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Family Notices

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BIRTHS. ARMSTRONG (nee Robson): On August 6. at Wagin Maternity Wing, to Betty and Gordon-a son (Dun-   can Lindsay). Both well. BARER: On August 6. at Pingelly District Hospital, to Alma and Walle-a son (Keith Ernest). BANKS: On August 8, at K.E.M.H., to Mary and Harold (Diddy)--a son (Lindsay Harold). Both well. BASS: On August 10, at Hillcrest, to Rose and Clie-a son (George Clive). Both well. BOND: On August 8, at Hillcrest, to Vi and Jack-a daughter (Kaye Dianne). Both well. COMANS (nee Button): On August 11, at Canberra. to Nan and Charles -a son (Michael). Both well. EVANS: On August 1, 1848, at St. Solin of God Hospital, Geraldiosi to eisa and Aub-a daughter (Helen tare). FLOYD: On August 9, at K.E.M.H.. to Win and Jack-a son. Both Well. GOODALL: On August 10 at Ken sington. to Marie and Leith-a son (Michael Leith). Both well. HAIGH: On August 8. at Kensing ton, to Joan and Gus, of 30 Meng let-avenue. Claremont-a son (Kevin Michael). Both well. HOWARD: On August 9 at St. Ives. Victoria Park to hell and Ray-a daughter (Merrilyn Rae). Boths well. HUBBARD (nee Turner): On August 2,at Devonicigh. to Evelyn and Les--a daughter (Jillian Amy). Both well. BUNTER: On August 10. at Ken sington. to Doris and Leo-a daughter (Pamela Joan). Botl Well. LWOGEJAN (nee Gable): On July 28. at DorAweg 59, Rotterdam, Hol land, to Joy and Arry-a daughter (Judith Joy). Both well By cable. LAIBIE: On August 6, at Lake Grace Hospital. to Mr. and Mrs. SLanVlebie. of Lake Canomm-a darughter (Margaret Isobelle). LAWRENCE (nee A ilkin:ton): At St. John of God Hospital, Nor thaen, on August 10. to Eileen and Keith-a daughter (Caren Elaine both well. WAlNTON: On August 9. at K.e.M.H.. to Lima and Tony, of Kalgoorlie-a daughter. Both well. N~o visitors until August 15. hfOOfMN: On August 9. at Kal goorlie. to Joyce and Gordon-a daughter. Both well. PEARSON: At Harvey DistrictKs Vit L to Vaier e. wife of GeoffreyI t.Parson-a daughter. Win aend Mr n-s Iaugister J (Winifred Anne). Both well. tRCE (afe Helen Stranag): On august 6. at San Hedrin. East Pre mantle. to Helen and Frank--a daughter (Margaret). Both well. oUTToR: OnAug 5 at Big Bell sostaL to teMr. ane Mrs. H. Rut ter on. Pt Jm Station,-Meeks - tharra-an daghe (AnPne)r.L STIVENS: At E.D.M. Hospital. aeUerberrin. on August 9. 1948. to Kathleen ant i Oor6ge-s son (Brian Robert). Both weoN STrWAciT: At St. Ives on August 8S. Gaoreon. Both well. son h TRIeMER: At Narrogin. on August 7. to Audrey and Ile, of Popanyin sailo-a daughter (Audrey Dor othy). Both well. WARREN: At K.EJ1.H..onAgs 11. to Elsa and E --as. B well. WUSON:On August eL at Quirs daughter Both well. MARRIAGE. OLUROFT--ROE eWARNe: On J Duly 27at Rosa Memorial Church, West al Ronald Eric Hold croft to M evie sRather, younger daughter of eae Pa2rcandM C. Rewre30 uthbert-street, Ehentoodn Park. DEATHS. cerryan, J. cN. Dengilsy. L. Blcekfor. .. 'nv enslnaC J. Blake. H. W. Phillips. o . Buda. R. sadley. F.J. SyiDer. N. Rabeso. V. Crbokett, K. Schofield. K. paws. W. F. Southwood. M. bumos.. Todd, S. GaiiUeld. 3. E. Vidlee, C. K. Bardingha'n. B. Warwieker. G. F. Hardiman. A. E. Waters. E.K. Ilarfoed. F. P. Williams. C. S. Horan. L. Wulimsoa P. K~ng. S. Weed. K. R. Otter. K. S. 1. ` SeRBEAN (Jean Nancy): Beloved wfeof Raymond Lawrence Berry hryeace Ed ward. rdieed Bu )eton Hos pial August 10; aged 91 years. SERBYVdAN (Jean Nansey): Pond ca ieyr-In-la w of F. L,. DerrymQan, l MvAN (Jean): Passed away. suddenly at Busseiton Hospital *Augusst o loving sister-its-law of lageaunt AfR4iRonldeceased), 1ev SLAVICFOBD (Gertrude) : In affec tionate me+mory of Mum, lovinng maased sway i udtieen. ,August.7 road, aewalteer. 12Gidod BLK: Ons August It. at Royal erh Hospit I. Henry William Boe. tate of Albert-street. Os bo'ePak loved brother of Arthur and Ethel. brother-in-law of Elsie dn cued uncle of Tom. Terry and UADDt On August 12, 1948. at Reiad devote husband Bof or-t once, loved father of Irene, Jack, A~rthur. atieher in-law of Bob. Vail andOniit L ranfaterof Susan. SYDDER: in remembrance of Nor man. dear little playmate of Walter

DEATHS. GANFIELD (Emily Eva): In loving memory of our dear mother, passed away August 9, at St. John's Hospi tal, Bunbury. Milda and Bert Nan of Bernice, Mary, Margaret and Betty. GANFIELD (Emily Eva): Passed away at Bunbury on August 9, lov ing mother of Beatie and Mervyn, mother-in-law of Dick, fond Nan of Bernice and George. IIARDINGHAM: Died suddenly August 5, Bob, loving brother of Miriam McPhee. HARDMAN: On August 12, 1948, at Subiaco, Ann Elizabeth, the dearly loved wife of the late John Henry Hardman, devoted mother of Edith (Mrs. T. W. Phillips), Charles Spry and Vera (Mrs. C. Jones), and Amelia, William, Hilda, Ivan and Horace (all deceased): aged 95 years. HARFORD (Frances Patricia): Our deepest sympathy and iove to Mani (Mra. Hanford), Noreen. and Kevin In the sad and sudden death of their beloved daughter and sister, Patty. From Aunty Nell, Kath, Rene. Nell, Dick, Bill and Frank. IHARFORD: Loving memories of dear Patty. Always remembered by Mrs. Hastie (nee Verna Mazza.) HARFORD (Frances Patricia): In Lovng me eof our dear friend a.Always remembeared by Pat, Norma, Dawn and Joan. HAKI'ORD (Pattie): In loving memory of Pattie. who died August 0,loved friend of Belmont Y.C.W. HABFORD: In memory of Pat, who passed away August 10. Inserted by Margaret Lesh and Marian Parry. HABFORD (Pat): In fond memory of a dear friend, who passed away August 10. Always remembered by Frank and Joy Saunders. HARFORD: In fond memory of Pattie Who died August 10. Sadly missed by Harry Gorringe. HORAN: Beautiful memories of Lily. passed away August 9. at Giosgin, loving friend of Mrs. Spence, Edie and Dave. KING (Emily): Passed peacefully away on August 10 a very dear friend of our family. Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Lane and Iris. KING (Emily): In loving remem brance of a dearly loved friend, who paseed away on August 10. In serted by the Kay family. OLLEY: On her birthday August Hald 9N.8 W., eldest Bdaughter of the late Rev. J. Olley loved sister of Ettie (Mrs. A. E'. Williams, Nedlands) and loving Aunty Tillie of Bert. Jack, Ethel and Connie. PENGILLY: On August 7, 1948 Leslie Pengilly, old and respected friend of Mr. and Mrs. Lear and Cecil. PENS : On August 11, Jack Pen sini. of Ketiscott, and formerly of Wamosamal. loving uncle of Andrew Della and family; aged 81 years, Sydney papers Dlease copy. PHLLIS: nt August 11 1949, at PetHretPhsillips, of' 79 Rook wood-street, Mt. Lawley, hhusband of the late Edith Minsall Pllips loving father of Robert (Bank of NEW.. Guildford) and Ernest (Lanes Motors. Melbourne, Vic toria)". fond father-in-law of Basis and Matl4a randfather of Robert Linwood PhllgPs and brother-in law of the late Arthur and Lucy Apps, of High-street, St. Kilda; aged 82 vears. The Rev. C. W. Nor wood conducted a Private Service in the Church of England portion of the Earrakatta Cemeter on August 12, 1948. Arthur E. Davies and Company. RADLEY: On August 11, 1948 at his residence, 29 Griver-street, North Cottesloe, Frank John, dearly beloved husband of Marg. Radley and fond brother of Grace (Mrs. Doland), Rhoda (Mrs Jeffs) and Amy (Mrs. Vaillant). RADLEY: On August 11 1948, at his residence, 29 Griver-street, North Cottesloe, Frank John Rad- ley, fond brother-in-law of Dorrie and Noel Pitcher and uncle of Roberta. RADLEY (Frank) : On August 11, at his late residence, Griver-street, Cottesloe, loved brother-in-law of Linda and Bill, uncle of Jack and Lesley Clitheroe (Como). RADLEY: On August 11 1948, at his residence, 29 Griver-street, North Cottesloe, Frank John Rad- ley, fond brother-in-law of Ronnie and Mick Williams and uncle of Kerry. ROBSON: On August 12 1948, at Fremantle, Thomas dearly belo~ved husband Qf Annie Rtobson, of 46 Harris-road, Bicton; aged 77 years. SCHOFIELD: A loving tribute to my beloved sister, who passed away August 11. Pat aend Lettie Ahern. Queen's Park. SCHOFIELD: On August 11, at her residence. Aberdare-road. Shenton R ark, Mary. very dear friend of D. olleen and family. SOUTHWOOD: On August 7, 1948, as the result of an accident, Mal colm, dear nephew of Uncle Jack. TODD (James): On August 11, late 61 Stirling-street dear friend of Neil Percy and Mrs. Mcilll, of 61 Stirling-atreet. VIDLER: On August 12. 1948. at Perth. Catherine Mary, wile of the late William Vidler, of 90 Baden street. Mt. Hawthorn, loved mother of Mary, William, George and John. VIDLERe: On August 12, at Perth, Catherine Mary. dearest mother and mother-in-law of Bill and Enid, dear Granny of Alan and Carol. VIDLER: On August 12, at Perth Catherine Mary. dearly loved mother and mother-in-law of Mary and Dick Thackray (Wonsani Hills) dearest Granny of Rich ard, nrudence a od Pamela. VEDLERt: On Augu~st 12 at Perth. Catherine Mary. dearly loved sister of Bess, Pno. Bil, sister-in-law of OOD,: On August 12, at Pert Cterine Marye lovin frind ofte WA rWdCVera (Gerge Fred), erick) Passd pleaefu llyr-n-awa to res a earlty love Prend onl brihee of iuntlao ilfy fond ousncl of GVorg tribut too" ith "memor of a sincere fOriend whOo passedawaynt-oun unboppne PAugu st 1. Ineted byl, Mrs. D. Law onand family W.ILLIAMS (Mr. C. S.r kIng fond neleon. lat~o a

BEREAVEMENT NOTICES. MR. FRANK DAVIS and Sons Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Shaw. Mr. and Mrs. A. Nl. Smith and Mr. and Mrs. E. Shaw wish to sincerely THANK friends for telegrams cards, floral tributes and personal expressions of symppathy in their recent sad loss of M. A. (Madge) Davis. MR. MAX DRIVER, of Tam bellup and Mrs. H. W. Hams, of Katanning, wish to THANK all kind relatives and friends for letters, cards, telegrams, floral tributes and personal expressions of sympathy   received in their recent sad be reavement. Will all please accept this as a personal expression of sincere gratitude. MR. ARTHUR WIIITESIDE and Miss Ellen Cook, of 48 Lewis street, Kalgoorlie, wish to THANK all kind friends throughout the State for letters, cards and tele grams expressing. sympathy in the recent loss of their dear wife and sister. Will all please accept this as expressing their very deep gratitude. MR. THOMAS DYER and Family. of 11 Proclamatlon-street, Sublacod wish to THANK all relatives and friends for floral tributes, letters, telegrams, and cards of sympathy in the sad loss of their dearly loved wife and mother. Will all please accept this as a personal expres sion of sincere gratitude. MRS. HODGSON and Family. 72 Adelaide-street, Fremantle. wish to T~IANK all kind friends and relatives for floral tributes, tele grams, letters, cards and personal expressions of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement; especially thanking Mr. and Mrs. Watson. Will all please accept this as a persona expression of sincere gratitude. MRS. OLIVE STEWART, Mrs. Stewart senior. Ronald and Mal colm, wish to THANK all kind rela tives and friends for floral tributes, telegrlams, letters, cards and per sonal expressions of sympathy in their recent sad loss. As letters and cards are too numerous to answer individually, will all please accept this as an expression of sincere gratitude. MRS. V. M. DOWNIE, Naval Base, wish to THANK all kind friends for cards, letters, telegrams and personal expressions of sympathy; spectal thanks to Dr. B. Haellion and Dr. Walters, Sister Francis Leonard, nurses, Fremantle Hos pital, Mrs. V. Risely. Will all please accept this as a personal expres sion of sincere gratitude. MRS. HISLOP and Family wish to THANK relatives and friends for floral tributes, letters, cards and peroalexpressions of sympathy ithsalosof thiser dearest hus band and father. Alfred Hislop. Will all please accept this as a personal expression of gratitude. THE BROTHERS and SISTERS of the late RONALD CLARKE wish to THANK ill kind friends for letters, cards, telegrams and personal ex L resaons of sympathy in their sad s. Wil all please accept this as an expression of sincere gratitude. THE SONS and DAUGHTERS-IN LAW of the late-JOHN PRYOR TOMS wish to THANK all kind relatives and friends for floral tro ote. telegrams, letters. cards anb personal expressions of sym pathy. Will all please accept this as a personal expression of sincere gratitude. FUNERAL NOTiCES ALFORD: The Friends of the late Mr. William James Alford, of Pen Y-Bont, Mundiong. are respect fully informed that his remains will be Interred in the Methodist por tien of the Karrakatta Cemetery 0~I (F'cridaye) MorNIN atA 02 o clock. The Funeral wll 7eave our Service Chapel. corner Beau fort and Bplwer streets, Perth at 10 a.m. ARH H. DAVIS AND CIOMPANY. Tel. 89400. F2177 and ALFORD: The Civilian Maimed and Limbless Association of W.A.: The Members of the above are respect fully Invited to attend the Funeral of our late Member. For oearticu Inlare see main notice. B. itcher. Pres.; J7. H. Norrish, Sec. BLARE: The Friends of the late Mr. Henry William Blake, of Al bert-street, Osborne Park. are respectfully notified that his re mains will be Interred In the An glican Cemetery, Karraketta, at 11 o'clock THIS (Friday) MORN ING. The Cortege is appointed to leave our Private Mortuary, at 10.25 o'clock. J. L. WATKINS AND SONS, Maylands. Uc1277n UL264. flADDE: The FunralServic e forthe ate Mr. Regianald J audle, of 22 Johnson-street, Guilthord, wiUl take lace In the Cr matorium Chapel farrakatta at 2.30 o'clock, THIs (Priday AFTERNOON. The Cor teew move from our Chapel, o0ock. clo $ eNAIj) J CH ePPaER A CROCRBT:. The Friends of the late Mrs. Minnie Crockett. of Abbey-road, Armadatee are respect fully informed that a Church of England Cremation Service will be d in the Crematorium Chapel arrakatta. at 10.45 o'clock TO SFuneral Is appointed toN eare Messrs. Dowra and ODes's Private Mortuary, 195 PIer-street, Perth. at 10.20 o'clock. BOWRA AND O'DE&, 195 Pier-street. Perth. Tel. 84308.{ HARDMAN: An Old Colonist: The Funeral Cortege of the late Mrs. Ann Elizabeth Hardman, of 88 Daglish-street, Wembley, is ap- pointed to leave our Service Chapel, 664 Newcastle-street, Leederville, at 1.45 o'clock THIS (Friday) AFTER- NOON, arriving the Methodist Cemetery, Karrakatta, at 2 o'clock. ARTHUR J. PURSLOWE AND CO.   Tel.B2649. FENSINI: The Friends of Mr. Andrew Della, of Coogee-street, Mt. Hawthorn, and late of Wannamal. are respectfully invited to follow the

FUNERAL NOTICES. TODD: The Funeral of the late Mr. James dwin Todd, of 61 Stir ng-street. Perth. formerly Pte. 6. G.D.D.e A.M.., will .take t Karrakatta. at 4 o'clock THIS (Fri day) AFTERNOON. The Cortege will move 'from our Chapel. Ha street. Perth. at 3.40 o'clock DONALD J. CHIPPER AND SON. BA2454. IYR UIJAT: The Funeral Cortege of the late Mr. Robert Urquhart. of Murray-street. Perth. is ap pointed to leave our Service Chapel 20 Angove-street, North Perth. at 9.30 o'clock THIS (Friday) MORN ING. arriving at the Presbyterian Cemetery. Karrakatta, at 10 o'clock. ARTHUR J. PURSLOWE AND CO. Tel. B2649. WOOD: The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Wood of 50 Herdsman-parade. LeedervIlle, are respectfully informed that the Funeral Cortege of their late dearly loved daughter. Margaret Rita, is appointed to leave our Service Chapel. 664 Newcastle-street Leederville. at 3.40 o'clock TH19 (Friday) AFTERNOON. arriving at the Anglican Cemetery. Karra. katta, at 4 o'clock. ARTHUR J. PURSf..OWE AND CO. Tel. B2649.