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Family Notices

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CHAMPION DE CRESPIGNY—CARY-BARNARD.   — On the 1st Fcbruary, 1933, at Hampshire, Eng-   land, Flying Officer C. M. Champion de Crespigny, youngest son of Mrs. P. C. de Crespigny and the     late Mr. P. C. de Crespigny, of Black street, Middle Brighton, to Patricia, youngest daughter of     Mr. and Mrs. Cary-Barnard, of Blackpool, Hampshire, England.


ARMSTRONG.— On the 23rd March, at Corra, Willaura, Elizabeth Barbara, loved mother of Vera    

and Pat.

BEAZLEY -On the 22nd March, at his residence Wells Road, Chelsea, Henry, the dearly beloved   husband of Susanah, and loving father of Char lotte (Mrs. Sexton), Fred, George, John (deceased), Louie (Mrs Robertson), Thomas, Nell (Mrs.) Childs and Sam. Aged 83 years. Interred Chel- tenham cemetery 23rd March)    

BYERS -On the 23rd March at his residence,   Tanti avenue, Mornington, William Byers, loved father of Thyra and William, grandfather of Nancy, Yvonne, and Alan. -Patient sufferer at rest.

CLARK. - On the 21st March, Elizabeth Grace

hlcul »''" t William Henrv Clark., of 02 Parker i (ft Williamtown, aged 55 ¿ears -U rest (priva! 1 »terr i )

CLEGG. - On the 23rd March, at Brighton, Sarah Jane, relict of the late James Nelson Clegg, loved aunt of Hilda and Basil Hawes, aged 80 years.    

DRANE. - On the 22nd March (passed peacefully away) at 43 Brighton road, St. Kilda, Annie, be- loved mother of Will, Harry, Horace, and Kit,   Mrs. W. R. Robertson, Mrs. W. Gould, Mrs. V. Coutie, Mrs. F. Dudfield, aged 92 years.  

DUNKINSON. - On the 22nd March, 1933, at the Mt burnt H spital, Ubert Edvvjrd, the beloved hu band of Catherine Maj Dunklnson, of 181 Peel street North Kew. md loving father of Annie lictcr DTothj Irene, and Georgina, aged


ENNIS.- On the 23rd March, at Amphitheatre, Thomas Colwell, at the age of 70 years.

FAHEY -On the 23rd March, 1933, at her resi dence, Ramleh, 17 Salisbury Street, East Coburg, Rachel, beloved wife of William Fahey, loving mother of Willie (Heywood), May (Mrs. O'Malley), aged 74 years. Private interment.-RIP    

HARMAN -On the 22nd March, 1933, at 50 Down shire road, Elsternwick, Alfred Winslow, the be loved husband of Alice Jane, and loving father of   Herbert Winslow (deceased), and loved uncle   R.W. and S. Cruikshank, in his 81st year - A patient sufferer called home.

MCDONALD -On Hie 23rd March, at 39 nenm itteet V. am amhool. Christina, belov ed v.\ ife of John McDonald late of Olencdge, Purnim, aged

75 vears.

MITHEN-V token ot est» em to our hie fellow menbe- and collcigue Harold Mithcn, from the ttmmvttc« and members of the Northcote Catholic Younj Men s '.ouetv -Deoplv mourned and sadlv

mis <J

MUNYARD-On Hie 22nd March, at her resi dence, 70 Edward street, Brunswick, Louisa, the   beloved wife of Henry Munyard, loved mother   of Louisa (Mrs G J Whitelock), Henrv, and

Alice, aged 80 years.

MUNYARD-On the 22nd Much, at her resi ¿tree, 70 H va-1 street Brunswick, Louisa Mun jin! atcd "0 vo»rs -Pcaeofullv sleeping (In Hrted bv her lov Ins grandchildren )

NORTON-On 2"rd March, at Epworth hos- pital Melliourne Mind Elizabeth tim beloved wife ot John Edwin Norton, of Warracknabeal, and neath loud daticliter of Harnett and the late Henrv Preston, agc I 31 voars

SHEPPARD-On the 22nd March, at her red cence Raheen, Erindale avenue, Ripponlea, Theresa, belcvel wif» of Ilrnrj Slicpptrd, and loving mother c1 rubí (Mt Cone» ) 1 lorence (Mrs Con>> ) Dubs (Mrs Keoi,li) and Ham -TI I 1* (Interred pnuteh at Brighton Cometen )

STENCE -On the 22nd March, 1133, at Tocum wall V» South ".nie* \gncs. Ma), beloved wife ci tirumltr KcMnotir, and loving mother of Albert, Al u John \deline Dorrie Tdward, md Lv i, 22el JS »ears - Peaceful!) sleeping

WISEY-On the 23rd March 1933, at a private hospital, Geelong, Donald Rutherford (Don), the the dearly loved and only son of George and Rubena   Wisey) (of Drysdale) and loving brother of Isabel (Mrs H. Bennett) and brother in law of Harold   Bennett and uncle of Ronnie and Margie, and   loved fiance of Lily (Tot) Rollins aged 33



On Active Service.

SEWELL.-In loving remembrance of Frederick Charles Sewell, 2lst Machine Gun Company, who died of gas shell wounds at Wittevieux, France. on 24th March, 1918. Beloved son of F. L. and the late G. F. Sewell, loving brother of S. G., P. A.

and W. H. Sewell.  

BOEHM-In loi Iii luemorj of our de-ir father, who di i on :)th M ireh 1931 - Siucl memories (Ii «rtfil bi hu» lamil* )

HAYNE-In million of onr belo» ni son, Frank Bro depjrtid this lid. on Lasier Mondai, March

"A ¡1|S

Net j ni UiUn, tut píen ila»

In silence ne remember -(Mother Hie Pitch )

JENKINS-In loun"- memory of our dear Doris (DolM, who | iss-da»a\ on the 2-lth Mardi. 193-, ilMihirllar on Hie Uth Mirth, 1131

Tio^o loirh flowers so sweet and fair

Here iv tin mgels taken,

Fcannj: i irth would spoil their charms

God took them home to heaven

-(Inserted by loung mother, father, Bisters,

lid brother )

JULIAN -In lo mp memon of mv deir hus bid John Tulrr lulim, who passed awnv 2-Kh

¡tar h liß - <-a<ll\ missed

LLOYD-In sicred and lo\inp memon of m\ ¿íar hui'and Jirk an 1 our loiinj father, who r^ed mai Mireh 21 1031 itCralfkld -So

earlr Ioied i m IK milled (Inserted bi his

iz sie i ni fanuh >

McROSTIE -li iihaunntc muuon or our den o 'I Mil i 1 o 11» e 1 J\\J\ at lkndlL.0 2)rd "bril 13 (Ii irud bi hu loi lug pitunts t thrr< ai r1 m ter )

McROSTIE-In eli ri'h«d memon of nu den- ts« lui ic Aim nj-*.l ana} al Deudib'O on 3-iVarci bU!

Not juat t n but cien úíl\

In el!enc rcmembu

-flrsertel li her loi ii s sister, Lucy, anil roth»r nlaa lies an! mete, Margaret Procter)

METCALFE -In temi memon of liarla Ian» Met ca fe late o' Ho I onsihle ctreet Melbourne, iiassed my 21th March li'7, also Jalma Moreland, bon it sborc heil 11th »ccember, Pin -Our loied <" s (tone leiere fur îemembertd with loic and fwittide (In» -ted bl Mri t J Al ¡¿gins and .amilj- st Mida I

OPIE-In 1 untr mr mon of our de ir father, Fianei» Oj le ii o vus°ed awai at Biilbirat on the

(ti Minli I'll ilso our dear mother, Louie Or» Mho ra«1 d iMjj u \«coUile mi the 2tth Jiiuarr \<*z¿ - himembnnce (Inserted by ¡}«r levins »ens, Itoi. Ikrt. and lluold, Lnion

"«»1 Linen roil \scotiale )

SCHLESINGER -In loiintf memon of mv deir t"i!wiandejr f iltur \rtlur Herbert who vswul -tay cn Mrreh .t, 1132 (Inserted bi his wife . d (¡VirMc-v )

TEMPLETON-In loving memon of our dear trahr and Lndc J10L who died on March 21, IT1 -lier remembered

loiel remtmbired, loused for ah ai

Is it danns mother icnr

-dr<*rtcd !j his sister brother In lan, uni "if M «, and 1 Mn liiiik, Drtuin )

WEBSTER-in li uni. memon of leon ml Cm   r¿ who lasse! on to the hipliir Iii*«.. 2'tli Mardi,

-1 -Dpa- I n (IniinBh rtmembered b\ lils ' "0 «5 rn ti cr )


A DfR-T-N - Hu rrienli, of the late Mr "? Thoms SNDHiStN arc .«.nectfullj In

incd that hi, fun r,| v"| arme nt the Necrono

» sprinta e lilli, (Indu) MOltMMI, at

« o e ort

R\i BOL Ile its )T1) 200 Glcnhuntb rojd, C-tern 1 lil, |>i ,",. LtuliT

A^'.-JJVi"1;0 - ">- lunrnl of the lato Mr»

»? LLIiUtnil lUIIlliHV AHMS1I10NO Mill ave h» ,L "|inu "f i,cr """ ," , j,r IJolm|d ' litt Lirra CliaLwrlh 011 s-nturdai, MarUi f, ii -a ' ,n ,or thc Hamilton Cimeten, atrhiru

» H J) j m

F1.1SK nunn funeral Director, Immillon

B wH7Ï.wf,n.'nls of ,h* hlp Mt oroiicr

ULI UM MU «re im »ed to follow lil» ii Î ° '' l! " Lemttc 1, hew

J*'"T1,'1« baie his daughter«, lesld-nce, M"S. ..''"'j' "st,rcel- lll'hmond, lo-inorrow

11 mv, lhrch 2 ' nt "I "0 |im

Jllll ' SUV im<-T\ »¡recto» Thone

B m ni ° 'r,cndb of ,l,p '»*e ^f U H '-I \M

"mai, 7m T n^i\^v inlormeil (hat lils CtTOtn rrCÜ '" llie ^llll'nislouii

a^e'Ti!, vm '< ,e '"8 '«W» . i "'ti Al at c""nt 1 ,Ion,0"°« C-itui.lin 2>th

?JiHO!ULi^lJ!Il_LHjíIi'Lr ..liinkM 0,1_I

^'mnCj1'0 ^^ °' lhc >"' Mrs WMI

«ein I'0 1"[°T^l Hut li r linrril will

Ä, « i!sli,0\ IT'1 " i^'i'i-' mis nu -n^CclVÄ,o,,,l3Ü1>m-'"rU''SW A * SLLICHT I'Ti LTD r ut lin I

D\m £2VT1' ,rl<^ o' 'be ht,

tollón his "" ,,,," , u , tmuui .¿he uiienl «ill I », i,, i" ,' u , '

'**YiSV:,n!\^ nils .rtf1,«ru

-1 JW), it KK pikt u 0 clou

Jllu mr onJ E0N «'uneril Direct ,rn rho. J


TW HEY.-The Funeral of the late Mrs. RACHEL

-L rAHEV, dearly beloved wife of William Fahey, will leave her late residence, Ramleh, 17 Salisbury- street, East Coburg, To-morrow (Satur- day, 23th March), at 1.30 p.m., and will proceed to hu paul's Church, Coburg, and thence to the Heidelberg Cemetery. Private interment.

MICHAEL MULQUEEN and SONS, 2S Blyth street, Brunswick, and branches. *Phoue, B'wick, ?»ti._

HARMAN.-The Friends of the late Mr. ALFRED

WINSLOW HARMAN are Invited to follow his remains to the Box Hill Cemetery.

The funeral will leave his late residence, No. 50 Downshire road, Elsternwick, THIS DAY (Fri- day, 24th March, 1933), at half-past 10 o'clock.

LE PINE and SON, Funeral Directors. 'Phone


MCDONALD.-The Funeral of the late Mrs.

CHRISTINA MCDONALD will leave 59 Henna street, Warrnambool, THIS DAY (Friday, 21th March), at 2 o'clock, for the Warrnambool Ceme-

tery, j

CliYETT AND SONS PTY. LTD., Funeral Direc- tors, 177 Liebeg street, WarmambooL

MUNYARD.-The friends ot the late Mr».

LOUISA MUNYARD are respectfully in- formed that her remains will be interred iu the Melbourne Cemetery, Carlton.

The funeral will leave her residence, 70 Ed waid street, Brunswick, THIS DAY (Friday, 2tth March), at 11 o'clock a.m.

JOHN ALLISON, Funeral Director, 291 (op. Em- pire Theatre) Sydney road, Biunswick, Tcle phone Brunswick f~"

C!PENCE.-The Friends of Mr. ALEXANDER >J S. SPENCE, of Tocumwal (late o( Rockley rood, South Yarra), are informed that the re- mains of his dearly beloved wife, Agnes Mary, will be interred in the Brighton Cemetery.

The funeral will leave B. Matthews Pty. Ltd's mortuary chapel, 102 Toorak road, South Yarra, THIS DAY (Friday, 24th March), at 2 o'clock.

H. MATTHEWS PTY, LTD., Funeral Directors, South Yarra, in conjunction with R. S. HUTSOX, Tocumwal. _

WiSBEY.-The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE ' » WISBEY are respectfully informed that the remains of their dearly loved and only eon, Donald, Rutherford (Don) will be interred In the Drysdale


The funeral is appointed to leave his parents'

residence, Drysdale, THIS (Friday) AFTERNOON, the 24th March, 1933, at 3 p.m.

ALEX MUNRO, Funeral Director, only address, and no branches, 24 Ryrie street, Geelong. 'Phone