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[By Telegraph.]

Melbourne, March 28.

The proceedings at the polling-booth to-day were of an orderly character. In several electorates the polling was heavy from an early hour in the morning, but

in several instances it was light until near the hour of closing, when the electors flocked in numbers. At the declaration of results in a few instances there was a little confusion, bat there were no disturbances of a serious character. All Ministers were returned by large majorities, although closer con tests had been anticipated by many persons. At Port Melbourne and the eastern suburbs Mr Gillies, however, scored a majority of 691, and Mr. Derham of 455. Mr. Bent had a substantial majority, but loses bis lieutenants, Messrs. Gaunson and C. E. Jones. Mr. Vala was defeated in his old stronghold, Ballarat West. Mr. Langdon was re- jected at Korong, and Dr. Rose defeated at Melbourne North. There will be   several new men in the Assembly, includ- ing Mr. Trenwith, of the Trades Hall. The papers had the numbers posted in the front of the offices lit by the electric light. Collins-street was so jammed with people as almost to stop all vehicle traffic, trams having to creep at a snail's pace through the crowds. As the returns were posted up the numbers were received with cheers or disapprobation, but the crowd was good natured and quietly dispersed at midnight. As far as known fourteen candidates must forfeit their deposits and thirteen late members have lost their seats.     The following members are returned.   The letter M, or O. after the name signifies Ministerlalist or Oppositionist ; the word ' for' or ' against' signifies the views of the candidates in regard to the increase of the stock duties ; and an asterisk late members :— Ballarat East— *Mr. J-. Russell, M., against, 1,680. Defeated candidate— Mr. J. T. Phillips, O., against. Brighton— *Mr. T. Bent, O, against, 1,026. Defeated candidate — Mr. J. Campbell, M., against. Ballarat West (two members)— *Colonel Smith, O., for, 1,886; Mr. J. W. Kerton, O., against, 1,360. Defeated candidates — Mr. S. L. Bailen, 0., against ; Mr. C. B. Finlayaon, M., against; Mr. R. M. Sergeant, M., against ; Mr. C. C. Shappee, O., against ; *Mr. B. T. Yale, O., for. Eaglehawk— Mr. H. R. Williams, O.,   against, 946. Defeated candidate — Mr. H. Kirkwood, M., against Emerald Hill — Mr. T. Smith, M., agatofsr, 1,223. Defeated candidate— Mr. M. Larkin, M., against Essendon and Flemington — *Mr. A. Deakin (Chief Secretary), M.; against, 1,523. Defeated candidate— Mr. J. E. Rigby, O., against Geelong (two members) — *Mr. C. Andrews,' M., against, 1,886; Mr. J. Munro, O., for, 1,663. Defeated candi dates — Dr. C. M. Deane, O., against; Mr. J. Ince, SL, againat; Mr. E. J. Jones, O , against. Melbourne East (two members) — *Mr. E. L. Zox, M., against, 1,394; Mr. F. Stuart, O., against, 1,238. Defeated candidate — Mr. G. Coppin, M., against Melbourne South — Mr. W. J. Moun- tain, M., against, 975. Defeated candi-   dates— *Mr. D. Gaunson, O., for ; Mr. A. Borthwick, O , against. Port Melbourne — F. T. Derham, M., against, 1,232. Defeated candidate — Mr. P. M. Salmon, O., against Sandhurst (two members) — *Mr. R. Burrowes, O., against, 1,910 ; *Mr. A. S. Bailes, O., against, 1,909. Defeated candidates — Mr. J. P. Carolen, M., against ; *Dr. J. Quick, O., against. Sandhurst South— Mr. D. C. Sherry, O., against, 967. Defeated candidate — Mr. R. O'Neill, O., against South Yarra— *Mr. J. Harris, M., against, 925. Defeated candidates — Mr. D. Blanshard, Jun., M., against ; Mr. S. L. Chapman, SL, against Hawthorn— Mr. T. G. Atkinson, M., againat. 1,477. Defeated candidate— Mr. C. F. Taylor, if., against Richmond (two members) — Mr. G. H. Bennett, O., againat, 2.016; Mr. W. A. Trenwiih, O., for, 1,947. Defeated can didates — * Mr. J. Bosiato, M., against ; Mr. J. James, SI., againat; Mr. J. S. Jenkins, O., against St. Kilda— Mr. G. Turner, O., against,   540. Defeated candidates— Mr. EL Jen nings, M., againat; Mr. F. Tullett, M., againat to Albert Park — * Mr. J. Nimmo, M.,-7 againat, 560. Dafeated candidates — Mr. E. Joske, O., against ; Mr. G. F. Mills, M., against t Garfcon— * Mr. J. Gardiner, M., againat, 1,229. Defeated candidates — Me. F. W. T. Evans, O., against; Me. A. Ueddes, O . against Cariton South— Mr. W. EL Laouard, IVL, against, 97L Defeated candidate — Mr. W. levers, M., against CoHiDgwood (two membara)— * Mr. G. D. landridge. M., against, 1,657; Mr.. W. D. Beazley, O., against 1,290. Defeated candidates—* Mr. W. G. Field, M., againat; Mr. J. Symes, O., against; Mr. W. M. R. Vale, O., for ; Mr. B. Wilkina, 0... againat Creswick — Mr. R. Bichardaon, O., against, 1,902. Defeated candidate—* Mr. W. Anderson, M , against Dandenang and Berwick — * Mr. J. Keye, M., ' against, 1,253. Ddfeated candidates— Mr. W. H. Colecbin ; Mr. P. Longbottom, 0., against ; Mr. F. C. Seymour, 0., for. Fitzroy (two members) — Mr. R. W. Beat, M., against, 1,909 ; * Mr. A. L. Tucker, M, against, 1,572. Defeated candidates — Mr/J. Holden, U., against ; * Mr. B. H. Reid, M., againat Footscray— * Mr. W. M. Clark, M., against, 1,258. Defeated candidates— Mr. T. G. ColliDgs, O., for ; Mr. W. B. Gedge, O., for ; Mr. G. M. Munro, O , for. Jolimont and West Bichmond — *Mr. C. Smith, M, againat, 688. Defeated candidates — Mr. J. H. Knipe, O., for ; Mr. J. Scott, 0., against. Korong — Mr. R. B. Calvert, M-, for, 4°G. Defeated candidates — Mr. T. r.*ngtton, O.. for ; Mr. J. T. Proctor, M., for. Melbourne North — * Mr. J. Laurens, M., against, 863. Defeated candidates — Dr»'J. F. Joyce, O., againat; Mr. R. Langford, O., against; Mr. W. B. Murphy, O., for ; *Dr. J. M. Ro3e, 0., for ; Dr. Llojd, M , against Melbourne West— Dr. W. Maloney, O., against, 810. Defeated candidates — Mr. .). Anderson, O., against; Mr. R. C. Barrett, 0 , against ; Mr. W. T. O. Kelly, 0., againat; * Mr. J. W. Peirce, JU.. againat. ? ' '? Numurk&h and Nathalia^:^* Mr. G. Graham, M., for, 887. Defeated candi date— Mr. & Trethowan, O,, for. Prahran— Mr.E. G. Dixon, M., againat, l.C67*v Defeated candidates— Mr. W. A. B. Tobins, O., againat; Mr. S. Willis,' M., against Yfacrnambopl — Mr. J. Murray,. M., aaaipat, JL,020. DefeateCcandidatftrrMr, W. J. Allan, M., against WUliamstown— Mr. W. T. Carter, 0., for, 519. Defeated candidates— Mr. C. Lindsay, M., againat ; Mr F. M. Scudds, M.,, againat; Mr. M. J. Smith, M., againat ; Mr. J. Styles, O., for ; Mr. W, White, IS., against ; Mr. W. H. Williams, M,, against fi^rn Suburbs— * Mr. D. Gilliea (Premier), M., against, 1,474. Ddfeated candidate— Mr. J. Moloney, 0., against East Bourke Boroughs (two members)— *Mr. C. H. Pearson (Minister of Educa tion), AL. against, 2,110 ; Me. D. Math van, M. , against, 1,606, Dafeated candi dates—Mr. D. C Archer, M., against : Mr. 3. W. Fleming, M., against ; Mr. J. Grigg, M, againat; Mr. J. McKenziej M.,* against; Mr. M. RoaenBweigv^M., aoainiL' ~ ~

Windermere— Mr. WL Butterly, 0., against, 373. Defeated cahdldates— Me. 0. Blythe, O., against; *Mr. 0. E. Jones, O.» for ; Mr. H. B. McYitty, M , against; Mr. G. Williams, M:, against CastLemaine (two members)—* Mr. J. B. Patterson, M., against, 1,500 ; * Mr. W. J. S. Gordon, M., against, 1,360. Defeated candidate— Mr. R. Oliver, M., against. Benambra — Mr. A. W. Craven, M., for, 514. Defeated candidate— * Mr. P. Wright, M., for. Bogong— * Mr. F. H. Tuthill, M., against, 356. Defeated candidates— Mr. F. Allen, M., against; Mr. G. Y. Smith, M., against Shepparton and Euroa— * Mr. G. W. HalL M., for, 855. Defeated candidates —Mr. J. ColdweU, 0., for ; Mr. F. A. Cooper, O., for. ' Polwarth — Mr. 0; Ii. Forces^' M., against, 1,102. Defeated candidate— Mr. J. Woods, 0., for. Wangaratta and Ruthergleur— Mr. H. S. Parfitt, 0., for, 684. - Defeated candi dates — Mr. W. Burrowesi O.1, for j l*Mr. G. Graham, M., for ; Mr. J. H. Tone, P., for. : Warrenheip— Mr. E. Murphy, 0., for, 963. Defeated candidate— Mr. J. J. Graber. ^. dunes and' Allandale— Mr. A. J. Peacock, i/ti agairiat,:^r59: .- Defeated candidates— Mr- J. Bryant, M , against; *Mr..TR^Coosierr M,,tilor;.Mr. Vfi T. Pitcher, iWL-, againstK «?!* ?-«--? ? ^ «?' ??-' '- *-' Grant— Mr. H. ArioyUge, lt^«^ttnst, 642. Defeated candidate— *-Mr.J. Reea, M., for. v .,.,-. ;.,.-V^»V---.7 Gippaland North— ;*rMr.: A.' McLean, M., for, 752. . Defeated icandidate— Mr. F. W, Drevermann, M., for. Grenville (two ,mamber4)— *Mr. A, Young, M., against,'J,454;..?f\Mr. D. M* Davies, .M,,, againat, ? 1,409. Defeated candidate— Mr. A. E. Moore, M., against Bonrke East^-Mr. W^^J.- Wilkinson, M., for; 372.' Defeated caodidatea.T-Mr. W. H. Bdgar, M. ; Mr. M. J. S. Gair, M., againat; Mr. J. Hearn, M., against- ; Mr. W. J. Lobb, M., against; Mr. J. Lyon, 0., against ; Mr. J. Macmeikan, 1L, againat ; Mr. R. Walker, M.,agunst; Ripon and Hampden— *Mr. W. H. Uren, M., against, 824. Defeated candi date—Mr. S. Samuel, O., for. Benalla and Yarrawonga — Mr. J. Brock, M., for, 997. Defeated candi dates— Mr. Bellingham, G. Duncan, M., againat; Mr. F. Hopkins, O, for; Mr. J. McNamara, M., for. !NTormanby-*Mr. W. Shiels, O., for, 592. Defeated candidate — Mr. J. Mclntyre, ML, for. This is incomplete. Gippsland Central— Mr. A. Ham's, M , for, 933. Defeated candidate— Mr. C. Mclntoah, M., for ; Mr. J. Rice, M.r for. Ararat— * Mr. W. McLallan, M., for, 758. Defeated candidate — Mr. 0.. Hadland. Talbot and Avoca— Mr. J. S. Stewart, M , against, 717. Defeated candidates Mr. B. J. Fink, O , against: Mr. C. E. Andrewa, 0., against; Mr. G. Pinch, M., againat. Dundaa— *Mr. 0. M. Officer, M., against, 655. Dafeated candidate — Mr. H. Glermy, O., for. Anglesey— *Mr. T. Hunt, 0., for, 1,250. Defeated candidate— Mr. W. H. Ellerler, O., for. Maryborough — Mr. A. Routtrim, M., against, 955. Defeated candidate — Mr. R. Bowman, O., for. IVIanduring— Mr. J. M. Highett, M., against, 448. Defeated candidates — ^Mr. J. Sutherland, 0., for ; Mr. Thompson Moore, &L, againat; Mr. J. C. Coutts, O., for. Gunbower— Mr. J. H. McCJoll, M., for, 898. Defeated candidate— Mr. J. T. Brown, O., for. Evelyn—* Mr. E. H. Cameron, 1,132, ML, against. Defeated candidate — Mr. A. Blannin, C, for. Mornington. — Mr. L. L. Smith, 0., for, 494. Defeated candidate — Mr. A. Downward, M., for. Dunolly. — Mr. J. Cheetham, M., for, 479. Defeated candidates— Mr. H. S. Barrett, M., for ; Mr. H. O. Daly, M., for; Mr. B, Ritchie, M., for; Mr. W. F. Tailhell, M.,for. Kyneton— Mr. C. Young, O., for, 647. Defeated candidates— Mr. J. Minogre, Mr. W. Thompson, M., for ; Mr. H. D. McKenzie, M., for. Stawell— Mr. J. Woods, O., for, 967. Defeated candidate— Mr. H. H. Wetten hall, M , against KQmore, DalhouBie, and Lansefield — Mr. J. G. Duffy, 0., for, 923. Defeated candidates— Mr. H. L. Galbralth, 0., for ; Mr. W. Wilson, M., for. -' .Ovens— Mr. J. Ferguson, M, against, 225. Defeated candidate— Mr. D. Mall, 86. This return is very incomplete. Delatite— Mr. J. H. Graves, O., for, 855. Defeated candidate — Mr. W. Stredwick, M , for. Borung— Mr. Phillip j, O., for, 509. Defeated candidates — Mr. W. Duncan, M-,jEor; Mr. H. Breen, O., for ; Mr. D. O'Leary, 0., for. This is very incom plete. Gippaland East— Mr. H. Foster, M., for, 973. Defeated candidate— Mr. M. Goold. M.. for.