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Family Notices

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BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, & DEATHS. BIRTHS. ANDERSON. —On the 29th May, at Springfield, Stansbury, the wife of Peter Anderson, of a daughter. AYERS. —On the 26th May, at East-terrace, the wife of H. L. Ayers, of a son. BENNETS. —On the 31st May, at Sydenham-road, Norwood, the wife of John Bennets, of a son. CHEWINGS. —On the 23rd May, at Angas-street, Kent Town, the wife of George Chewings, Esq., J.P., of a daughter. Both doing well. CLARK. —On the 30th May, at Middleton Hotel, Middleton, the wife of John Clark, of twin daughters. COMLEY. —On the 24th May, at the Ovingham Hotel, the wife of George J. Comley, of a son. COWAN. —On the 27th May, at Two Wells, the wife of W. B. Cowan, of a daughter. CRAM. — On the 25th May, at Annerly Vale, Yongala, the wife of Allan Cram, of a son. Both doing well. HAMBRIDGE. —On the 31st May, at Glenelg, the wife of George Hambridge, of a son. HARRINGTON. —On the 13th May, at Prospect, Mrs. James Harrington, of a daughter. HAWKES. —On the 19th May, at Clifton, Sema phore, the wife of James S. Hawkes, of a daughter. HENDRY. —On the 2nd June, at Clyde-street, Parkside, the wife of William John Hendry, of a daughter. HENWOOD. —On the 21st May, at Manton- street, Hindmarsh, the wife of John Charles Hen wood, of a son. HEALY. —On the 30th May, at St. Leonards, Glenelg, the wife of P. Healy, of a daughter HEANEY. —On the 28th May, at Yorketown, Yorke's Peninsula, the wife of George Harris Heaney, of a daughter. HONNER. —On the 28th May, at the parsonage, Woodforde, Magill, the wife of the Rev. A. Honner, of a daughter. JOCEY. —On the 18th May, at Cassell-street, off Halifax-street, Adelaide, the wife of A. Jocey, of a son. KNOWLES. —On the 1st June, at Mallala, the wife of E. Knowles, of a daughter. Both doing well. LUXMOORE. —On the 24th May, at Brighton, the wife of Jno. H. Luxmoore, of a daughter. MADDERN. —On the 12th May, at Rosedale, Mintaro, the wife of William Edward Maddern, Esq., of a son. Both doing well. MAGAREY. —On the 2nd June, at North-terrace, the wife of Dr. S. J. Magarey, of a son. McCANN. —On the 27th May, at Union-street Adelaide, the wife of John McCann, of Hillsborough, Jamestown, of a daughter. McNEILL. —On the 4th June, at her residence, 213, Rundle-street east, Adelaide, the wife of Thomas Henry McNeill, of a daughter. Melbourne papers please copy. PURDIE. —On the 19th May, at Fair View Farm, Melrose, the wife of J. G. Purdie, of a son. READ. —On the 26th May, at Fair View Farm, near Georgetown, the wife of Chas Read, of a daughter; stillborn. RORKE. —On the 26th May, at St. Andrew's Manse, Wakefield-street, the wife of the Rev. E. Rorke, B.A., of a daughter. STOW. —On the 13th May, at Commercial-road, Port Adelaide, the wife of W. C. Stow, of a son. Gippsland papers please copy. WALDER. —On the 31st May, at Dutton Town, the wife of Samuel E. Walder, of a daughter. WARMINGTON. —On the 25th May, at Bagot- street, Wallaroo, the wife of Eneder Warmington, of a son. YOUNG. —On the 31st May, at Port Augusta, Mrs. Thomas Young, jun., of a daughter. MARRIAGES. BARRETT —FAIRCLOUGH. — On the 5th April, at the Semaphore, by special licence, by the Rev. S. F. Prior, Edward Barrett, of Adelaide, to Harriet Fairclough, of the Semaphore. BLEECHMORE —HARRISON. —On the 22nd   May, at the residence of the bride's father, Terowie, by the Rev. H. E. Copinger, Henry Stanley Bleech more, to M. C. (Carrie), only daughter of G. T. Harrison, Esq. COWAN —MOSELEY. —On the 26th May, at the residence of Mr. Cowan, Magill, by the Rev. J. Young Simpson, William Simon, only son of Mr. S. Cowan, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Frank Moseley. CRONK —GREGSON. —On the 12th April, at Christ Church, Highbury, London, by the Rev. J. Gregson, M.A., Vicar of Rusland (brother of the bride), Herbert George Cronk, M.A., M.B., Cantab., of Repson, Derbyshire, fourth son of Edwyn E. Cronk, of Suffolk-place, Sevenoaks, Kent, to Emily Kase, eldest daughter of Jesse Gregson, of 54, Highbury Hill, N. DAVEY —WATTS. —On the 1st June, at the resi dence of the bride's father, by the Rev. James Haslam, John Francis, eldest son of John Davey, Esq., Redhill, Broughton, to Elizabeth Ann, eldest daughter of Mark Watts, Esq., Kapunda. DEWHURST —GLASSON. —On the 24th May, at the residence of the bride's parents, by licence, by the Rev. A. W. Wellington, Richard Dewhurst, of Uroonda, to Martha, daughter of Mr. W. Glasson, Yongala. DUIGNAN —BETHELL. —On the 1st May, at   West-terrace, Adelaide, by the Rev. Aristidi Gandolfi, John Joseph, eldest son of the late Mr. John Duignan, to Kate Theresa, second daughter of Mr. John Bethell. FOSTER —RAMSAY. —On the 25th May, at the Flinders-street Baptist Church, by licence, by Rev. S. Mead, M.A., LL.B., John, eldest son of the late James Foster, of Saddleworth, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Samuel Ramsay, of Edende clare, County Cavan, Ireland. FROST —ROWE. —On the 24th May, at the Lower Light Primitive Methodist Church, by the Rev. H. Hartley, John, third son of Samuel Frost, to Mar garet Charity, fifth daughter of the late Wm. Rowe, Port Gawler. HERON —SAUNDERS. —On the 25th May, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. W. W. Finch, John, second son of Mr. Andrew Heron, to Sarah Ann, third daughter of Mr. Robert Saunders ; all of Wilmington. JAMES —MEINCKE. —On the 30th May, at the residence of the bride's father, Kapunda, by the Rev. J. Raymont, Evan James, to Catharine Eliza beth, eldest daughter of Mr. L. Meincke. JENKINS —PATTEN. —On the 24th May, at St. Luke's Church, Adelaide, by special licence, by the Rev. Mr. Coghlin, William, eldest son of Mr. W. Jenkins, Woodville, to Mina, youngest daughter of Mr. J. Patten, Hilton. LASSCOCK —GENERY. —On the 24th May, at St. Luke's, by the Rev. F. Coghlan, Edward, youngest son of Thomas Lasscock, of Willunga, to Lucy, eldest daughter of Walter Genery, Adelaide. LOVETT —MENDES. —On the 20th May, at St. Luke's Church, Adelaide, by the Rev. F. Coghlan, Philip, youngest son of Mr. Henry Lovett, of Chertsey, Surrey, England, to Agnes Harris, only daughter of Mrs. Mendes, of Liverpool, England. Home papers please copy. MAIN — GOSS. — On the 20th May, at Port Augusta, by the Rev. W. Read, Wesleyan minister, John, eldest son of the late Mr. James Main, of Aberdeen, Scotland, to Elizabeth, third daughter of Mr. John Goss, Mount Gambier. MATHER —OAKFORD. —On the 24th May, at St. Matthew's, Kensington, by the Rev. T. Jenkins, William Thomas, second son of G. Mather, to Sarah Jane, fifth daughter of the late T. Oakford. MILLS —MERRETT. —On the 5th June, at St. Albans, Port Wakefield, by the Very Rev. the Dean of Adelaide, Harry Whitfield, son of the late J. Mills, of Devonshire, England, to Janet Arneil, daughter of C. Merrett, sen., of Port Wakefield. SIGGINS —HIPWELL. —On the 6th May, at Pewsey Vale Church, by the Rev. A. Sells, John Hewitt, eldest son of Christopher Siggins, County Cavan, Ireland, to Eliza, eldest daughter of Mr. Isaac Hipwell, of Pewsey Vale, S.A. STUTLEY —PRIEST. —On the 20th May, by the Rev. R. S. Casely, James Seymour Phillip, eldest son of Mr. Thomas Stutley, Devonshire, England, to Annie Emma, eldest daughter of Mr. John Priest, Angas-street, Adelaide.     WOOD —JOHNSON. —On the 23rd May, at Clayton Church, Kensington, by the Rev. Thos. Hope, Peter, eldest son of Gilbert Wood, to Alice Maude, youngest daughter of Edmund Johnson, of Brighton, Victoria. WOOLLARD —CROWHURST. —On the 24th May, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. T. A. Fieldwick, Joseph, the third son of the late E. Woollard, to Ruth, fourth daughter of Mr. James Crowhurst, both of Gumeracha. DEATHS.   AUSTIN. —On the 20th May, at Koolywurtie, Yorke's Peninsula, Frank, infant son of George Phillis Austin, aged two years.   BANYER. —On the 4th June, at Kapunda, Mary Stephens, the beloved wife of W. J. Banyer aged 48. BARRY. —On the 7th April, 1882, at Cleveland-square, Hyde Park, London, aged 83 years, Lady Sarah Barry, widow of the late Sir Charles Barry, Architect of the Houses of Parliament, and aunt of C. J. Barry, of Adelaide.   BLACKEBY. —On the 25th May, at Queen-street, Norwood, Maria Blackeby, aged 14 years. BROWN. —On the 29th May, at the Buck's Head Hotel, Stepney, Alice, the beloved wife of R. S.   Brown, aged 30 years.              

CARMICHAEL. — On the 3rd June, at the Eagle Tavern, Hindley-street, Adelaide, Mary Jane Carmichael, the beloved sister of Mrs. McKenzie. CHENOWETH. —On the 27th May, at Aldinga, of bronchitis, Bartle Wilfrid, the dearly beloved child of Edwin George and Ettie Chenoweth, aged two years and seven months. A little bud to bloom in Heaven. CLARK. —On the 18th May, at Adelaide Hospital, John Bone Clark, son of the late Captain Clark, of Ayrshire, from injuries received at Adelaide Rail way Station, leaving wife and one child to mourn their loss. Ayrshire papers please copy. DIBBEN. —On the 26th May, at Sturt-street, Edith Ann, the beloved daughter of Charles and Eliza Dibben, aged 10 years and 7 months. Deeply regretted by all who knew her. FLINT. —On the 29th May, at Kent Town, John, the beloved son of W. T. and H. Flint, aged 1 year. GILL. —On the 28th May, at Angle Farm, near Navan, Richard Gilbert, the youngest and dearly beloved son of S. and the late William Gill, aged five years five months and nine days. A flower to bloom in Heaven. HEANEY. —On the 1st June, Jane, the beloved wife of George H. Heaney, of Yorketown (Y.P.). Resting in Jesus. JOHNSTON. —On the 29th May, at Queenstown, Otago, New Zealand, Captain George B. Johnston, of Goolwa, aged 53 years. KINNEAR. —On the 16th May, at her residence, Catherine Hennare, the beloved wife of Edward Kinnear, Kinnear's Town, near Port Augusta, aged 48 years, after a long and painful illness. She leaves a husband and seven children to mourn her loss, and deeply regretted by all who knew her. A colonist of 31 years. R.I.P. LAWTON. —On the 3rd June, at Walter-street, North Adelaide, Ada Minnie, the beloved daughter of Thomas and Eleanor Lawton, aged 3 years and 2 months. MORROW. —On the 20th May, at his residence, Balaklava, after a painful illness, William Morrow, aged 62 years. A colonist of 36 years. NEILL. —On the 25th May, at Palmer-place, Alice, wife of A. S. Neill, aged 37 years. NINA. —On the 20th May, at the Adelaide Hos- pital, of consumption, "Nina," native of Euston, New South Wales, for many years with Mrs. G. H. Birt, of Walkerville-road. Deeply regretted by the family. PHILLIS. —On the 17th May, of croup and bronchitis, John Francie, the beloved son of John and Elizabeth Phillis, of Wirrabara Forest, aged one year and ten months. REBBECK. —On the 22nd May, at Kapunda, after a long and painful illness, Eliza, the dearly beloved wife of Charles Rebbeck, aged 58 years. RICHARDSON. —On the 29th May, at Mount Barker, Ellis Dudgeon, eldest surviving son of Adam Watson Richardson, chemist, aged 19 years. SARRE. —On the 30th May, at Riverton, of blood poisoning, Ruth, the beloved wife of James Sarre, and youngest daughter of the late Samuel Suckling, of Essex, aged 35 years, leaving seven little ones to mourn their loss. Also, on the 19th May, Herbert John, infant son of the above, aged 5 months and 6 days. SENN. —On the 1st June, at the Adelaide Hospital, Joseph Anton Senn, aged 61 years. SIBLEY. —On the 27th May, at his residence, Loyell Cottage, Charles-street, Norwood, Nicholas Joseph Sibley, in his 42nd year. Deeply regretted by all who knew him. SIBLY. —On the 22nd April, at Aldinga, of inflam mation of the lungs, Leah, the beloved wife of Alfred Sibly, aged 29 years. Deeply regretted by a large circle of friends. TALLACK. —On the 22nd May, at his residence, Steelton, after three days' illness, John Tallack, aged 51. A minister and official of the Primitive Methodist Connexion 22 years. Deeply regretted by a large circle of friends. TODD. —On the 25th May, at Carrington-street, of paralysis, James Todd, aged 57 years ; brother of Thomas Todd, sen., Lefevre's Peninsula. Melbourne   and Sydney papers please copy. TUCKER. —On the 21st May, at Charles-street north, Norwood, Rupert Leonard, only and beloved son of S. N. and J. D. Tucker, aged one year and six months. VINCENT. —On the 3rd June, at his residence, Port Augusta, of typhoid fever, Charles, eldest son of Mrs. H. Vincent, Hindley-street, Adelaide, leav ing a wife and two children to mourn his loss, aged 32 years. WHITBY. —On the 27th May, at Prospect, of tubercular meningitis, Henrietta Lilian (Lily), second daughter of the late J. J. Whitby, solicitor, Adelaide, aged 9 years. WRIGHT. —On the 4th June, at Edithburgh, Mary, the dearly beloved wife of Thomas Howard Wright, aged 22. YOUNG. —On the 10th April, at Parc Behan, Veryan, Cornwall, England, John Tonkin Young, father of the late John L. Young, aged 80 years. ZSCHORN. —On the 4th June, at Norwood, after long suffering, Janette Helena, the dearly beloved wife of G. E. Zschorn, aged 25 years.