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SEASONAL CONDITIONS. BROOKTON, Jan. 30.-The hottest day for the season was registered here on January 27. when the thermometer reached 105 de grees in parts of the district.-The bulk wheat bin here closed on January 24 with approximately 90.000 bushels received. This isl between 4.000 and 5.000 bushels less than last year. but is regarded as very satisfac tory considering a much' smaller area was cropped and more hay than usual was cut. Mr. C. Yeo has lost 105 sheep during the past week. and other farmers have suffered in a smaller way. Toxic paralysis is believed to have been the cause of death and many farmers are innoculating against that disease. -Fruit is very scarce this year. owing to the dryness, and the Socks of birds that are un usually plentiful, having come in from the dryer areas. K?UNUNOPPIN, Jan. 31.--Stock. especially sheep, look very well. the only trouble being the necessity to cart water long distances for those farmers not connected with the scheme.--Crtching operations ere being car ried out. also grading of wheat for the com ing season. No rain has fallen thi year to date. Bright Photographs, full of life, move ment and humour, are sought by "The Western Mal." If you have any send them along with titles and other descriptive matter written on the back in pencil or an accom panying sheet.