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NUMBER of INTERCOLONIAL ARRIVALS at and DEPARTURES from Port Adelaide be tween June 8 and 23, both days inclusive. Arrivals, 11. Departures, is.

EXTRACOLONIAL ARRIVALS at and DEPAR TURES from Port Adelaide batween the dates as above. June Aohivals. 9. JOHANN AD0LTI1, barquette, 210, E. Wiese, from Port LonLs. Cargo— Sugar. 12. Paruauatta, steamer, 4,771, R. G. Murray, R.N.R., from London. General cargo. L4. FiKESHiRE, steamer, 2,425, W. A. Millar, R.N.R., from London. General cargo. L9. Liguria, steamer, 4,0SS, G. F. Dixon, from London. General cargo. 22. Oceana, steamer, 0,500, 1\ S. Tomlin, R.N.E., from London. Tune Departures. 11. Valetta, steamer, 4,919, R. F. Briscoe, R.N.R., for London. 12. Rudia, barque, 1,018, H. Borgersen, for Oregon. 14. Okoya, steamer, 0,200, R. Studdert, for London. General cargo. 15. Hannah Nicholson, barque, for Guam. 22. El la Nicolai, 571, A. Zimmermann, for tho United Kingdom. Cargo— Wheat. OUTPORTS. PORT AUGUSTA. Arrived. June 1— Roderick Duu, ship, 1.G42, from Mau ritius. June 1— Galathea, brig, 332, from NataL Sailed. ?? May 20— Elizabeth, barque, 842, for the United Kingdom. Cargo— 6,540 bags wheat=27,080 bushels. June 3— Abiel Abbot, barquette, 560, for Natal. Cargo— 533 tons flour. June 8— Galathea, brie*, 332, for Natal. Cargo— 377 tons flour, 50 do. bran, 3 do. meal, and 130 bags oats. June 19— Galatuea, for Natal. EXTRACOLONIAL PASSENGERS. Arrivals in South Australia. Per Parramatta, steamer, from London— Mr. Heinicke. Per Liguria, steamer, from London — Mr. Frederick Payne. Per Fifeshire, steamer, from London— Mr. and Mrs. Kynerslie. Per Oroya, steamer, from London— Miss Ashley, and Messrs. G. Adams, Phethain, L. M. Tior, W. a. Alver, Evan Trow, H. Suteliffe, W. U. Ford, W. P. Jones, J. A. Harvey, W. Millar, and J. Rattingalo. Per Oceana, .steamer, from London— Mr. and Mrs. Cope, Messrs/dark and McGee, Mrs. Kiugsimll, and Misses Fletcher, Douglas, andNesbit. Departures from South Australia. Per Valetta, steamer: For London— Dr. Arm strong, Mr. and Mrs. Henry George, Mr. and Mrs. Vardone, Mr. and Mrs. Braham, Mr. and Mrs. Walton, Major Chapman, Messrs. Mills, O'Connor, and Hickson, and Miss Mclntosh. For Brindisi — Mr. and Mrs. Herremschmidt [and child and Mr. W. R. Cave. For Bombay— Mr. and Mrs. West, infant, and daughter, Mrs. C. Curtain, Dr. McLaughlin, General Solly Flood, Messrs. G. Palmer, and Sidey, and Miss Flood. ? EXPORTS. 'Per Valetta : For Bombay— 33 boxes silver, E.S. and A.C. Bank; 62 do. do., Bank of South Australia. For Madras— 15 pkgs. flour, John Dunn and Co. For New York— 11 bales kangaroo-skim, J. SippilL For London— 89 bales wool, Dalgety ami Co.; 6 pkgs. ore, South Australian Government ; 13 bales rabbit-skins, J. Shaw and Co,; 5 do. do., 43 do. sheepskins, George Mugg and Co.; 648 bags S'ound bark, 27 do. powdered do., 97 casesoranges, . and J. Fowler; 30 bales sheepskins, 39 bags gum, J. Crompton ; 1 case wine, H. Dunstan and Co.; 76 bags ore, Mount Torrens Gold-mining Company ; 1 case hats, Good, Toms, and Co.; 1 cases fruits, 36 bales rabbit-skins, 2 do. scoured wool, Elder, Smith, and Co.; 53 bags wheat, John Darling and Son ; 1 case wine, E. B.Toung and Co. ; 1 do. books, W. C. Rigby ; 1 box, P. and 0. Co. Per Oroya, for London— 187 bag3 wheat, John Darling and Son ; 800 do. flour, Hilfers and Co.; 11 bales leather, A. Dowie; 52 hnds., 4 cases wine, 7 pkgs., Harrold Brothers; G bags guano, 6 cases wine, Smith, Channon, and Co.; 1 case, McCulloch and Co.; 1 do., C. Tucker; 1 do., W. S. Jone3; 2 pkgs., Orient Line; 1 box gold, Bank of Australia; 6 bar* silver, E. and A. Copper Company. Per Hannah Nicholson, for Guam— 375J tons flour, 10 do. bran, 25 cases cheese, 2 do. preserved meat, 1 sack flour, 1 do. oatmeal, Adelaide Milling Company. Per Ella Nicolai, for United. Kingdom— 3,435. bags wheat,' W.IiCaVb and 'Co: * BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, ANDDEATHS BIRTHS. ADAMS.— On the 20th June, 'at Pelham-street, Glanville, the wife of Charles D. Adanu, of a sou. Both doing welL -i BBOADBENT.— On the 9th June, at Reid-street, Wilcannia, N.S.W., the wife of Reuben Broadbent, of a daughter : both doing welL CARMICHAEL.— On the 12th June, at Glen burnie, Telowie, Mrs. Andrew Carmicuael, jun., of a daughter. CAVE.r-On the 7th June, at Woodside, the wife of H. F. Cave, of a daughter. COOKE.— On the 9th June, at the Vicarage, Melrose, the wife of Rev. W. Cooke, of a son. CORNICK.— On the 28th May, at Nappamerrie, Queensland, the wife of John Comtek, of a son. CHANCELLOR.— On the 10th June, at Narra coorte, the wife of Harris Chancellor, of Frances, of a son. Both well DUNN.— On the 7th June, at Napier-street, Lefevre's Peninsula, the wife of G. Dunn, of a son. DUNSTONE.— On the 18th June, at Port Pirie, the wife of James Danstone, of a daughter. HAMMOND.— On the 16th June, at Horncliffe Villa, Wakefield-street east, the wife of W. G. Hammond, of a daughter. JAHN.— On the 11th June, at the Kentish Arms, Kent Town, the wife of C. Jahn, of a daughter. KILLICOAT.— On the 12th June, at Abberton Park, Redruth, the wife of P. L. Killicoat, of a son. MALEY.— On the 30th June, at Boskenna, Ken sington Park, the wife of Wesley Maley, of a son. MAY.— On the 13th June, at Uplands, Mount Barker, the wife of F. C. May, of a daughter. Both doing well. MCDONALD.— On the llth June, at Smithfleld, the wife of Alex. McDonald, of Mundoora, of a son. NORTON-SMITH.— On the 9th June, at Nor wood, the wife of J. G. Norton-Smith, of a son. OSBORNE.— On the 29th May, at O'Connell sh-eet, North Adelaide, the wife of We Osborue, of a daughter. READ.— On the 6th June, at TJnley, the wife of U. Read, Farina, of a son SMITH.— On the 15th June, at Park-terrace, Parkside, the wife of J. Viner Smith, of a daughter. SMITH.— On the 16th June, at Westbury-street, Hackney, the wife of J. A. Smith, of a son. STACY.— On the 12th. June, at Angasstreet, Kent Town, the wife of Herbert T. S. Stacy, of a son. STARLING.-On the 16th June, at Willaston, the wife of E. W. Starling, of a son.

STOKES.— On Hie 13th June, at 34, Barnard - street, North Adelaide, ths wife of the ftjv. F. JI, Stokea, of a son. TIIYEIL-On U10 1st June, at Two MVUh, t!ia »ife of Walter Thyer, of a d-iughtar. MARRIAGES. ADAMS-LANDER.-O11 tliu ?Ml JutiP, at the Hindmarsh-square Congregational Church, by tua ier. F. W. Cox, Robert John Samual, eldest sja if the laic Robert Adams, C.K., of Molbourae, f.j iusie, elder daughter of thu late Uicliird Uvu'A .Minder, of Adelaide. BRADLEY— DEW.-On the loth Jiiii-\ at the csidence of the bride's father, by tlic R.-v. It, J. )addow, William, the eldest sun of Mr. Samuel Jradley, of Beverley, to Alice, tho fifth daughter ?f Mr. James Dew, of I'luubell Farm, rt;iring IJMik. CLARK-SMITH.— On the 5th June, at Christ Church, Hawthorn, near Melbourne, by the Rev. H. Taylor, Francis Howard Clark, of Broken Hill, elder son of the late John Howard Clark, of Adelaide, to Edith Mary, eldest daughter of James Smith, of Melbourne. EVERALL-GLASTONBURY.— On the 5th June, it the Baptist ChuHi, North Adelaide, by the Rev. V. E. Rice, Charles, only sun nf the late J.ihu iverall Esq., of Onotrec Hill, to Kiuily Adelaide, ourth daughter of W. P. Ula-stonimry. Esq.. of Jawler South. GREEN-BRADSHAW.-O11 the 4th June, at Christ Church, St. Kihl.i, Victoria, l.y the R-^v. Stanley Low, Thoma.s Green, second son of the late Jr. P. Green, Darling River, New South Wales, tu Jertha, second daughter of Mr. G. M. Jura), Gray-street, St. Kilda. GREER-HAUS.SKN.-On the IStli June, at 'rinity Church, North-terrace, by the Jiev. tichardson Reid, George Andrew Greer, of Goud rood, to Anna licrmanua, youngest danghter of thu ite H. H. Hau.-isen, Esq., of The Cedara, Grotu treeV and the Hindmarsh Brewery, and of Mra. i1. E.Bucknall, of Buxton-street, North Adelaide. GIBBES— ALLAN.— On the 26th May, at fit. Jolonibu Church, Hawthorne, Victoria, by the Ru y. - Armstrong, lleneage Murray G. Gibber, eldest on of the Rev. G. E. Gibbes, Mount Pleanauit. iouth Australia, to Agnes Christina, daughter of be late James McMahon Allan, of Sale, Gipp» inil, Victoria. Melbourne papers please copy. HAWKER-STAWELL.— On the 14th May, at It. Mary Abbot's, Kensington, London, by Uut lev. C. P. Greene, Rector of Clapham, and uncle of he bride, Edward William Hawker, eldest son of he Hon. G. C. Hawker, M.P., of Adelaide, South Australia, to Mary Letitia, second daughter of tiia ate Sir William .Stawell, K.C.M.G., Chief Justice if Victoria. HOLTOM-SUDnOLZ.-On the 21st May, at he Lutheran Church, Flinders-street, by the Rev. f. Dorsch, Victor William, only son of Johu loltom, Esq., of Melbourne, to Louise Minna, oungest daughter of Johann Wilhelm Albreclit iudholz, Esq., of Gilles Plains, Adelaide. LANE— DAVY.— On the 12th June, at St. George's Church, Gawler, by licence, by the Rev. Canon Coombs, John Lane, of Williamstown, Mount Crawford, to Maria Davy, of Onetree Hill, S. Para. MEYER— ISAACS.— On the 23th May, at the csideuce of the bride's pareuts, by tho Rev. A. T. Joas, Gustav Meyer, of Ilnwham, Victoria, tu liunie, second daughter of All'. -S. Isaacs, of Tari tock-street, Adelaide. NETTLEBECK— RANSOM.-On tho 17th May, t the'Flinders-streot German Church, by Pastor V. )orsch, Walter, eldest son of Mr. U. Nettlebeck, of irenfull-street, Kent Town, to Rose, youngest aughtcr of Mr. G. Ransom, of Cranbourne-terrace, Censington. NICHOLAS-KNOWLES.-On the llth June, at it. Augustine's Church, Port Augusta, by the Rev. V. S. llopcroft, Richard Uenchawe Nicholas, of Jallarat , Victoria, to Frances, second daughter of Thomas Knowlcs, Port Augusta. NORTH— ABRAHAM.— On the 5th June, at the residence of the bride's parents, Moonta, by the Rev. John Lloyd, George Albert, third son of the late Mr. Henry North, Wallaroo, to Laura, eldest daughter of Mr. William Abraham, Moonta. P1LL1FEANT— BASSETT.— On the 10th June, t Tarlee, by the Rev. IL Henwood 'league, Seorge Henley, son of Mr. John Pillifeaut, Ij largery Louisa Bas-sett. SCHRADER-KLAKBE.-On the 28th May, at he residence of the bride's mother, Hanson-street, iy the Rev. C. Dorsch, Albert Christian Schrader, f Mount Gambicr,. to Era Plevins Klaebe, of idelaide. TUOMSEN-DAVENPORT.-On the 16th May. t Port Augusta, by the Rev. R. 'Mitchel, Euiil 'riederich Georg, eldest son of Niels Chrirt^Tt liomsen, Inspector of Forests, Selsve)!;'i?(._ ne aark, to Carolino Hibbs (Carrie^ ^Vigwhini lenry Samuel Davenport, tew*-*;. ,Bar°°nt?' W-£'£t WATSON-GRAHAM- -on 14th June, atSt. 'eter's College Chapel, by the Rev P. K 1$™'. tiSlgttS1 iDuigte of Joseph Graham, Esq., «f Norlands, Kexliill, Sussex, late ot Norlaud quarc, Holland Park, London. DEATHS. AARONS.— On the Oth June, at hw sou-in-law'ii csidum-c, 124, Victoria-street, Fitzroy, Victoria, lacob Aarons, iu bis Slth year. May his soul rest n peace. ATTCHISON.— On the 8th June, at Margaret ;frcet, North Adelaide, Mary Harriot, the beloved rife of H. B. Aitchison, in hor 30lh year. ARMSTRONG.— On the 20th Juno, at Finnin Jail, Woodside, Helen Bell, wile of John Ann trong. BROWN.— On the 15th June, at Kingston-terrace, forth Adelaide, Jane, the beloved wile of Philip irown. iified G2 years. COLLINS.— On the 21st June, at Wakofleld-street ?ast, Arthur William Bullen, son of the Rev. J. B. 'ollins, of Ramsgate, England, agod 21 years. CRIBB.— At 7.15 on Sunday morning, June 22, 590, at her residence, Albert-street, Semaphore, iarah Jane, the beloved wife of William Cribli, ifter 12 months of severe affliction, borne with ilniost unparalleled patience and cheerfulness, and nth an uiulinnuud faith in her Redeemer only. I11 he Cross of Christ she gloried, and her end was riumpliaut. Melbourne and Ballarat papers pleaae °1)EVENISH.-On the 10th June, at his residence Sermoile-streut, North Adelaide, A. S. Doveuish, iged M years. DONALDSON.— On the 21st Juno, at his home, Iillside, Coromandel Valley, Peter Lawsou Murray Sonaldson, aged 51 years. ECKERMANN.— On the 8th June, at Euduuda, Sylvia Hilda, Ihe only dearly beloved child of tierman and Ida, Eckermann, aged 15 months. GRIMES.— On the 13th .June, at Stirling East, \gises Burne Grimes, widow of the late James 3 rimes, of Crafers, aged 72 years. UAMDORF. -On thu 19th June, Hermann Robert, ho beloved husband of Emelia Hauulorf, of South liummocks, in his 52nd year. IIANDYSIDE.— On the 13th June, at the Private Hospital, North Adelaide, John Robert Handyside, ildest son of A. D. Uandyside, M.P., aged 17 years HARRISON.— On the 10th June, at Sydenham- road, Norwood, the result of an accident, John Coromandel Harrison, in his 54th year. An old colonist, who arrived in South Australia in the ship Coromadel in the year 1837. HART.-On the 8th June, at the Orroroo Hos- pital, of croupal diphtheria, Walter (Stanley) Hart, youngest and dearly beloved child of J. C. Hart, of Pinda, aged 2 years and 8 months. HESELTINE.— On the 6th June, at her sister-in- law's, 22, Joliment-road, East Melbourne, of con- sumption, Mary, beloved wife of G. N. Heseltine, and dearly beloved mother of Mrs. A. L. Benda, of Mount Barker, South Australia, aged 43 years. JEFFERSON.— On the ICth Juno, at the Bank if South Australia, Port Augusta, John Peuuock reli'erson, aged 67 years. KAY.— On the 22nd June, at Klswiek Cottage, Norwood, Annie, eldest daughter of the late Wil iain Kay, aged 31 years. KEMP.— On tho Oth June, at Kapunda, Thomas Kemp, aged 66-yKirs. . MANLY.r-On the 12th June, at Louis-stroet, off Halifax-street, Adelaide, on a visit, Henry, the learly beloved husband of Jane Manly, Mouut Jambier, after a painful illness, leaving wife and ,wo daughters to mourn their loss, aged 60 years. Deeply regretted by all who knew him. Melbourne ind Mount Gambier papers please copy. MA«snALL.-On the llth June, at Ford's Hotel, ?ort Adelaide, Thomas Marshall, of Spalding, Lin :olnshire, England, beloved husband of Fredrica Marshall, second daughter of tba late U. C.lFord, )f Port Adelaide. Lincolnshire papers please copy. McHENRY.— On the 9th May, of congestion of .he luncs, at Cannes, France, Georgo McHenry, M.D., formerly of Adelaide, in the 79th year of his 1?MCKENZIE.-On the 10th June, 'at Vaughan's Mansion, Hackney, St. Peters, of senile decay, John tfcKcnzie, of near the Lagoon, Aldinga, in his 82nd rear. A colonist of 38 years. POPUAM.— On the 10th Juno, at hor residence, 3awler, from pleurisy, Julia Louisa Popham, aged (7 years, wife of Francis Wm. Home Popham, L..R.C.P., M.R.C.S.A. PRATT.— On the 12th June, at Gumtree Farm, near Two Wells, of dropsy, Sophia Pratt, widow of the late John Pratt, aged 75 years and 6 months. A colonist of 43 years, leaving seven sons and one daughter, forty-one grandchildren, aud three great- grandchildren to mourn their loss. SANDERS.— On the 9th June, at Adelaide, fonatlian Goorgo Sanders, late of Beltana, aged 75 'ears. SCOTT.— On the lOlli June, at his residence, Soglin-street, off East-terrace, of influenza, George Frederick Scott, aged 48 years. SEAMOND.— On the 21st June, by accident, \lbert, the dearly beloved husband of Clara Sea, Bond, aged 26 years. SMITH.— On the 8th June, at Artlrossan, )'ven Smith, the beloved husband of M. A. .Smith, iged 83 years. A colonist of 52 years, having irrived in the ship Trusty in 1838. SMITH.— On the 17th June, at Angas House, stiathalbyn, of heart disease, Annie Paterson, thu learly loved daughter or Berry and -Mary Smith, iged 16 years and 4months. „ ..- THOMPSON.— On the 12th J.une, at her mother's ?esidence, South-road, Carlotta, the dearly beloved laughter of Elizabeth Thompson, aged 18 years. TONKIN.— On the 12th June, at Border Town, Charles Lionel Tonkin, third and dearly beloved ;on of Wm. and C. A, Tonkin, aged 5 yeara and 7 nonths. . -, WEBB.— On the ISth June, at Kensington-road, Norwood, Eliza, the beloved wife of Henry Barlow rt'ebb, aged 80 years. WEBSTER.— On the 16th June, at Prospect, Isabella (Isa), youngest daughter of John and Elizabeth Webster, aged 18. WIENER.— On the 10th June, at Arthur-street, [Jnley, Frieda, second daughter of E. andE. Wiener, iged 9 years.