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technicolor fUm of Oscar Wilde's famous play

J.-MAS ABOUT TOWN in London society in 189S, Lord Goring (Michael Wilding) is the

despair of his father, Lord Caversham, because he refuses to marry and settle down. Witta and popular. Lord Goring is a welcome guest at the homes of leading notabilities.

9.-WIFE OF POLITICIAN, Lady Chiltern (Diana Wgngard) regards her husband, Sir I

Robert, as an ideal husband, because of his devotion to her and his successful busineu I and political career. She has no idea that dishonest/ was the basis of his rise t<, time. I

A.-DURING RECEPTION, Mabel Chiltern, who is in love with Lord Goring, finds a will-

ing ally in his father, Lord Caversham (Sir Aubrey Smith), who also hopes his son will

soon give up his irresponsible social life and marry her.


threat is made by Mrs. Chevely (Paulette Goddard) to Sir Robert (Hugh Williams) when he refuses to abandon speech against an Ar- gentine Canal swindle in which she has

financial interest.

ß.-FRIENDLY advice

is sought bf Sir Robert from Lord Gor- ing, to whom he con- fesses that Mrs. Chevelu knows dishonorable secret of his early poli- tical dags, and threatens to teU Ladu Chiltern.

J.-FAMILY ARGU * MENT between Lord Goring and his father occurs when Lord Goring insists that he must be allowed to choose the time, the place, and the person especially the person whom he is to marry.

LUXURIOUS HOME ol Sir Robert Chiltern, his young sister,

I Mabel Chiltern (Glynis Johns), diseusses a brilliant reception

held bp Lad* Chiltern in honor ol her husband.


COMMONS, S i r Robert fates possibility of disgrace through blackmail when he ex- poses the Argentine Canal scheme as a pro- posed swindle of public

share investors.

.jr Sir Alexander Korda, of London Films, had a lavish budget for his production of Oscar Wilde's satire.

Paulette Goddard came to England to co-star as the wicked, but fascinating, Mrs. Chevely. The full splendor of London society in 1895, with its sumptuous

.. .

Mayfair mansions, glittering receptions, and gem-encrusted prosperity, has been reproduced.

Famous designer and Court photog- rapher Cecil Beaton created the lavish settings and costumes for Paulette God- dard, Diana Wynyard, and Glynis Johns.


of her husband en- ables Lady Chiltern to heiß him solve difficul ties and retain political posilion. Lord Goring, who also has helped, proposes to Mabel, and Mrs. Chet ely hms to leave London society.