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Charles TricK, late of Saunder's Creek, River Murray, farmer. John Charles Claughton, New Glenelg, – late store keeper, now out of business.

Daniel O'Dea, Unley, stockdealer Mrs. Ann Renfrey, of Narracoorte, widow. Henry West, James McLeod, and William Taylor Smith, trading as H. West & Co., of Quorn, timber merchants, Charles Tilley, late of Redbanks contractor. John James Neville Blyth, late of Adelaide, agent. William Coppard, late ot Adelaide, plumber. Henry James Turner, late of Adelaide, labourer. George Sawels, late of Adelaide, butcher. E. W. Lewis, of Port Augusta West, blacksmith. B. McKenzie, of Port Augusta. James Hammill, of Warooka, fanner. Charles Barr, of Brompton, plasterer. Frederick Parker, late of Adelaide, labourer. Samuel Virgen, late of Bowden, labourer. Henry Williams, late of Adelaide, moulder. : : William Gordon, of Cunningham, farmer. Edmund Whiting, of Port Augusta, stockdealer. Matthew Harrison Hart, of Walloway, farmer Approximate liabilities, £2,609 9s. 9d. ; assets, sec tions in Walloway mortgaged for £2,403 10s. John Reid, of Oladdie, farmer. William Yates, of Wirrabara, farmer. Louis Mioux, late of Adelaide, labourer. John Giles, Hackney, late florist, now out of business ASSIGNMENTS. Christian Hoffman, Bundle-street, Adelaide, tobacconist. Frederick Thomas McFarlane, Hundred Joyce, tanner. ^^ John William Parsons, Adelaide, land agent. Johann August Schneider, of Yany&rrie, fanner. Joseph Stevenson, of New Thebarton, builder. Sydney James Smith, trading as Smith, Patter son, & Co., of Adelaide, sanitary engineer. Thomas Robert Horton, of Hyde Park, doctor of medicine. John Adams, of Shirt, storekeeper. ' William Henry Hall, of Pirie-street, Adelaide, storekeeper. John Bullock, David-street, Adelaide, drayman. : MEETING OF CREDITORS. A' meeting of the creditors of Messrs. Francis Clark & Sons was held on Friday afternoon, March 14. The balance-sheet showed estimated liabilities, about £65,000 ; and deficit, between £7,000 and £8,C00. The meeting expressed their willingness to accept 10s. in the pound By bills at four, eight, and twelve months, provided a satisfactory guarantee could be obtained, and that all the creditors unre presented, both foreign, and colonial, agree to the composition, in the interim the business to be carried on under the inspection of Messrs. Joyner, of D. & J. Fowler, and Meeks, of Gibbs, Bright, and Co.