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Family Notices

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Approaching Marriages and En- gagement notices must be signed by the two persons concerned, Birth notices by one of the parents, unless otherwise authen- ticated, and Marriages, Deaths and In Memoriam notices by some responsible person.   4 lines 5/-. 1/9 each additional. BIRTHS       BARNDEN (nee Allengame).— On March 9, at Calvary, to Nan and Ted— a son (Robert Anthony) CAMPBELL (nee Russell).— On March 8. at Q.V.M.H., to Ross and Joan — a son (Warren Robert). Thanking all in attendance. CUTHBERT (nee Holliday).— On March 8, at Private Hospital, Edwardstown, to Shirley and Don — a son (Alan Donald). Thank-     ing Dr. Clayton, Sister Read and Mrs. Taylor. DOWLING (nee Trig?gas).— On   March 8, at Karoonda Hospital, to Doris and Ron— a son (still- born). Mother well. Special thanks to Drs. Rowe and Soutar and staff. DOYLE.— On March 8, at Mile End Emergency, to Betty and Dan — a son. No visitors for seven days. DREW.— On March 8, at Me- morial Hospital to Denise, wife of Ray — a daughter. DWIAR (nee Burgess).— To   Dulcie and John— a daughter (Bronwyn Leigh). Born Leigh   Creek Hospital, Feb. 28. Thanking Dr. Richards and all staff. EAKINS (nee Kathleen Button) —On March 8, at Lefevre Hospi- tal, to Kath and Gordon— a son (Christopher Gordon). Both well. Thanking all in attendance. FLEET (nee Waters).— On March   9, at Hindmarsh, to Rhonda and Russell— a daughter (Jennifer Kaye). Thanking Dr. Drew and hospital staff. FULLSTON. — On March 9, at Lobetbal Hospital, to Joan and Cyril— a daughter (Sandra Mary). GILBERTSON (nee Lovell). On March 8, to Kevin and Myrtle —a daughter (Gayle), at Mile End Emergency. Thanking all in at- tendance. No visitors for seven days. HEALY.— On February 22, at Penola District Hospital, to Mar- guerite and Vincent — a daughter (Helen Marguerite).   HEATH (nee Byles).— On March 1, at Cummins Hospital, to Nell and Ern — a daughter (Janet Eliza- beth). Thanking Dr. Gratton and hospital staff. HOSKING— On March 8, at Ardrossan, to Josephine, wife of Gordon Hosking — a daughter. KAIN (nee Brophy).— On March 9, at Mt. Pleasant Hospital, to Nell and Vin — a son (Martin Pat- rick) Both well.   KEIRL (nee Eldridge).— On March 8, at Q.V.M.H., to Delcie and Bob— a son (Stephen John). Thankine all in attendance. KOEN (nee McGee).— On March 9, at Calvary, to Muriel and Keith — a daughter (Kathleen Mary).   LINKE.— On March 9, at Free- ling Hospital, to Carl and Elsie— a daughter. MAGOR (nee Schintler).— On March 8, at the Salisbury District Hospital, to Gwenda and Dudley —a son (Noel Phillip).     MARSHALL (nee Boundy).— On March 9, at Ashford Community Hospital, to Joan and Bill— a daughter (Susan). Thanking all MOORE (nee Morrissey).— On March 5, at Unley Private Hospi- tal, to Nancy and Bern — a son (Stephen Thomas). Thanking Drs. Kidd, Thomas and staff OLIVER.— On March 4, at Eudunda Hospital, to Doris and Percy— a daughter (Elvie Doris). Thanking Dr. Brookman, matron and nursing staff. PAVLOVICH (nee Page).— On March 6, at Q.V.M.H., to Barb and Stan — a son (Richard Kym).     Caesarian. Thanking doctors and nursing staff for their kind at- tention. PFEIFFER. — On March 1, at Lobethal, to Glenda and Glen — a daughter (Ann Elizabeth). Thank- ingall in attendance.   RICHTER.— On March 1, at Laura, to Beryl and Arnold — a daughter. SCHULZ.— To Riva and Lloyd — a son, Mile End Emergency Hos- pital. SPIERS. — On March 5, at Great Northern War Memorial Hospital, to Pam and John — a son (Phillip   John). Thanking all those in at- tendance. SULLIVAN.— On March 6, at Port Augusta, to Maxeen and Jack— a son (Terry James). Thanking Dr   Furler and hospital staff TRAVERS.— On March 8, at Lefevre Hospital, to Margaret and Clair— a daughter (Pauline Mar-   garet). Thanking Dr. Jolly and hospital staff, Both well TURNER (nee Miller).— On March 8, at Glenelg Community Hospital, to Dawn and Les — a daughter. Special thanks to Dr. Matthews, matron and hospital staff. WEETRA (nee Leopold). — At   Laura Hospital, March 3, to Beryl and Glen— a daughter (Patricia   Kay). A little sister for Ron and   Kent. Both well. Thanking Dr. G. S. Murray and staff. WILLMOTT.— On March 4, at Wallaroo Hospital, to Joan and Reg— a daughter. Special thanks to Dr. Raises, Matron Carmen and Sister Thomas. WILSON (nee Flanegan ).— On     March 4, at Quambi, to Gene and Max— a son (Coulton Maxwell).   Thanking Dr Solomon and nurs- ing staff. WINTER.— On March 5, Mon- reith Private Hospital, to Eric and Lucy— a son (Martin Douglas).  

BIRTHDAYS   Birthday greetings are extended to the undermentioned members of the Children's Hospital Birth- day League. All communications regarding birthdays in this column must be addressed to the Lay Superintendent. Minimum insertion fee. 2/6.     Miss Coraline Helen Bond, Love day (13 years). Mrs. E. A. Green, 109 Waymouth street, Adelaide. Mrs. W. H. Rayner, 9 Kearnes rd., Oaklands Estate. Master Peter Fahey, 109 Way- mouth St., Adelaide (4 years). Master Wayne Williams, 15 Came- ron s., Gawler (9 years). Mr Ernst Liersch, Samuel st., Tanunda. Mr. Graham Butler, Cecil st., Evandale.   MARRIAGES BERTRAM — KLEEMANN. — The marriage of Melva, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Kleemann, of Hawthorn, to Alan, younger son of Mrs. Bertram, of Adelaide, was solemnised at St. Stephen's Lutheran Church, Wakefield street, on March 1. CORAL WEDDINGS   THREADGOLD — WOOLFITT. Mr. and Mrs. King Threadgold, of Strathalbyn, have pleasure in announcing the 35th anniversary of their wedding, solemnised at Strathalbyn, March 10, 1917, by the late Rev. Lowe.

SILVER WEDDINGS ALTUS— MODRA The sons and     daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Altus, of Cunderlin. W.A., formerly of Jabuk, S.A., have pleasure in an- nouncing the 25th anniversary of their parents' wedding, solemnised at St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Arthurton, March 9, 1927, offici- ated by the Rev. C. E. Hoopmann. BARTLETT — KOCH. — Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bartlett, of Wudinna, have much pleasure in announcing the 25th anniversary of their marriage, solemnised at Pirie Street Methodist Church on March 9, 1927, by the late Rev. Schaefer. Approaching Marriages BALL-MAGGS.— The marriage of Patricia, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ball, of Norwood, to Reg. eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Maggs. of Kensington, will be solemn ised. at Clayton Church. I Norwood, nn Saturday. March IS. at e p.m. BOON - BARBER.— The mar riage of Virginia Hilda, only daughter of Mr. and Mr.- R. Boon.' Kilburn. to Walter Henry. I younger son of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Barber. Prospect, will be .solem nised at St. Cuthbert's Church. Prospect. Saturday March 15. at 6.30 p.m. MrSKI.MMING KAIN.— The marriage of Valnu. youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McSkimmins. to Eric, younger win of Mrs. T Kain and the bite Mr. T. Kain. both of Clare, will be solemnised at Clare Methodist Church, at 11.30 ajn_ on Satur day. March IS. ? ENGAGEMENTS AGARS GLAZBROOK. — The engagement is announced of Shirley, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. C Agars. to Ashley, fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Glazbrook. both of Prospect BAKER TROTTER. — The engagement is announced of Joyce Margaret, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Baker, Linden Park, to Ernest Arthur, only son Of Mr. and Mrs. A. Trotter, Haw- thorn, Victoria.

ENGAGEMENTS     FULLER - HOLLIS. — The en- gagement is announced of Mar- jorie Doreen, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Fuller, of Mitcham, to Lewis Dnnicll, younger   son of Mr. F. W. and the late Mrs   P. A. Hollis, of Redfern. HARPER-EONEV.— The rn*nce ment is announced of Margins Elaine, to Robert, second -son of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Roney. of, North Adelaide | KIEBACH-BRERETON. — The fnicaBement is announced of Mir garet Elza iPecgyi. eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs P. Kic baoh. to Brian Edward. -ccond *ort*of Mr. and the late Mrs. M. O Brcreton. both of Pt Pine ' I MARTIN' - CHESTERMAN. — I The engagement is announced nf- Pamela Dawn. .-econd daughter if Mr. and Mrs. J. Martin, of Port Augusta, to Robert LePage. second son of Mr. and Mrs. E. L.I Chesterman. of Grassmere. SCOTT-RODWELI ? The en gagement is announced of Geral dme. onlr daughter of Mr. andi Mrs. C. E. Scott, of Ascot Park. I to Leslie, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Rodwell. of Derby. Eng SHAW-TQMPKIXS. — The en gagement is announced of Betty.; nnly daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.\ T. Shnw. to John, only .'on of Mr. I and Mrs. C. H. Tompkins. both or Serton Park. SMITH - LAWSON.— The en- gagement is announced of Beat- rice, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Smith, of Werris Creek. NSW. to William, youngest son of Mrs. V. R. and the late Mr. A. J. Lawson, of Malvern. TICKl.F. McCLASSON*. — The pnea cement is announced n( Val mni Gwendoline, nnly daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Tickle. Wood cille Park, to William Barry, elder son of Mr. ind the late Mrs. G. McGlasson. Berri. tVARO-CHEEL. — The engage ment is announced of Ai--la. rounscr daughter of Mrs and the ate Mr. A. P. Ward, of Kensing ton Park, to George. -on or Mrs. and the late Mr G. R. Chcei. of Heathoool. WISE - KNIGHT.— The eneage ment is announced of Mary, rldcst daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. J Wise, of Croydon. to Allan, nnly son of Mr. and the late Mrs. B Knight, of Yorkshire. England. DEATHS ? BELt ? On March R. at Mount Barker Hospital. Richard Sidney BelL of Murray Bridge, beloved husband or thr late TiUie Bell snrt loving father of Melville. Kathleen and David. Aged 7B years. BOWEX. — On March 7. at Syo ncy. William iBilli. beloved bus band of Kathleen and -lear brother of Arthur. Ann. Florence. Ida. Adelaide. Edna. Winifred and Lillian. Aged 51 years. BROWN. — On March 9. at his residence. 71 Cumberland avenue. Cumberland. Bertie Andrew Brown, late M.T.T. and 6th Batt_ 1st A.I.P.. the loved husband of l*na. fond father or Jean and Bill, rather-in-law of Fred and Sadie, and grandpa o! Pam and Peter. CRAWFORD.— On March I. at a private hospital. Arabella Robins, youngest daughter of the ate William and Margaret Craw ford. DAVIS.— The loving fathei ol Soph, father-in-law of Alb grandpa of Ray. Dcs. Marsaret. arcat-zrandpa of Mirhel. Davtd and Steven At rest. nSCHER.— On March 8. »t Pyap. Mary Ann. dearly belovro wife ot the late Heinrlch Wilhrim Ffc-cher. late of Brownlow. Aged !-0 vears. FREDERICKS. Florence May.— Passed away March 9. 1952. dar ling mother of Thelma Irene. Peace itter weariness. FREDERICKS. Florence May. Passed away March 9. 1952. dar ; ins mother of Colin George and mother-in-law of Eileen, grand mother of Rhonda and Kenneth. At rest. I'KEOECICKS.- On March 9. a: the residence ol her daughter Mrs. V. C. Curthoys. II First avenue. Forest ville. Florence May. the be oved wife of George Fredericks, of 35 Church terrace. Walkrrrille. nnd the loving mother ot Colin ind Thelma Agci 68 years. FREDERICKS. Florence May.— Passed a-vay March 9. 19.VJ. dear motber-in-iaw of Victor and grandmother o: Vicki Lee Re ouictcat in nace HARTLASD.- On March', at Port Adelaide iroult of accirirnti. Len. loved brother of .loan, brother-in-law Ivor. Some day we will understand. HARTIJtND.— On March ? *l Port Adelaide iresult of accident!. Len. loved brother of Nell, brother-in-law of Ray and loved uncle of Ken. Helen. Jean and Billy. Some day we will under stand. HARTLAXD.— On March .- at Port Adelaide iresult or acct rienti. Leonard, loving brother ol Kath and Doonc Some day we will understand. HEWETT.— On March 8. at Wal laroo Hospital. Lawrence O H.. clearly beloved husband or Ellen Hrwett and loving father of Shir ley and Keith, late or Aliorti. Aged 47 years. HOOPER.— On March li. at - private hospital. John Coombs, dearly beloved husband of Edith Hooper, of S3 Anzac Highway. Ashford. and loving father ol John. JOBST.— Ou -March 9. at ho. pitaL Robert Brian, dearly be loved infant son ol Ted and Shir ley Jobst. of 23 Brooker terrace. Richmond, and loving brother of Rhonda, aged 14 months. Another little bud to bloom in heaven. JOBST. — On March 9. at Hos pital. Robert Brian, dearly be loved grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. 3. Bright, of 2 Davenport terrace. Marleston. and loved nephew of Joan and John Feltus. Aged 14 months Some day ve will under stand. KEI.LT.— On March P. at hi- rr sidence. 62 Hastings street. Glenelg. William, dearly loved husband of Agnes, and loving father of Molly iMrs. C. Mutton', and Doddy iMrs. Max Farrellyi. late of Booborowte. Aged 84 yrars. Rcquiescat in pace. LATZ. — On March 8. at South Coast District Hospital. Hugo Philip iHughiei. the dearly loved husband of Eva May Latz. of Vic tor Harbor, and late of Rcnmark. the loved only son of Mrs. M. Latz. of Cambrai. Aged 48 years. A patient sufferer at rest. LAWSOX. Evelyn Ella.— Beloved wife or Alfred James, mother of Daphne. Beryl and William, at R.A.H.. Sunday.. March 9 peace fully LYNCH. — On March 9. at Re patriation Hospital. Springbank. James Patrick Lynch, of Hamley Bridge, late S-A.R. and 1st AJ.F.. the beloved husband of Mavis. lo ing father of Kath (Mrs. W. Ping i. Valma iMri. J Parhami. Edware. Lorraine. Judith. Chris tine, and the late Fred, fond grandfather of Judith. Aged 62 years. LYNCH.— On March 9. at Re patriation Hospital. Springbank. James Patrick Lynch, of Hamley Bridge, the loved brother of Ted. Dee (Mrs. C. Waller). Kit IMrs. Kayseri and Elizabeth (Mrs. Simpson i. Aged 62 years. LYNCH.— On March 9. at Re patriation Hospital. Springbank. James Patrick Lynch, of Hamley Bridge, the loved brother-in-law »f C»11 fibfrc T? r^ntirilAk .Imc

? Mrs. -V Amos i. Tot (Mrs. R. Poscinghami and Margaret IMrs. M. Wright!. Aged 62 years. McKAY.— On March 7. at Lin den Park. William Joseph McKay, beloved brother of Annie and Jack. Aged 78 years. MEANEY.— On March 9, at Freeling District Hospital, Thomas John, loved husband of the late Catherine Meaney, late of Free ling. Aged 86 years. Requiescat in pace. MILLER.— On March 2, at his nephew's residence (H. P. C. Mat thews), 5 18th street, Gawler   South, William Miller. Aged 87 years. At rest. MURPHY.— On March 8, at Re patriation Hospital, Springbank, Richard Joseph, King's Corporal, D.C.M., beloved husband of Brigid Murphy, of 54 Jervois avenue, New Hindmarsh, and lov ing father of Mary, John, also Eileen (deceased). Aged 53 years.     Requiescat in pace. NEWMAN.— On March 8, at her residence, 2 Louis street, Stepney (suddenly), Ellen Eggleton. thr   hrlorrri wife of Ernest David New man and loving mother of Ern. Aged (fl years. XOBES. — On March 7 isud denlyi at Milllccnt. Hellna.— In- serted by sister Clara and Bill. OLSEN.— On March 8. at Port Pirie Hospital. Charles Olsen. ol 'Lealholme.' Old Folks' Home. Aged 76. SIM.— On March ». at hospital. Ederick Cobain. the beloved hus band of the late Florence Amelia Sim. of 30 Richman avenue. Pros pect, and lovins father of Cecil and Ross. Aged 61 years. Peace fully sleeping. SIM.— On March 9. at hospital. Eddie, the brloved brother of Glady:.. Will always be remem bered SPRIGG. — On March K. D'Arcy Kingsley. beloved elder son ot Claude and -Pearl Sprigz. o- 57 Todville street. Seaton Park, lov ing brother of Connie and Reg and brother-in-law of Griseliia. STEVENS.— On March 9. at her residence. ID Christie street. Ka dina. Catherine, dearly beloved wifp or the late William John Stevrns. and loving mother ol Alf and Edward, also Will (de ceased). Aged 73 years.

DEATHS STORY.— On March 8 ? result of accident'. Barry Percival John, beloved eldest son of Zella and Percival Story and lovins brother I nf Alorris. Marie and Clare. Aged I: H years »nd 11 month.1*. In G-*tf~-'. :are. ] VARDOX.— On Marrh 9. a? a. private hospital. Russell Krscll.i the lored husband of Bcsie;' Ellrn Vardon. of O'HslIoran Hill, ind lovrd father of Felicity. . Verity and Wendy. Aied 4:-. rrars. ,' VAKDOX.-On Msrch 9. at a iriwVc hosnital. Rus-ci: Kel'eli. the loved only .-on of Mr*, srr the 'ate Mr. .1. K. Vardon. of Cam-, fitidce srrrace. Un!-v. : WARD.- On March 8. at privan-! hospital. Grorae James. !ov«i| t.rrthrr of Richard and Robert' Ward. Ased 65 years. : WILLIAMS.— On March ». at1 Lhe resilience of her daughter.' Mrs. A. Pobkc. 190 Masill road.; N'orwood. Sclina Emily, dearly be-i l-ved wifp of Thomas Gcorce Wil-i Hams. loved mother of Mariory »nd Frank, mother-in-law of Jeanf »nd Albert, dear sister of Florrte ? Mrs. Davry-. and Marion iMrs. 3rayi. darling grandma or Den nis.. Ernie and Rosemary. Aced 76 ye--rs WUNDKE.— On March 9, at his residence. Friedrick Wilhelm, dearly beloved husband of Emma Elizabeth, father of Gladys, Law rence, Eldon, Elma, Hilda: two daughters-in-law, three grand children. Aged 79 years. Heroes Of The Empire ?At the eoing down of th» sun and in the morning wp «*il ? remember them.' ? COLLIER. Flt-Sgt.— In memory -f Peter, killed in air accident. March 9. 1945.— Remembered b? lack and Phyl. HENDERSON.— In loving mem -ry of my dear son Jim. killed n N.G- March 9. 1945. Deep in our hearts he will al rays remain, colden memories iilrntly kept. Ever remembered. Mum. HEXnrrcstJX.— In loving mem iry of my dear brother Jim. kille n action. N.G.. 1945. Too dearly loved to be forgot len. — Remembered always by his sis :er Dot. OAKS. — Ever remembered by his Mends. Mr. and Mrs. Tinkler. Rep. loy. SCHOTTELIUS. — In lovins tiemory of our dear son and bro ther Pat. ret. N.G.. died of 111 less. March 9. 1343. We lover' ?im in life, he k drar to us stir. —Fondly remembered by hi* parents and dear ones. SKINNER.— Loving memories ol ny dear son Garfield Lloyd, an. lis.crew who lost their lives over Daisburg. Germany, on the nigh: -f March 10. 1942.— Dad. IN MEMORIAM BARTSCH.— In loving memory of my dear husband and father who passed away March 10. 1951. One sad year or thinking of one we loved and lost, for ever near, for ever dear, in our heart' you will always be. —Sadly missed by wife and family BARTSCH. — In loving memory of Our father, who passed awsy March 10. 1951. A cheerful smile, a heart of gold, the dearest father this world could hold. —Always remembered by Rita and Roy. BARTSCH.— In loving memory nf our dear father and grand father, passed away March 10. This is a sad day to remember, sad and sudden to recall, when one we love was taken by a short and sudden call. — Ever remembered by Fred. Nora, Josephine. BKOO.MHAI.U— In loving me mory or our dear mother, who passed away March 10. 1940. Memories are treasures no one ran steal, death leaves a wound nn ?me can heal. -Always remembered by Harold -nd Laura. BUGG.—In loving memory of     our wife and mother, who died March 10, 1950. To be with us in the same old way would he our dearest wish to- day.   — From her ever loving husband and son Jack. BUGG. — In loving memory of my darling mother. A cheerful smile and a heart of gold. The dearest mother this world could hold. -From her loving daughter Tot and family. BUGG. — In loving memory of my darling mum. Years may dawn and fade away, but memories of my beloved mother will always stay -Sadly missed by her loving daughter Marj and family. BUGG.— In loving memory of our dearest mother. Too dearly loved to ever be forgotten.— From her son Len and family. BUGG.— In loving memory of my dear sister and Auntie Alma. When ties of love are broken and loved ones have to part, death leaves a wound that never heals an ever-aching heart. — Always re- membered. Myrtle Elsegood. BUGG. — Treasured memories of Alma, passed away March 9, 1950. —Ever remembered by Lucy and Jack. Mt Barker. BUGG.—In loving memory of   Aunty Alma, who passed away March 9, 1950.— Inserted by Lucy and Howard, Mt. Barker. BUGG.— In loving memory of Aunty Alma, passed away March 9, 1950. — Remembered by Nell and Arthur, Mt. Barker. BUGG. — In loving memory of Aunty Alma, who passed away March 10, 1950.— Inserted by Lucy and Howard. Mount' Barker. BUGG. — Treasured memories or Alma, passed away March 10, 1950.— Ever remembered by Lucy and Jack. Mount Barker. BUGG.— In loving memory of Aunty Alma, passed away March 10, 195050. — Remembered by Nell and Arthur. Mount Barker. CAMPBELL.— We smile with the acrid. Ken. but never forget that in memories and love you are with us yet.— From his Ain Folk. CAMPBELL. — Treasured memo ries of Ken. March. 1951. Sleep on dear brother, free from -sorrqx .ind pain, when life's Jour ney us ended I know we'll meet again.— Loving sister Laurel. George and family. CHINNER.— In memory of our dear wife and mother, passed away March 10. 1948.— Remem- bered always by husband Frank and daughter Gwendoline. CLARKE. — In loving memory of srian. who passed away on March 10. 1947 ? result of accident i: only 16 years. You are not forgotten. Brian dear, and through the coming years we will remember you. — Keith Henry Trevarrow and Mrs. Ethel Rhona Trevarrow. Port Adelaide. COMLEY. Ernest Joseph. — In loving memory of my dear hus band, died March 10. 1951. Without farewell he fell asleep. Leaving memories for me to keep. —Always remembered by his wife Lucy. CUSHION. — In loving remem brance of Norman, passed away March 10. 1945. A smiling face, a heart of gold, a memory that will never grow old.— Inserted by mum and dad. DEDMAN. — In loving memory of mum. who died March 9. 1848. It doesn't lake a special day to bring mum back to mind, the days we do not think of her are very herd to find. — Always missed by Joyce. Ron and family. DEDMAN. — In loving memory of our aear mother, who passed away March 9. 1948. A face we loved is missing. A voice we loved is still: A olacc is vacant in our hearts That never can be filled. —Sadly missed by Maureen. Aileen and Audrey , DICK. — In loving memory of dear mother. A chcerlul smile, a heart of cold. The dearest mother this world could hold. —Always remembered. Bob. Jean and children. DOWSETT.— Fond memories of our dear father, who passed away March 9. 1928. — Remembered al ways. Marjorie and Frank. FRANCIS.— In loving memory of my dear husband Ern. who passed away on March 10. 1951. A cheerful smile, a heart of gold. The dearest husband this world could hold: A beautiful life full of kindly dreds. A helpful hand to all in need. — Inserted by his loving wife Gladys FRAXCIS.— In lot ing memory of our dear father, who passed away on March 10. 1951. Deep in our hearts lies a picture. Worth more than silver or gold: It's a picture or our dear father. A memory that «ill never grow old. —Inserted by Emily. Ernie and Vilma. FRANCIS. — In loving memory of dad. died March 10. 1951. Remem bered not only today but always. —Inserted by Ern and Nan. FRANCIS. E. L.— Fond and lov ing memories of our dear father, passed away March 10. 1951. Dear God. take this message to our darling dad and grand father above. Tell him how we miss him. and give him all our love. —Ken. MarJ. Dean. Marilyn. FRANCIS.— Fond memories ,.i Ern. passed away March 10. 1951. — Ev--r remembered by Jessie Elsdon. I* RAXCjIS.^— In loving mcii.orv nf Ern. passed away March 10. 1951. — Ever remembered by brothcrin Inw. D?vc. f*Ls. family. FRANCIS.— Lovlnc mrmorl's nf my dear friend Drl-Sgt- E. L. Francis, passed away Marrh 10. A beautiful memory llveth.— ReHMB- bered always. Doreen Ratttw.

IN MEMORIAM GARRICK. — Cherished memo ries nl little Peter, -on of Jim and Sllicl. who passed away March 10. 1945. ! Dearest ni memories, lnvinc and Remain in our hearts, darllns Peter, ol you. —Alway remembered by his loved, incs. i C.1IUI. — In loving memory nf our Jeur lather and cmntipu. passed iway at Jamestnwn. March 3. 1950. —Always iemcmbercd by Linda. Mbert. Jnhn and Robert. GK£Y.— In remembrance ?-; Hurtlr. passed xvrAr March S. 1951. God saw that you were «ar.«. The hill to steen to climb. He scntiy closed your wpary eyes' And whisnered peace by thine ' —Always remembered by Gwen] and John. I HOLLISTER. -In loving memory of my dear wife May. who passed   away March 10. 1950.   A thought for today. ; A memory for ever. —Inserted by her loving husband Bert.   HOLLISTER.— Treasured memo-   ries of our dear mother ann ma. rno passed away March 10. 1950 Too dearly loved to ever be I [orgotten ? Sadly missed by P--£! ind family. HOIX1STEE.— In loving memory if our dear mother and ma. who oassed away March 10. 1950. To be with us in the same ol. *ay would be our dearest wish to day. -badly missed by Colin. Kathleen ind Janice. HOWE. — In cherished memory! -f Vincent, who passed awayj llarch 10. 1933. Beloved snn on \da Humes and the late Arthur fiowe. —Inserted by his mother and sis ers LOADER.— In loving memory or )ur dear son Lee. accidentally Eilled March 10. 1950. Sudden and sad was the parting. Jitlerly cruel was the blow. How sadly we have missed you dear. So one will ever know. —Ever remembered by mum and lad. LOADER.— In lond memory ol Leyland. who died March 10. 1950. —Always remembered by Uncle Mont. Aunty Ruby and family. LOADER.— Fondest memory of lear Leyland iLeci. died March 10. 1950. result of accident. Time passes but memories stay. —Always rememberee. by Maud and Herb. LOADER.— In ioving memory ol nur dear brother Lloyd, acciden tally killed. March 10. 1946.— Sad -? rcissed by Hilda. Reg and Reggie LOADER.— In loving memory ol Lloyd, accidentally killed. March 10. — Ever remembered by Stan. Dot and Graham. LOADER.— In loving memory ol Lloyd, passed away March 10. 1946. — Always remembered by hi. pal Lance Poulton. LOADER— DOHNT. — In loving memory of Lloyd and Albert, two pals sadly taken from us. March 10. 1946. They shared good and bad times together, and we will always re member them that way. — Sauly missed by Rita and Bill. MARRIOTT. — In loving memory of my dear husband, passed away March ». I»50. One of the pest in every way. Loved and missed more every day. —Lovingly remembered by his wife Ettie. MARRIOTT. - In loving memory of my dear father, who passco away on March 9. 1950. — Always remembered by his loving son anr daughtcr-In-law Betty. MORAN. — In lovine memory of aur dear husoand and father, who passed away on March 10. 1940. | Just a memory lonn and true To show uear Jim we think oi you. — Inserted by his loving wife and son Milton NI'KTON.— In lovlnc memory nl dear mother and nan. whn passed sway March 10. 1948. Bod takes the best tor reasons de signed. But memories will -linger till the end nf nur time. —Sadly missed ny her loving daughter and grandchildren. XtTRTOX. — In loving memory n! mother, passed away March 1 1948. To be with us in the same nl way would be our dearest wish to day. —Always remembered by Herb ai» XURTOX. — In loving memory nl gran, passed away March 10. 19t8 A thought for today, a memory lor ever. —Always remembered by Bettj and Alex. OMAR.— In loving memory of our dear husband and lather, whn passpo away on March 10. 1951. A beautiful nature, loving ant kind. A beautiful memory to leave be hind. A cheerlul smile, a heart of gol'. The dearest riad this world coulo hold. — Ever remembered by his wife. UMiKhters and sons. MVNK. — In loving memory of dear Roy. accidentally killed March 10. 1950. No words can say. no flowers repay The .loss we had two years tnoay. —Always remembered by his lov ing brotner Maurice and sisterin law Beryl *.% YM.— Trpsisurpd niPinnnrs of my dear fiance Arthur Roy. acci dentally killed March 10. 1950 I waiked beside you Roy. Through all those happy years. You always were my sunshine. 1 hail no thought of tears. There is no .separation from those we love. No disance can divide. Today in memory's garde:-. We still walk side by side Though gone from sight. You are ever near. Still loved, still missed, still mine. You will live forever in my heart. Cntii the end of time. —Longed for always by his loving fiancee Nita. PAYNE. — In memory of my best pal Roy. died result of accident. March 10. 19J0 —Albert. FENERY. — In loving memory of our dear husband and father, who passed away March 10. 1946. Three little words, forget me net. They don't seem much, but mean a lot. — Ever remembered by his loving wife Gladys and family. PENERY.— In loving memory of dear dad. who passed away March 10. 1946. We have you in our memory. God has you in His care. — Always remembered by Sally and REIMANN. — In loving memory of our dear son Alwin. died March 9. 1946. Lonely is our home dear Alwin. Life to us is not the same. All the world would seem like Just to have you with us again. None can say nur grief has left us. A smile hides many a tear. Memory keeps the wound still open I Despite the passing years. But now your days on earth arc ended I And your pathway here is trod-i May your name in gold be wru-i ten In the autograph of God. — Alway- remembered by mum and dad. REIMANN. — A token ol love and remembrance to Alwin. our bro ther, who passed away. March 9. 1948. Fond memories always cling. —Remembered always by Eric Beatrice and Adrienne HEW.— In memory of my pal Jack, who passed away March 10. 1950 — Ever remembered Jim. | REW. — In memory or Jack.] passed away March 10. 1949. Time passes by but memories stay. — Employes Perrys. Mile End. RTJMBELOW. — In loving memory of our dear father, who passer, away March 10. 1929. Some da;, in God's Own time we'll meet, again.— Inserted by his loving; family. I SCHOt'F. — In ever loving mem ory of my dear mother, passed away suddenly and peacefully at Goulburn during train Journey. March 9. 1951. Away in God's beautiful garden. Kissed by the golden dew. You are sweetly resting, mother And in my heart you will always remain As my dearest and truest treasure. —Ever remembered by her sad and only daughter Lilly. SCHOFF.— In loving memory of our dear friend. Mrs. L. Schotl. who died March 9. 1951.— Ever re membered by her loving friends Bill and Bet. SCHOFF.— In loving memory of Lil. passed away March 9. 1951. —Always remembered. Glad. Hur ley. SIIAKESIIAFT.— In loving mem ory of William, passed away March 9 1947. Memories. i — Inserted by his wife, daughter? I Kathleen. Mareery. Lnrna. snrij Howard, daughter-in-law Gwenda.! SHEEDY.— In loving memory o: my mother Mary Ann Theresa, who passed away March 10. 19' —Ever remembered by her daugh ter Kathleen. Years may come will always stay. SNEATH.— Loving memories ot mother, passed away March 8. 1951. Darling mother gone to rest. For each or us she did her best. — Remembered by Roy and Doreen. STARKEY.— Treasured memo ries of nur lovine and dearly be loved son Kenneth, who died March 10. 1950. aged 16 years 10 niunin* ? resu.t oi accir-fii. In mind a constant thought. In heart a secret sorrow: i face. Ken dear. And hear your fnntsteps. dear. ' How happy we would be. —Loved and lnnced for always by his sorrowing parents and sisters STARKKV. — In Invmc memory or Kenneth, ithn died March 10. 1950. aged 1R year? » month?. 'Ever rem»mbrr»d.'— Inserted by uncle Fred and Enid.

IN MEMORIAM WALLMAN. — Cherished memo ries ot our dear husband ano father, died March 10. 195J.— rrom ever loving wife Elda *n- laughter Joyce: also grand iaughter Cherylynne. WARD. — In lnving memory of iur dear wife and mother, passed iway March 1C. 1943. —Always remembered by her lov ng husband Ted and daughters Soris and Mavis. WILLOI'GHBY. — In loving nemory of our dear mother. who| jasscd away March 10. 1941.! —Ever remembered by her loving : ,on Len. Norma and crandchild :cn. WILLOI'GIIBY. — In .Innd re-, nembrance nt mum and Nanna. massed away March 10. 1941. In God .- cond lime, we will meet again. —Inserted by Reg. Gwcn and El WINTER.— In loving memory ol ny dear wife and mother, who massed away March 10.. 1946. — Al- »ays remembered by Maude and WINTER.— In loving memory of crandma. who passed away March 10. 1946. Time passes, but memo ries stay. — Ever remembered by licr loving granddaughter Coral. WOTTON.— In loving memory -f Violet, passed away March 9. 1951. Beautiful nature. loving and cind. beautiful memory lo leave lehind. — Inserted by her loving nother. Maud and Jim E. A. Dick ' WOOTTON.— In loving memory -r my dear sister Vi. who passed i iway March 9. 1951. aow constantly we think ot yi.u With hearts and eyes that ml. the love we had for you m lite. In death seems slrnnser still. ! —Always remembered by Iotmikj irother Artie, sister-in-law Rose: -nd nephew Peter. i