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Fat Cattle.— SCO yarded, consisting of 327 nor. thorn, 118 local, and 115 Queensland cattle, of which 492 were sold and balance withdrawn. Tbe quality was trenerailv fair to cood. with onlv a limited

bumirer piima, uuu uu iuo wuuio nub tniuai w lass week. Tbe opening sales were doll, and prices de. clined considerably, but demand improved later on, and Talues closed at an advance of 10a. a bead on last week's rates. Quotations — Prime bullocks, £7 to £8, a few heavy weights to £9; Rood, £5 to £l 10s.; prime cows, £5 to £6 ; good, £i ; others lower. W. Dean & Son sold 19 bead. Bennett &? Fisher-152 bead at market ntes, Barber & Chambers— 31 bead from the North. Bigot, Shakes, & Lewis— 71 hesdat market retes. Elder, Smith, & Co.— 131 head for different owners. K. L&ughton & Co.— 116 bead mixed sexes for Messrs. Jones, Greece, & Sullivan, travelled in from Bulloo Downs, to £9 bullocks and £7 1H. 6d. cows, and averaged £7 8s. ed, acd £5 5a. 6d. respec tively. Sheep.— 9,630 penned, and formed n large supply. Tbe bulk arrived from the North, and consisted far the most pare of good to prima descriptions. The supply ptoved above requirements, and nearly 4,000 were held over. Graziers bought only 500 head, and the rcatket declined to Is. a head. Although quota tions are unaltered tbe quality was much better thin of late. Quotations— Prime crossbred wsthe;s, 133. to Ha (a few to 169. 8(1.) ; prime Lincoln ewa3, 12s. to 13a ; prime Merino wethers, 12s. to 133.; extra prime and weighty, to 143.; good, 10s. ta Us.; in terior, from 2s. ed. W. Dean it i-'on sold l,E8tat quotations Dempsoy, Wilkinson, & S-tallind, limited— 587. Bennett & Fisher— 933 Merino wetbers, to 14s.; crosebreds. to 16s. 6d. Bagot, Shakes, & lewis, Limited— 916 at quotations. Elder, Smith, & Co —S01 Merino wethers, to ils. IS. Laughtcn & Co.— BG6, (it market rate*. Lambs.— 1,160 came to hand, of which 320 ware held over unsold. The supply proved above trade reanirementa. Prices about equal to la&t week's. Quotations— Priire, 10s. to lls. (a few extra 12s. to Ids.) ; good, 8s. to 9s. ; inferior, from 4s. Oempiey, WilEiDsoD, & Sandland, Limited, report having sold 2,000 ewes at 9s. Cd. each. \V. Dean & Saa report having sold 1.C00 wethers at Morgan and 800 mixed ewes andwetbersatsatisfactoryratts. Barker and Chambers report having sold 155 Lincoln ewes on account Hon. J. H. Angas, and (iu conjunction with Mr. J. Paltridge) 300ctossbred ewes for Mr. W. Bichaidson. W. Dean & Sons ild Zii. Bennett and Fisher sold ISO, a few at 124. to 16s.; Bagot, Shakes, and Lewis, Limited— 162 to lls. Elder, Smith, and Co., Limited— 83. E. Laughton & Co.— 93, from 7s. for useful to lls. for prime. Calves.— 135 yarded, including a number not fit for consumption. A good trade demand existed with brisk competition at last week's rates. figs.— 563 penned. A good demand, and last week's prict s were fully maintained. Private Sales,— Elder, Smith, and Co., Limited, bave sold 1,000 head cattle, bullocks, eighteen months and upwards, for Messrs. Grant & Stokes, Macumba Station,