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SEASONAL CONDITIONS BROOKTON, Dec. 26.--8ince the bulk wheat bin opened here on December 17 wheat has been received -in large quantitles, one carter on the first day delivering 650 bags. A water shortage is again worrying many farmers, who are continually clearing out soaks and wells in an endeavour to keep up supplies. Small files have been particularly plentiful and troublesome this year, and have caused the horse teams much distress and annoyance. Cool conditions are again prevailing after. a very hot and trying week-end. CORBIGIN, Dec. 28.-A steady flow of wheat to the siding is continuing. 2.000 tons or 74.699 bushels, having been received lp td December 27. Stored wheat of the 1939 crop is being sent to the coast. So far 267 tons have been railed, leaving a balance of 3.009 tons. DALWALLINU. Dec. 27-Fine cool weather revails here at present. So far more than 0,000 bushels of wheat have been delivered to the sheilos n the railway station yards. NUNGARIN, Dec. 27.-After three days of temperatures exceeding 0ldeg. December 23 broke the season's record with a maximum of 108deg. Severe duststorms occurred throughout the day. The holidays have been cool Wheat deliveries are becoming less. Only 12.000 bushels have been delivered at Nun- garin and Kwelkan sidings, but a fair amount of seed wheat is being held for those who suffered total crop failures. Although the re turns wW be the lowest for many years the grain is very plump and well above average quality. Notwithstanding the feed shortage rabbits are increasing. foxes being scarcer than for some time. WAROONA. Dec. 27.-Milder weather during the past week Is having a beneficial effect on Pastures and on water available for irriga tion.