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STRAY DOG that is now Australian RlN TIN TIN

"Mike" Finds a Master

and a Job in Talkies

Brian Abbot, who will play the lead in "Orphan of the Wilderness" Cinesound's next film, will be interviewed at the microphone by Dorothea Vautier during The Australian Women's Weekly session from 2GB on Monday, July 27,

at 11.45 a.m.

BRIAN was born with a thirst

for adventure. At an early age he ran away from school and hid in a cave at Ben Buckler, Bondi. A diet of sardines and condensed milk soon forced him

home again, and once more he

was sent to school.

Several years elapse. Brian is now fifteen, and again he runs away from school to take a job on the land as "station useful."

BRIAN ABBOT, star of the Cine sound film, "Orphan of the Wilder- ness," who will be interviewed at the radio by Dorothea Vautier at Station


Next he went jackarooing in Queensland, and later realised a lifelong ambition to go to sea.

This outdoor life has provided the background for his personality which ls so suitable to the lead in "Orphan of the Wilderness."

Another member of the Abbot house- hold stars in the film. This is none other than Mike, Brian's own cattle dog, and another Rin Tin Tin of the


Brian first saw Mike in Hyde Park. The dog followed him through many busy city shops on a Friday night, and although Brian spent two hours at an advertising lecture the dog waited for him.

This display of fidelity appealed to Brian, who thereupon made a bargain with the dog. He told him that if he could get across in the Manly boat with him and then home in the Dee Why bus, he would keep him, and Mike made


Brian is cast in the role of Tom Henton in "Orphan of the Wilderness." He lives on a station with his mother. They find a motherless kangaroo and bring it up with their cattle pup.

Mike first met Chut, the kangaroo, on the set. Chut wouldn't stay in li il

t- =u front of the camera so Brian brought Mike up to him. Mike and Chut kissed each other s noses and imme- diately became friends.

For more hews of Brian and Mike tuno in to 2GB on Monday, July 27, at

11.45 a.m.

Help for Musicians

AUNTY DOT, who has taken Aunty

Val's place during her absence in America, and is conducting the Bluebird session with Bimbo, is a believer in every child being his or her own musician. "It is so easy these days for us to let other people make our music," she says, "and I think some encouragement should be given to children to learn."

So when the Bluebirds gather at the 2GB studio each Saturday morning for community singing, she presents a piece of music to each child who learns music, and if any have difficulty with then pieces she plays them over for them.

It is a little service that many parent«1