melbourne, Patrick Francis, loving grandpa of Frank, Douglas, and   Pat and of Jack. -Rest in peace.  

PATTON.-On tin 7lh \ugust, it Melbourne Hospital, Mice C nollne, diirlv loved wife of ile late Albert Pit lou (Divle« street. Altona)

loving mother of Vilien, Mick, and Leonard, agid

"0 ve-irs -U rest

SIMPSON -On the Sth Vi"-ust, lit her residence

M'rrlmu, 172 Cart» nter fitveet lluidigo .Ima,' dearly beloved wife oí the lat<* Milhun binn'-on, in 1 loving mother of John (deo lied). ItcsMt (l'.en i'lgo), George (Bendigo) Hoheit (I loken Hill), lein (Mrs Jefeott, Caulfield) Albert (deceased), lthel (Bendigo), anl llerheit (N « W ), iii her

SGtli vear - U rest

SMITH-On the lit \iigu=t ii lltndigj, Ldvin II (late echool teacher, I Ucrslle), sT of the late

A. S. Smith.

STEWART. —On the 5th August, at her resi- dence, 204 Doveton crescent, Ballarat, Euphemia       McInnes, eldest daughter of the late Donald and

Mary Stewart.

WAKE. —On the 5th August, at her residence, 9 Staniland grove, Elsternwick, Martha, beloved     wife of A. G. Wake, and loving mother of John         William (deceased) and Gordon. —Patient suf-    

ferer at rest.

WATT. — On the 5th August, at Melbourne, Charles Watt, dearly beloved friend of S. White, aged 36 years —Until the day breaks. (Interred privately, Monday, 7th August, at St. Kilda Ceme-


WISE. —On the 4th Augti-t, it h r riMdence, 18 Moorhouse street, Malvern, Jessie, lifelong friend

of Eliza Metherall —Sweet memories.    


On Active Service.  

BELSEY-MARSHALL. —In loving memory od   Sergeant John R. Belsey, 7th Ilntalinn, Ml , killed In action on tin "tit Ausust, lOlu, it Lout Pine, dearly lotid husband of i'lni nie, md father or Jack of Derri hill \iehnl<¿m t-treit. Abbotsford, jlso mv deni brollur, lei-teant leslie A R. Marnhull. Jnd Held \rtilkn llrigadt, who «lied of wounds on tin -'th Ailgu-n, l!lli>, in France -Dcarh loved an! sidh im-icd

BOX.-In loving minion of mj deir «on, Dnirr Tlenry Jtobert lira, .IStli Hilt , 1 III d In icilon \ugust 9, t">lS -lier lunuilicrc! (lmciUil by hla mother, Mre M \ Ho«, '?I \ inceiil place, Albert Park )

DRUMMOND. —In 1mm.- mein ii ti oui iii i-K beloved son, Clifford Henry Drummond, First   Macliine-gun Battalion VII killi ii in alton, at Harbonnieres, Somme, France, on August 9,    


Alwana treasure 1 in meinjij

-(Inserted b\ lui loxin^ fath r mil mother, J. 11 and li Drummond )


On Active Service.

EVANS. - In loving memory of Allan P. It. Kv-ans, 6ih Battalion, killed in artic*! on 9th August, 101S, at Lihons, France, son of Mrs. E. Evans, York street, Moonee Ponds. -Ever re-


HALL. —In loving memory of our dear son and brother, Corporal George Hall, 7th Batt., missing at Lone Pine on his 21st birthday; also loved father of above, who died July 21, 1928, at Albert Park. —Lest we forget.

HARDING. —In loving nicmorv of Gunner W. J.

Harding, 12th Battery, 4th Field Artillery, killed   in action August 7, 1917, at Dickenbush, Bel- gium, aged 23 years.

—A tender chord of loving memories

Is sadly touched to-day;

Loving thoughts of you. dear son and brother,

Death cannot take away.

- (Inserted by loving mother, brothers, and sis- ters, Marlow, Curdies.)

HILLS.-Cherished memories of my dearly be- loved only brother, Lance-Corporal George Henry Hills, Ü.M., stretcher-bearer, killed in action iu France, August 0, 101S. -Uuforgotten, my brother.    

HOOPER. —In loving memory of "Bob"' (Cap- tain R. M. F.) Hooper, 5th Batt., A.I.F., killed in action, Lone Pine, 9th August, 1915. (Inserted by his pals, S. H. and W. A. Gowdie and S. G.  


JOSEPH. —In loving memory of Sydney, beloved

son of Rachel and the late Joseph, and dear brother of Rebecca Joseph, who was killed in aetion in France on August 9, 1918. —Ever re-


JOSEPH. vIn sad anil loving memory of our dearlv loved son and brother, Pte. .«edney Alfred, 7th Battalion, killed in aetion at Lihons ltidge. lYance August 9, ISIS; also our dearly loved daughter. Hose, who died April 3, 1913. -Brother

and sistfr reunited.

KLUG.-In loving memory of Lieut, L. C. Ghlg. M.M., killed in action at Hnrbonniercs on August !), 191S. (Inserted by his par«uts and brothers, QueeriscliiT.) *

MAUND. - A tribute of love to the memory of our dear soil and brother. George Maund, Stn Baitaliou, killed in action 9th -Vugust, 191S, aged 22 years. -His memory a dally thought. (In- tel ted by his loved ones.)

SCOTT. — In sad and loving memory of Walter Eric, lieutenant, 7th Battalion, killed in action, France, 9th August, 1918, beloved eldest son of T. W. and F. Scott, and loving brother of Cyril, Roy, and Aubyn, Elsternwick. —R.I.P.

TANNER. —In loving memory of my dear  

brother, Sergeant Herbert Tanner, died of wounds,   9th August, 1918.  

He shall not grow old

Beloved it is morn. —(Chrlssie.)

WALLIS. — In loving memory oí our dear son and brother, Leonard Henry Wallis (Len), 24/46 Battalion, killed at Pozieres 9th August, 1916. -Thy will be done.- (Inserted by father, mother, sister, and brothers, Ken ball avenue. Moonee


CHARLES. - In loving memory of our dearly loved father, who died at High street, South Kew, on the 9th August, 1927. -IU.P. (Inserted by his loving daughters, Alice and Mary.)

CONLON. - Ita loving Temcinbrance of our dear father, who passed away on the 9th AugUat, 1927; also our dear mother, who died on the 23rd Fcb mary. 1922. -Ii.I.P.

Sweet memories of happy, bygone days

nemain ever with us.

-(Inserted hy their loving family.)

CRUICKSHANK. - In loving remembrance- of our dear mother, who died at Heather Brae, Ormond, on the 9th August, 1932. -Sweet memories. (Inserted by her loving ions, bons in-Iaw, daughters, and grandchildren.)

DEVINE.~In loving memory of my dear father, James Devine, who passed away 9th August, 1927: also of my dear brothers. Henry, killed hi action near Yprcs, October I, 1017, and Len, died as re- sult of accident at Point Cooke, February 5, 1920. (Inserted by Mrs. \V. Bullcid, Essendon.)

HOCKING. - Io loving memory of our doai mother and grandma, who passed uway 9th August, U'32, at Horsham. -Dearly loved; so sadly niHscd. (Inserted by her loving daughter, Chrfssic, and son-in-law, Ucwison, and grandchil-


HOWES.-In loving memory of my dear hus. band, George Duncan Howes, who passed away at Yea 9th August, 1926. -Ever remembered. (Inserted by his loving wife, E. J. Howes.)

HOWES.-In over-loving memory of my dear father, who passed away at bia residence, Lyons street. Yea, on 9th August, 192C.

Not Just today, but every day, In silence I remember you.

-(Inserted by his loving daughter Ena, Tea.)

HOWES. - In cver-Ioving memory of my dcar fatlier, who passed away at his residence, Lyons street, Y'ea, on 9th August, 1926. -Always remembered. (Inserted by his loving daughter,


HOWES. - In loving memory of my dear father, George Duncan Howes, who passed away at Yea 9th August, 192ti. -Love's greatest gift, remem-

brance. (Inserted by his loving daughter. Kath-1 leen.) |

KNUCKEY. - lu loving memory of our dear sister, Lilly, who passed uway 9th August, 1932. (Inserted by her loving siller» and broth»rs.)

MARKS.-In sad and loving memory of my darling mother, Leah. ha peace. (Inserted by her loving daughter. Lillie Lyons, 17 Labassa grove, Caulfield.)

MolVER, -? In loving 'memory of our dear father, who was called home 9th August, 1931. -He avent to wait for lils loving wife. (Inserted by his loving daughter and sou-in-law. Norman


MclVER. - In loving memory of John (dad), who parsed away on !)th August, 1931; also mother, fuphla Elizabeth Mciver, who joined him on I2tb Moy, 1933. -Their memory liveth forever. (In- serted by their sorrowing sons. Ken, Lindsay, and


MCKENZIE.-In loving memory of my dear hus baud, who pasecd away 9th August, 1932.

Not a sound disturbs his ßlumber,

Not a care to mark lils brow ; All his pain and suffering ended,

He is sleeping peacefully now.

-(Inserted by lils loving wife and grandson,


MCKENZIE,-In loving memory of my dear father, Charles Alexander, who passed away on

9th August, 1932.

lill memory fades and life departs, IOU will live for ever in inv heart, A silent thought, a 6ecret tear

Will keep vour meniorv ever dear

-(Inserted by his loving daughter and son in law, Madge and 1 red Rawson )

MCKENZIE - In loving memory of our son and brother, Charlea Vlcxander, who passed away on the 9th Vugust, 1922

Not a day do we forget you,

In our hearts j ou arc alwavs near

-(Inserted bv his loving mother, father, and


ROBB-In loving memory of VII in burnley son of Mrs and the late I! B Ilobb and brother of William, Jack, and liobert pasfed awav Vu-rust 9 19 1 -«o sadly missed

ROSS-ZIMMER-In loving remembrance of our daughter, Doris Irene, who died 9th August I'M)

also our son, Lee Cpl W II Zimmer, killed in action in France 17th lune 191S (Inserted bv their parents, Skene street, Geelong )

SLOSS - In lov ing memory of our dear Lin, who died 9tb August, 192S

Resting where no uhadows fall,

In perfect peace he awilts us all -(Mother and suiter. Judo )

SLOSS - In loving memory of our dear son I indsav who died 9lh Vugust, IIS -Our dear


SLOSS - In loving memorv of mv diar brother, Llndsaj, who passed awav 9th Vugust, 192S

'Tis not the tears ulled at the time

That tell of a heart that is tom 'Ti* the lonelimss In after vcar6,

And sadness silently horne

- (Inserted by his loving brother, leoben )

SLOSS-In loving m inory of mv dear little brother, Lindsay who passed away on August 0, 1J2S. -V verv beautiful memory (Inserted lv his. loving sister bonnie)

THOMAS -In lov mg memory of mv de ii mother, who pissid awav at Main road Kingwooii on Vmru t 1 1129 -Sadlv missed (.Inserted bv daughter Annie ind family )

WATSON-In tad but loving memorv of m¡ dear, kind husbmd who pas.ed away suddenly on Vugust 9, i'<¡2 at Middl Pul

God liai vin in His keel in¡,

1 hive vou in mv thoughts dear Will -(Inserte i hy hi« lovin0 wu )

WILLIAMS. - In fond remembrance of my be- loved husband and our dear father, John Williams,     who passed away at Kyabram 9th August, 1926,      

late of Woodstock. -As we loved him -so we   miss him. (Inserted by his loving wife and family, Stanhope.)    


D\LL\ -Mrs M Mil DAI I i anti I imtlv deairt

to llUNb. all kini friend and r lain = to their letters cards, tel grains lina! tubim auc p rsnnal capre sinus of svnipathv d mug tin n ruent Mil bereavunent Will all pi i« aecepl tin as n personal iel no ileigmetlt of tnelr tin cm irrititu le 1 Inila crefient lliwtborn

CMtM\N -Mr, ¡Til \ I. IIOKMW deslri

to THWh her inanv friends lor tidal tributes niHl the ni inv c-pr »Mons of pv mpathv during h r ne-e I "ud bereavement Illili rs «trcel, Mel

bom ne_

MI, \ I \LLL\ and I-amilv desire t

riUMi all kind relative» mid Inends trr their evpiCBc on« ef Kvmpatnv lett is telegiani« a d Hoi ii tnbuti s lu their rcienl sad here iv em nt

c pc lull.v th muli g the dlreetir »till, mid uuplovee of larsons Bus Hi l.irrell MHi I um hui and Mr Mepln nsnu Will all plias

i ce|t this as a p r-onjl itkn m lciigm lit ol their Mticere gratitulc iOu Mooiabbin road Mentone_ \I It I b DON VID and Mr and Mis 1 C i-'-L ROl,lS=0\ and r\it«i!j desire to IllSAh all kind (llends and relativis foi their cxprctsi uw of bvmpathj, lloral tributes ennis, and telegram In th lr reeint ead bereavement Niil all plea* acetpl tilt« as a persona] aeknov lidgment of their sinieie gratitude Ciircton ivenue irvmple


BELL.-The friends of Mr W P C BELL Ir

resi cctfully inforuieil that the remains of his late beloved wife, Martha, will Iv interred in th Lang Lang Cemetery.  

Hie funeral will leave the Presbyterian Church Lang Lang, Tomorrow (Thursday, Aujust 10), at

J o clock

I011N G1ÍVM, Undertaker, Berwick Thone

OOMl OKI) - The Wendi oí the late Mn .' IHVNCIS AME1IV luMrOKD art respe I

lillie uiformi 1 tint her remains will le intern 1 In the Yt lill imrtown Crmelen

The fineral Is appointe I to move frem 1er resi il m , ino Mason meet, Ncwiort lins lui (W ednrsoay, °th Vugust), at 11 am

I UM bl W IVCIvSON luueral Directors, Fci uuson strict Williamstown, and Melbourne road, Newport 'Phone 15 Williamstown


DODS.-The funeral of the late FREDERICK

WILLIAM DODS (late of the Victorian Rail- ways) will leave 20 Dunstan avenue, Brunswick, THIS DAY (Wednesday, the 9th August), at 3.45 p.m., for the Melbourne Cemetery. Carlton.

A. A. SLEIGHT PTY. LTD. Cent. 410.

I^GAN.-The Friends of the late Miss MARY

u EGAN are respectfully invited to follow her I remains to the place of interment. New Melbourne ', Cemetery, Fawkner. ¡

The funeral will leave her residence, 170 Neill' street, Carlton, THIS DAY (Wednesday, 9th August), at 2.30.

JOHN DALBY. Undertaker, Latrobe and Spring streets, Melbourne. Tel. S27.

EMERY.-The Prienda of the late Mr. LESLIE

WILLIAM EMERY nrc respectfully informed that his funeral will leave his residence, IS) Heidelberg road, Ivanhoe, THIS DAY' (Wednesday, 9th August), at 3.15 p.m., for the place of inter- ment in the Heidelberg Cemetery. \

FUNSTON - The Friends of the late JOHN FUNSTON are respectfully invited to follow his remains to Gisborne Cemetery.

The funeral will leave his late residence. Couan- galt, THIS DAY (Wednesday, 9th August), at 10.30am.

M. MURRAY, Funeral Director. Tel. Gisborne 51. GRIEVE.-The Friends of Mr. WILLIAM

CAMERON GRIEVE arc informed that the remains of bis beloved wife, Annie, ii ill be in- terred privately in the New Melbourne Cemetery,


The funeral will leave his residence, No. 21 McConnell street, Kensington, To-morrow, Thurs- day, 10th August, 1933, at 10 o'clock.

LE PINE and SON, Funeml Directors.

Jil IL_

LAWSON.-The Friends of the late Mrs. SARAH

LAWSON, widow of the late John Augustus Lawson, are respectfully informed that her re- mains will be interred in the Williamstown Ceme tery.

The funeral is appointed to move from the resi- dence of her daughter (Mrs. L. Franks), 27 Colling- wood road, Newport, THIS DAY (Wednesday, 9th August), at 1.30 p.m.

ERNEST W. JACKSON. Funeral Director, Fer- guson street, Williamstown, and Melbourne road,

Newport. 'Phone 25 Williamstown.

MACKINNON.-The Friends of the late JOHN

MACKINNON are informed that his funeral leave 16 Beaconsfield parade, St. Kilda, THIS DAY (Wednesday, the 9th August), at 3.30

.m., for the Brighton Cemetery.

A. A. SLEIGHT PTY. LTD., St. Kilda. Windso

M OCONNELL.-The Friends of the late JOHN

McCONNELL aro respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the Brighten


The funeral will leave his residence, S3 Tivoli road, South Yarra, THIS DAY (Wednesday, 9th August), at 3 o'clock, arriving at cemett ry about



E. BURTON and SON', Undertakers, 201 Malvern road. South Yarra, 'phone Win. 72S. _

notified that

funeral of our late Brother. JOHN McCONNELL, will leave his residence, 33 Tivoli road, South Yarra, for the Brighton Cemetery, at 3 o'clock THIS DAY (Wednesday. 9th August).

_GEO. II. BARKLA. Secretary.

-\riTNRO.-The Friends of the late Mr. HUGH ?".*- WILLIAM MUNRO aro respectfully informed

that hie remains will be Interred in the Inverleigh Cemetery.

The funeral Is appointed to leave his residence, Moorabool, THIS DAY (Wednesday, the 9th August, 1933), ut 1 o'clock p.m. (via lJannockburn), and will arrive at cemeteiy about 2 o'clock p.m.

ALEX. MONRO, Funeral Director. Only address and no branches. 24 Ryrie street. Geelong. 'Phona 13S6._ TVTEWBOLD. - The Friend« of Mr. JOSEPH ?*-' NEWBOLD are respectfully invited to follow the remains of his lat« dearly beloved wife to the place of Interment in the Fawkner Cemetery.

The funeral is appoluted lo move from his resi- dence, 1S1 Spensley street. Clifton Hill, THIS DAY (Wednesday), at 3.30 o'clock.

ALFRED ALLISON, Funeral Director, Clifton Hill. 'Phone JW170S._

?i.'l ,5>C-. .,,1, . s- . -,,.,. ,

" S1IANNESSY.-Requiem Mass for the repose


of the soul of the late Mr. PATRICK

FRANCIS O'SUANNESSY, of S9 Hotham street, East Melbourne, will be celebrated at St. Pat- rick's Cathedral THIS DAY (Wednesday), «t 9


The funeral will leave at the conclusion of the Mass, about 9.30, for the New Melbourne Ceme- tery, Fawkner.

O'SHANKESSV. - The Members of St. Pat- j

rick's Society, îlclbourne Ilranrb, and the Society in general are requested to follow the remains of the late V. V. O'SHANNESfîiTtruîtce.

The funeral will leave St. Patrick's Cathedral, THIS DAY (Wednesday), after 9 o'clock Mas:, for the New Melbourne Cemetery, Fawkner.

J. F. GROGAN.'. President.

_J. C. NOLAN. Secretary.

PATTON.-The Friends of the late Mrs. ALICE

OAHOL1NE PATTON, widow of tile lite Albert Patton, are respectfully informed that her remains will bo Interred in the Williamstown Cemetery.

The funeral is nppointed ki move from the Titi dence of her mother (Mrs. Gray), Queen street, Altona, THIS DAY (Wednesday, the 9th August),

at 3.30 pm.

EBNEST W. JVCKsON, Funeral Director, Ter giisoii street, Williamstown, and Melbourne road, Newport. 'Phone 2T> Williamstown._