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ADELAIDE OBSERVATORY, longitude, 9b. 14m. 21'3s. E. Latitude, 34* 65' sa»s.

Time BilX.-Jannary 7 — Ball dropped at lh. Om. Os., corresponding to January 6, 15h. 45m. 38'7s. Greenwich mean time. Note.— The ball is raised half-mast hieh at 12h.

65m., and to the masthead at 12h- 57m. The instant the Ball starts or commences to drop is the time to be noted, which should be lh. Om. Os., correspond ing to 15h. 45m. 38-7s., Greenwich mean time. Should the Ball from any cause fail to drop, or drop before the time, it will be raised again at lh. 15m. to the masthead for ten 'minutes, and then lowered gently. Whenever this happens, the Ball, if possible, ?will be dropped at 2 p.m. for a time signal.— C. Todb, Observer. PORT ADELAIDE. ARRIVED. Saturday, January 7. ORIENT, steamer, Hewison, master, from Sydney, via Melbourne. J. Stilling & Co., agents, Town and Port Passengers— Messrs. Maurice, J. W. Ibbott, CM. Mnirhead, McFariane, Berry, Master Berry, Messrs. Thurston, Vivian, T. M. Warren, and Broughton; in transit for London, first-class 25, second-class 18, third-class 61. ALEXANDRA, brig, 239 tons. J. P. Booth, master, from Cairns, North Queensland, November 24. W. R. Cave-and Co., agents. Sunday, January 8. ? LTJSITANIA, steamer, 3,825 tons, A. Charlton, master, from London November 24, Plymouth November 26, Aden December 17. Jos. Stilflngand Co., agents. Passengers.— For Adelaide—First ealoon : Sir W. Clayton, Bart., Rev. R. S. Casely, Bev. R. Kenny, Mr. Walter Park, Hon. Marcus Sandys. Second saloon : Mr. Frederick Just, Mr. Henry Jnst. For Melbourne— First saloon : Mr. Henry Baker, Miss Clarkson, Mrs. Cochrane, Mr. Peter Cran, Miss Crowther, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Dalton, Miss Gasgoine, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hnybers, Eev. D. V. Hurley, Mr. R. Bright, Mrs. Kay, Mr. D% J. Monro, Rev. B. J. Morgan, Rev James M. O'Connell, Miss Poynter, the Misses Priest, Miss Purser, Miss Taylor, Mr. G. R. Tibbits, Mr. and Mrs. Richter. Second saloon : Mr. and airs. J. Andrew, Miss Bennett, Mr. and Mr. W. Binnie and = family, Mrs. Borcoyne, Mrs. Bowman, Mr. John Catto, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cleaves, Mr. George D. Davidson, Mr. William Drabble, Mr. R. A. Glen, Miss Hadden, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hammond and family, Mrs. Hammond, Mr. Thomas j. Hammond, Miss Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. S. Langford and family, Mr. and Mrs. D. McFadden ana family, Miss McFarland, Miss Mence, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Padley, Mr. Alfred Ridley, Mr. and Mrs. A. Roxburgh and family, Mr. A. B. Sampson, Mr. J. F. Skelton, Mr. W. Stanfield, Mr. W. Tanner, Mr. and Mrs. J. Wil liams and family, Mr. R. A. Wright. For Sydney— First Saloon : Mrs. E. Beanland, Mra. S. L. Beanland, ig. and Mrs. Horace Beevor, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Bourne, Mr. W. H. Bray, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Browse, Mr. Walter R. Congreve, Mr. Eustace Davis, Mr. H. M. Durlacher, Mr. Geo. R. Drysdale, Mr. F. El-well, Eev. Jas. L. Forbes, Mr. John Geddes, Mr. W. C. Greville, Miss Hancock, Miss Hesketn, Captain R. Johnson, Mr. T. G. Keates, Mr. Fred. H. Keats, Kev. Jas. M. and Mrs. KiUen, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Kimpton, Mr. A. Mar ?hall, Mr. and Mrs. W. Perry, Mr. J. S. Perry, Miss Kaitt, 'Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. Roach, family, and servant, Mr. T. Smith, Mr. G. B. Twynam, Dr. Miles Wilkinson, Mr. C. C. Wimberley. Second saloon : Mr. and Mrs. Barron, Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Cecil, Mr. and .Mra. R. Dempster, Mr. A. R. Englefield, Mr. S. W. C. Francis, Mr. D. Jack, jnn., Mr. and Mrs. S. Kimpton and family, Mr. F. W. P. Laird, Mr. A. Nettleingbam, Mr. John Nightingale, Mr. A. C. Pearman, Miss Pear man, Mr. Henry L. Saunders, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Teare, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Thomas and child, Mr. Fred. Whitteron, Mr. William Whitteron, Mr. J. W. Willoughby. Steerage and third-class, 37. JUBILEE, ship, 740 tons, W. Heseltine, master, from F; ?_?;:? '' TV'-r-mber 28. McLean Brothers and Rigg, 'lowu aiin Port, agents. MACEDON, steamer, 826 tons, John Nicholson, master, from Melbourne January 6. John Webster and Co., agents, Town and Port. Passengers— Mr. and Mrs. J. Whittle, Mr. and Mrs. Bathye, Dr. Stewart, Master Marshall, Misses J. O'Brien, Mar shall, Robertson, Pearse, Messrs. F. Fox, H. J. Rhodes, M. O'Brien, R. J. Farquhar, George Cooke, J. McCracken, Thomas Lowe, E. J. Strickland, E. . Gaze, W. Pearse, W. Stockman, W. S. Pearce, J. E. Clarkson, J. E. Redhead, and E. Barnard, in the saloon ; and 28 in the second cabin. TORRENS, ship, 1,275 tons, H. R. Angel, master, from Plymouth October 29. Elder, Smith, and Co., Town and Port, agents. Passengers— Mr. and Mrs. T. Bnggenkate, Mrs. and Miss Main, Miss F. Angel, Miss A. 'Angel, Mis3 L Tarlton, Mrs. L. Tarlton, Dr. and Mrs. McAvee and child, Miss A. McAvee, Miss Manning, Mr. Tarlton, Mr. Fowler, Mr. Fenwick, Mr. W. Krch, Mr. H. Pirch, Mr. Beynon, Mrs. Roberts, Miss A. Roberts, Mr. Whyte, Mr. Barham, Mr. Kale, Mr. Monckton, Mr. M. Forde, Mrs. Forde, Mr. Eagleton, Rev. C. H. Tandy, Mr. Newstead, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Arrow, Mr. Elliott, Mr. Hor locks, Mr. D. Worth, Mr. W. Worth, Dr. Yates, Mr. Williams, and Mr. Smith, in the saloon; Mr. and Miss Weller, Mrs. Hoilyoake and child, Mrs. and Master Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Ekins, Mrs. Sawer, Messrs. Miller, Golding, Jones, Rees, Baker, Dinham, Ryan, Booth, Hadlow, Clarke, and Erck, in the second cabin. PENOLA, steamer, 310 ton9, George Worlege, master, from Melbourne, via the outports. George Young and Sop, agents. Passengers— Messrs. E. Bussel, L Williams, E. J. Dunk, Codrington, Mrs. Codrington and child, Mrs. Stratton, Misses Sched ley, Renfrey, and Flynn, in the saloon ; and 21 in the second cabin. ARRIVED COASTWISE. Saturday, January 7. MALCOLM, ketch, 23 tons, W. J. Spells, master, from Port Wakefield. PERCY, ketch, 35 tons, Bishop, master, from Port Wakefield. RUBY, ketch, 36 tons, Jelly, master, from Port Wakefield. OSPREY, ketch, 39 tons, J. Leask, master, from Ardrossan. LURLENE, ketch, 59 tons, G. McKay, master, for Port Wakefield. THOMAS AND ANNIE, ketch, 34 tons, Mitchell, master, from Ardrossan. ADONIS, ketch, 49 tons, Angelnowitcb, master, from Port Wakefield. , THREE SISTERS, ketch, 17 tons, J. Connolly, master, from Port Parham. WAKEFIELD, steamer, 53 tons, T. B. Richard son, master, from Ardrossan. Sunday, January 8. FERRET, steamer, 211 tons, J. Dowel], master, from South-Eastern porte. Passengers — From Beachport: Miss Hammer, Messrs. Mattinson, Whitter, J. Formby, Pannell, R. Formby, Molton, L. A. Williams, Peacock, and Miss Whitfield, in the saloon. From Kingston: Mr. Hemsley, in the saloon ; and one in the steerage. Cargo— 1,003 bags potatoes, 2 cases butter, 32 bales wool, 4 bags do., 2 cases bacon, 23 barrels, 36 do. empty bottles, 1 parcel books, and 5 tons sundries. VIVID, ketch, 45 tons, Russell, master, from Franklin Harbour. OSPREY, ketch, 33 tons, J. Leask, master, from Ardrossan. LOTTIE, cutter, 20 tons, J. Brown, master, from Port Wakefield. EOYAL SHEPHERD, steamer, 277 tons, G. Campbell, master, from Wallaroo, via Port Lincoln. Passengers— Mrs. Hamp, Mrs. Vaughan, Miss 'Bas tard, Miss Thorpe, Messrs. Ferguson, Hamp, Ben bow, J. Telfer, Simmons, Elson, and Hamp, in the cabin. Cargo— 250 bags wheat, 123 do. oysters, quantity skins, and empties. SEABIRD, ketch, 23 tons, J. Giles, master, from Port Wakefield. cleared out. Saturday, January 7. ORIENT, steamer, 5,386 tons, Hewison, master, for London. J. Stilling and Co., agents. Passen-   gers— Mr. and Mrs. D. Babbage, lady Hanson Misses Hanson, Mr. H. and Miss Babbage, in the saloon. Jan. SAILED. g&- LUSITANIA, steamer, for Melbourne. '^—ORIENT, steamer, for London. Jan. SAILED COASTWISE. . 6— FLINDERS, steamer, for Port Augusta. 6— CERES, steamer, for Stansbury. 6— JAMES COMRIE, steamer, for Edithburgh. 7— TROPIC, barque, for Port Pine. 7— GLENELG, steamer, for Port Augusta. 7— ELSIE, ketch, for Kingston, via Yankalffla. 7— ANNIE WATT, ketch, for Port Wakefield. IMPORTS. \*A special charge is made on consignees' an nouncements inserted under the head Imports. ALEXANDRA, from Cairns— 171 logs cedar, con^ taining 94,000 feet. JUBILEE, from Fremantle — 383 half-loads jarrah. PENOLA, from Melbourne— 100 pairs naves, 250 sacks malt, 555 bags potatoes, 34 bales wool, 10 casks pork, 5 boxes raisins, 1 bundle hides, 9 cases, 7 MACEDON, fromMelbonrne— 1 parcel, 100 railway wheels, 4 pkgs. newspapers, 1 case muntz metal, 10 cases cheese, 11 cases drugs, i casks, 12 pieces Oregon. Per Baruxga, from London— For G. Wood, Son, & Co.— 145 packages. EXPORTS. ORIENT, for London— 23 bales basils, F. Clark and Sons ; 41 do. sheepskins, W. Mofflin and Co. r 5 bales sheepskins, cases, 144 bales wool, D. Comrie and Co. ; 81 bales wool, J. Hart and Co. ; 230 do., J. Pile; 561 do., S. J. Gill; 173 do., J. Crompton ; 22 do., 7 pkgs., J. Stilling and Co. ; 50 bags wheat, Jones, Parry, and Co. ; 2 octaves, 1 case wine, T. Hardy ; 1 case, D. and W. Murray ; 133 bales wool, Lnsmoore. MISCELLANEOUS. The Orient arrived on Saturday morning about 4 o'clock, and received during the day about 1,500 bales-wool. ?- The mails were shipped at about mid night, and at dawn the. vessel was ready for sea. The Lusitania bad jnst arrived, and complimentary signals were exchanged as the Orient shaped a course away down gulf r and was very shortly * out of sight Captain Hewison reports leaving Melbourne on January 5 at 10 o'clock, and at 1.30 pTm. stopped off Queensdiffe to receive on board New Zealand mails and passengers. At 3 p.m. cleared Port Phillip Heads, and. experienced stron? south-west gale, attended by a heavy sea. On the Gth, at S.30 a.m., was off Cape Northumberland, with wind more moderate. passed Cape .Tervis, and on the 7th, at i o'clock, anchored in the outer harbour. . ; The Alexandra, brig, from Cairns, has a cargo of timber in logs. She sailed November 25 ; on December IS reached Montague Island ; on the 25th passed- Kent' s Group, and three days after Cape Otway ; on the night of the 5th was off Cape Wil longhby, and then nad a fair wind to the Semaphore. The Lcsitama departed from the usual route, and reached the Bell Buoy on Sunday morning via the Suez Canal, instead of round the Cape. She was fortunate in getting such dispatch in clearing the canal, for, in consequence of some new quarantine regulations, there. were twenty-one steamers at Suez waiting to enter the canal, and there was another fleet delayed at Ismaila. The Lusitania left London on November 23 at 2^0Jun.; Gravesend on the 25th at io.soa.rn.. and Plymouth at 8 a.m. on the 23th, after being there detained for a day by reason of a Tery heavy gale of wind. Reached Naples at 7.40 a.m. on December 5, sailed again at 4.30 p.m., and reached Port Said at 3.25 on December 9, Suez at 7.15 a.m. on the 12th, Aden at 10.40 a.m. on the 15th, and sailed again at 10.50 on the 17th. She reached the Semaphore early on Sunday moraine. The work of discharge was carried on during Sunday. Several of the passengers took advantage of the opportunity to land and take a look at sur roundings. _ The Torrexs has made the passage from London m seventy-three, or Plymouth in seventy days. She left the latter port on October 29. The Equator was crossed on November 22 when twenty-four days out. The Torrens was driven well over towards the

South American coast, and signalledPeroambuco. On December 13 she crossed the meridian of the Cape, forty-four days out, and on the following day ?was in company with the barque Inchmarnocfc, from Glasgow, bound to Adelaide, ninety days out In the Southern Ocean for three days she Tan an average of 310 miles. On Sunday morning the Gulf was entered by way of Backstairs Passage. The Macedon has had her customary overhaul and refit while in Melbourne, and now looks in ex cellent order throughout. She is now commanded by Captain John Nicholson, who has been as well known for a long period as any shipmaster on the intercolonial line. He reports leaving Williamstown at 1.10 p.m. on the 6th. Cape Otway was abeam at 11.40 p.m., and Northumberland at 3.50 p.m. nest day. Passed Cape Jaffa at 1 a.m. on the 8th, and Jervis at 11.35 on Sunday. She discharged mails at the Bell Buoy, and then steamed into harbour. Entered Outwards. — The following vessel cleared at the Custom House, Port Adelaide, on Saturday, January 7 :— Sydney Griffiths, for Vasse, W.A. GLENELG. MlSCEIXANEOUS. In reference to the departure of Sir Henry Lefroy it should have been mentioned that he went off to the Carthage in the Mermaid, and not in the Der went as stated. The Mermaid was in waiting for him, but as he did not arrive in time Bishop Short was taken off, and the Mermaid returned in tune for His Excellency. ? OUTPORT SHIPPING. CAPE BORDA. Jannary 7, 7.35 p.m.— Steamer Lusitania abreast, passing inward, reports all well ; no coal re quired. Wind — S., fresh gale ; sea rough. January 8, 6.30 a.m ? Ship and three-masted schooner passing inward. Wind — S., fresh ; sea rough. 12.30 p.m.— Ship passing inward. Wind— S.S.E., moderate; sea smooth. SHIPPING BY TELEGRAM. Outports. Post Wakefield.— Arrived : Januarys— Adonis. Sailed: Lottie, Adonis, Vivid, and Meteor, Port Adelaide. Morgan.— Arrived : January 6— Prince Alfred and Paringa, Wentworth. Wallakoo.— Sailed: January ft-Boyal Shepherd, Port Lincoln ; Pioneer, Franklin Harbour. Port Augusta.— Safled : January 7— Franklin, Port Adelaide ; Natal Queen, Hobart. Edithbuegh. — Arrived: January 7— Maldon Lewis, Port Adelaide. KlNGSCOTE. — Arrived : Jannary 6 — Governor Musgrave, Cape Borda, and sailed for lighthouses. Ardrossan. — Arrived : January 6— Wakefield, Port Adelaide. Safled : 6— Port Adelaide. G00LWA.— Arrived : January 6— Bourke, Mflang. Milang.— Arrived : January 6— Bourke, Goolwa. Maknum.— Arrived: January 6 — Amphibious, Goolwa; Saddler, Morgan. Sailed: 7— Saddler, Goolwa. Wentworth.— Arrived : January fr-sTane Eliza,' Morgan. Overland Corner.— January 6— Princess Royal, passed down. ' . '.' Beachport. — Arrived : January 6-JPenola, '.Mel bourne; Ferret, MacDpnnell Bay. Sailed : January 6— Penola, Port Adelaide. Port Germein.— Arrived ; January 7— Elizabeth Annie, Strathmore, Port Augusta. Port Victoria.— Arrived: Young Lion, Moonta Bay. INTERCOLONIAL. Melbourne. — Arrived : January 6 — Garonne, London; Glengarry, Port Adelaide; Garonne, in quarantine. Sailed : January 6— Macedon, Albany ; Mangana and Mercury, Launceston ; Cheviot, Sydney. 7— Dagmar, fishing cruise; ketch, name unknown. Sydney.— Arrived : Jannary 6— Dnchess of Kent, Liverpool; Tasman, Hobart; Bowen and City of Melbourne, Melbourne. Sailed.: January 6— Esk, Launceston; Koonowarra, Melbourne. Weather Wind, N.E., light, fine. Albany.— Arrived : Jannary 7, 1.45 a.m.— Khe- dive, Point de Galle.