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X BSTRACT of SALES by AUCTIOH'. : J\. THIS DAY. . ... . ,:._. Townsekd & Son.— At the Port, at eleven-Timber, Galvanized Iron, &c. ; Maurice Salom & Compt.— At their eleven— Sugars, twines, linseed oil, linseed, general groceries, and oilmen's stores ; at two — Glassware. J. H. Parr— At his Mart, at twelve— Land ; at Formby 4 Boase's Bazaar, at two— Hones ; at his Mart, at two— Land and house. Hemiing, EECC2, & Aldeidge.— At their Mart, at two — land. Elder, Smith, & Co.— At their Warehouses, at twelve— Hides ; at two— Wool, &c. K. Laugiitos & Co.— At the Hide Market, at ha'f Ijart ten — Sheepskins, &c; at the Mile-End Yards, at i wo — Cattle. D. W. Melvis.— At Norwood, at eleven— Fumi- tore. ? QPECIAL NOTICE. We beg to can the Special Attention of TIMBER MERCHANTS. I BUILDERS, CONTBACTOBS, ? AND OTHBBS \ ? - ? i ? to our '?LARGE and IMPORTANT UMBEE and IRON *iT ?. SALE, , - consisting of Ihe ENTIRE CABGOES of the GUIDING STAB (Full-cut Timber, Palings, Laths, Cartshafts, Hoon Pine Logs and Planking), . . and 100 Cases G ALV.4 NIZED IBON, to take place ' '-? ? AT POBT ADELAIDE, ; THIS DAY (Tuesday), May 2, ? t: . i . atllo'docfc ] Note.— Train leaves Adelaide at 10.30 o'clock. ' . _ Particulars in following advertisements. .\ TOWNSEND & SON, Anctioneers. THIS DAY (Tuesday), May 2. ; 1 AT THE POET, AT 11 O'CLOCK. . UNDER INSTEUCnONS FROM MESSES. EL - - MUECKE & CO, - I JUST ABBIVED. THE ENTIRE CABGO OP THE GUIDING i .-'? STAB, FBOM HOBABT. ; '?' FULL-CUT TIMBFR. ' PRIME PALINGS, 5 and 6 FEET. -;v' ' ' LATHS, CABT-SHAFI3. - , T' ownseYd & son ' are favoured with instructions from Messrs. I H. Moecke & Co. to sell, at the Port, This Day Tuesday), May 2, at 11 o'clock— ? The ENTIRE CARGO of the GUIDING STAB, just arrived from Hobart with 112,884 Superficial Feet FULL-CUT TIMBER, as follows :— ! 3x2. 6x3. ! SOS Pieces, 9 feet. 50 Pieces, 9 feet. ! 365 do. 10 do. 13 do. 10 do. '. 19 do. 11 do. 55 do. 12 do. 553 do. 12 do. 95 do. It do. 559 do. 14 do. 46 do. 16 do. ? 176 do. 16 do. 45 do. 18 do. ' r 142 do. 18 do. 42 do. 20 do. j . 13 do. .19 do. 15 do. 23 do. 241 do. 20 do. 11 do. 24 do. ! 2 do. 22 do. 14 do. 25 do. i 12 do. 23 do. — . ? ' 86 do. 24 do. 386 pcs.=8,872ft.sup SO do. 25 do. 7x3. ? ' ? SPieces.IOfeet. 3,043 pcs. =19,302ft-snp S3 do. 12 do. . 4x2. 38 do. 14 do. t 561 Pieces, 9 feet 9 do. 16 do. ' ? 211 do. 10 do. 6 do. 18 do. : ,' 16 do. 11 do. 24 do. 20 do. ' * '482 do. 1Z do. 7 do: 24 do. 213 do. 14 do. , — ? i 105 do. 16 do. 108pcs.=2,992ftsnp 102 do. 18 do. 8x8. - 14 do. 19 do. 47Pieces,10feet. , 120 do. SO do. 42 do. 14 do. . 13 do.- 23 do. 18 do. 16 do. 8 do. 24 do. 11 do. 18 do. 6 do 25 do. 71 do. 20 do. ! — ? 6 do. 23 do. : 1,851 pcs.=15,282ft. sup 3 do. 25 do. 5x2. — ? 3S5Piec«,8 feet 198 pcs:=8,354ft;Sttp ??' 30 do. 10 ao. 9x3. , : 63 do. 12 do. 25Piec83,12feet. i 65 do. 14 do. SO do. 14 do. 21 do. 16 do. 29 do. 16 do. 31 do. 18 do. 6 do. 18 do. ? . 46 do. 20 do. . 30 do. 20 do. 9 do. 23 do. 9 do. 25 do. ; 6 do. 24 do. — ? — ? 148 pcs.=5,S52ftsnp 655 pcs.=6,310ffc snp 10x3. 6x2. 1 Piece, 13 feet. ' 81 Pieces, 9 feet 1 do.. 25 do. 30 do. 10 do. — — 101 do. ? 12 do. 2 pcs.=10T ft. sop 85 do. 14 do. 4x4. 61 do. 16 do. 544Pieces, 9 feet : 14 do. 18 do. 27 do. 10 do. 66 do. 20 do. 39 do. 12 do. . 4 do. 23 do. 35 do. 14 do. 8 do. 24 do. 64 do. 16 do. 2 do. 25 do. 20 do. 18 do. — ? 18 do. 20 do. ' 412pcs. =6,113 ft. sup 1 do. 25 do. 7x2. — ? j ISPieces, 12 feet 74Spcs.=10,52ift^ao -. ? 23 do. 14 do. 6x4. \ , 20 do. 16 do. lPiece, 12 feet : 7 do. 20 do. 2 do. 16 do. — ? 14 do. 18 do. , 62pcs-=l,0S0ft.sup 8 do. 20 do. 8x2. 16 do. 23 do. 9Pieces,12feet — ? ? 52 do. 14 do. 41pcs^=l,712£Lsup 17 do. 16 do. 8x4. 7 do. 18 do. lPiece,16feet 26 do. 20 do. 17 do.- 18- do. j 2 do. 24 do. 9 do. 20 do. — ? 1 do. 23 do. ( 113 pcs.=2,«02ftsup 6 do. 25 do. , 9x2. — . — ? , 20Pieces,12feet 34 pca.=l,800ft.snp 19 do. 14 do. 9x4. i 4 do. 16 do. 1 Piece, 20 feet 4 do. 18 do. 20 do. 25 do. ' 18 do. 20 do. — — * | 3 do. 23 do. 21 pcs.=l,560ftsnp 3 do. 24 do. 6X5. ? ?'? i — ? 21 Pieces, 9 feet npc3.=l,niJtsup 6 do. 12 do. 4x3. 20 do, 14 do. 25* Pieces, 9 feet 2 do. 16 do. 48 do. 10 do. 4 do. 20 do. : 203 do. 12 do. — — 210 do. 14 do. S3 pc&=l,380!tBup 76 do. 16 do. 6x6. 68- do. IS do. 12Pieces,10feet : 88 do. 20 do. 37 do. 12 do. '. 12 do. 24 da 41 do. 14 do. 8 do. 25 do. 10 do. 16 do. — ? 10 do. 20 do. 970pCS_=12,8ttft.snp — ? : 5x3. 110 pcs^=4,494 ft sup -. 35 Pieces, 9 feet 7x7. ' 6 do. 10 do. 4 Pieces, 10 feet 15 do. 12 do. 13 do. 12 do. 19 do. 14 do. 1 do. 14 do. 10 do. 16 do. — — 10 do. 18 do. IS pcs.=S57ftsnp. 10 do. 20 do. 6 do. 24 do. ; 109pC3.=l,851ft.snp ALSO. 19,700 Prime HEAVY PALINGS, 5 feet : GOO do. do. do. 6 feet ~B~ ; 16,905 Superficial Feet FULL-CUT TIMBER, as follows :— 3x2. 68Pieces,10feet ' 7 Pieces, S feet 23S do. 12 do, ; 12 do. 9 do. 71 do. 14 do. 156 do. 10 do. 1 do. 16 do. : 124 do. 12 do. 3 do. IS do. !H do. 14 do. — — fl do. 16 do. - 894pcs.=4,705ftsnp 6 do. 18 do. 5X3. — ? 1 Piece, 10 feet 408 pcs.=2,390ftsup 3 do. 12 do. 4x2. 9 do. 16 do. 22 Pieces, 8 feet — — 24 do. 9 do. 13pcs.=237 ft sup 21 do. 10 do. 6x3. 157 do. 12 do. 46Pieces,10feet. 66 do. 14 do. W do. 12 do. ' 1 do. 16 do. 61 do. 14 do. 6 do. 18 do. 12 do. 16 do. — ? 3 do. 18 do. 297 pcs.=2,355ftsup — ? ; 5x2. S2pcs.=8.960ft.stip 3Pieces,lO feet 8 xS. : ? 4 do. 12 do. . .2 Pieces, IS feet t .2 do. 16 do. - — ; . . . .9. do. 18 do. 2 pQS. =72 ft. snp. ' — ? 4x4. , 18pcs.=228ftsnp. 1 Piece, 10 feet 6x2. 16 do. 12 do. 6 Pieces, 10 feet 7 do. 14 do. 21 do. 12 do. -5 do. 16 do. 2 do. 14 do. — — ; 2 do. 18 do. 29pcs.S5O5ft.snp. , 1 da 20 do. 5x4. , l do.' 22 do. r 1 Piece, 12 feet V ' S3pcs;=41S ft. STO ipcc— 20ft-SUP. 8x2. 6x4. ! 15Pieces,18feet 4 Pieces, 10 feet ' — — 28 do. 12 do. ? 15pcs.=360ftsnp 4 do. 14 do. ? 3x3. 1 do. 16 do. 4Pieces,12feet — ? i ( 2 do. 14 do. 41ps.=l,040ftsup. -. ?- -6pa=OTftmp 20Pfeces,*12 feet HPiec8s,8feet S0pc».=360ft.sup. . I do. 9 da ; . 1 - - ^^ . ? 7,500 Prime HEAV i PAtTVGS, 5 feet ' ?- 4,560 do. do.- - do. 5 do. , .. .. i.700 do. do. do. 6 do. -^~5^5i:^S^?J!*I^M^di ** 10-30 o'cioi. '-. ? VTHIS DAY (Tuesday), May 2, ' ?. AT THE POBT, AT II O'CLOCK. ; UNDER INSTRUCTIONS FROM MESSES H. «? ??? ? MUECKE 4 CO. 'BOOIK-- f** THBENTTBE CARGO OF THE PROSPERO * .. -- , JUST ARRIVED FBOM HOBART. ^^ t; ??- FULL-CUT TIMBER, j tr PRIME 5 and 6-FEET PALINGS, i laths, cart-shafts, huon pixe logs; ? . figured hxjon pete logs. , ?_, plankdtg. i to timber merchants, builders, ' ? ' contractors, and others. ] TOWNS END & SON are favoured with instructions froa Messrs. a Mnecke & Co. to sell, at the Port This Day (Tnesaay), May 2, at II o'clock The ENTIRE CARGO of the PBOSPEEO, jost arrived from Hobart, with ? 84, 653 Superficial Feet FULL-CUT TLttBEBVas follows —

'^ : ?Sx'fc-3 £ ''?' ; 11 Pieces, 18»eetJ , - 77Heees:8Jeet * 7 do. 18 do. [ ?' 145~do. lO-do.-J 4 do. 20 do. - 444 do. 12 do. — — - 284 do. 14 do.' ' 47pcs.=l,566ftsnp. 2 doT 15 do. ' * 10x3. — 366 do. 16 do. 4 Pieces, 16 feet 310 do. 18 do. 16' do. 18. do. 182 do. -20 do. ? 4 . do.- 20 do. , 24 do. 22 do. 'l-do.~S8 do. i 4 do. 24 do. — ??: — -? ? ! ? 25pcs.=l,135ftsup l,83Spcs.=14,350supft 12X3. 4x2. lPiece,I4feet 47Piece9 8feet 3 do. 16 do. 124 do. 10 do. . 2 do. 18 do. : 272 do. 12 do. — ? : ? — 174 do. 14 do. ' 6 pcs.=294 f t sup. ' 3 do. 15 do. ? -, 4x4. 278 do. 16 do. 43 Pieces, 12 feet. 200 do. 18 do. '16- do. 14 do 94 do. 20 do. 96 'do. 16 do. '' ' 8~d6:~22~do.' 9T ^oT'18'do. ' . 2 do. 24 do. ? 46 do; 20 do. — ? ? . 6 do. 22 do. l,202pc5.=ll,667ftsup ~ ? ? ' ? ? .5x2. . 300pcs.=6,661ftsup lPiece 8feet? , -'Veri. 3 do. 10- do. '41 Pieces, 12 feet . 5'-do.~ 12 -do. — ? 8«-dor-14-do.— . 8 do. 14rdo. : 90 -do.- 16 do. 5 do. r 16 do. : Cl do. 18 do. 8 do. 118. da , ' . /? : 4 ' do^ 20 do. . 2 do. 20 do. ? ,. -6, do.- 22 do. 33pcs^=*09ftBup. 236pcs.=7,436ft.sup J. 6x2. ??! 8x4. MPieceal2 feet '. - i Pieces, 12 feet ~;\U ^do.'Trdal 7 do. 14 do. - 60 do. '16 do. 19 do. 16 do. 844 do. 18 do. ?- 17 do. 18 do. 9 do. 20 do. 14 do. 20 .do; 6 do.- 22 da ? 1 do. 22 do. 4 do. 24 do. — ? ? — * ? ' ? 62pcs.=3,821ft8ap 161pcs.=2^36ftsnp. -.9x4. 8x2. lPiece, 12 feet 26Pieces,14feet 2 do. 14 do. 13 do. 16 do. 15 do. 16 do. 3 do. 18 do. 12 do. 18 do. . 2 do. '20 do. - 1- do. 20 do. 44pcs.=8S8ftsup. 31pcs.=l,548ftsnp 3x3. . 10x4. 1 Piece, 8 feet 8 Pieces, 12 feet 2 do. 12 do. 1 do. 14 do. : 1 do. 15' da' - 17: do. 18 do. 6 do. 16 do. 87 da 18 do. 8 do. 20 do. 5 do; 20 do. — ? .-- - - - 2 So. S2 do. . 12pcs.=140ft sup. — — 4x8. ' 65 peg. '=3,777 ft. sup 6Pieces.l0feet - » 12x4. 77 do. 12 do. 4 Pieces, 14 feet 62 do. 14 do.- - 14 do. 16 do. 172 do. 16 do. 8 do. 18 do. 145 dp. 18 do. 1 do. 20 do 80 do. 20 do. '— ' ' ' ' — ? 10 do. 22 do. 27 pcs. =1,776 ft. sup 1 do. 24 do. 5x5. — ? 13Pieces,16 feet ? esspca^OSSft'snp. ' ' * 8 do. 18 do. 5x8. ..,. , .. ,U .da 20 da. 29Pieces,14feet — — - i 29 do. 16. do. . .. ,40pCS.=»l,525ftsup 9 do. 18 do. I 6x6. ? 4 da-^0 do. - ? 1 Piece, -12-feefc- , — ? — - ? 7 do. 14 do. ? 71pcs.=l,400 ft sup. , 9 do. 16 do. 6x3. 15 'do. 18 do. i 91PIeces,12feet 14 do. 20 do. 61 do. 14 do. 1 do. 24 do. ? 101 do; 16- do. — - ^— 62 do. 18 do. ? 47pcs.=2,484ftsup 18 do. 20 do. ,-?--. -: — '- 4 do. 22 do. t BATTENS. . — ? ? 63 Pieces, 8 feet' 327pes.=T,480ftsup. 161 do. 10 do. 8x3. 276 do. 12 do. 7Pieces,12feet ' 190 do. 14 do. 2 do. 14 do. 8 do. 15 do. 8 do. 16 do. 265 do. 18 do. ? 6 do. 18 do. 215 do. 18 do. .. 6. do. 20 do. 102 do. 20 do. — — 17 do. 22 do. 29pcs-=936 ft sup. 10 do. 24 do. 9x3. 10 do. 26 do. 18Pieces,12feet ? — ?— 7 do. 14 do. 1,297 pcs.=4,763ft snp ALSO, PALINGS. 7,050 prime Heavy Palings, 5 feet ?? 6,500 do. do. - 6 feet LATHS. ; 18,000 prime laths, 3 ft 6 in. ' 23,200 do. do. 3 feet CARTSHAFTS. ! 176 pairs Cartshafta, 12 feet 224 do. do. 10 feet ? ~\ ' HUON PINE LOGS. 14 Huon Pine Logs = 8,091 feet super - 2 Figured do. do. = 311 do. PLANKING; ? 14 Pieces 9 z 1,13 feet long =136 feet snper. ' 4 do. loxi, do. = 43 do. \ 73 do. 12x1, do. =919 do. Note.— The Train leaves Adelaide at 10.30 o'clock,' ? THIS DAY (Tuesday), May 2. AT THE POBT, AT 11 O'CLOCBL I AA CASES GALVANIZED IRON, HER LVV CULES BRAND, 26-GAUGE. VARIOUS LENGTHS. CO MERCHANTS, IRONMONGERS. BUILDERS, CONTRACTORS, AND OTHERS. TOWNS E~N D & SO N are favoured with instructions from Messrs. 'hilipLevi &Co. to sell, at the Port, This Day .Tuesday), May 2, at 11 o'clock— 100 Cases GALVANIZED IRON, as under :- ? Hercules Brand. 26-Gauge. 6 Cases, 5 Feet I 40 Cases, 8 Feet 24 do., 6 do. t 4 do., 9 do. 27 do., 7 do. | Note.— The Train leave Adelaide at 10.30 o'clock. T0-M0BB0W (Wednesday), May 3. ; AT THE MART. AT 12 O'CLOCK. MPOBTANT SALE OF CITY AND SUBURBAN PROPERTIES. GXLLES-STREET, KNOX-STBEET, KENT TOWN, PARKSIDE. rOCAPITALISTS.SPECULATOBS.INVESTOES, LAND AGENTS, PARTIES IN SEARCH OF A REALLY FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE IN ADELAIDE OR SUBURBS, AND TO OTHERS. TOWNS E~Nl- & SON are favoured with instructions to sell, at their Mart, To-morrow (Wednesday), May 3, at 12 o'clock Lot 1. All that Valuable PIECE of LAND, oart of Town Acre No. 657, situate in GILLES-STBEET, CITY of ADELAIDE, about 100 yards east of Hutt-street, ha vine a frontage of 29 ft. 6 in. by a denth of 82 feet, on which is erected a FIRST-CLASS SIX-ROOMED HOUSE, with Bath, Pantry, Verandah, &c, &c, well finished in every particular. Water andG^s laid on. The Parkside Tramcars will shortly be running along Hutt-street Lot 2. All that Valuable PIECE of LAND, part of Town Acre No. 312, situate in KNOX-STREET, CITY of ADELAIDE, having a irontage of 60 ft 5 in. by a depth of 92 ft. 6 in., on which are erected Two SUB STANTIALLY BUILT COTTAGES, let to re spectable tenants, and each bringing in a weekly rental of 10s. Water and Gas laid on. This Pro perty is situate opposite tin G rote-street Model School Lot 3. All those Two Valuable ALLOTMENTS of LAND, Noa. 311 and 312, portion of the subdivision of Sec tion , Hundred of Adelaide, situate at KENT TOWN, having a frontage together of 158 feet to DEQUETTEVILLE-TERRACE byadepthof feet to ANGAS-STEEET. These Allotments will be sold either together or separately. Water and Gas ivailable. Allotments fenced all round. Lot 4. All that valuable PIECE of LAND, containing ibout 2i Acres, being the subdivision of part Section 254, Hundred of Adelaide (subdivided into 13 con veniently-sized allotments) situate at PARKSIDE, at the corner of the road leading from the Greenhill road to the Glen Osmond-road, and the road leading from the back of the Racecourse to the Fullarton. road. Allotments Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4. 5. and 6 front the Park Lands and the first-named road, and each have a frontage of about 50 feet by a depth of ISO feet, with a 30-feet road at the back. Allotments Nos. 12 and 13 front the secondly described road, each being about 60 feet by 113 feet. Allotments Nos. 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 front the 30-f eet road, at the back of allotments 1 to 6, each being about 36 feet by 115 feet 6 inches. Allotments Nos. 12 and 1 are corner blocks. On Allotment No. 2 is a SUBSTANTIALLY BUILT HOUSE of Seven Booms, Cellar, Bathroom, Verandah, Garden, Fruit-trees, &c, &c, lately in the occupation of Mr. Squires, Assistant Postmaster General. This House is replete with every con venience, and has just been newly painted, papered, fitted np with Venetian Shutters, -£c, &c. On Allotment No. 5 is a FIBST-CLASS HOUSE of Six Rooms, Cellar, Verandah, Garden, Fruit-trees, &c, -tc, lately occupied by a resi-ectable tenant This House has just undergone great improvements, and is now replete with every comfort and convenience. Painted, papered, and well finished throughout Note.— The Parkside Tramcar3 will very shortly be running to within about one yards of these Pro. perties. WATEE LAID ON TO BOTH PROPERTIES. Note.— The Houses will be sold separately, and the Allotments either separately or together, as intending purchasers may wish. iitles— Real Property Act Terms for Lot 1— £400 may remain on mortgage at 3 per cent until April 30, 1SS3. Terms for Lots 2, 3, and 4 — SO per cent deposit the balance by acceptances at three, six, nine, and twelve months, bearing interest at the rate Of only 3 per cent per annum. Plans showing the exact position of the propel, ties, and giving every particular, axe now ready, md may be inspected at our mart In the meantime, for particulars, cards to view, Sc., d-c apply to TOWNSEND 4 SON, Auctioneers. TO-M0BB0W (Wednesday), May S. AT THE MABT, AT 12 O'CLOCK. UNDER INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE ADMI ?NISTRATRIK UNDER THE WILL OF THE £3SSa%&2S& 0F HonaiAMH. S?yj?^vVHY, VALUABLE ALLOTMENTS OF LAND. SITUATE IN THE VERY CEXTEE 1» raroSSSS*™ C0KP0KAIE T°™ TO CAPITALISTS, INVESTORS, SPECULA TORS, WORKING CLASSES, LAND AGENTS AND OTHERS. TOWNS END & SON have received instructions to sell bv auction, it their Mart, To-morrow (Wednesday), May 3, atuS -'dock— ' Several very Valuable ALLOTMENTS of LAND ituate at the corners of John and Jane streets and

Bacon and Jane streets in the important Corporate Townof HINDMARSH, Subdivision of Blocks 103, and portion of Blocks 102 and 119, of Section No. 353, Hundred of Yatala. Title guaranteed. Terms at Sale. . A Plan showing the exact position and dimen sions of the Allotments may be inspected at our Matt. ? On THURSDAY, May 4. AT THE MART, AT U O'CLOCK. j REMOVED TO THE MABT FROM VARIOUS PLACES FOR CONVENIENCE OF SALE. A LARGE QUANTITY OF HOUSEHOLD FUR NITURE, MISCELLANEOUS GOODS, AND -SUNDRIES. - - ? - TO PARTIES FURNISHING, : PRIVATE FAMILIES. ~ FUENTTUBE AND GENEBAL DEALERS, -AND TO EVERYBODY. _; ? TOWNS E~N D & S O N| have received instructions to sell, at tbeirj Mart, on Thursday, May 4, at 11 o'clock— A Large Quantity of Secondhand HOUSEHOLD' FURNITURE. Miscellaneous Goods,' and Sundries, comprising— ? . . -y ' Drawing-room Suite in Cretonne Large Cedar Oval Table , ! Do. do. Wardrobe . ' Walnut Piano , 2 Pine Chests Drawers ; Large Cedar do. - ; ? Small do. do. ' ; Large Show Table, with Stands Showstand ! Turkish Lounge ; 6 long Deal Counters. ? ! Double Meatsaf es . - , ; 3 large Flerg'-isses . ?* . Fancy Showstand ' -- . £ large Jars 1 Copper Boiler Cedar Tables Do. Dress^g Tables Do. Washstands Do. Dressing Glasses - Half-Tester Bedsteads Stump do. ....' Flock Mattresses . . Straw do. _ Blankets . Bedcnrtains - ' CaneChiirs ' -. Horsehair Chairs 2 Horsehair Forms ' Caipets Fenders Pictures ? - ??..:. Crockery '..'..? And bnndries. ; . - Removed to the Mart for convenience of Sale. - ; Note.— The highest bidder for each lot becomes absolutely the purchaser. ? ' On THURSDAY, May 4. ~'\ AT THE MART, AT 11 O'CLOCK. TRAPS AND VEHICLES OF VARIOUS DE^ SCRIPTIONS. TO PARTIES TRAVELLING, PRIVATE FA MI. LIES, LIVERY STABLE-KEEPERS. COACH. BUILDERS, AND OTHERS.. ..'..; TOWNSEO & SON have received instructions to seU, at their Mart, on Thursday, May 4, at 11 o'clock— A Number of VEHICLES of various descrip tions. NOW ON yiEw'AT OUR MART. I \ On THURSDAY, May 4. ~~r~ AT THE MART. AT 11 O'CLOCK. JUST ARRIVED, DIRECT FROM TASMANIA. AN INVOICE OF VERY HANDSOME AND . JVALUABLE TASMANIAN OPOSSUM-RUGS (Various Colours). TO EVERYBODY. TOWNS E~N~D & SON are favoured with instructions from the ?Shippers in Tasmania to sell by auction at their Mart, on Thnrsday, May 4^ 11 o'clock— An Invoice of Very Handsome and Valuable TASMANIAN OVOSSUM-RUGS, Black »nd . Grey. Note.— These Hues have arrived at the right time,- as they are just the thing for the winter season, which has just Let in. i FOB SALE TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. THIS DAY (Tuesday), May 2, at 2 p.m. ' GEENFELL-STEEET AUCTION MART. ; TO CAPITALISTS, SPECULATOBS, INVES- ' TOES, AND OTHERS. : VALUABLE BLOCK OF LAND. - ? - NEAR THE GRANGE. EMINENTLY ADAPTED FOR SUBDIVISION. HENNING, BRUCE, & ALDRIDGE have received instructions to sell by auction, as above— THAT VALUABLE BLOCK OF LAND in the HUNDRED OF YATALA, COUNTY OF ADELAIDE, being the southern moiety of Section No. 444, and the eastern moiety of Section No. 2076, containing together 36 Acres 1 Rood 12 Perches, TOGETHER WITH THE SUBSTANTIAL DWELLING-HOUSE thereon. The above Property is only fifteen minutes' -walk from the Beach and about twenty to Vickary's Grange Hotel. First-class communication with Adelaide, the Sea, Hindmarsh, &c, by the Henley Beach, Fulham, and other Al macadamized roads. All splendid Lucerne Land. The Anctioneers can confidently recommend the above to the notice of Speculators and others as one of the very best Blocks In the listrict available for Subdivision. - ? ___; ? TOWNSHIP OF ASCOT VALE. ''' TOWNSBOr1 OF ASCOT VAIB. ON A DAY TO BE NAMED. EARLY IN MAY. EARLY IN MAY. 'PFENNING, BRUCE, & ALDRJDGE I I have received instructions to sell by auction, at their Mart, on a dav to be named — All the UNSOLD ALLOTMENTS in the above very desirable Township. Full particulars in future advertisements. TOWNSHIP OF GILBERTON. TOWNSHIP OF GILBERTON. BLOCKS NOS. 19, 20, AND 21, PRELIMINARY SEC. 475, PROVINCIAL SURVEY MARKED WITH LEI TEE B, TOWNSHIP OF GILBEB TON, HUNDBED OF ADELAIDE, AT THE GEENFELL-STBEET AUCTION MART. ON A DAY TO BE NAMED. HENNING, BRUCE, & ALDRIDGE have received instructions from the Trustees in the Estate of Ephraim Coombe, Esq., deceased, to sell by auction, as above, at their Mart - AU those Three ALLOTMENTS of LAND situated in the TOWNSHIP of GILBERTON. Nos. IB, 20, and 21, containing 3 acres 2 roods and 16 perches, or thereabouts, and having a frontage of 605 feet to the Main North-Eastem-road, just beyond the Bucking ham Anns, and immediately adjoining the resi dences of Messrs. W. J. Back, Esq., Arthur Harvey, Esq., Win. McMinn, Esq. Tne situation is hi_,h and healthy, and the views simply magnificent. Further particulars in future advertisements. T0-M0BR0W (Wednesday), at 2 o'clock. JOHN BCLL YARDS. BDORNWELL will sell, b-x ? above— A Number of Useful HOBSES, VEHICLES, &c DORNWELL ? AUCTIONEER, VALUER, AND GENEBAL COMMISSION AGENT, CUBBIE-STBEET, ADELAIDE. Sales of all descriptions and Valuations under* taken in Town or Country. 52'142V PBELIMINABY ADVERTISEMENT. FOR POSITIVE AND UNRESERVED SALE. BURTUNDY AND ARUMPO STATIONS. RALEIGH, ATTKEN, & CO. have received instructions from the owners, Messrs. Joseph Annand & Co., to sell by public auction, at Menzies' Hotel, on Thursday, the 29th Jane, 1882, at 3 o'clock p.m., their BURTUNDY AND ABUMPO STATIONS, situated on the Lower Darling River, N.S.W., and comprising the Blocks— BURTUNDY, viz.— Beyond Outer Tapio Birrie - Bulabula Burtundy South, formerly Para No. I Do. North, do. do. No. 2. ARUMPO, viz.— Buragy Arompo Outer back BuUennong containing an area of about 300,000 Acres of first* class Sheep Country, consisting of salt and cotton bush, intermixed with grass and bushy country, together with About 68,000 Sheep of good ages, 12,000 of which are Lamb:ng Ewes About 100 Horses Do. 60 Mixed Cattle, and About 2,800 Acres of Fi-eehold Land. BUBTUNDY and ABUMPO are well and per manently watered by about twenty-two miles frontage to the River Darling ; also, by large Dams and Tanks. The Stations are thorougVily and completely fenced and subdivided into twenty-one large Sheep and thirteen small Sheep and Horse Paddocks by five, six, and seven wire fencings. The Improvements consist of two good Home Stations— one on the frontage and one on the back country, two Woolsheds, Drafting Yards, and everything complete for the thorough working of the Stations. The Anctioneers call special attention to this Property, as being so situated that there is not the least fear of any selections, and intending buyers can inspect with the certainty of the Stations being sold in the room. ^ FuUer particulars will appear in a future adver tisement For any other information apply to 109, Collins, street west, next Scotf s HoteC Melbourne. 122t78v32

THIS DAY'fTnesdayX May 2, at 11 o'clock. AT THE CTI Y AUCTION MART. 843 BAGS MAURITIUS SUGARS. ' : ? TO CLOSE ACCOUNTS. TO GROCERS. BREWERS, STOREKEEPERS, : AND OTHERS. MAURICE SALOM & COMPT. are instructed to sell by auction, at their Mart, This Day (Tuesday), May 2, at 11 o'clock— 843 Bags Choice MAURITIUS SUGABS, viz :— No. 3. 212 Bags Choice Yellow Counter : No. 4. 175 do. Superior Yellow Crystallized Counter No. 6. 210 do. do. do. do. do. No. 15. 175 do. Choice Yellow Brewing Crystal No. 26. 71 do. Finest Light Yellow Counter. ? .'.... To close ace Junta. THIS DAY (Tuesday), May 2, at 11 o'clock. . .: 4 CASES SHOP TWINES. ON ACCOUNT OF WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. TO GROCERS, IRONMONGERS, DRAPEBS, AND OTHERS. MAURICE SALOM & COMPT. are instructed to sell by auction, at their Mart, This Day (Tuesday), May 2, at 11 o'clock— 1 case, 25 doz. SHOP TWINE, 7 oz. balls 1' do., 25 doz. do. do. 3J oz. do. ? 1 do., 25 doz. do. do. 7 oz do. .1 do., 25 doz. do. do. 14 oz. do. THIS DAY (Tuesday'), May 2. ? 200 DRUMS BUBBELL'S BA\V AND BOILED LIN?EED OIL. TO GBOCEBS, STOBEKEEPERS, IRONMON GERS, AND OTHERS. MAURICE SALOM & COMPT. are instructed to sell by auction, at their Mart, This Day (Tuesday), May 2, at 11 o'clock— 100 Drums, each 5 galls., BUEBELL'S RAW LINSEED OIL 100 drums, each 5 galls. , Burrell's Boiled Linseed Oil. ? THIS DAY (Tuesday), May 2. 15 TONS FINE INDIAN LINSEED. TO STOCK PBOPBIETO11S, LIVEBY STABLE KEEPEBS, SEEDSMEN, AND OTHERS. MAURICE SALOM & COMPT. are instructed to sell by auction, at their Mart, This Day (Tuesday), May 2, at 11 o'clock— 15 Tons Kne INDIAN LINSEED. THIS DAY ^Tuesday), May 2. GENEBAL GROCERIES Afto OILMEN'S STOBES. ; MAURICE SALOM & COMPT. are instructed to sell by auction, at their Mart, This Day (Tuesday), May 2, at 11 o'clock— I 139 Boxes CONGOU, ex Ocean 15 cases Morton's Imperial Sauces 20 boxes Bell & Co.'s Wax Vestas, 250's 15 do. do. Plaid Vestaa 1 case Tandstickor Matches 12 do. Preserved Onions 5 do., each 50 gross. Wine Corks 50 boxes Eleme Baisins - ..-...?.'-.__ 15 cases Worcester Sauce ' 19 do. Essence of Coffee ? . 29 do. do. do. and Chicory ' 12 boxes Benares Curry Powder - ? 40 cases Claret . , , : : THJS DAY (Tuesday), May 2. . ? AT 2 O'CLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON. AT THE CITY AUCTION MART. : - SPECIAL SALE OF 23 PACKAGES OF ' JOHN FORD & COMPANY'S BEST CUT AND ENGRAVED FLINT TABLE GLASSWARE. FOR SALE, WITHOUT RESERVE. BY ORDER OF THE CONSIGNEES. TO' GLAS9WABE DEALEBS, IRONMONGERS, STOREKEEPERS, CATEBEBS, PASTIES FURNISHING, AND OTHEBS. MAURICE SALOM & COMPT. are instructed by the Consignees to sell by auction, at their Mart, This Day (Tuesday), May 2, at 2 o'clock in the Afternoon— A Consignment of 23 Packages of John Ford and .' Company's best Cut and Engraved FLINT TABLE GLASSWARE, viz.— 1 Case plain Quart and Pint CarafTes and Ups 1 do. London Pint, Quart, and Three-pint do. do 1 do. Pillard, Squat, and London do. do. do. I do. Cut Sherries, Ports, Clarets, Cham pagnes, Liqueurs, Custards, Jellies, Decanters, Claret Jugs, Half-pint and Soda Tumblers, and Green Hocks 1 do. similar assortment, pattern 2,510 1 do. plain light Sherries, Ports, Clarets, Champagnes, Liqueurs, and Handled Custards 1 do. London Cut Quarts and Pints Caraffes ! and Ups 1 do. Plain and Tot Tumblers, Half-pint Goblets and Engraved Fem Sardine Boxes 1 do. assorted Circular, and Semi-circular, Straight and Maltese-cross Flower Troughs and Diamond Flower Vases 1 do. Half-pint Tumblers, cut and engraved, fern and ring 1 do. Cheese Stands and Shades, plain and engraved fern 1 do. assorted prize Cup Shades and Paraffin Moons 1 do. Confectioners' Jars, vase, goblet, and fancy shapes 1 do. assorted Handled Dishes, Cardholders, Salts, Decanters, Bitter Bottles and Spirit Bottles 1 do. Sodawater and Half -pint Tumblers, cut and engraved fern 1 do. very handsome Flower Stands, each containing from 4 to 12 pieces, 16 to 26 inches high 1 do. Flower Vases, large variety, Canary, Ruby, Opalescent, Torquoise. Blue-and-flint Threaded Flower Stands, Flower Baskets, Spills, and Candlesticks 1 do. Cut Spirit Barrels (1 gallon), and 'Swan' Flower Troughs 1 do. Engraved Vine, Ivy and Fem Parian Butters, Lome Butters, and Handled Sweets 1 do. Cut and Engraved Lily Sherries, Ports, Clarets, Champagnes, Green Hocks, Finger Basins, Ice-plates, Half -pint Tumblers, Soda Tumblers, Decanters, and Caraffe and Ups 1 do. Etched Lines and Dots, do. do. do. do. 1 do. Cut and Engraved Tankard Jugs, Hebe and Barrel Jugs 1 do. Cut and Engraved Celeries and Cheese Stands and Covers 1 do. Bon-bon Stands (7 pieces), Oval Dbhes, Save-allsand Knife-rests 1 do. 'Gardener,' 'Milkmaid,' and Opal Comports and Cream Bowls and Centre Dishes. The whole to be sold Without Reserve. On THURSDAY, May 4. 10 cases geering'sItreproof safes. TO IRONMONGERS, AGENTS, MERCHANTS, AND OTHERS. MAURICE SALOM & COMPT. are Instructed to sell by auction, at their Mart, on Thursday, May 4, at 11 o'clock— 1 Geering's FIBE-BESISTING SAFE, No. 107, 24 in. 2 do. do., do., 26 in. 1 do. do., do., 28 in. 1 do. do., do., 30 in. 1 do. do., do., 32 in. 1 do. do., double doors, No. 103, 27 in. 1 do. do., do., do., SO in. 1 do. do., do., do., 33 in. 1 do. do., do., do., 86 in. New Shipment, just landed. On THURSDAY, May 4. 11 CASES. AUSTRIAN BENTWOOD CHAIRS. AUSTRIAN BENTWOOD CHAIRS. TO FURNITUBE WABEHOUSEMEN, PARTIES FURNISHING, AND OTHERS. MAURICE SALOM & COMPT. are instructed to sell by auction, at their Mart, on Thursday, May 4, at 11 o'clock— 11 Cases AUSTRIAN BENTWOOD CHAIRS, viz.— ' 2 cases, each 3 doz., Dining Chairs, No. 14, walnut 2 do., do. 3 do. do. do., do. 14, black 1 do., 3 do. do. do., do. 20, do. 1 do., 8 do. do. do., do. 20, walnut 1 hi 'k 1 do- Bockill8 Chaire, walnut and 2 do., each 8 do. Dining Chairs, No. 141. walnut 2 do., do. 3 do. do. do., do. do., black. On THURSDAY, May 4. 7 CASES ASSORTED FRENCH AND HALF TESTEB BEDSTEADS. TO IRONMONGERS, GENERAL FURNISHERS. AND OTHEBS. MAURICE SALOM & COMPT. are instructed to sell by auction, at their Mart, on Thursday, May 4, at 11 o'clock. 2 Cases Assorted }-in. FRENCH BEDSTEADS, 6 ft. 6 in. x 4 ft 6 In. 2 do. Assorted Ornamented 1-in do. do. do s do. do. Half-tester do. with long stretcher bars. On FBIDAY, May 5. AT BOWER'S WHARF, POBT ADELAIDE ON ARRIVAL OF THE 10.30 TRAIN. BY ORDER OF MESSRS, TURNBULL AND' BARTLEET. CARGO OF THE SILVER STREAM. FULL-CUT JABRAH TIMBER. PBIME HEWN 12 x 12 JAEEAH. MAURICE SALOM & COMPT. are instructed by Messrs. Turnbull & Bartleet to sell by auction, at Bower's Wharf, Port Adelaide, on Friday, May 5,on arrival of the 10.30 train— The CARGO o! the SILVER STREAM, just arrived from Western Australia, consisting FULL-CUT JABRAH TIMBER, as follows 454 Pieces 4x2 3Heces8xH lPiece 10 s 2 497 do. 4x3 409 do. 8x2 1 do. 10x3 111 do. 5x2 54 do. 8x3 4 do. I2xll 210 do. 5x4 69 do. 8x4 5 do. 12x2 18 do. 6x5 2 do. 8x6 2 do. 12x3 212 do. 6x2 228 do. 9x2 4 do. 12x4 347 do. 6x3 2S do. 9x3 2 do. 12x6 116 do. Cx4 17 do. 0x4 2 do. 12x8 16 do. 6x5 2 do. 9x5 2 do. 12x9 24 do. 6x6 1 do. 9x9 1 do. 14x9 125 do. Hewn Jarrah 12x12 from 22 to 53 feet long 1 do. do. U x 14, 54 feet long. At Bower's Wharf, on Friday, May 5, at 11 o'clock. On THURSDAY, Ma/ 4. AT THE WAREHOUSES, GILBERT-PLACE, ADELAIDE. LU X M O ITr E & 0 0. will sell by auction, at their Warehouses, Gilbert-place, Adelaide, on Thursday, May 4 - TALLOW and FAT, at 12 o'clock Prime HIDES, KANGAROO-SKINS, at 12 o'clock - ? WOOL, at 2 o'clock. SHEEPSKINS, at 2.15 o'clock. LUXMOORE 4 CO., Woolbrokers, Adelaide.

ATTCTKHre THIS DAY (Tuesday), May 2. at 12 o'clock. BY ORDEB OF THE TRUSTEES UNDER THE WILL OF PATRICK KELLY, DECEASED. EVANSTOWN, NEAR GAWLEBTOWN. ABOUT 80 ACRES AND THE HOMESTEAD. POBTIONS OF SECTIONS NOS 3220 3221, AND 3246. T-ARR, JAMES H., has received in J. ? strnctions to sell by auction, in his Mart, the Old Exchange, King Wilham-street, as above, at 12 o'clock All that valuable Property sitnatert near the GAWLEBTOWN RAILWAY STATION, being the Residence of the late Patrick Kelly, and containing about 80 Acres of good Agricultural Land, with the Well and substantially built Homestead and Out buildings thereon erected. This Property is most conveniently situated, is well-fenced, and planted With gum and other trees. The Property is now subject to a Leaso to Mr. Jenkins, and has, at a very considerable expense, been laid out as n Training Track. Further information from John Harvey, Esq., Salisbury, or the Auctioneer. Plan3 ready. ? THIS DAY (Tuesday), May 2. AT 2 O'CLOCK. AT FOBMBY & BOASE'S BAZAAR. HOBSES. HOBSES. FBOM THE SOUTH-EAST. PARR, JAMES H., has received in structions from Mr. W. T. Boneham to sell, This Day (Tuesday), May 2, at 2 o'clock, at Messrs. Formby & Boase's Bazaar— /»/_ HEAD of HOBSES, all young, consisting t-\7 of— Heavy and Medium Draughts, suitable for farm, road, and trolly Buggy Horses, and Hacks (broken and unbroken) Ponies, very quiet for Children ; some broken to harness. On another account— . 4-wheel Buggy, with Pole and Shafts, t J carry 4 Pair of Buggy Cob3 Set Double Harness Express Wagon. On another account— For positive and unreserved Sale. Hooded Wagonette, with Pole, Shafts, Lamps, and Break. SALE AT FOBMBY & BOASE'S BAZAAR. This Day (Tuesday), May 2, at 2 o'clock. THIS DAY (Tnesday), May 2, at 2 o'clock. AT MESSES. FOBMBY & BOASE'S BAZAAR. TO SPORTSMEN, MEMBERS OF THE ADELAIDE HUNT CLUB, AND OTHEBS. 3 GOOD JUMPEBS. PARR, JAMES H., has received instructions to sell by auction, as above— ? -SNIP, Brown Cob Gelding, first-class hunter, has won several jumping prizes at different Shows and is up to any weight ' BELALIE, Bay Gelding ; first-class hunter COLONEL, Grey Gelding, 6 yrs. ; a splendid jumper, and the making of a first-class hunter. - THIS DAY (Tuesday), May 2, at 2 o'clock. IN THE OLD EXCHANGE, ADELAIDE. LAND AND GALVANIZED-IBON HOUSE OF TWO BOOMS, IN THE HUNDRED OF DUBLIN. PARR, JAMES H., will sell, as above, under instructions from Mr. Thos. Drum mond — HUNDRED OF DUBLIN.-Part of Section No. 242, containing One Rood, with Galvanized-iron House of Two Booms, Four-stall Stable, 4c., thereon. ? On TUESDAY, May 16. OLD EXCHANGE AUCTION MABT. AT 2 O'CLOCK. TO CAPITALISTS, FABMERS, AND OTHEBS. IN THE ESTATE OF ALLAN McFARLANE, ESQ., SENIOR, DECEASED. GLENSLOY. BY OBDEE OF THE TBUSTEES. SECTION 4215, PBOVINCIAL SUBVEY, MOUNT BARKER. SECTION 5214, SPECIAL SURVEY SOURCES, ONKAPARINGA. CONTAINING 160 ACRES. PARR, JAMES H., has received in structions from the Trustees in the Estate of the late Allan McFarlane, Esq., senior, to sell by auction, in his Mart, the Old Exchange, King Wi'liam street, Adelaide, on Tuesday, May 16, at 2 o'clock — All that SECTION of LAND, containing 80 Acres, numbered 4215 in the Provincial Survey, :'i the Mount Barker District. AND All that SECTION of LAND, containing 80 Acres, numbered 5214 in the Combined Special Survey of the Sources of the Onkaparinga, and that taken by Matthew Smillie, Esq. This Property is known as GLENSLOY, and has for over twenty years been in the occupation of Mr. William Woolley, and contains about 160 Acres, and is situate in tne close vicinity of LITTLEHAMPTON, having a commanding view of the Valley along which the NAIRNE RAILWAY passes (about half a mile distant). The Land is of very superior quality and the Improvements are good and substantial. There is Permanent Running Water, a Creek flowing through one of the finest Gardens in the Colony, the Situation is most pic- turesque, and the Climate perfect. It should also be remembered that the GOLD-BEARING COUNTRY is not far distant Any .further information may be obtained from Alfred Bonnin, Esq., Solicitor, Adelaide, or the Auctioneer. STURT HORSE BAZAAR. T0-MORROW (Wednesday), May 3, at 2 o'clock. CARRYING PLANT. BARKER & CHAMBERS are instructed by Mr. T. Messenger, who is giving up the carrying business, to sell by auction— 10 DRAUGHT HORSES, right ages, stanch and good 3 Trollies, and Wagon and Harness. On another account— 2 Stanch Draught Mares 2 Drays and Harness. ? STUBT BAZAAB. T0-M0BB0W (Wednesday), MayJ, at 2 o'clock. ELEGANT TURNOUT. BARKER & CHAMBERS are instructed by Dr. Rees to sell by auction— Pair Brown CARRIAGE HORSES, by Little Fish, 5 and 6 years ; can be recommended. Stanhope and set Double S.M. Harnea. ? On FRIDAY, May 6, at 11 o'clock. AT THE RESIDENCE OF THE LATE MRS. E. J. PEAKS, NEXT ST. IGNATIUS CHURCH, QUEEN STREET, NORWOOD. THE WHOLE OF THE SUPEBIOB HOUSE HOLD FUBNITUBB AND EFFECTS. CHOICE OIL PAINTINGS AND OLEOGRAPHS. 60 CASES CLABENDON VINEYARD WIJfE. VICTORIA ioy Duncan & Fraser), HOBSE AND HARNESS. BARKER & CHAMBERS are instructed by the Executor of the late Mrs. E. J. Peake to sell by auction, as above— ELEGANT DRAWING -BOOM SUITE, by Mayfield & Son, in Rosewood, and Tapestry, 13 pieces Lady's Woolwork Chair Piano, by Collard & Collard Handsome Pierglass in black and cold Choice Oil Paintings, Oleographs, and Orna ments Brussels Carpet Valuable Black Marble Timepiece Walnut Oval Table, Walnut Card Tables Handsome Cedar Sideboard and Cellaret Cedar Telescope Table Dressing and other Tables Easy and eight Chairs (Morocco) Lar^e number valuable Books . ' Bookcases Tapestry Hangings, Cornice, Eep and Lice Curtains and Curtain-ooles Hearthrugs, Mats, and Matting Glassware Breakfast, Dessert, Tea, and Dinner Services E.P. Cruets, Supars, Butters, Coffee-w-t, &c Double and Single Washstauds and Ware . Tubular, Half-tester, Four-post, French, and other Bedsteads Mattresses, Palliasses, PiPows, Blankets, Linen, Ac. Usual Kitchen Requisites and Sundries 50 cases choice Wine from the Clavendon Vine* yard DON, bay horse, young, quiet, and reliable YICTOBIA, by Dtncan & Fraser, nearly new, and set S.M. Harness Poultry, Garden and Stable Utensils. ? FRIDAY, May 5, at 3 o'clock sharp. ON THE PREMISES, QUEEN-STEEET, NORWOOD. ? VALUABLE BLOCK OF LAND, WITH HOUSE OF 10 ROOMS. STABLE, &c, THEREON. TO PARTIES IN SEABCH OF A COMMO DIOUS BESTDENCE, VERY HEALTHILY SI TUATED, AND WITHIN THBEE MINUTES' WALK OF TBAMCARS. BARKER & CHAMBERS are instructed by the Executor of the late. Mrs. E. J. Peake to sell All that Valuable PBOPEETY situated In Qneen street, N0BW00D, bavincr a frontage of 120 feet by a depth of 196 feet, togeiher with the Buildings thereon, consi-tin*; ol substantially built Stone House of Ten Booms, Stables, Coachhouse, &c. WATER AND GAS LAID ON. FdU particp'ars and cards to view from Messrs. St. Barbe-M'ner & Smythe, Currie-street ; or the Anctioneers, Grenfell-street, Adelaide. ? BARKER & CHAMBERS. SHEEP, CATTLE, AND HOBSE SALESMEN, STOCK AND STATION AGENTS, GEES FELL-STREET, AD EUlIDE. Prompt Accounts, with Cash Settlements. Liberal Terms lSStbscv THURSDAY, May 11, at 2 o'clock sharp. CBOSSKEYS HOTEL YARDS, DEY CREEK. TO BUTCHEBS, FABMEBS, AND OTHEBS. YOUNG CATTLE. DBAUGHT HOBSES. ? BUGGY HOBSES AND TRAPS. FURNITURE, FABMLNG IMPLEMENTS AND SUNDBIES. JOHN NEWMAF& CO. are favoured with instructions from Mr. Martin Fj'Iston (late oi Gumeracha), Landlord of the Crosskeys Hotel, to sell by auction, on Thursday, May 11 at 2p.m. sharp— 11 Young COWS (in milk and calfW 9 head Mixed Cattle ... . .Heifera I AU to good 1 young Alderney Bull I condition. aWeaners J Heavy and Light Draught Horses 30 Laying Fowls (Brahmas and Spanish) 1 Comcrnsher Cbaffcutter and Horseworks Sets Harness Single and Double Barrelled Guns And Surplus HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, com Bedsteads, - Children's Cots, Washstands, Pal liasses, Mattresses, Lamps, Tables, and a host of Sundries. Other Entries taken up to 12 o'clock day of Sale. Remember— Thursday, May 1L Evervthingtibeaold/ i22,9,31v

THIS DAY (Tuesday), MayT WOOL, SHEEPSKINS, HIDES, KANGAROO SKINS, AND TALLOW. ELDER, SMITH, & CO. will offer for sale by auction, at their Wool - Warehouses, Grenf ell-street, This Day (Tuesday),. May 2— At 12 o'clock nona— ? HIDES, KANGAROO-SKINS, TALLOW. , At 2 o'clock— ! WOOL and SHEEPSKINS. ; t The Wools will be on view and Catalogues ob-: tainable at our Adelaide Warehouses from 9 o'clock) on day of Sale. : \ ' Further particulars may be had on application. 121-2 ELDER, SMITH, & CO : TO-DAY(Tue3day), May 2, at lL DUNDRUM; COTTAGE, PARADE, NORWOOD NEAR C4MPBELL'S CORNER. BY ORDER OF MR. D. M. MAGILL. D\\. MELVIN is instructed to ? sell, on account of the owner having re turned to Melbourne— SURPLUS FURNITURE, comprising Walnut Tricord Pianette, by Bord Cretonne Couch and Chairs, Hair Couch Dining, Occasional, Side, Dressing, and Kitchen Tables, Arm-Chairs Whatnot, Fenders and Irons, Toiletware Marble-top Washstand, Marble Slab Glass Double and Single Bedsteads, Palliasses Lounge, Washstands, Towelhorses, Safe Chest of Drawers, Curtain-poles, Chairs Carpet, Floorcloth, Mats, Bath, Ladder Cooking Utensils, Crockery, Tubs, 25 pure Fowls, and General Sundries. TO-MORROW (Wedn-sday), May 3, at 10. AT FORMBY & BOASE'S BAZAAR. HAWKER'S WAGON AND HORSE. DW. MELVIN' is instructed to ? seU In an Assicaed Estite— EXPBESS \YAGOJ, Harness, aid Stanch Horse, TO-MORROW (Wednssday), May 3, at XL ADELAIDE CENTS AL AUCTION MABT. CLOTHING, PAPER, BAGS, SUNDRIES. DW. MELVIN is directed to ? sell 80 All-wool PILOT SUITS 10 Trousers and Vetts, 12 Vests. 12 Monkey Jackets, ISO Men's Camp-Hats ? 25 superior Macintoshes, 13 Coats 153 rms. Fruit Paper, 27 bills., each 23 lb., Bags 20 cwt. Grocers' Bags, assorted Stationery and Sundries . 60 pairs Ladies' E.S. Boot.? 609 yards Blue Dungaree. i also, - — In a Hawker's Assl^ed Ei tatc— Smith's Cabinet Or&an, Books, fttntands, Periodic-Is, Stationery, Ac%rit Books, Bibles, Scrap Albums, Maps, and Fancy Goods ?— ? --. j: On THUBSDAY, May i, at 11 o'clock., / ; IN-THE TOWN HALL, ADELAIDE. IN THE INSOLVENT ESTATE OF J. J. SMALLWO0D. H'_ M. ADDISoFhasbeen Instructed ? to sell by public auction— ' t& WITHOUT ANY BESEBVE 'EJ S3' WITHOUT ANY BESEBVE 'SI 13- WITHOUT ANY RESERVE 'El The following moat Valuable PROPEBTIES on the 4th day of Slay, 1882, at U o'clock, In the Town Hall, Adelaide. All particulars from the Auctioneer, or from Mr. J. O'ConnelL To he offered in one line, and if not sold to be offered in lots as follows :— GOODWOOD WEST EXTENSION. Lot 1. Allotments Nos. 66, C7, and 68, three pair of semi-detached Four -Roomed Houses, nearly finished. Lot 2. Allotments Nos. 69, 70, 72, three pair of semi-detached Three-Roomed, all finished and all let. Lot 3. Allotment 118, House Five Booms, Outside Kitchen, &c, neariy finished. Lot 4. Allotment 117, House Five Rooms, nearly finished.. Lot 5. Allotments 116, 115, and 114, three pair semi-detached Four-Roomed Villas. On Allotments 115 and 114 the Villas are well advanced. Lot 6. Allotment 72, a Shop, Cellar, Shed, Three Boomed House, partly finished. Allotment 57, MILE-END. Terms if required. Allotment No. 8, HEMINGTON. Terms if I required. ? These most valuable Properties are for ABSOLUTE SALE by Order of the Assignee, and must be sold. ' The special attention of Speculators is called to this Sale. ; The special attention of Investors and Builders is called to this Sale. The houses, being in the immediate neighbour, hood of the GOODWOOD RAILWAY STATION, will let readily and well. The special attention of those who want to get a home for themselves in a BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY, AND MOST CON VENIENT SUBURB At a low price is called to this Sale. There is money enough in the hands of the Mortgagees .to nearly finish the houses ; in some instances more. Complete information will be furnished at the Sale. The Goodwood Property is known as J. J. Small wood'n, and is not far from the Adelaide and Glenelg Railway Station. Besides, it has been decided to run a MOTOB FBOM ADELAIDE Up and down the Glenelg Line EVEBY HALF-HOUB Past this Property, which is also just by the ADELAIDE TO NAIRrJE B ULWAY, And no doubt there will soon be a Station on this Line about this spot. The honses are* well built and of a decidedly good appearance, and for speculation, investment, or residential purposes are everything that can be desired. . Good open healthy locality; drainage good; splendid view ; close to town ; communication by bus, train, tram, and motor soon. All particulars from the Auctioneer, or Mr. J. O'Connell, Union Buildings, Waymouth-street ? 118-24 TOWN HALL, ADELAIDE. MONDAY, May 15, at 2 o'clock sharp. «3' COTTAGE PPOPE^TY 'Sft 13- COTTAGE PEOPEET^ *£» O- COTTAGE P_lOPEETf TE_ IN THE CITY. It is perfectly safe to invest in any property in the City ; ft fl ''1 increase very much in value. It has done so during the last three bai seasons. What will it do during fie next three we''-iavoured years that we all anticipate, according to past expe rience! HM, ADDISOiTwill offer for sale ? by auction, as above— K COTTAGES, Each containing Four Rooms and Bathroom, and situated in best part of Melbourne-street west, on the eastern half of Acre 1C30, fronting south. GOOD VIEW OF HILLS. Land 106 ft. 6 in. by a depth of over 200 feet, with GOOD BACK ROADS. ! If not sold in one lot, will be offered in three lots. Terms— One-quarter cash ; balance in three years at 6 per cent. : ? also, Same time and place, - - ? Very Valuable BUILDING §ITB at «*, GLENELG ? .% GLENELG X _, -...-.,. .% GLENELG »% Beta* part Block 21, having 70 feet frontage to Sussex-street by a depth of nearly 100 feet to a back road. This Block is worth buying, as it is in the very heart of the best part of the Town. Terms Literal. H. M. ADDISON, Auctioneer and Surveyor. ? 121-35 TOWN HALL, ADELAIDE. MONDAY, May 15, at 2 o'clock sharp. SPECIAL NOTICE TO INVESTORS AND OTHERS. SUBURBAN COTTAGE PROPERTY AT O' NORWOOD AND STEPNEY 'SI t& NORWOOD AND STEPNEY '5a t& NORWOOD AND STEPNEY -$* HM. ADDISoFwill offer for sale V toy auction as above— *7 COTTAGES, Of Three Booms each, Siz Semi-Detached, and One Detached. Land ICO feet x 90 feet, situated in Vemon-street, between Osmond-terrace and Edward street, N0BW00D. Also, near above. One COTTAGE, Three Booms. Land 40 feet r 90 fe^ro-^30' G?°I$e- street, STEPNEY, Two HOUSES, one of Five Booms, with a Pantry and Cellar ; and one of Four Booms, Pantry, and Cellar. Land 82 links _ 259 links. Further particulars will be given. H..M. ADDISON^ Auctioneer and Surveyor. ?, ? 121-35 On MONDAY, the 15th May. ' ? 4N THE TOWN HALL, ADELAIDE. AT TWO O'CLOCK SHARP. O' THE GREEN PATCH BLOCK. *^ 13- THE GREEN PATCH BLOCK. *__. O- THE GBEEN PATCH BLOCK. '^ THE MOST VALUABLE BLOCK OF LAND ADJOINING »*. CHAFERS BAILWAY STATION. »?. ,% CBAFERS RAILWAY STATION. «*» .% CBAFEBS RAILWAY STATION. #% This Magnificent Block of Land, containing Nine Acres, overlooks the beautiful Valley of the Biver Sturt, and mile after mile of charming mountain scenery. The luxuriant vegetation, the mountain rills, and the view of the railway darting from the tunnel through the opposite mountain will -form a scene of oicturesque beauty rarely obtainable in any land. ' N.B.— A Licence* baa been promised for an Hotel if erected on this Property, and the adjoining tond has sold at from £250 to over £800 per acre. This fact the Auctioneer guarantees. HM. ADDISON will offer this ? valuableLand for sale by auction as above1 This Block, as a whote fora Sanitarium, or sub divided into blocks for Gentlemen's Residences, u i a perfect Elysium— a delicious region of amaranthine SSSSr perennial streams, and shady grow. When money can bny it no gentleman should neglect to Tsecure Elysiumjfor himself and family. Plans and particulars obtainable from a S ADDISON, Auctioneer and Surveyor, lzl'w

7' Aucnoire .. THIS DAY (Tuesday), May 2. AT THE HIDE AND SKIN MARKET v: AT HALF-PAST 10 O'CLOCK. Tfl IiA.UGHTON~&~CO. are instructed i1*. ioSHE^tan;asab0Te Sthse ? HIDES, 4c ' .'THIS DAY (Tuesday), May », at 2 o'clock. AT THE MILE-END YARDS. SPLENDID FAT CATTLE. EliAUGHTON & CO. are instructed ? by L. G. Browne, Esq., to sell— 60 Prime FAT CATTLE, Being the first draft of the Season from Port Gawler lucernepaddocks. Also, for Messrs. W. and W. S. Rogers— 80 Prime Fat Cattle, from Finniss Flat lucerne paddocks. Also, for T. Dodd, Esq.— SO Prime Paddock-fattened Cattle. 119-22v ELAUGHTON & 0 0., ? ADELAIDE, SALESMEN OF WOOL, HIDES, SHEEP AND OTHER SKINS, AND TALLOW. Auction Sales held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Prompt Accounts and Cash Settlements cvd ROYAL HORSE BAZAAR. TO-MORROW (Wednesday), May 3, at 2 / S BARNARD & CO. will sell hy ? auction, as above— 1 HOODED EXPBESS WAGON 1 OPEN CABBIAGE The property of a gentleman leaving the colony. I ixsa, 20 HEAVY and LIGHT HORSES VEHICLES, HARNESS, 4c. ? Entries received t''1 hour of Sale. ? TO-MORROW (Wednesday), at half-pa«t 10 o'clock. AT THE CORPORATION YABDS, NORTH TEBBACE. DAIRY COWS. /GEORGE LAUGHTON is instructed VT to sell, as above — „_ . 20 Headfirst-class DAIRY COWS, -rome soring ingandiome*:thc;'vesatfo3t. 122-3 /N E O R G E LAUGHTON, CURRIE-STREET, ADELAIDE, HOLDS SALES OF FAT AND STORE STOCK at the CORPORATION YARDS, ADELAIDE. Prompt Account Sales and Cash Settlements^ TO SPECULATOBS, INVESTORS, UOUSE UOLDEBS, 4c. VALUABLE PROPERTIES FOR ABSOLUTE SALE. BY ORDER OF THE MORTGAGEES. AT PRIESTS LAND MART, VICTORIA SQUARE (east side). On THURSDAY, May 4, at 11 o'clock sharp. CW. PRIEST is instructed to sell ? by auction, as above — 1st. HYDE-PARK.— First Honse east of Hyde Park Hotel, being Lot 20 of part Section 2S7, Hundred Adelaide, laid out as Denford, having over 60 feet frontage to Park-street by about 1S5 feet deep, with 30-feet rood on east side, together with superior House of Five Booms, Bath, 4c, with large Stable, close tu Bus (and proposed Tram) Terminus, and is known as Mr. S.ndow's. 2nd. WEST THEBABTON (about 150 yards east Of Taylor's Bridge Hotel). The Allotment No. 30 of part Section 48, Hundred Adelaide, 33 ft. 10 in. by 90 feet deep, with back road, together with Two Cottages thereon, each Three Booms, Passage, 4c, let at 7s. week each, and known as J. C. Maguire's. For Bbsolute Sale to the highest bidder. At Priest's Land Mart next Thursday, at 11 sharp. ? 121-4zl21-8 On TUESDAY, May 9, at 2 o'clock. AT THE ALBION MILL. GAWLER. JC. W I~L~K I N S O N ? is instructed by the Executors to the Will of the late James Dawson, Esq., to sell, as above - 2 MARES and 2 Foals 1 Sadd'e-Horse 1 Three-year-old Filly, unbroken 1 Two do. Colt 1 good Express Buggy, with Cover and Harneo 1 Spring-Dray and Harness, Saddle and Bridle 7 Wei'hine: Machines 7 Sacktrucks, and lot of Wheat-Boards 3 Ladders, 1 Wheelbarrow 1 Caipenter's Bench Blacksmiths' and Carpenters' Tools Quantity of Castoi OU and' Fat Lot of Empty Oi'drums ALSO, 1 Powerful FIEE-ENGINE, in good condition, with 200 feet of indiarubber wire-lined Hose All the Office Furniture (excepting safe and counter) 1 Old Eureka Smut Machine, and 41 Bales New Cornsicts BESIDES The Very Handsome BESLDENCE lately oc cupied by the late Jas. Dawson, Esq., containing 12 Bioms, with Stable, Co_chhou.°e, and other Out bu'd»_gs, Splend'd Garden, Four Acres of Land AND Eight Acres of Land at the rear of the Dwelling. ? 122,476 TO INVESTORS, SPECULATOBS. SECTION 1081, LARGS~BA-£. 1081, LARGS BAY. 1081, LARGS BAY. The whole of the Township of New Birkenhead, adjacent to the Largs Bay Company's property, com prising— 60 VALUABLE ALLOTMENTS. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION at O'CONNELL'S AUCTION MART. FRIDAY, May 5, at 11 o'clock. Terms to Suit Everybody. Terms to Suit Everybody. Terms to Suit Everybody Flans from the Auctioneer. Money Advanced to Build. 3. O'CONNELL, Anctioneer, 4c, Union Buildings, 115c Waymouth street ~ AT NAIBNE. , . On SATURDAY, May 6, at 1 o'clock. MOST IMPOETANT SALE OF VALUABLE HOUSE AND LANDED PEOPEBTIES. JO H N W~M. KING IN CONJUNCTION WITH JOHN PALTRIDGE V will sell by auction, by order of Francis Davi son, Esq., agent for Dr. Richard Colthursc, at Monthly Sale, May 0— TO SPECULATORS AND INVESTOBS. A rare opportunity is offered, some of the most beautiful and valuable property ever offered in Nairne by public auction. Iiairne is well known as one of tne healthiest places in South Australia, a favourite resort for families during the hot summer months. Medical gentlemen have said that Nairne is too healthy for a doctor to make a living. The pro perties comprise a substantial Ten-Roomed Hoi'se with slate roof, Stables, and Outhouses, surrounded by a beautiful Garden, and having a constant and plentiful water supply. There are three acres of Land. This is a compact Property, most eligibly situated; scenery therefrom is beautiful, pictu resque. A pleasant place to reside, and stands on an elevated position. Five minutes' walk from the Railway Terminus. Also, all those Allotments adjoining the above, nurabeied from 122 to 125; also, fronting Main Eoad— Splendid Bui'ding Sites, Nos. 130 and 131, 1 a-,re; Cottage, two rooms, with 1J acres, Nos. 215 and 2iC. in Nortli-road; Land, near Cottage, about 2 acres, North -road; Cottage and Land, near Stone Quarry, Nairne, 149-154, Allot, ment, adjoining Byetnom, 1 acre 11 perches; Allot* ment, Port Elliot; do., Avoca; do., inDawesley, Nos. 2, 8, 10, 22, 23, 40, 49, 50, and 53 ; do., in Cal lington, 24 and 25. As the whole of these valuable Properties are for Absolute Sale, Purchasera should inspect same and see what a tempting investment they will make. Terms liberal. Title, R.P.A. Further particulars from F. Davison, Esq., Solicit -r. Mount Gambier ; or from the Auctioneers, Nairne. N.B.— Bemember, Saturday, May 6, at 1 o'clock. VT122.4-5 WH. & E. B. YOUH G, ? STOCK, STATION. LAND, AND COMMISSION AGENTS. &c, &t, C L A B E, HOLD MONTHLY SALES at CLARE, Third Thursday in each Month. ' CEYSTAL BROOK, Second Thursday in each Month. Sales held and Stock inspected in any part of the colony. Land and Farm Sales conducted on a most liberal icale. Transfers Executed. MONEY 10 LEND at Lowest Current Bates. ^ ? BQcv REYNELL, COLLET, & CO., AUCTI0NEEB3 and STOCK AND STATION 8ALESMEN, UNITY CHAMBERS. CUBBIE-STBEBT, ADELAIDE, HOLD WEEKLY SALES OF FAT STOCK at tbo CORPORATION YARDS, ADELAIDE. SALES of STATION PBOPEBTIES and STOBB STOCK negotiated. Stock Inspected and Sales Theld in any part of the Colony. PROMPT CASH SETTLEMENT. OOcv GORDON & CO. HOLD SALES ? of WOOL, SHEEPSKINS, HIDES, KANGAROO and WALLABY SKINS, and TAL LOW, at the CORPORATION HIDE and SKIN MARKET, EVERY TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and 8ATUEDAY, at 10 o'clock. For the convenience of Country Lots delivery will be taken at the Booms, Ore-fell-strftgt ? 31ct E& A. D E N D Y ? AUCmONEEBS, SHEEP, CATTLE, AND HOBSE SALESMEN. AND GENEBAL AGENTS, BORDER TOWN. BOEDER TOWN MONTHLY MARKET, ? First Saturday in each Month 7S'165v Printed and Published daily by Robert Kippin Thomas at the Offices of the South Australian BemtUr, Evening Journal, and Adelaide Observer, Grenfell-street, Adelaide, where advertUement* orders, and communications are received