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A SPRINGLIKE Symphony ... in


Make this jumper now! So appealingly feminine with its rounded yoke and puff-like sleeves, it is sweetly destined to give you months of

happy service.

THOSE who feel like turn-

ing to the little crochet hook for lacy beauty will not be able

to resist this addition to the

spring wardrobe. The knitting needles are only required for the waistline, which is in tailored ribbing.

Crochet always sounds an old- fashioned word but, as we know it to- day, it is modern, smart, and so much favored by Fashion . . . And now, these are the directions for this springtime jumper:

Materials Required: 5oz. lace ply Viyella yarn, 4 small chromium or pearl buttons, 1 bone crochet hook, No. 11; 1 bone crochet hook, No. 12; 1 pair No.

12 needles.

Measurements: Length from shoulder to bottom of ribbing, 17 inches. Bust,

34 inches.

Tension: 1 pattern to 3/4 inch in width; 3 rows to 1 inch in depth.

Contractions: K. for knit; p. for purl; ch. for chain; d.c. for double crochet;

tr. for treble.

Stitches Used: Work a small piece to test for tension before beginning jum- per. Use larger or smaller hook if necessary. Tension is important. No. 11 hook is used throughout, except last 12 rows of yoke.

1. Ribbing. (Bottom of jumper). P. 2,

knit 2.

2. Double Crochet. (Yoke, bands and cuffs.) Make a chain, insert hook in 2nd chain from hook, draw a loop through; yarn over and through both loops on hook. Repeat in every chain to end of row. Turn with 2 chain. All following rows, as first row, but insert hook under both threads of chain at top

of row below.

3. Lace Stitch. (Jumper and sleeves.) Make a chain. 1st Row: 1 double cro- chet in 2nd chain from hook, * miss 2 chain, 3 treble in next chain, miss 2 chain, 1 double crochet in next, * re- peat to end. This row begins with a d.c., and ends with a d.c. 2nd Row: As 1st, but make each double crochet into middle treble of the 3 in group be- low, and each group of 3 treble into the double crochet below. This row begins with 2 tr. (for i pattern) and ends with 2 tr. Work these 2 rows alternately throughout.


Use the yarn double (two balls.)

Front. Cast on 116 sts. with the No. 12 needles and rib in k. 2, p. 2 for 32

rows. Cast off.

Back: Same as front.

The yarn is used single for the rest of the jumper.


With No. 11 hook, crochet a ch. of 127, work on it 21 patterns in lace stitch,

continue for 15 rows.

SOFT LACE WOOL — it has a charm all its own! And what more

appropriate for spring days and cool, scented evenings, than a jumper which can be worked in your own favorite color? You will find the

directions easy to follow.

Increase 1/2 pattern each end, work 5 rows of 22 patterns each.

Increase 1/2 pattern each end. Work 10 rows of 23 patterns each.  

31st Row to 59th Row: Work 9 pat- terns, turn and continue working one side only. At yoke end, decrease 1/2 pattern each row for 7 rows, then work 16 rows without decrease, then increase 1/2 pattern each row for 5 rows

At armhole end, work 4 rows without increase (continuing side of jumper) ; then increase 5 patterns (for sleeve),

by making 31 ch., working back on ch.  

and continuing straight on. Be care- ful to begin patterns on ch. with d.c. if

previous row ended with tr., or vice-  

versa. From this row onwards, continue

without increase, keeping each sleeve  

edge straight.

After the 59th row, leave this side and   work the other side exactly similar, be- ginning the 31st row from yoke end. leaving 5 patterns of previous rows un- worked in center.

Join the inner corners of the two sides (row 59) by a ch. of 35 for back of neck. Crochet straight across back, from one sleeve end to the other (32 patterns), for 9 rows, then decrease 5 patterns each end to finish sleeves.

Continue to bottom of back, making it correspond to front (but with pattern reversed), by decreasing 1/2 pattern each end on 11th and 16th rows beyond sleeve. (Note that the back is one pattern narrower than front.)


Begin at centre front of neck. Work 12

rows of d.c. round the top edge of jumper  

with No. 11 hook, making 1 d.c. in each ch. of lace pattern across front, and working very loosely, about 5 d.c. to 1 inch until there are not more than 140 d.c. all round. Tighten gradually as the work proceeds, until there are 6 d.c. to 1 inch.  

After the 12th row, change to No. 12  

hook and continue for 12 more rows d.c.,   but turning at end of each row at centre front to leave opening. Continue tightening until there are 7 or 8 d.c. to

1 inch.

To strengthen the edge, work final row twice, inserting hook in same spaces again, and continue down each edge of opening.

The yoke is worked 1 d.c. on each d.c. throughout; the shaping depends on

the closer stitches.

Sew 4 small buttons down the centre front of yoke, making loops to top two, to close opening.


With No. 11 hook, make a ch. of 127; crochet in lace pattern 34 rows, keeping edges straight. Break yarn. Sew the edges together. The pattern runs the same as the back, so the first row (crochet chain) is top edge of sleeve. Gather up the top edge to 9 inches by a row of d.c., 1 d.c. in every 3rd ch. Work 6 more rows, 1 d.c. in each d.c., keeping measurement at 9 inches.

Break off.

Gather up the bottom edge to 7 inches by a row of d.c., 1 d.c. in every 2nd ch. of lace pattern. (If the first row does not draw in to 7 inches, one or two next rows will suffice to do so.)

Continue working 1 d.c. in each d.c.

for 30 rounds.

For next 10 rounds, decrease 1 d.c. on underarm line every 2nd row.

Continue without decrease for 10 more rows; finish with one row in double yarn. The cuff should be 6 inches round the bottom edge.

The length of the cuff is about 7½ inches, but when pressed, probably 10 inches. Make the second sleeve exactly



Sew the ribbing to the jumper at the bottom of the front and back. Sew up side seams.

Sew top of sleeves on to jumper, allow- ing for stretching. Press under a damp cloth, with a warm iron.