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. Breakfast TV is the big news in Australian television this week. Its champion is Sydney's Channel 7, which from 7 to 9 each morning presents a programme of music, news, and

Australia's first TV serial.


TV had to come. I am quite happy to accept it as something that Ls there if I want it. When that will be I don't know.

Ever had a party and faced the clean-up the next morning feeling rather jaded? Most of ATN'S breakfast-time pro- gramme so far is literally a hand-out of that morning ;iftcr-the-night-before feeling.

More than half of the two-hour session is a tape recording of previous per- formances of "Sydney To

nieht "

lt is too much for me to

pull the blinds down, shutting out the early morning sun- shine, and in the required gloom turn on the set and find Mr. Keith Walshe and others singing and dancing.

I may be peculiar, but ladies in full warpaint and baretopped evening dresses at 7.30 a.m. wiggling their way through seductive songs are not my favorite breakfast en-


My idea of a TV breakfast session goes with an electronic home where there's a TV screen set in the wall of every


All you see in the morning is a clock face with the hands moving on in their inexorable way, and a background of music guaranteed to soothe those pre-coffee nerves.

I also want an emotionless voice to say, "Today's maxi- mum temperature will be so and so, and there will be a thunderstorm at 5 p.m.," so that I know exactly what to wear, and whether to take my umbrella.

For the mothers I'd have another ghost voice that says,

"Sit stiff," "Eat your por-

ridge," "Brush your teeth," "Clean your shoes," and other

suitable remarks.

To get back to TV as it is in the Breakfast Session, a pat on the back for the Toppanos, who appear with their own live show at 8.30 a.m. and provide some pleasant music and painless chatter.

The puppet puppy that

looks after the music and made its first shy appearance is sure to be popular with toddlers,


At 8.45 the session ends with a 15-minute episode of the first Australian-made TV serial, "Autumn Affair."

"Autumn Affair" stars

ABOVE: Muriel Steinbeck and John Huton in "Autumn Affair," the first all-Austra- lian TV serial, big feature of Sydney's Channel 7 TV Breakfast' Session. Right : Janette Craig, who plays Muriel Steinbeck's daughter.

actress Muriel Steinbeck, a TV personality. She is photo- genic and looks like a real


She makes the heroine, an effortless writer of popular novels, come charmingly to


life, even in the face of the in- toned, dreary description that she is "43, in the early autumn

of life."

In the first episode of the serial Miss Steinbeck, 15 years a widow, welcomed back her steady admirer (John Huson) from a trip abroad.

Viewers were also treated to

a glimpse of her TV daughter, Miss Janette Craig.

I get the impression from the first episode that Miss Steinbeck is nervously on edge,

and from the look in her

steady's eye I think that be- fore long she is going to accuse him, with some justification, of being more interested in her daughter than in her.

All good stuff. I think "Autumn Affair," which is well produced, will be very popular, if anyone has time

to see it at 8.45 a.m.

Australia's other TV chan- nels, from what I am told most emphatically, are sitting

out the Breakfast Session happy to discover second-ham the results of Channel 7's ex périment.

? ? *

'J'HE Shirley Temple Story

book (Sydney Channf 7, Melbourne Channel 9 Sunday evenings once

month) has been a disap pointment to me. I didn't lik the first one, "The Nightie gale," and I liked the last one "Dick Whittington and hi Cat," even less.

I think they are wonderfu Christmas pantomime stufl and the kids up to eight o nine might love them, but a Sunday night family entertain ment they are a bit much.

I'm sure Beaver, who <fo appears from the 7.30 timi slot once a month for thi Storybook, would find it al too corny for his taste, to* young altogether. Personally I much prefer Beaver's enter tainment to Shirley's.

The name is a misnomo for Shirley Temple appw only briefly as an unrufflel hostess to introduce the sb0*

Grown up, she is very pre"! and would enhance any of ne' fairytales.

Shirley's three children a" making their show-busing debut in her Christmas edi'1** of the Storybook in America

The children, Susan, >11 Shirley's daughter by her f°r' mer husband, John Aga' Charles Black, jun., 6, alf Lori Black, 3, are village to« in a Christmas show abo" "Mother Goose" characters

? * *

EVERYONE must be a bj

tired of the puns on the t'1

of the popular TV show "HaVI Gun, Will Travel" (Cha»"'

9, Tuesdays, 9.30 p.m.)-. blj I saw one the other day ff*0 allv for us girls. It was ""aV Cook-book, Will MarI/ Actually it was the title of printed cookery book,

ready-made proposal to ha"

to your beau?