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AWONDERFUL trip around South Africa begins for Parkes Chrestman

and his wife-formerly Sydney lass Jillian Lemone-when they set off by air from Johannesburg on May 4.

CONSUL-GENERAL FOR SWEDEN, Mr. Ivar Stenstrom, escorts his elder daughter, Marianne, into St. Philip's, Church Hill, for her wedding with Dr. Richard Tooth. The bride's attendants are (from left) Mrs. Ian Curlewis, Maud Stenstrom, and Mrs. Max Elliott. Inset picture: Dr. and

Mrs. Tooth leave the church for the reception.

The Chrestmans have been

living in South Africa since they left Sydney late in 1954. In a recent letter to Sonia Storch, of Bellevue Hill, Jil- lian tells of the exciting itin- erary she and Parkes have planned.

First stop will be Rhodesia, then the Belgian Congo, and Kenya . . . where they'll stay with friends, and are hoping for some big-game hunting.

The Chrestmans' final port of call is Zanzibar, after which they expect to make their home in Port Elizabeth for a few months.


AFTER their wedding at

St. Martin's, Killara, last week John and Pamela Sned don left for a honeymoon at Surfers' Paradise. Pamela is

the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Abberton, of Killara.

at UNIVERSITY. Lieut. Philip Lawson and Pamela West   were among guests at the University Regimental Ball, which was held in the University Union. Pamela wore a pretty bouffant dress of turquoise embroidered organza.

JUST back from o...

Primrose White announced

her engagement to   Arnott, of "Glen A... Murrurundi, soon after arrival in Sydney. Primrose spent a few days here before returning home to "Beltrees" Scone, early last week, at

present she's staying with her fiance and his parents,

and Mrs. Ken Arnott, for the Quirindi picnic races. Prim- rose is the youngest daugter of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. ("J" White. She says that-like her sisters, Morna (Mrs. David Playfair) and Bettine (Mrs. Bill Chandler)-she will be

married in the family chapel

at "Belltrees."

PRETTY Jocelyn Butler,

Vaucluse, tells me that

she "has chosen the m... but not the date" for her mar-

riage to Raymond Jaques of Wollongong. The wedding will take place in September at St. Michael's, Vaucluse and Jocelyn will have five

attendants . . . Marcia Mrs. Elizabeth Bowden,   Douglas Hayman, and eight year-old Barbara Keen.

THERE'S a full sched

ahead of Judy Dry1"! of Collaroy, when she arri home in Orcades on Apr'

after nine months in Engl- and Europe. As well as usual round of welcome parties, Judy's younger   Dinah, will celebrate her com- ing of age early in May   then the two sisters will be

off to Moree for the picnic



Wohn Coghlan ( right) with guests Vir. and Mrs. Trevor Rowe at their

jfjarty at the Elanora Country Club.

TRIO OF GUESTS at the party given at Elanora Country Club by Mr. and Mrs. John Coghlan are (from left) Sue Hawkeswood, Mrs. Geoff

Coghlan, and Mrs. Graham Crouch.

".EAVING Shore Chapel after ''heir wedding are Mr. and «fr*. John Lloyd. The bride »?ai Margaret Weam, daugh- ter of Dr. and Mrs. Walter l Weam, of North Rocks.

Vy^E'RE busy house-hunt-

ing," says Deirdre Wie- I ind, who recently announced ' er engagement to Peter An ' crson Stuart. Peter and Deir * re, who is the daughter of

.Irs. F. P. Roberts, of Darling 'oint, and the late Mr. F. Vieland, are making plans for . i wedding in October. Peter

s thc son of Dr. B. P. Ander on Stuart and of Mrs. E. C. \nderson Stuart.

. . .

[>ROUD grandmother Mrs.

C. H. K. Miller has ecently returned home from orbes after a three weeks' isit to her daughter and son n-law, Sonia and Bill Durham, md their baby son. The >nby, who was born last non th, will be named Davie

i vVilliam.

* . *

J )A TES for your diary .

May 4 for The King school Ball, which will b held at the Empress Ballroon Mark Foy's . . . May 12 fe the N. S. W. Water-skiir Association's Annual Ball

WED IN LONDON. Professor John Bennett and his bride leave Westminster Abbey after their wedding. Bride was Lilian White, eldest daughter of the Australian High

Commissioner. Sir Thomas White, and Lady White.

lithe New Com

,lfi'modore, Goul- burn Street.