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University Degrees Conferred.

A pleasing ceremonj ins carried out m the old conned chamber at the lov>n Hall yesterday, when University students "ho after serving their country at the war, have completed their, had their degrees conferred On them hy the \ lee-chancellor (bir John (ince), m the piesenee of their friends and tile membeis of the University Council The degrees conferred woie

folio« s -

Doctor of "\ cterinary Science -1 ionel "Batley

1 till (in absentia)

Bachelor of \etennarv Science-Harold William Bennetts SUnlci John Kneel one Charles Waurn Nve I "ngia-- lust Seftou

Bachelor of Agricultural Sciei cc -Cy ni lynott


Bachelor of Dental Science -Bruec thornton


Bael olor of Mining 1 ngineenng -linrn \ernon 1 ethel ridge

Bachelor of Civil ï-ngincering -V.alter Henri

Coll} er

Bachelor of Vc li ino an 1 Bachelor of ^u-gerj

-Charles ct_nlev Blake Langdon ll-i-ol 1 liai d

Bov. er Miller

Biclielor of Lsiui -INtrick \ninlcll (m ab


Bachelor of Science -Constance ito -lind Piper I Ronald llerl ert bnnll

| Bachelor ol Arts-Norma lobb (in ibscntia)

Kenneth Stewart Cunningloin \rtllur loi-cph Dun lop l-mily Nfabel Itfehurdsoii James Stanle}


Sir lohn Grice in congratulating tho e ivho had received the degrees evprc-r-d the plcasuie of the council to those who hod returned from netive sei vice mid had succeeded in finishing then University course The council recogniied the great difficulties undei which those nua\ trpui study for a eonsidcrnble tune suffei ed __e\ had shown bv doing their dut\ mid serving their countr\ that thej weie eer tam, with ordinan prospects, (o «in cecil in their iiitinc life J he couiicil-wilcoiiied

them hick and was proud of the self sacn I

lice shown by those picscnt and by such n fr large pioportion of tnc men connected «li-

the eJinvcrsiti lhe couneil felicitated .

them on the. gieat reputation lehioied b\ cc the Austrehan Ann>, of which they foi mc J ti a put (Applaua. ) «'