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Choose the MOWER

that saves Father most!

With a new 'Pope' mower it's a simple walkover to turn your lawns into a magic carpet   of green that's lovelier to look at and easier to keep. So pick the 'Pope' that fits your lawn.

If it's a Hand Mower the precision engineered 'Pope' all-steel integral construction saves you effort all the way,

while the 'Pope' Electric Model thrills you with its wonderful reliability and rugged, safe, controlled power.

The easy starting, lifetime silent, Motor Model with its glamorous new Buttercup

baked enamel and gleaming polished plate looks exactly what it is . . . a really superb mower.

Its sturdy British J.A.P. Engine drives the blades, not the wheels, so it can never bolt . . .

it's safer, easier, and quicker. But whichever 'Pope' you choose, every time you cut

your lawn you'll finish as bright and fresh as your grass will look.

'POPE' HAND MOWER . . . Choice of 2 models! 5 blades for coarse grass . . . £12/15/- 7 blades for fine grass . . . . £13/5/- Grass catcher optional . . . . £1/15/-

'POPE' MOTOR MOWER . . . Silent, instant starting, British J.A.P. engine, mows at your pace, complete with catcher . . . £57/15/-

'POPE' ELECTRIC MOWER . . . 210 to 240 volt specially designed 'Pope' Motor, complete with heavy duty, adjustable double capacity

catcher . . . . . . . . £42/10/-

Buy 'Pope' Sprinklers or Sprays and Hose Fittings to fit rubber or plastic hoses POPE MAKE WATERING EASY WITH ALL KINDS OF SPRINKLERS, FROM FINE MIST TO HEAVY RAIN

Pope Products Limited

Leading Manufacturers of Electrical Appliances, Garden Equipment and Electric Motors:

POPE PRODUCTS LIMITED Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart