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The war ld events of 193 G

Remember these

headlines ?

THE QUEEN and the Duke of Edinburgh toured Nigeria in January end February. This January the Duke will visit Antarctica, following a tour of Aus- tralia during which he opened the Olympic Games.

rWORST WINTER storms in memory killed nearly

900 people in the northern hemisphere. Blizzards disrupted traffic and froze harbors. This picture

shows a snowbound American city.

ITRIUMPHANT President Eisenhower acknowledges

the overwhelming vote that swept him back into power for a second term in November. He is with vice-President Nixon, Mrs. Nixon, and his wife.

[IN OCTOBER Professor Sydney Orr sued the Uni-

versity of Tasmania for £10,000 after his dismissal for alleged misconduct with Suzanne Kemp (left).

He lost the case but said he would appeal. J

FIRST SALK anti-poliomyelitis inoculations in Aus- tralia were given to a group of Melbourne children on May 18. Within a few months thousands of

children had received the vaccine.

HUNGARIAN PATRIOTS shelter behind a shell-blasted Red Army truck in Budapest during the October uprising. Their brief fight for freedom brought the world's admiration and the murder of thousands.

ELVIS (The Pelvis' Presley rocked into stardom in May with his wild, uninhibited

singing and dancing.

THE WORLD'S greatest maritime rescue oe- I curred in July when the Italian liner Andrea I Doner sank after a collision with the Swedish I

vessel Stockholm. 1300 lives were saved. I

PARKING meters came

to Australia. They now line Sydney, Melbourne,

and Hobart streets.


jHBnicc'e a highly success

||f/u/ tour of East Africa

in September.

^.^^^^ t MhMMMWMMMmm

THE WEDDING of the year took place at Monaco in April when Prince Rainier married Hollywood star Grace Kelly. They are expecting a baby in February.

MARILYN MONROE wed play- wright Arthur Miller in Julv. The\ honeymooned in England while

Marilyn made another film.

AUSTRALIA became host to the world when the Olympic Games opened at Melbourne in November. Australia came third in the unofficial points list, winning a record number of Gold Medals. Junior mile champion Ron Clarke had the honor of lighting the Olympic Flame, which burned throughout the Games.

BLOCKAGE of the Suez Canal during the Anglo-French-Israeli invasion of Egypt in November led to petrol rationing in parts of Europe, including Britain. Further price rises and serious shortages are forecast becaus&of the canal block.

NEGRO children went to school under armed guard in southern U.S. States in Septembei after white students rioted against the Federal ruling that barred high school segregation. Tanks restored order.

HATS, for the first time 1 in years, were the fl focal point of fashion. I The bigger the better. I


Hof man's a s s o dation H with Queen Juliana up- H

set Holland in June.

ISOVIET LEADERS Bulganin and Krushchev,

who toured Britain in April, were greeted by the Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden and Foreign Secretary Mr. Lloyd (right .

THE MYSTERY of British diplomats Gay Burgess (right) and Donald Maclean ended when Australian journalist Richard Hughes interviewed them in Moscow in February.

TELEVISION began in Aus

tralla on Sept. 17, when Sydney's TCN began trans- missions from this tower.

BRITAIN'S LATEST jet bomber, the Vul- can, crashed at London in October be- fore a crowd waiting to welcome it back

from a record flight to Australia.