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Present— Menrs. 8. Tomkintoo, &LP. (Chair man), S. Beddome and R. J. Turner, S.M.'s, Hods. J. Oolton, M P , and W. C. Boik, M.L.O., O.fPeacock, J.P, Dr. Gosse, J.P., and Mr. T.

TRANSFER OF PUBLICANS' LICENCE GRANTED Jane Allen to G. Schunke, Bridge Hotel, Laoghorne's Creek. H.. Armstrong to P. ?n.ccia, Hewmarket Inn. A. Atkinson, to P. Cashel, Brompton Park Hotel, Brompton Park. J. Baker to J. S. Crocker, Kentuh Arms, Stanley-street, Korth Adelaide, and billiard licence. A. Brockmeyer to J. F. HiUier, Crown Hotel, Beynella, and billiard licence. O. A. Brown to J. Coles, Prince's Hotel, Port Adelaide. W. B. Carlier to G. Harding, Mirryatville Hotel, Marryatville. G. H. Catchlove to J. Humphries, Manoora Hotei, Manoorm. J, Cherry and G. Milne, as assignees of estate of C. B. Hallman, to J. Williams, Kock Tarem, i Magill. W. Creaser to J. Allen, Broadway Hotel, ; New Glecelg, and billiard licence. j B. Crocker to K. Crocker, Metropolitan Hotel, i W. H. Cummin* to L. McLeod, the Young | Qneen Idd, Freeman-street, and billiard licence, j W. F De»landea to T. E. Kane. Ethelston Hotel, Glanville. W. A. DaRieu to F. W\ Schultz, Terminus Hotel, Strathalbyn. W. Dwyer, executor of George Sheedy, de- j ceased, to D. O. Back, Globe Hotel, Hindmarsh. J. Field to P. Lee, Lion Hotel, North Ade laide, and billiard licence. Elizabeth Field to II. Bulm&n, Clarendon Hotel, Clarendon. W. Gordon to H. Oliff, Noirlung* Hotel, Noulungs. r E. D. Gowne to H. Meegaa, Star of the Eut Hotel, Hindmarsh-equare. W. H. Haddy to Leon M. Tier, Commercial Hotel. Port Adelaide, and billiard licence. O. Haynes to G. Mcllwraith, Half way-hoase Hotel, Be»erley. R. H. E. Henning, executor of Ann Venn, deceased, to J. Hill, Edinburgh Castle Hotel. J. Hill to A. Oox, Edinburgh Hotel, Mitcham. J. F. HiUier to B. Ewther, Belalr Hotel, Belair. J. James, administrator of A. James, deceased, to A. O. Stoneham, Mill Inn, Gawler. Mary Lewis to Mary Lewis, Bridgewater Hotel, Bridgewater. H. Meegan to Isabella Burns, Earl of Aber deen Hotel. J. Preston to J. F. Gnnsler, South Australian Club Hotel, North-terrace. J. Pycrolt to W. Frost, Light Bridge Hotel, Linwood. J. Eeed to G. Eyle, Imperial Hotel, King William-street. W. Keid to A. Othens, Kew Hotel, Kew. O. fttttig to J. Gene, Hotel Europe, Grenfell strtet. A. Russell to W. Bussell, British Hotel, Port Adelaide, and billiard licence. Eliza Ryan (administratrix of Michael Ryan) to Eliza Ryan, Britannia Hotel, Norwood. F. W. Schultz to T. Fallon, Jiobin Hood Hotel, Strathalbjn. D. Sly to G. Bell, Gepp's Cross Hotel, Gepp's Cross. W. W. Smith to W. B. Bromley, Ardrossan Hotel, Ardrossan, and billiard licence. W. Stirling to W. Stirling, Lewis Arms, Port Willunga. R. A. Stock and S. McMullan to Lavinia Hammond, Commercial Hotel, Gawler. Ann Trevorah (administratrix of H. P. Tre- vorah) to Ann Trevorah, Forest Inn, Bay-road. T. Waite to T. Wake, Terminus Hotel, Glerelg. W. B. Wall to J. McCrotty, Commercial Hotel, Morgan, and billiard licence. H. Waterhouse and J. Dean to J. Dean, Crown Hotel, Port Victor. G. White to J. Green, Barossa Inn, Lyndoch. HBW APFLICaKTB FOB OLD BOr6E9 QHaNTED. J. Pycroft, Light Bridge Hotel, Lindwood. APPLICANTS FOR NEW HOUSES. J. O. Bailey, Hyde Park Hotel, Park-street, Hyde Park, Unley. Mr. Wadey appeared for the applicant. Mr. Bee, who offered no opposi tion, said that tbe building had been erected in accordance with the plans exhibited at tbe last meeting of the Bench. Granted. Beaglehole & Johnson, Upper Kensington Hotel, Rochester-street, Upper Kensington. Opposed. Mr. A. G. Downer appeared for the applicants, and Mr. Stock for the Inspector. Mr. Stock took a preliminary objection to the appli cation on the ground that a notice had not been erected and kept erected on the property in ac cordance with section -3 of Act 18S0. He called evidence to show that the notice, was not encted until June 27, and that subsequent to that date the board was on the land but the notice was not upon it. On the other hand Mr. Downer called Mr. Beaglehole, who stated that the notice was put up on the day the plans were filed— on June 14. When hb attention was directed to the fact that the notice bad been removed he bad another substituted. Mr. Stock further objected that the 'residence, trade, or calling' of the applicants were not in the application. The Bench uph«ld lhe objec tion, and the application was therefore not en tertained. Mr. Downer proceeded to argue the question, when the Chairman interposed that the matter was not for argument. Dennison S. Clarke, Clarke's Family Hotel, Greenhill-road, Burnside. Mr. Whitehall ap peared for the applicant ; Mr. H. E. Downer for Mr. F. G. Waterhouse, an objector; and Mr. Stock for Inspector Bee, who opposed on the ground that the house was not required. The applicant represented that the nearest hotel was at some distance from the house for which he apsised a licence. A large amount of traffic passed the spot, and the house was much wanted. One of the witnesses, who described himself as a teetotaller, supported the appli cant, and explained that while he would refuse to build an hotel on principle he would yet sup port the licence. Refused. Tbe Bench then adjourned, and upon reas sembling Messrs. Coltou snd Tomkiuson were cot present. Mr. Beddome therefore took the chair. A Cornthwaito, KnighUbridge Family Hotel, corner of BurnBide-road and Rochester-street, KnighUibridge. Mr. H. E. Downer appeared for the applicant, and Mr. Stock for tbelnspoc tor, who opposed the application. This applica tion fell through, owing to the occupation of the applicant having been omitted. J. A. Uniberstone, Mount Kat Hotel, Yorke's Peninsula. There was no opposition to this.aod it was granted conditionally. R. Joces, Koighisbridge Hotel, corner of Rnightsbridge and Barcside roads, Lot 4, town ship of Knightabridge. Mr. Gell appeared for the applicant, and Mr. II. E. Downer and Mr. Stock for the Inspector. The application was opposed on the ground ta&t the notice of apply ing was not properly exhibited. Evidence was railed to prove the affirmation, but after hear ing the Bench refused to entertain the applica tion. K. St.Barbe-Miller, Sorata Hotel, Beach-road, Semaphore. Mr. Farr for the applicant, and Mr. Nath for Inspector Bee. At a previous sitting of the Bench leave w&s graated to apply I in six months, when the building was some what enlarged, and several rooms had siuce been added. Refused on the ground that the house waa tot required. Costs were refused. H. Nolteoius, Norwood Hotel, corner of SydeLham and Beulah roads, Norwood. Mr. H. F. Downer for the applicant, and Mr. Stock for the Inspector. Mr. Stock took the previous ob jection that the notice was not properly ex hibited. Mr. Downer, on the other hand, said that in cases such as these, where it had been ! proved that the utmost carefulness had been exhibited on the part of the applicant, it would be impossible for a bona-£de publican ever to obtain a licence. A man could not be always en tbe spot, and could not always prevent a I malicious person from tearing down a notice. Two publicans gave evidence to «bow that whan thtv had passed tbe spot on three or four occa sions the notice was not up, but hid evidently ! bten pulled down, or wa«hed away by ths | rain. Tbe application was cot entertained. W. F. Smythe, Suburban Hotel, Magill-road I and Kensington-terrace, Norwood. Mr. Stock j appeared for the applicant. Mr. Bee oppssed \ on the grouiid that the house was not required, i Refused on the came grounds as it was opposed by tbe Inspector. J. H. Snerdreck, Farmers' Home, Prospect Hill, Sec 357, Eufield. Mr. Wadey for the | applicant. Mr. Bee took a similar objection to I tbat in tbe previous case. Refused on the ground (hat it was not required. BILLIARD L1CBSCB EEFCS8D. D. Sinclair, Rucdle-street. I tTOBRKKRrERS' LJCESCRS. P. O'Keefe, Ejipunda. Oppos»d. B*fosed. E. W. Wright, King William-street, Ade laide. Granted. ETOBISHEPBBS' AFTLICATIOlr TO HHH0VB. H. EdmeadfB. to remove to Market, corner of Cannen-strwt, Port Adelaide. Granted. APPLICATION TU TUASSIKR. B. FrLnsdorf, to J. H. Susrdreck, wiaesnop at EnSeld. Granted. NEW WINE LICENCE. Abel P. Skinner, Rhine Villa, Murray Flats. Not entertained. STOREKEEPERS' COLONIAL WINE LICENCES. B. Ackland, Woods Hill, near Norton's Summit. Opposed. Refused. H. A. Crawford, Hindley-street Granted.

7. O. McLean, Hindley-street. Granted R. H. Crawford, Hindley-street Granted M. A Davis, Native Valley. Opposed. Re owd. L. Easton. Msrion-ntreet. Granted. H.Edmeades, Mot phett- street. Granted. H. Edmeadea, Cannon- street, Fort Adelaide, j ranted. J. K. Ives, Edith-street, Edithburg'n. Granted. S. Newman, Main-street, Minlatoo. Granted. T. H. BkurraT! Murray-street, Gawltr. Op posed. Granted. ATrUCATlims FOR DCPUCA.T1 UCMCJB. George Sctunke, Gray's Inn, Moaot Barker. Granted. armcAjiTs fo« smtoHMHiira ucincbs. John Duckett Loveyrove, Section 25 7, town ihip of Meningie. Granted. John Wallis, Section 177, township of Vir ginia. G.-»iited. Robert Wilson, Section 61, Hundred ot Bam i»y. Granted. The Bench adjourned at 5 7 till December next.