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Approaching Marriages and En- gagement notices must be signed by the two persons concerned, Birth notices by one of the parents, unless otherwise authen- ticated, and Marriages, Deaths and In Memoriam notices by some responsible person. 4 lines, 6/-; 2/- each additional BIRTHS   BEVAN ( nee Grist).— On June   21, at McLaren Vale Hospital, to Barb and Ken— a daughter (Diane Margaret). Thanking Drs. Tassie and Fox and hospital staff. BROOKS (nee Scott).— On June 21, at Tailem Bend Hospital, to Glad and Eric— a daughter. Thanking all in attendance. BROWN (nee White).— On June   20, at Whyalla, to Venda and Tom — a son (Bruce Wilton). Thank-     ing Dr. Henry and staff. CARLAW (nee Braunack).— On   June 20, at Kimba District Hos- pital, to Joan and Reg — a son. CARTER (nee Western).— On June 21, at Cummins Memorial Hospital, to Gladys and Bob— a son (Philip Barry). Thanking Drs. Gratton and Wibberly and hospital staff. DARLINGTON (nee Ferris).— On   June 24, at Park Terrace Private Hospital, to Pat and Jim — a son (Andrew James). Thanking Dr.   Branson and staff. DEMPSEY (nee Turner).— On     June 23, at Woomera, to Ine and Reg — a son (Brendan Joseph). Thanking all in attendance. DOOLETTE (nee Helen New- man).— On June 23, at the Lobe-   thal Hospital, to the wife of J. B. Doolette — a son. FISHER (Densley).— On June 17, at Bordertown, to Jean and Keith— a daughter (Rosemary Joy). Special thanks to Dr. Birdseye, Sister Semmler and staff. GARDINER.— On June 21, at Hindmarsh Memorial, to Freda and Allan— a son (Allan John). Thanking Dr. Senior and all in attendance. GARDNER (nee Pengelley).— On June 23, at Memorial Hospital, to Mary and Max — a daughter. GEORGE.— On June 21, at Memorial Hospital, to Maud and Basil — a daughter (Caryl Anne). GILBERT (nee Swain). — On   June 23, at S.C.D.H., Victor Har- bor, to Pam and Cam — a daugh- ter. Thanking Dr. Shipway, Matron Tuck and staff.   GILES (nee Mclnnes). — To Jean and Bill, at Whyalla Hospital— a daughter. Thanking Dr. Wallace and staff. GLASSON (nee Castley).— On June 18, at Port Lincoln, to Joyce and Braithe — a daughter (Anne Valinda). HALES (nee Baird). — On June 14, at Penola, to Flo and Col — a daughter (Diana Margret). Thanking Dr. Bowy and staff. HENSEL.— On June 20, at the Loxton District Hospital, to Linda and Eric — a son (John Theodore). Thanking all in attendance. HILL (nee O'Neill). — On June 18, at Tailem Bend District Hos- pital, to Marie and Stan — a son (stillborn). HOPPER.— On June 22, at Q.V.M.H., to Edith and Tony— a son. Special thanks to Dr. Mc- Intosh and staff. HUCKEL. — On June 24, at Pin- naroo S.M. Hospital, to Dorothy and Jack — a son (Wayne Rodger).     Thanking Dr. Miller and staff. Special thanks to Sister Jarret. JACOBS (nee Howe). — On June   22, at Q.V.M.H., to Cath and Roy — a son. Thanking all in attend- ance. JAFFER. — On June 19, at Cal- vary Hospital, to Lenita and Doug— a son (Kim). Thanking all in attendance.   KLOSS (nee Corcoran) — On   June 16, at Terowie Hospital, to Esme and Leo — a son (Christopher   Laurence). Thanking Dr. Pugh   and all in attendance. LAWRENCE.— On June 24, at Calvary, to Marjorie and Dennis— a son (Michael Allan). Sincere   thanks to Dr. Joynt and hospital MARTIN.— To Tasma and Brian, at Calvary Hospital, June 15— a daughter (Jane Elizabeth).   MAUNDER (nee Storey). —On   June 24, to Harry and Freda, at Brighton Community Hospital, Victoria— a daughter. Both well. McKINNON (nee Todd).— At Waikerie, to Margaret and Mal, another daughter. Thanking all in attendance. MORCOM. — On June 22, to Helen, wife of Scott— a daughter (premature, stillborn).   PARTRIDGE (nee Whelan). — On June 21, at the Port Pirie Hos- pital, to Peggy and Keith— a son (Darryl Keith). Thanking all in attendance. PENFOLD.— On June 18, at     Q.V.M.H., to Bette and Laurie— a danghter (Shirley Irene). Both well. PEPPER (nee Miell).— On June 23, at Belair, to Enid and Dick— a son (Francis Richard). Both   well. Thanking Sister Shinn and Dr. Jolly. PETERSON (nee Ash). — On   June 23, Q.V.M.H., to Roma and Fred — a daughter (Dianne Mary). Both well. Thanking all in at- tendance. PULLEN (nee Iffland). — On   June 23, at Casterton Memorial Hospital, Vic., to Dora and Philip —a daughter (Susan Lee). ROSEWALL.— On June 24, at Mile End Emergency Hospital, to Eunice and Don— a son (Robert   Leslie). Thanking Dr. Hurst and hospital staff. ROWE. — On June 19, at   Q.V.M.H., to Ronda and Ern — a daughter (Judith Ann). Thanking all in attendance. SMELT (nee Inglis). — On June 21, at Pinnaroo, to Marj and Gra- ham — a son (Barry Charles). Thanking Dr. Miller, sisters and staff. SMITH (nee Bergen).— On June 23, at Hutchinson Hospital, to Beryl and Harry — a daughter (Judith Ann). Thanking Dr. Rice and hospital staff. SPRIGG (nee Paterson).— At Calvary, on June 22, to Griselda and Reg— a daughter. Sincere ap- preciation to Dr. Dwyer and nurs- ing staff. TONKIN (nee Ferry).— On June 21, at Cowell District Hospital, to Helen (Peg) and Blair— a son   (Graeme). WALTON (nee Hentschke).— On June 2, at the Blyth Hospital, to Margaret and John — a son. Thanking Dr. Basedow and staff. WAYE.— On June 24, at Alber- ton Private Hospital— a son to Jean and Les. Thanking Dr. Jolly and staff. WEBSTER (nee Crocker). — On June 24, at Calvary, to Valda and Will — a son. WITHERS (nee Peckham).— On June 19, to Betty and Ron — a daughter (Joyele Anne). (Prema- ture, lived 17 hours). Special   thanks to staff at Q.V.M.H., also Park Terrace Private. BIRTHDAYS Birthday greetings are extended to the undermentioned member of the Children's Hospital Birth- day League. All communications regarding birthdays in this column must be addressed to the Lay Superintendent. Minimum insertion fee, 2/6.     Miss Carolyn A. Philps, O'Hal- loran Hill (2 years). Mrs. Emily J. Poole, Bowman Bldgs., King William St., Ade- laide (86 years).   Miss V. Rollison, Woodside (90 years). Mrs. E. Kolberg, St. Bernards rd., Magill (60 years).   GOLDEN WEDDINGS CHAPMAN— EYDEN.— Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Chapman, of 15 Oraston avenue, Brighton, wish to an- nounce the 50th anniversary of their marriage, solemnised at Mitcham Methodist Church, June 25, 1902, by late Rev. E. Grat- ton. ROBERTS— DOWNTON. — Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Roberts, of Com- mercial road, Port Adelaide, wish to announce the 50th anniversary of their wedding on June 25, 1902, solemnised at St. Paul's Church, Port Adelaide, by the late Arch- deacon Hornabrook. At home today. WHITE— BADMAN.— Mr. and Mrs. W. N. White, of 22 Queen street, Norwood, have much pleasure in announcing the 50th wedding anniversary on June 25, 1902, solemnised by the late Rev. Nicholls at Clayton Church, Nor wood.   SILVER WEDDINGS BEAUMONT.— Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Beaumont, of McLaren Vale, wish to announce the 25th anni- versary of their marriage, solem- nised at Morphett Vale Presby- terian Church, June 25, 1927, by Rev. A. G. Harrison. CASEY.— Mr. and Mrs. Bert Casey, of Queenstown, wish to announce the 25th anniversary of their wedding, solemnised at Semaphore Baptist Church by Dr. A. C. Hill, June 25, 1927. HAYWOOD — MURRAY.— Mr. and Mrs. A. Haywood, of Coo- bowie, wish to announce the 25th anniversary of their marriage solemnised at Methodist Church Blinman, June 25, 1927. Late Rev. S. Campbell officiated. POPE— REYNOLDS.— Mr. and Mrs. W. Reynolds, 62 East Park- way, Colonel Light Gardens, wish to announce their 25th wedding anniversary, solemnised June 25, 1927, by Rev. Blacket in Colonel Light Gardens Methodist Church. READ— GALLASCH.— Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Read, 3 Eli street, West Mitcham, wish to announce the 25th anniversary of their wedding, solemnised at Verdun Methodist Church, June 25, 1927, by the late Rev. H. C. Hill. WHiTE— PASCOE.— Mr. and Mrs. H. L. White, of 35 Howe street, Port Pirie, have much pleasure in announcing the 25th anniversary of their marriage, solemnised by Pastor C. P. Hughes in the Port Pirie Church of Christ on June 25, 1927.

Approaching Marriages   DIETMAN — HOWELL The     marriage of Joan Caroline, youngest   daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.   W Dietman, of 18 John St,     Solomontown, to Maxwell George, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Howell, of Mallala, will be solem nised at Central Baptist Church. Port Pirie, at 6.30 p.m. on Satur   day June 28th. HISKEY — APLIN. — The mar riage of Frances Josephine, younger daughter of Mrs. A. His fcey. of Mile End. and the late Mr. | P Hiskcy. to Roy Francis, second) son of Mr. and Mrs. N. Aplin. of Norwood, will be solemnised with Nuptial Mass, at Queen of Angels Church. Thebarton. on Saturday. June 28. at 9 a.m. NEVILLE— SPAETH.— The mar riage of Audrey Rac. younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A, J. Neville, of North street. Frcwville. to Mcrvyn. second son of Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Spaeth, of Port Au gusta, will be solemnised at St. Augustincs Church. Port Augusta, June 28. at 5 p.m. THOMAS — GILBERT. — The marriage of Moira Margaret, only daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Thomas, of Meadows, to Murray, second son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Gilbert. Echunga. will be -olemnised with Nuptial Mass at St. James's Church. Macclesfleld. on Saturday. June 28. at 10 a.m ENGAGEMENTS CARTER — STEVENS. — The engagement is announced of Mar paret J.. younger daughter of Mrs. *. Carter. Myrtle Bank, and the ate Mr. S. G. Carter, to Donald II.. second son of Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Stevens. Snowtown. ROWE — BROWN.— The en gagement is announced of Shir cy. younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Rowe. of Invergowrie .-.venue. Hiehcate. to Peter, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Brown, of Ross street. New Mile End. TAYLOR— CURNOW.— Mr. and rtrs. F. J. Taylor, of Wynarling. Keith, have much pleasure tn an nouncing the engagement of their eldest daughter Dorothy to Gor don, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Curnow. of Paskeville. WARD — WATKIN.— Mr and Mrs. Geo. Ward, of Torrensville. have pleasure in announcing the engagement of their daughter Carlirn Joan to John David, only son of Mr. ano Mrs. F. Watkin. of Tailem Bend. WOOLFORD— CLARK.— The en gagement is announced of Beryl Woolford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs T. Wool ford, to Colin, son of Mr. and Mrs H. Clark, both of Clare. DEATHS BAILEY.— On June 23. John Christopher, darling infant son of Norma and Jack, brother of Carol. Aged 3 weeks. BONEHAM.— On June 24. at his residence. 55 George street. Park side. Ronald, oeloved husband of MaDel. and loving father of Ron. Aged 43 years. Waiting wiih Jesus.' BUCKENARA.— On June 23. at the residence of his son (Mr. N. A. Buckenarai. 55 Howard street, Sroadview. Alfred, beloved hus band of the late Marion and lov ing father of Winnie and Norman. In his 89th year. CALLAHAN.— On June 24. at Gawler, Jane, beloved daughter of the late Ann and Edward Calla han. Requlescat in pace. CLEMENTS.— On June 24. at her residence. Sewage Farm. Islington. Louise Ellen, dearly beloved wife of William Henry Clements, loving mother of Olga (Mrs. A. Fittoni. ,orna (Mrs. R. Wright) and Wil am. fond mother-in-law of Ar hur. Reg and Margaret, and grandmother of Marlene. Rhonda, Russell. Nerene. Glenda. William and Raelene Aged 73 years. Rest in the Lord. COLES.— On June 24. Elizabeth May, dearly beloved wife of the late William Coles, and loved mother of Myra and Lcs. Aged 69 ^COiNWAY.— On June 24, at her residence. 12 Welland avenue. Wel and, Mary Jane, beloved wife of John Richard Conway and loved mother of Jean. Ida and Ralph. In her 68th year. DENFORD.— On June 23. at Ful larton. John Robert, late 43rd Bn.. st A.I.F.. loved eldest son of the late Mary and Robert. Resting. DERRICK.— On June 24, at hospital, Ada, dearly beloved wife of   the late David Joseph Derrick, late of No. 6 Quebec street, Port Adelaide, and loving mother of Dolly, Mabel, Lottie, Lily and Rose, also Tom (V.C.) and Ted (deceased). Aged 62 years. EDWARDS.— On June 24. at pri vate hospital. Adelaide. Wilfred A- loved husband of Hannah Ed wards, of Houghton. Aged 63 EDWARDS.— On June 24. at pri vate hospital. Adelaide. Wilfred A. Edwards, loving father of Victor, ather-in-law of Violet and grand father of David and Jennifer. FERRIS.— On June 22. at hospi tal. Rosa, relict of Henry Charles 'erris ilate of Nailsworth i and oved mother of Ruby. Olive. Mabel. Lcs and Everard. Aged 84 HANSON.— On June 24. at Re patriation Hospital. Springbank. Albert John (Jack), the dearly be oved husband of Jessie Edith Han son, of 51 Halsbury av.. Kings wood. Aged 43 years. HANSON'.— On June 24. at Re patriation Hospital. Springbank. Albert John (Jack), the loving son of Ruby and the late Joseph Han son, of Evandale. and loved brother of Marjorie. Thelma and Lloyd. Aged 43 years. Peacefully at rest. HARVEY.— On June 24. at a pri vate hospital. Adelaide. John Kingsley. beloved third son of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Harvey, of Gould s Creek. One Tree Hill. Aged 32 years. HEASUP (nee Macklin).— On June 23. Bess, much loved and will be sadly missed Alace and family. At rest, HUNTER (nee Thompson I. —On June 22. at Melbourne. Ada Ivy. dearly loved wife of William Henry Junter, of 203 Fletcher road, ^args, and loving mother of Gil bert and Gordon. Aged 64 years. At rest. JONES.— On June 24. at his resi dence. 23 Azalea street. Prospect. Campbell Jones. In his 80th year. NEALE. — On June 24. at his resi dence. 12 View road. Walkerville. Charles Cyril, the dearly beloved husband of Bertha and the loving rather of Joy. Bob. Marjorie and Helen. Aged 65 years. NICHOLAS.— On June 24. at the residence of her son, Brien's road, Northfleld. Catherine, beloved wife of the late J. L. Nicholas, loving mother of Jack. Stan and George. Aged 76 years. Reauiescat in pace. PAPE.— On June 24. at hospital. Ralph Thomas Pape. of Kirkcaldy road. Seaton Gardens, in his 80th PAXTON (nee Redpath— On June 23. Ivy. wife of the late Lionel Paxton, daughter of the late Rob- ert and Jane Redpath of Lobethal, and sister of Jessie (deceased), Robert, 1st A.LF. (deceased) and William, of Geelong. POSSINGHAM.— On June 24. Clarence Alfred Thomas, beloved husband of Mary, and loving father of Tony. POSSINGHAM. Clarence.— Dear- ly loved son of the late William and Elizabeth Possingham. Houghton. ROBINSON.— On June 23. at the residence of her sister. Mrs W. Rlsely. 20 Ralston street, Largs Bay. Edith Jane, the dearly be loved wife of the late Henry Robinson. In her 82nd year. SHEA.— On June 23. at private hospital. Annie Elizabeth, loving mother of Jim. and mother-in-law of Mavis, loving nana of Denise and Marelyn. Aged 77 years. SIMONS. — On June 24. at her residence. 473 Military road, Largs. Annie Mabel, dearly loved wife of John Simons, and loving mother of Dorothy (Mrs. A. Jensen). Hazel. Muriel and Florence. At rest. WEBB.— On June 24, suddenly, at the residence of his sister, Mrs. N. R. Nicholl, 11 Sixth avenue, St. Peters, Rev. A. Stanley Webb, be loved husband of the late Rhoda B. Webb, last surviving son of the late William Bindley and Jessie R. Webb, and loved uncle of John, Winifred and Stanley Nicholl, and Hilda and Alic Howie. Aged 64 years. WIBDAY.— On June 24, at the Adelaide Hospital, Samuel Wibday,   beloved friend and faithful em-   ploye of Nell and Gordon Hall,   of Mypolonga. WRIGHT. —On June 24, at hos- pital, Rita, the dearly beloved twin   daughter of Phyllis Melville Wright, of 57 Doreen street, St.   Marys, and loving sister of Lyn-   ette, Valerie, Valmai, Wayne and   Bernadette, and twin sister of the   late Ross. In God's keeping.   Heroes Of The Empire   "At the going down of the sun   and in the morning we will   remember them."     BATEMAN, Flt.-Sgt. George Wil-   liam. — In ever loving memory of   our dear son and brother George,   who lost his life over France on   June 25, 1944.   One of God s best, always in our thoughts.   — Mum, dad, sisters, brothers and   son Donald.   BROWN, Lieut. Barrie, R.A.N. — In memory of our beloved only sorn   and brother, killed in England   June 25, 1951.   BROWN. Lieut. M. B. —Cherished   memories of Barrie. Scott family   CURTIS. —Fondest memory of   dear Max (late R.A.A.F.), passed   away June 25, 1946.   Time has passed us by his deatl i I always wondered why. e — Always remembered. mother h father, brothers and sisters anc h Bobbie :. FRIDLINGTON. — Lovinu mem '. nries of dear Jack, died June 24 ii 1944. —Ever remembered by his parents

Heroes Of The Emair« ? FRIDLINGTON. — In loving] lemory of our dear brother Jack. J rho died whilst a P.C.W in Jap- i ncsc hancis on or about June 21. ' i Mi ( Tn be together in the same old - , .ay would be my dearest wish to- . -Ever remembered by his sister,; I.irce ,ind brother-in-law Arnnld. ? ( JENKINS. — In loving memory of' ion. killed in action iR.A.rM.;- touth Africa. June 25. 1943. -Ever remembered by brothers. Ccith and Max. also Joyce. | = TILBROOK. Max. R.A.A.F. — j ] ,ost his life over France. June 2a. i J -Ever remembered by his father I nd brother. ? i ? , IN MEMORIAM j ALDRIDGE.— In loving memory ( if Alan, died June 25. 1950.— Re- nembered always by his loving J rife and children. Glenda and . Sraham. , \ ALDRIDGE.— Loving memory of , Uan. our dearest son and brother. ' lassed away June 25. 1950. j rhough absent yet. { n thoughts always near. f itill loved, still missed. '( knd ever dear. -Remembered always by dad. num and Colin. ALDRIDGE.— In loving mem- - iry of dear Alan, who passed i way. June 25. 1950.— Always re- ' nembered by Mick, Daphne. Pat J md Heather. t ALDRIDGE.— Treasured memo- t les of Alan, who passed away i, une 25. 1950.— Sadly missed by l, he Armfleld family. I ALDRIDGE.— In memory of our p lear nephew Alan, passed away t une 25. 1950. — Remembered and c Dved always by Auntie Claire, v mcle Jack and cousins. i BLUCHER.— In loving memory ^ f our dear nusband and dad. who ^ -assed away June 24. 1946 c Loving memories never die. t As time goes on ar.d years go by. ,, -Ever remembcied by his wife j, nd family. r. CASS.— Treasured memories of ly dear mother.— Always remem- F ercd by her daughter Nell. DOHNT. August.— In loving tiemory of my dear father, who lassed away June 25. 1950. Wthout farewell he fell asleep, .caving sweet memories for us to keep. ' -Saaly missed by Amy. DOHNT.— Trcasurca memories f our loving uncle August, who lassed away June 25. 1951. — Jyrtle. Bert and family DUANCE.— In loving memory of ur dear rtfe and mother, who lassed away June 25. 1950. Though usent. you are ever near, still Dvcd. still missed, and ever dear. -Remembered always by her lov ne husband James. son and (laugh ers. EGAN.— In loving memory of ur mother, who passed away une 25. 1951.— Always remem iered by Nancy and Shirley. FLOWER.— Cherished memories I our dear brother and uncle Iliff. called home June 25. 1951. l beautiful nature loving and kind i beautiful memory to leave be hind -Ever remembered by Ivy, Will nd family. FLOWER.— Treasured and ten er memories of Clifford H. R. D.. ailed to higher service June 25. 951. Dearly loved brother of :nie and Jim Holmes. GLOVER.—Memory of our dear   friend Mrs. Glover, died June 24, 1952.—Sadly missed by M.   Appelkamp.   GOMLEY-FISHER.— In loving nemory of mum. died June 2a. iweet is your memory. Dear is your name. Jeep in my heart you will always remain. -Inserted by Maud. GOTTSH. — Loving memories of iur brother Reg. passed away lune 25. 1949. fears may dawn and fade away. 5ut loving memories always stay. -Loved and remembered by Alf, da and Mick. GRIMSHAW. — In loving mem iry of our dear mother and grand na. passed away June 25. 1946. —Loved, remembered by Grace, loly. children. GRIMSHAW.— In loving memory )f our dear mother, passed away tune 25. 1946.— Always remem icred, Maud and Mick. GRIMSHAW.— In loving memory if our dear mother, passed away rune 25. 1946. Sweet memories.— Lthel. Harold. Brian, Jennifer. GRIMSHAW. — In loving memory if our dear mother, passed away rune 25, 1946. Dearer to us than words tell, Memories of mothed loved so well. -Inserted by Bert. Ettle. Keith. HIJiD.^— In memory ol Jim, -assed away June 25. 1950.— Al- vays remembered by his pal Muss jymes. Gawler. HIND. Sgt. M. J. Uimi. Late tad A.I.F. — Passed away June 25. 1950.— Ever lovingly remembered iy his sister Peg, brother-in-law lohn and neice Priscilla. Ceduna. HIND, Sgt. M. J. ISX2113I.— In oving memory of Jim, who massed away at Rcpat. Hospital, Daws road. June 25, 1950. — Ever remembered and sadly missed by Silecn. Prls, Bob and Lang. HODGINS.— In loving memory )f dear mother, who passed away rune 25. 1939. — Ever remembered jy Fied and Vic. HODGINS. — In loving memory of iear mother, who passed away lune 25, 1939. — Ever remembered jy Emily. Fred and Rhonda. HODGINS. — In fond memory of nother. fell asleep Juns 25. 1939. -Sadly missed by Tom. Thelma ind family. HODG1XS.— In loving memory if my dear mother, who passed iway June 25. 1939. Chose who have a mother. Love her while you may; ?or yours, like my dear mother. May too soon pass away. —Ever remembered by dauzntcr lose, son-in-law. Art. grandson Deter. ?. ' HODGINS.— In loving memory if my dear mother, who passed iway June 25. 1939. As you rest in peaceful sleep, Your memory I will always keep. —Always remembered by Joving laughter Phillls. ISAAC. Eliza.— In loving me nory of my dear mother.' who lassed away on June 25. 1944. So learly loved, so sadly mussed. — iver remembered by her loving on Horace. JENKINS. — Loving memories of Ion. lost over South Africa. 1943. -Ever remembered by auntie 'thel. Jack. Lance. JOLLY.— Loving thoughts of our icar husband and dad I Berti. who eft us June 25. 1948.— Sadly missed ind remembered always by loving rife and son Les. Gladstone. JOLLY — Loving memories of tad, passed away June 25. 1948. —Dearly loved and remembered ay Chris. Joe and boys. JOLLY. — In loving memory of Jur dear dad, granddad, passed iway June 25. 1948. lime passes on. hut memories are everlasting — Always remembered by his lov ing .son Cyril, daughter-in-law Man and grandchildren. JOLLY.— In loving memory of dear dad. who passed away June 25. 1948 Though absent, you are ever near. Still loved, still missed and ever dear. —Sadly missed by his loving son Sen and daughter-in-law Betty. KARRANDJIS.— In loving mem Dry of my dear wife Freda, who gassed away June 25, 1951. As you rest in peaceful sleep your memory I will always keep. — In- serted by ber loving husband Nicholas. KARRANDJIS.— In loving mem ory of our dear mother and grand mother, who passed away June 25. 1951. Her smile we will always remember, and her loving, cheer ful ways. The heart that won so many friends in bygone, happy days. — Stan. Mona. Trever. KARRANDJIS.— In loving me nory of my dear sister Freda, vho passed away June 25. 1951. We have lost but Heaven has sained one of the best this world contained. — Remembered always }y sister Asenath. KAKUANDJIS.— In loving inem ary of dear sister Freda, who died June 25. 1951.— Ever remembered. Charlie and Millie. KARRANDJIS.— In loving me mory of my dear friend Freda, who passed away June 25. 1951. Her memory is my dearest keep sake.— Ever remembered Rose. KARKANDJIS.— In loving mem ory of dear Freda, passed away June 25. 1951.— Fondly remembered by Mr. and Mrs. Plant. KARRANDJIS.— In loving mem ory nf Aunty Freda, died June 25. We have you in our memory, God has you in His care. —Remembered by Jean and Dave. KENNEDY. — In memory of our dear father and grandfather, who passed away on June 25, 1950. Your memories are as sweet to day As in the hour you passed away. —Inserted by Bill. Iris and family. KENNEDY.— In loving memory of our father and grandfather, who passed away June 25. 1950 — Mary. Arthur. John and Mar ''kENNEDY.— In loving memo ries of our dear father, passed away June 25. 1950.— Always re membered by Adela and Tom. KERRISON.— In loving memory of dear Wayne, who passed away June 25. 1950 Goad took his hand, we had to part. He eas»d his pain, but broke our hearts: Although I smile and seem care free. Nobody misses him more than me. — Always remembered by his lov ing mother, father, sister Gloria. LANDER. — In loving memory of gran, who passed away June 25. 1950. Cherished memories will never fade. — Loved by Betty, BUI and family. LOXTON. — In lovtng memory of dear Doug, who passed away June 25. 1951. Deep In our hearts your memory Is kept; we loved vh:i too dearly to ever forsot.— Evet :c membercd by mum. dad. Audrey and Jack. LOXTON.— In fond memory of our dear friend Doug, passed away June 25, 1951. Deep in our hearts a memory is kept. Of a pal we knew and will never forget. — Ever remembered by Pat. Lcs and John. MAIN.— In memory of Bill, ac cidentally killed. June 25. 1945. — Inserted by son. Gcrt. Anita and Herb.