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ALLIED COMMAND HEADQUARTERS STAFF. Two Australians Appointed. ALLIED HEADQUARTERS, April 21.-Two Australians and 1 Dutch officer have been appointed 'to General MacArthur's headquarters staff controlling the land, sea and air forces in the SW Pacific, it was announced today. Key oricers in the new staff served with General Mac Arthur in the Philippines. The principal appointments an nounced today are: Chief of Staff, Major-General Richard K. Suther land; Deputy COB, Brig-General Richard J. Marshall; Assistant COS, 01 (Personnel), Col Charles P. Stivers; Assistant COS0 G2 (Intelli gence), Col Charles A. Willoughby; Assistant COS, G3 (Operations and Training), Brig-General Stephen J. Chamberlin; Assistant COS, 0G4 (Supply), Col Lester J. Whitlock; Adjutant-General, Col Burdett M. Pitch. Members of the staff will Include Col H. F. H. Durant, AIF; Lt-Col Jonkheer M. R. Sandberg, Royal Netherlands East Indies Army; and Lt-Col John D. Rogers, AIP. They will be working members of General MacArthur's staff and not merely liaison officers. Members of the subordinate staffs of the land, air and naval forces, while not designated as members of the staff nor permanently working at headquarters, will be available to work with the staff on any plans under consideration. Although no Deputy dommander In-Chief has been appointed to General MacArthur it was made clear today that the heads of the 3 operational commands, General Blamey, Lt-General Brett and Vice Admiral Leary, stood next to General MacArthur. As the senior officer of the 3, General Blarney would take over the supreme command from General MacArthur if it became necessary. Major-General Barnes holds a purely service command deal ing with personnel, supply problems, promotion and other matters which must be dealt with by a US general. A similar appointment exists in the Australian Army. Pour members of the staff served with General MacArthur in the Philippines-Major-General Suther land, Brig-General Marshall, Col Stivers and Col Willoughby. Major General Sutherland, who is 48, served in France in the last war and after wards graduated from military schools in USA and France. His father was formerly a well-known US senator. Brig-General Marshall, who Is 46, served with the AEFP n France. After the war he transferred to the QM Corps and was promoted major in 1928 and It-col in 1938, his promo tions almost exactly coinciding with Major-General Sutherland's.