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New popularity for old-time plays


Several outstanding new productions will be heard from station 2GB on Friday and Saturday nights in future, when 'The Witch's Tale," "Mutiny on the Bounty," and 'The Old Time TheAyter" will be leading


THIS type of entertainment

has been previously con- fined almost exclusively to other sections of the week, but a wide rearrangement of the schedules has been planned to come into immediate opera- tion.

"A commencement has been made," said the general manager, Mr. H. G. Horner, "with the broadcasting of "The Witch's Tale' every Satur- day night, and listeners on Friday, February 14, will hear 'Mutiny on the Bounty' and The Old Time The Ayter.'

"Although The Witch's Tale' had been a sensational snccess in America for more than six years, there was some doubt in our minds as to how it would be received by Sydney listeners.

"We therefore broadcast one chapter and asked our listeners if they would like to hear more of it. The response was overwhelmingly in favor of its continuation, and so "The Witch's Tale" went on the air.

"We then arranged to set aside for a few weeks one half-hour each Saturday night in which we would broadcast sample chapters from some of the many other programmes in our library which, although pos- sessing wide listener interest, had never been broadcast in Sydney.

"Because of its popularity with listeners, The Witch's Tale' has now become a fixture on Saturdays at 7.45, and temporarily, at least, we are continuing the trial session of other programmes each Saturday at



The changes already made on

Friday night will mean the broad- casting of The Old Time The-Ayter* at 9.15, and of 'Mutiny on the Bounty' at 8.

"The production of 'Mutiny on the Bounty' involved the employment of one of the largest casts ever em- ployed in an Australian broadcast programme, and includes such names as Harry Dearth, Lou Vernon, Peter Finch, Gwen Munro, Lola Kelly, Reg Hawthorne, Les Warton, Ron Randell, George Hewlett, Bert Barton, Victor Gouriet, and many others. Harvey Adams is producer and compere."

"The Old Time The-Ayter" is a programme of hilarious comedy. It is plain, unadulterated melodrama of the theatre fifty years ago, com- plete with heartless villain, beauti- ful heroine in tears, and the hero who always arrives just in time. These are some of the titles:

"The Gamekeeper's Daughter" or "Virtue Triumphant."

"Snatched from her Lover's Arms'' or "The Menace of Geoffrey Mum- mery."

"Wedding Bells" or "From Scul- lery to Castle."

"Love Will Erase All Prison Stains."