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    WOLFENDEN William and Ann: Ernest Allen Wolfenden was their grandson.

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Family Notices

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[In order to guard against imposition, notices of Births, Marriages, and Deaths must be authenti-   cated by some respectable person to ensure their



ADAMS.-On the 11th September, at "Ballara"

private hospital, Castlemaine, to Mr. and Mrs.

R. J. Adams-a son.        

ARCHBOLD -On the 14th September, at Dr. Scott's private hospital, Bendigo, to Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Archbold-a son. Both well.

AUSTIN -?On the 28th August, at Northenden, 77

Maribyrnong road, Ascotvale, to Mr. and Mrs.

J. W. A. Austin-a son.      

BARRY -On the 11th September, at ."Trinafour"

private hospital, Moonee Ponds, the wife of H. D. Barry, 50 Robb street, Essendon-a daughter.

BENNON -On the 14th September, to Mr. and Mrs.

A. D. Beynon, Numurkah-a son (John Hamil- ton).        

BROCK -On the 25th August, at "Bethesda" pri-

vate hospital, the wife of James Brock, "Haw- thorn Park," Bass-a son. (John Alexander).

BROWN -On the 17th September, at 148 Point

Nepean road, Elsternwick, the wife of J. F. Brown, Errol street, North Melbourne-a daugh-


BRUCE -On the 26th August, at "Suamalie,"

Manor street. Middle Brighton, the wife of Dr.

J. A. Bruce-a son,

BUSTEED (nee Dottle Lee).?On the 9th Septem-

ber, at 21 Godfrey avenue, St. Kilda, the wife.of Frederick S. Busteed-a daughter (Joan Isabel).

COOPER (nee Pearl Moyer).-On 7th September,

at Sister Annear's, Sutherland road, Armadale,   to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cooper, of Boolarra, Gippsland-a son.

CUMBERLAND On the 15th September, at

"Conaro" private hospital, Kooyong road, Arma- dale, to the wife of Jos. K. Cumberland, Milburn grove, Balaclava-a son.

ERICKSEN (nee Florrie Marquis).-On the 2nd Sep-

tember, at Springvale, a son, to Mr. and Mrs.

H Ericksen. Both well.

FALKINER.-On the 9th September, at Somerset      

House, Melbourne, the wife of Ralph Falkiner, Groongal, N.S.W.-a son  

FAY (nee Treacy).-On the 13th August, at Nurse

Bartlett's private hospital, St. Arnaud, to Mr. and Mrs. James Fay-a daughter (Mary Berch-


GRIEVE .?On the 5th September, at Service street,

Hampton,.the wife of Herbert Grieve-a daughter (Hazel Doreen).  

GUTHRIE .-On the 1oth September, at Quamba-

took private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. S. Noel Guthrie-a son (Keith Clifford).

HERGT (nee Hilton).-On the 1st September, at

St. George's private hospital, Cotham road, Kew, to Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Hergt-a son,

HIGGINS .?On the 15th September, at Lemnos pri-

vate hospital, Benalla, to Mrs. T. O'C. Hlgfrins

a son.

HOLMES.- On the 14th August, at Bewley private

hospital, Ararat, to Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Holmes, "Iolanthe," Barkly street, Ararat - a daughter (Kathleen Milner).

HOULT (nee Vera Perkins).-On the 12th Sep-

tember, at St. Helens, Lewisham road, Windsor, the wife of L. T. Hoult (late A.I.F.). Ripponlea -a son (Leslie Roy).      

HOUSTON.-On the 18th September, to the Rev.

C. R. and Mrs. Houston, of Edenhope-a daugh ter.  

HOWARD (nee Craig).-On the 8th September, at

61 Aintree road, East Malvern, to Mr. and Mrs.   M. J. Howard-a son. Both well.  

JOHNSON.-On the 4th September, at Jennings

street. Sandringham,, the wife of H. Johnson-a son.

JONES.-On the 15th June, at "Trinajour" private

hospital, Moonee Ponds, the wife of A. L. Jones, of Essendon-a son.      

LEECH ?On the 18th August, at 14 Wattle Valley

road, Canterbury, the wife of L. E. Leech-a son.

LOVE.-On the 10th September, at "Karcoola,"

St. Kilda, to the widow of the late John Mac- Kinnon Love-a daughter (Jacquelin Mackinnon). LUXON (nee Miller). - On the 29th August, at

Nurse Edward's private hospital, Beechworth, to Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Luxon - a daughter.

MacGREGOR. - On the 16th September, at More-

land Park, Moreland, to Mr. and Mrs. W. MacGregor - a son.  

McCALL (nee Elsie Deane).?On the 31st August,

1919, at Beetoomba, to Mr. and Mrs. R. W. McCall-a son (premature, lived: 12.hours).

MURPHY (nee Nancy Magill).?On the 3rd Septem-

ber. at "St. Helens," private hospital, Windsor, to Mr. and.Mrs. J. R. Murphy of-Camberwell- a daughter.      

NIVEN.-On the 15th September, at Nurse Evans's

private hospital, Elsternwick,. to Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Niven-a son.            

PERRY.-On the 12th September, at Sister Robert-

ton's private hospital, Vermador, Glenhuntly, to Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Perry, of 29 Rosstown road, East Caulfield-a son (Donald Edward).

PROHASKY (nee Ada Miller).-On-the 14th Sep-

tember, at 20 Selwyn street, Canterbury, the wife of C.W. Prohasky (late 14th Battalion) - a son (Albert William Charles).

ROLLANDS (ncc Mary E. Johnson).?On the 1st

September, at Nurse Fox's, private hospital, Mornington, to Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Rollands,   of Fairview, Bittern-a daughter (premature; Mary Patricia-Molly).

SHEPHERD.-On the 7th September. 1919, at

Ypres, Stanhope, the wife of J. M. Shepherd (late A.I.F.)?a son.         SMITH.-On the 10th August, at Nurse Donnell's

private hospital. The Grove, Moreland, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Smith, De Carle street-a son (Douglas Williamson).

TATCHELL -On the 9th September, to Mr. and

Mrs. Thos. Tatchell, "Hardingstone," Heidel-

berg-a son.

TAYLOR (nee Roberts).-On the 17th September,

at St. George's Hospital, Kew, to Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, 2 Park street, Kew-a daughter (Irene Gladys).      

VAUGHAN (nee Florence Enticott).?On the 26th

August, at "Maristowe" private hospital. Alphington, to Mr. and Mrs. J. T.-Vaughan-a daughter (Betty Florence). . WATSON .-On the 25th August, at "Yuriga," 179

Wattle street, Bendigo, to Mr. and Mrs. O. Wat- son-a daughter.

WIGG (nee Edie Hext).-On the 15th September, at "Avenal," Bridge street, Elsternwick, to Mr. and  

Mrs. A. P. Wigg-a daughter (Beryl Edith).

WITT (nee Haydee Gravell).-On the 30th August,

to Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Witt. Clovelly, St. George's road, Northcote-a daughter (Edith Hay.


WOLFENDEN (nee Edith Bates). On the 23rd

August, to Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Wolfenden, of 33 Gamon street, Seddon - a son (Allen Howard).


ANDREW-LEY.-On the 10th August, at the

Church of Christ, Swanston street, Frederick Joseph (late A.I.F.), second son of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Andrew, "Yarra Yarra," East Melbourne, to Maisie Stewart, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Ley, ''Yaralla," Footscray.

BARR-SPENCE.-On the 9th August, 1919, at the

the Albert and Middle Park Presbyterian Church, Richardson street, Middle Park, by the Rev. W. A. Stevely, M.A., Leslie A. L. Barr, second son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Barr, of Isisford, Montague     street, Moonee Ponds, to Gwendoline R., only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Spence, of       

"Rosaville," McGregor street, Middle Park.

BIRD-GLEN.-On tbe 27th August, 1919, at Scots  

Church, Collins street, Melbourne, by the Rev. Chaplain-Colonel D. Macrae Stewart, Captain Cecil H. Bird (Royal Fusiliers, England), son of Mr. C. E. Bird, Lowestoft, England, to Nellie M., youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Glen, "Torwood," Denbigh road. Armadale. (At home, Thursday and Friday, Sept. 25 and 26, at "Moon- dah," Belson street, East Malvern.)

CIIAMOERS-McGOWAN.-On the 6th August, at

Scots Church. Collins street, by.the Rev. W. Borland, Robert Chambers, eldest son of James McKellar Chambers, ot Woy Woy, Sydney, to Margaret Catherine, youngest daughter of the late Thomas McGowan, of Picola. Sydney papers please copy.

CLARK DOYLE-STEWART.-On the 16th July,

at the Hotel de Ville and the Hotel de la Boule d'Or, Tours, France, Margaret Clark, second youngest daughter of Mrs. J. Stewart, Scotchmer street, North Fitzroy, and the late John Stewart, Coatbridge, Scotland, to Lieut. Earl Clark Doyle, U.S. Army, only son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Clark Doyle, Flint, Michigan, U.S. America.

DONALDSON-PLUMPTON.-On the 3rd Septem-

ber, at Congregational Church, Pitt street, Syd- ney, by Rev. N. J. Cocks, Hedley T. S., elder son of Mr. John Donaldson, "Koorooanda," Walpole street, Kew, and the late Mrs. Alice M. Donald- son, to Doris E., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Plumpton, of Neutral Bay, Sydney.

DOUTCH-SONE.-On the 31st May. 1919, at All

Saints, Preston, by the Rev. Butler Johnstone, Malcolm John Doutch, third son of Mr. and Mrs W. J. Doutch, of Thornbury, to Alice Elsie Sone, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A.Sone, of Preston. Present address, "Ballark," Maritana

avenue, Preston.

FOXTON-BELL.-On the 11th August, by Rev. D.

Macrae Stewart. Dr. H. V. Foxton, elder son of the late Colonel the Hon. J. F. G. Foxton, C.M.G., Brisbane, to Annie, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Bell, Alma, New South Wales, and Burnswark, Toorak.  

GULLETT-GARDNER.-On the 19th August, at

Christ Church, Hawthorn, by the Rev. H. Stan- ley Hollow, M.A.. Capt. Sidney W., 29th Bat- talion, A.I.F., only surviving son of Mrs. Gul-

lett and the late Sidney Gullett, of "Ross Dhu," Darling Downs, to May, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Gardner, "Yarroma," St. James Park, Hawthorn.  

HEFFORD-CUMPSTON.-On the 16th August,

1919, at the Armadale Methodist Church, by the Rev. B. W. Heath, assisted by the Rev. John Thomas, B.A., John (late A.I.F.), son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Hefford, Fingal, Tasmania, to Vera, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Cumpston, Arma-


Present address, St. Mary's; Tasmania.

HOLDEN-MATHEWS.-On the 7th July, 1919, at St. John's C. of E., Ballarat, by Rev. J. Best, Francis Joseph, eldest son of Joseph Holden, of Rushworth to Marian, fourth daughter of late John Richards Mathews, of Ballarat.

KEARNEY-ROXBY -On the 25th June, at St.

Gabriel's, Newcastle-on-Tyne (England), Eng. Sub-Lieutenant G. Kearney, R.N.R., only son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Kearney, of North Williamstown, Australia, late of Walker, to Gertrude Roxby, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Roxby, of St. Denys, Montague road, Portsmouth.

LENNIE - HARTLAND .-On the 21st August, at the

residence of the bride's parents, Frankston, by Rev. E. Tonkin, John Aim Lennie (late signaller 6th Bn.) youngest son of the late Ritchie Lennie, of Cambuslang, Scotland, to Edna Latham, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W..L. Hartland, of Mel- bourne road, Frankston. (Home papers please copy.) McPHERSON - FARQUHARSON.-On the 9th July, at Aberdeen, Scotland, by the Rev. A. Irvine Pirie, B.D., Lieutenant John Frederick McPher- son, D.C.M. (A.I.F.), youngest son of Alice and late James McPherson, of Yarra Glen, to Con- stance, eldest daughter of the late G. M. Far- quharson, M.A., and Mrs. J. Gair, 72 Ashley road,   Aberdeen, Scotland.  

MEADE - POBJOY.-On the 18th August, at St.

Patrick's Cathedral, Ballarat, by the Rev. B. J.   Roper, Joseph, eldest son of Robert Meade, Sand- ringham, to Veronica, eldest daughter of Joseph Pobjoy, Ballarat. Present address, "Avoca," Sandringham.

MILLER—PETTY.—On the 23rd August, 1919, at

the Doncaster Church of Christ, by Mr. W. L. Jones, Lance-Corporal A. F. Miller (late 10th F.C. Engrs.), to Alma, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Petty, "Bradford," Doncaster.

MOSS - BAILEY -On the 1st September, at the Roman Catholic Church, Elwood, by the Rev.  

Father Loomey, Harry Lyon, youngest son of the late Mark and Rose Moss, of Melbourne, to Leah,

youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick  

Earl Bailey, of Meredith street, St. Kilda.  


MARRIAGES.     NYE - REEVE.-On the 16th August, at the Metho-

dist Church, Fairfield, by the Rev. Frank Jolly, Percival Barltett, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs.   A. Nye, Wingrove street, Alphington, to Harriett Leah, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Reeve,

"Rosebank," Stafford street, Northcote.         OWEN-KEILAR.-On the 10th August, at St. Saviour's, Serpentine, Eric Albert, son of Dr.  

F. J. Owen, of "Westbourne," South Camber- well, to Jessie May, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Tresise, of Banksia, Serpentine. Present address, 228 Miller street, North Sydney, N.S.W.

PINNER - SLOSS.- [Silver Wedding.]-On the 19th

September, 1894, at Hawthorn grove, Bacchus  

Marsh, by the Rev. J. A. Stuart, William Ed-

ward, elder son of the late J0hn Paxton Pinner, of Melbourne, to.Margaret, third daughter of thc late Edward Sloss, Bacchus Marsh. Present   address, Spring street, Melbourne.

QUINTRELL - ARCHER .-On the 4th-July. at. the

R.C. Church, Hindmarsh, S.A., by the Rev.  

Father McFarlane, Ernest C., youngest son. of.   Mr. and Mrs. Quintrell, Hindmarsh, to Florence May, eldest daughter.of Mr. F. W. Archer and the late Mrs. Archer, South Gippsland, Victoria.   Adelaide papers please copy.

SAKER-MARTIN -On the 2nd August, at St.

Barnabas Church of England, South Melbourne, by Rev. P. Edwards, Harold Garfield, fourth eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. James Saker, North Fitzroy, to Annie Christella, fifth eldest daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Martin, Albert Park. Johannesburg papers please copy.)

SPILLER - KENNEDY .- On the 20th August, at

Holy Trinity, Kew, by the Venerable Archdeacon Potter, Edward Leslie, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs.

W. J. Spiller, Camberwell,, to Annie Vaughan, younger daughter of Mrs. J. Kittrich Kennedy, Kew, and the late J. Kittrich Kennedy, St. Kilda.   TRELOAR - TREWIN.-On the 23rd August, 1919,

at Echuca, by the Rev. Rogers, ex-Flight Lieu- tenant William Harold , A.F.C., eldest son of Mr. and.Mrs. W. H. Treloar, 17 Boyd street, Albert Park, to Ida Emmerson, elder daughter.of Mr. and Mrs. H. Trewin, 47 Finlay street, Albert Park.

WEBSTER - THORNE.-On the 7th August, 1919, at

St. Matthew's Church, Prahran, by the Rev. W. T. C. Storrs, Leslie Leeder, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. J. J.Webster, of Black Rock, to Eileen Dorothy, youngest daughter of the late L. Thorne, of East Melbourne.

WHITE - De H-LARPENT .-On the 30th August, at

St. Paul's Church of England, Canterbury, by the Rev. J. H. Dewhurst, assisted by the Rev. R. G. Burke, M.A., LL.B., Alfred Charles, son ol Frederick C. and of the late M. White, of

Maldon, to Allicia Georgiana, second daughter of

the late Egmont De Hochepied-Larpent, of Malvern.


BARTLETT.-On Hie 17th Septcmbrr, nt Military

Ilospllal,- Caulfield,- Lieut. Albert Thorburn Bart- lett; (A.I.F.) loved brother of Thos. and Anni Simpson, and .uncle of Bea, Sidney, and Con- nie, aged 43 years.

"Dead? Nay, just wailing on God's,wide shore

linc ¦-._ " - '?

The coming of life's ressels?yours and mine.


BARKER.?On the ISth September, 1919, nt his re-

sidence, "Walla." Barker's Creek, James Ruther- ford, tho loved husliand of [_uru Barker, second ron of thc late W. TV Barker, M.D.. Casino, N.S.W. (Queensland and New South Wales poper, please copy.)

BARRETT.On the 18th September, at his resi-

dence, .47 Holden, street,. North Fitzroy, John, relict of the late Margaret Barrett, and loving father of Mrs. D. Conroy, Michael, Mrs. V. Pitt, John, Patrick; Margaret, Mary, James, and.Mrs. R. Hutchison, aged. 76 years.- By request,, no flowers.., R.I.P.

BASCH - On the 17th September, at Cheltenham,

Montague Michael, late of Perth and Cottesloe Beach.  

At rest.  

BERMINGHAM. On the 16th September, at her

residence, 63 Lewisham road, .Windsor, Ellen,   the dearly loved wife of the late John Berming- ham. Interred privately on the 18th, St. Kilda.

.May her soul rest in peace.

BISHOP. - On the 17th September, Frank Hepburn, late A.I.F., eldest son of the late Wm. Bishop,

Echuca, loved husband of May (nee Field), and father of Nancy and Monty, aged 30 years. (Pri   vately interred at Heidelberg, 18th Inst.)

CHAMPION;?On the -111 September, 1010, nt

Perth; of., influenza, .Violet Margaret,', dearly .be- loved wife pf, G. :-A,.-Champion,. ot Union- Bank; ' PcrthJ and 'dearly loved "daughter'bf lt. and .M.

Smith, n( -the- Post-office, Northcote," also loving sister oIRobertn,, Arthur, Bert; Amie, and'the late fit:?irv.loving granddaughter of- Mr.,' and Mrs. J. Wilson, of. Portland.

CHAPLIN (nee Kenny) - On the 17th September,

at her residence, 55 Broadway, Camberwell, Ellen Mary, the dearly beloved wife of Thomas Chaplin, aged 86 years: colonist of 67 years. (Privately interred on the 18th.) R.I.P.

CRlNNION. - On the 17th September, at Mount St.

Erin's, Patrick, 3rd eldest son of the late Thomas and Mary Ann Crinnion, of Crow's Hill, Mickle- ham, brother of Michael, Thomas, George, Mrs. D. Branigan, Mrs. J. Langtry, Ellen, late James and Andrew. R.I.P. (Interred privately, Bulla Cemetery, l8th inst.)        

. ;. immaculate h_r.'of.Mury-, '."

'- .'. .:¦ Have.mercy on-his soul.-'--r . "* DENNIS.-On the 17th September,-- a East Mel-

bourne, Commander George F. Dennis, V.D., dearly loved husband of Florence Dennis.   "Yamba," Darling road. East Malvern, aged 73 years. (Privately interred Williamstown General Cemetery, 19th September.)  

FORD.?On the loth September, 1010, at (19 Davies

street, Brunswick,- George,. dearly beloved; hus- band of Eileen Ford, and loving father of Don* Susie, Eileen,. Alan, Bernard, and.'Adrian,-aged 63 years. (Private Int'crrnenl.) .....

..... At'rest...:., ?'.'--¦¦ ',-'

HARRY.?On thc 14th,September (suddenly), Ifcr ' bert Raymond .(Bert), clearly loved' youngest , brother of Gertrude Harry, of 8 McGregor street,'

Canterbury;.h.ed-16_v v_r«. -.' : ...".,-',-^'.

"Until the doy brcat--and."shadows Ree away.*' . HART.?On -ho. :»th August, at Kalgoorlie," ,of

piieinnonie in-luchxa, Annie, beloved wife'of T.?j; Hart, eldest daughter of'Mr. and .'Mrs.'jr. Daw

sort, Callignee, Gippsland, -and loving brother 'of Alma, Jessie, and Svlvia. ' ¦ ? ' .;¦

HARWOOD.-On thc 14tb September, in his, 81st

year, Henry A., husband of Rosa (deceased), und loved father of Harold. (Privately inlerrccl Ilrlr-hte-.) ¦

HOUGHTON.?On thc ISth September, at her

daughter's residence, Wiirrandvtc, Jane Char- lotte, relict of the late Hurry Ilourh'on,died loth September, 101(1, and deoriy loved lirotber of . Harry. Florence'(Mrs. J. Blair),-Gcoig-e,-, Eddie,

and Will Houghton, aged. 74 years....-- __? ;,

Calm is thy slumber, aa a'ii infant's "sleep.-'-'-V' ¦ For thou shalt wake 'ho niore.'to.toil-arid, weep,""

Good-uifrkt! " i ' "¦ ' ." '..' '.'ii' :-. HOWIE.?On Ibo 10th September,.'at 1'nwclltdwn,

Graham James, liclovcd infant son of R. A. aud I. M. Howie, age six weeks, - - -

A little bud in beaven. - "

HUON.-On the 14th September, at Narrandera,

New South Wales, George, third loved sou of the

late William and Emma Huon, of "Kerilleau,"

Wodonga, Victoria.

HUTTON. On the 9th September, at Beechworth,

Mary Ann, widow, of the late James Hutton, One Mile, Beechworth, aged 82 years. R.I.P.

JAKINS.?On'the 10th Septen*-, at Burnie, 'Tas

maiiia; Charles Oswald, the dearly loved Bc'cond son of Dr. William V. and.Charlotte -M. Jakins, loved brother of Fred, Mrs. Bell, Airs. Carmichael,. Bert, and Elsie. ' . JAKINS.?On thc 19th September, nt Burnie, Tas

mruii.-i, Charles Oswald, loved husband of Wini- fred, and dcor father-of Kitty, Marjorie, and

Tom. .

JAMIESON.-On the 17th September, at his resi-

dence, Rosebud, William, beloved husband of the late Adelaide Jamieson, and loving father of Robert, Margaret, James, Gertrude (deceased), Adelaide, and George, loved father-in-law of Evelyn, and dear grandfather of little Willie, aged 83 years.

Mourned by all.

JENKINS. - On the 11th September (suddenly),

Martha Jane, the beloved eldest daughter of David and the late Jane Jenkins, "Brynhafod," Templestowe.  

KEOGH.?On the 19th September, imo, at Star

of the Sea Presentation Convent, Elsternwick, Mother M. Michael Keogh. In the 11th year ot holy, profestiou, aged 31 years. R.I.P.

LIDDELL.-.On the 19th September, 1919, at his

residence; No. 205 Bell street, West Coburg, Joseph John, the dearly beloved husband of Ellen Liddell, and loving father of Frank, Ed- ward, Henry, and Malcolm,-aged 56 yenrs.

"May his soul rest in peace."

McAREE.'? On the 17th Scptcmber.ot 118 Canterbury

roail, Middle Park, Elizabeth Frances, widow of tlie ? late Staff-Surgeon Francis McArec, R.N., and toother-af Dr. Francis E. McAree, of Middle Park, and of Dr, J. V. McAree, of Adelaide.

R'equii--st in pace. ¦

MILLER.^On thc 13th September; at her son's

reeidenee, 40' Olinda street, Bendigo, Lillian, relict1 of the late Ernest -Miller, of Horsham and Bcnditro, anil loved mother of Daisy (Mrs. W. CoucUl), Frank, and Harry, in ber 70th year.

MORTON.-^Oli the 19th September, IOU), at her

residence,'- "Rhyola," Power street. Hawthorn, Jessie; rcljct of thc late George Morton, nnd loved mother, ot iles. George Nallian, Mrs. Arthur Sutton, Richritbnd;. Sydney, Stanley, and ida Morton. (Private interment,)

. A patient sufferer at rest..

NOLAN;?On tlie lfltli September, 1919, at the

residence !of >her .parents,- No. 645 'Drummond arect. North Carlton, Mabel Alice, the dearly be- loved only daughter, of James, arid Banora!! Nolan,-, and .loving' sister "of ;j*rues - and Hughie, devoted 'niece' ot >Wi_ia_.Nolan, aged 36 years. (By request rio flowers.' Funeral private.)

"__ay,ner.BO.ul rest in.peace."

O'HEARE;-On the 19th September, at his mo-

ther's- residence, 104 Pakington street. Kew, Henry Joseph, dearly loved son of Winifred and the late Patrick O'Heare, dearly loved friend of Dolly Coleman, aged 28 years. . R.I.P.

O'HEARE.-On the 19th September, at his mo-

ther's residence, 104 Pakington street. Kew,     Henry Joseph, dearly loved son of Winifred and the late Patrick O'Heare, agedd 28 years. R.I.P.

PARKER;?On thc 17th .September, nt SSA John-

ston istTect, Abbot-fora", Harry (Sain), dearly beloved husband of Victoria Parker, of r_sk dule. agc- 64 years.

PARRIS.?On the 14th.September, at Gloster street,

Kensington, Joshua, second son of the late Henry and'Eleanor'Panis. (Interred privately in Bur-

wood Cemetery.)

At rest.

PESTELL. (ncc Medley).?On thc 16th September,

at Bayswater, Western Australia, of influenza, Alice ("Allie"), the dearly loved'wife of Henry 1'estell (son ol tho late Dr. and Mrs. Pcstcll, of Kyneton), und beloved sister of thc Rev. Alfred.. A. (Camberwell), Fred (Kew), and the late "-emmie" Medley. ' . .

"A sclf-sacriflcing and devoted wife and sister.*

"Beloved by everyone."

PREACHER,?Oo the 4th; September, at 31 Evan-

dale read. Malvern, John, thc dearly loved father of Syd, and grandfather of Frank and little Rose.

Al rest.

ROSS.?Ori thc 17th September, William Albert,

only son of-thu late William and Margaret Boss, late of Avoca, and dearly beloved brother of l.ilv and Ida Ross, of "Ontario." 6.1 Docker street, Blchmond. (Private interment at Boroondara Cemetery, September 19.).

RYAN.?On thc 13th September, at her residence,

Sn Havelock street, St. Kildu, Martha, clearly lie lorcd wife of the late M. G. Byan, loving mother of .Maud, Hilbert, Ernest, Eveline, and Charlie. R.I.P. (Privately Interred Melbourne Cemetery 15tb.)

SHEEHAN:?On thc Ilth Seplemlicr, nt his paront

re-donee, -"Shandon," Ngarveno street, Moonee Ponda, John Michael (Jack), second son of Mr. und Mrs; IV J.- Sheehan, and loving'brother of Pat, Aloysius (ri-coi-cd). Vern, and Muriel. (In-

terred priVaHIy on 18th, September in thc Mel-.I bourne Cemetery.) R.I.P.  


SINCLAIR.-On the 15th September, at the  

private hospital, Swan Hill, William James, dearly loved eldest son of Mr. amd Mrs. A. Sinclair, "Glenann," Wood Wood, Swan Hill, and loving brother of Mrs. J. H. Gamble (Col- binabbin), Mrs. C. Shaw (Quambatook), Mrs. Reg. Jones (Swan Hill), Florence, Neil, Jessie, and Alex., aged 28 years.

SMITH.-On the 13th September, at her parents'

resilience, "Greta," Parsons street, Kensington, Mavis Irene,-the dearly.beloved youngest daugh- ter or Claude and-Rtibv, thc beloved.sLste'r of Childe ami Murgje, (lie beloved granddaughter of lues, and the late Margnrrt Alloway, the dear little niece bf May (Mrs.-(;:: Carrls), Alice, and Eileen Alloway.

?Our little bud-In Heaven. ? .'

SMITH.-On tlie lSth-Septeniber.ot'his residence,

corner Maribyrnong anti Yoitell streets, Footscray, John Joseph Smith dale of Avenel.'Victoria), .dearly beloved,husband of Marv Ann, .-uni loving

father ol John,-Herbert, Walter, George,; Mvrtle (Mrs. McAlpine), Leslie, Bella (Mrs. Uren), and Mabel,.aged,B2>ycars. Employee of 0/.Mowling for -years. . .... . ? ¦ , ., Deeply mourned.

STOW.—On the 19th September, at Edensor, Violet

Town, Margaret, relict of the late Edward Stow, Heath street, Port Melbourne, aged 79 years.

TAYLOR:-On thc' 18th-; September, - nt her resi-

dence, .So. 5 Vlgo street, Fno-crav. Grace, reli- ef thelale William Taylor.(late of'St,? Arnaud),'

-¦ and ? loved mother: of - Maggie, George, Agnes, i

John; .William,, arid Huirh, agcl 79 years. - .! THOMAS.?On thel3ilrSc'pt'e'ih1iei-;-fll'private h.

pita!. Fitzroy, Louie Thomas (lalo Car'shvoek)' loving, sister .of-Emm- (Eltham), Kater (Sandring- ham), and late brother. Boyce, A.I.F., und late mother.. Mrs. Forrest, of.Black Rook. (Inserted -by.,h*.vThomas.)_ _- .. -t.

UNSWORTH (nec.Kelly).-6ri the 18th September,

nt Melbourne road.'-DaiidelJoii::. Kathleen, the be lovcil'.wifc. of Arthur Unsworth. ¦-.'.¦ VALE.?On. thc. ?h.-September,'' at Won Wron,

Bcatricc'Nnricv, beloved twiri daughter of Vt. M. ond I-*.-E. Vale, aged 5 .years and ii months.

WILLIAMS On 19th September, at Post-offiee,

Bentleigh, -Eliza relict of the late John Wil-         liams; of Lilydale aged 87 years.

??¦'.'. - IN,. .MEMORIAM., ,

. -On Actl-rij Service).'-' ¦ < . ADAMS.?In fond nnd-loving; remembrance ot'our

dearly loved son nnd brother, Arthur'John;- killed in urtion,-. Polygon Wood, Belgium, September 20,' 1017. - '" -? -.'-." ¦ .

- '^Beloved by all. his comrades and friends. ¦

. *V A. soldier'ahd a_ man.'- \ . ' - ¦.'. ' But we know thal-God hath this giftinistore,

That when we-come to the-final change,

Wc shall meet, with or.r'loved ooe:goru».before

To the benutiful. country over, the'range; .

', ¦''?', An.Anrae'.hero, , X'V'c

?(Inserted by his' loving parents, -brothers, and Bisters,' Glengarry.) . - - ?....

ALMOND.—In sad and loving memory of my step-

son, Staff-Sergt. V. B. Almond, 14th Batt., killed in action at Havincourt, Sept. 18, 1918.

In the words of his padre—"A fine soldier and a great mate."         (Inserted by J. Bolger.)

ALMOND.—In sad and loving memory of Staff-  

Sgt. Brooke V. Almond, 14th Batt., who was killed in action at Havincourt, Sept. 18, 1918, on the eve of his home-coming, after four years' service. (Inserted by his loving wife and   mother.)        

ATKINSON.?In loving memory, of lie? enant B,

Atkinson, '23rd Battalion, 0th Infantry Brigade, A.I.F.', only son'of Rev: James C. and Margaret Atkinson, Clayton, killed ¦ at Gallipoli "* Sept., 1015. , ?

"'Neath. Thy care."

?(Inserted <by; Bcv. J. CV -A.; and M. A.)

BAI.ZARY*.?In -loving memory ot;bin- beloved

eldest 'son; . Private Leonard Albert (Len): Stretcher-bearer, .23rd Battalion, .who was -killed in action in France, 2)st September, 1917, alter 2 years''service', loved brotherof,Cliff (A.I.F.), Ray'. George,-'Willie, and-.Mollic, aged'20 years ' ll months. '

' ." -^,:',. . Ever. remembered

?(Inserted by his sorrowing parents, 8 Evandale road. Malvern.) .... . .-"

BAUCHOP.-In loving remembrance of our brave

boy, Sgt. Loftus Bauchop, 14th Batt, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Bauchop, who was killed

in action near St. Quentin, France, on September 20, 1918.          

Firm as the firmest,where duty led;

He hurried without a falter; ..

Brave as the bravest, he fought and bled; The day was won, but the field was red;

For the blood of his fresh young life he shed   On his country's hallowed altar.

(Inserted by his father and mother, brothers, and sisters, 25 Twyford street, Wil- liamstown.)

BAUCHOP. -In loving memory of our dear

brother, Sergt. Loftus Bauchop, 14th Batt., killed in action 20th Sept. 1918, in France, dearly   beloved youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Bauchop, Williamstown.

In a soldier's grave he is sleeping;

In a land to us unknown;       But his name is written in letters of love   ln the hearts he left at home.

(Inserted by his loving, sister and brother-in- law, M. and H. McMillen, Beechworth.) .

BAUCHOP. In fond and loving memory of my

fiance, Sgt. Robert Loftus, killed in action on   the 20th September, 1918.

Requiescat in pace. (Inserted. by E.M.D.)      

BAUER.-ln loving memory of Pte. W.A. Bauer,  

7th Machine Gun Coy., A.I.F., died of wounds at Poperinghe Ypres, Sept.20, 1917 late of Mel- - bourne High School; and London Bank, Swanston

street,-aged 21. Dearlv-loved friend and com

panion of Lieut.E. W Mylrea,14th , F.A,     Brigade.                          

"Till the day breaks and the shadows flee away.' KAVERTY'.?In- loving imcrnory ' of "Pfc.- Rupert . Raverty,'2nd AusLPiohcers, who died of,wounds ^,in..Bclgium on.September.2j,^1017.

. ,-\ ""¦ ' ''Duiy-'noblVi.doric."..-..

? '?(Inserted :,by, h's', lov'pg, ibrother,-;, me .tues, '-"Major-Chaplain'J. II. Rovcriy abd -Mrs.'J.I II:

;;-)laverty.)- . '., :,'.. . ,.-.- j.-. . "',';¦; j. : ;!

njiyijEY.?A- tribute? of-livc and apprcclatloh to ' the memoir ol our late esteemed member,. Daisy

Maude Bayley,. who passed, away, on'September is; 1010,-at 03 Merton street,; Albert Park.. .(In- serted by the officers and members'of the Metro-

politan Red Cross V.A.D.)..

BEAVAN.?in loving memory of--Prlvate A. S.

Beavan, A .Company,,lilli Btu., killed in action in France, September 20, 1017, voungest son of Mrs'." A. i*.'.-Beavan;-ian Point Nepean road, ¦Rrightoil. ?-¦ ¦-.-, ¦-, -

BEAVAN-.?Tb-tliojmernory cf Plc. A." S. Beai-an, ' kiUcd Jlcnln*:Raa'd,'-'Scptcuibcr SO,'M17.V

BELL^IhTmeriiory.-of my dear mate, lieut, Srdfiej ? Garnctf Bell :(Diug)r.4th nattery, killc'd in aitlon.

lllth'Septen.lber,"1918. .-.

'.' He ptayeii thc game :always. . .

. ? (Inserted by his sincere friend, R..Pattie.)

BOURKE.?In sad and loving memory of our dear

son .and brother. Lieutenant John'Joseph Bourke, 2nd Machine-gun Section, who paid the supreme sacrifice in Belgium, September 20, 1917.

...... An. An? c hero...

In a'soldier's grave he is, sleeping,.

One of earth's dearest and beet;

In our hearts we will miss him for .'ever, ?

One of Australia's heat.' H.l.P. '?'?-. '

?(Inserted by his sorrowing parents, brothers, and sisters.)

BOURKE.?In loving memory of-dear-Jack,-Lieut.

J.. J. Bourke, 2nd-?.G.C.,' who'made the supreme sacrifice in Belgium,' September 21, -1017.

. A fearless and brave An?c. ' ; There is a lirik'-death..?nnpt. sever,,. "'

Love, end remembrance- last for ever,

?(Inserted by M. Tilton.)

BROWN.?In' fond memorj* of oar-dear son and

?brother. Sgt. John A. Brown, '"A" Coy., '8th Battalion, killed in action, Polygon Wood, Bel- gium, on 20th-September; 1017.

"Thy will be done.

?(Inserted by his loving parents, ¦ sisters, and brother,.St. Kilda.) ,

BROWN.?In .affectionate remembrance^ ol - tny

brother, Will, Irilled in action in France, Sep- tember 20, .1017; ¦ '

Bcmembored. .

?(Inserted by T. and 1^; Brown.) ' .

BROWN.?An affectionate tribute''to the me?ory

of our'friend and mate, Sergeant. J: 'A.'-Brown, killed in action, September.20, ;1017.

"A brave -hero (tone: West,"

-(A. W. Walter nod family.) . :1 '¦¦ ,.

BROWN.?In honoured menidry of Sgt. John Brown,

A Coy., Bth B«tUl'dn,'wr|o.fell'-in.»?!reo, Sep- tember 20, 1M7.-' - ¦:.¦'?.-¦

A beautiful memory left .behind.

A duty nobly done.

?(Inserted by Mr. and! Mrs.-Holden, will, and ' Gertie,.Ballarat.).- . .-.."?.. .

BULL. - In loving memory of John Wallace Bull,

killed in action, France, on September 20, 1917, aged 23 years; also his cousin,. Reginald -Wallace, killed in action, France, .September .23, IBIS, aged 21 years. -? ¦ '

"There lot.them rest, Christ'.knowc? best. Wc

die to live! In West, in East; wc oink to risc, self all suppressed, but all to-give the.soldler'a simple sjcrificc." '¦'.'.' '?_,?' - ' ?(The Grange, Oslwrnc street, .Williamstown.)

BYRNE.?A tribute of love to the meniory of our

dear cousin. Lieutenant Leslie Byrne,'!?C., i4th -and 4f,Ui. Battalions, killed ' in action on 18th

September, MU ft

' Our, Anrac-hero.-"¦

Duty nobly .done., ¦ ...

?(Inserted by E: A. ond J. A. Nation,' Williams-

town.) . -. . ' ' ' BY'RNE.?A tribute"!/) the. memoryof Cpl. Leo.

Byrne, D Coy., 8th Battalion, killed in action at Hooge, near .Ypres, ,20th..September, 1017. aged 24 years ll' months,, dearly loved' third' son of Mr. and Mrs: T.- Byrne,, and loving brother. of Jeff (Jack and Jim returned), Mary, Pat, Joan, and. Rose.' R.I.P.- .. i

CAMERON.? In sad and loving memory of our

dc'ar brother, Private' George Caine'rbh,' 4172,"8th Battuijon,- missing 20th September, 1017, after- wards reported killed in action. (Inserted by his loving sisters, H. Reid and A. B, Foord, Albert Park.) ' . . -

CAMERON.?In loving memory ol our dear son and

brothrr. Colin Charles,-, killen* in action in France.

20th September, 1!I17. (Inserted by his parents,, sisters, and brother.) .

COOPER.?In loving memory, of my dear husband

and my dear daddy, Sergeant John ¦ Thomar Cooper, 8th Battalion, killed, in action, 20th September, 1917 (late F.F. Club).

Alwsvs happy and cheerful,

With heart that kneiv no. fear, He went to light Rle's battles

For all he loved so dear.

Time changes many things.

But fond memory, like thc ivy, dings.

One of the best.. ? . ' .' '

?(Inserted by his loving wife ond little daughter. Maggie.) /

COOPER.-In loving memory of our dear pal. Sgt.

Jack Cooper, killed in action, in France, 20th September, 1017.

One of the best. ?

?(Inserted bv his mates. G. Holden, .B. Millen, J. Freake. R." Gray. P. Heron.)


memory af mv dear brother,' Percy; ,alro St. John Dnrbvshire; both killed in notion near Lone House, /rfi'nneheke. on September.-, 1»17; also Will Abbott, died of wounds on October 1, 1017. " '

Thy will be done.

?(Inserted by Hubert D. Creen, Coleraine.)

DENTON.--In loving memory of our dear brother.

Gunner Eddie II. Denton, killed-in1, action, in France, September 20. lnlS, and loving uncle of Edna, Jack, Don, Geoff. -: '

A true brother. I |' ;J r.

?(Inserted bv bis brother and 'sister-in-law' Fred and Win.) . i ! < ! i

DENTON.?In proud and lorine; inemorv. :of! our

dear friend. Eddie B. Denton', killed in actlbil ' 20th September, 11118.'

¦ A hero and n num.

Too dearly- loved to be forgotten.

I ?(inserted by'Mr. and Mr«. W, fl. .'Partier abd

family, Cau-tld.') "'

??¦'i1 v. X "

' IK MEMORIAM. , . On -Active ?Service. ? '

DERRICK.-Major Cecil rt., 32nd Battalion, 6tl

Inf. Brigade, .Cffcun-Sra, 20th September, 1915.

DODDS.?lu proud ami* loving memoir "of our soi

arid brother, (..inner Allan Dodds, ia.Ui Howitzer nattery, killeil at Polygon Wood, 20 - September,' 1017.

DOUGIiAS.?In' loving memory of G939. Private

Hector .lame. Doualaf, D-Company, Bat- talion,'who dial or wound*, at tlic 32th Casually Clearing Station, France, on September 20, 101S. ' (Inserted by.his loving fatl-cr, sister, and bro-

ther:) .

DOJJGI.AS.?A miall tribute to the memory of my

dear pal.and workmate, Hoc .Douglas, killed in action in France on September. 20, 1918. (E.L.S.) DOUGf-AS.?In memoriam Hector J. Douglas.


DUNN*.?In ever loving mrtnoTy of onr dearly . loved son anti brothr*. Raymond Leslie, killed

in-action, in France Polygon Wood, .September ?20,-1917. ." '

-,.'¦-; . An Anzac hero.

"Our dear eon iV sleeping h.s-Jnst longslccp,

. Awl hU prate we ilia v. never see;

_. r.nt'.jome gentle liand in distant, land

May.-fatter mmac floiVcr_ for me, t

rr'frnjertcd by his. loving father and. mother, brother-, ami -Isten. Sheparton.) . .

DUNN.?In lo-iiig memoir of my dear brother,

Raymond .Lctlic, who was killed in thc battle of es,!. Polygon Wood, September 20, 1017. r (Inserted/by

.{ his-loving, sister, Mrs.-W. C. Pilmer.) { *

I)f*NN.r-in -loving memory of' our dear brother,

Roy, 3rd Co. Engr?,,'killed in.action, September 2o; joly; ' -¦'¦¦.""".;

Ever remembered.,'. ' l\

¦ ?(Kni and Vie., latn.A.I.F.). , /. ¦- : .'

EDWARDS, - In loving memory of Private Stanley

Gilbert Edwards (5343), 22nd Battalion, killed in action in France, 21st September, 1917.  

Three years have gone dear Stan,  

Since last we said good-bye;        

I loved you then, I love you still;

As years go by I love you more, and will do till I die          

- (inserted by his ever-loving wife, Alice.)

ELVINS - In loving memory of Private James H.

Elvins, died of wounds in France, 'September 20, 1917                  

With his King of Kings.      

- (Inserted by Lenore M. Cuttance, Mansfield)

EVANS - In sad and loving memory of Corp. Harry

E., late 5th Batt., who was killed on September 20, 1917; also his brother, L.Cpl. Eddie M., late 59th Batt. who was killed on September 26,


Tho' lost to sight, to memory ever dear.  

- (Inserted by their loving aunt, uncle, and   cousins, Mrs. J. Goodman, Station street, North  


FARISH - In loving, memory of our dear, brother.

Private Robert T. Farish (Bert), 24th Batt,'who died of^vonnds-. received; at. Lone Pine, on'SOth. September,, 1015, aged ZS.' * Do we,.forgctV Ah/no!

¦ For memory's golden chain * Will.always link our heart- with his,

:Ur.tiI we meet again. ,

He will always .be in .our memory/

..Though .his grave is over thc foam,

" Where bc fell 'mid the thunder of battle.

Fighting-for .those-at/borne.

,'"-(Inserted by his loving sister and brother*!]

law, Jin arid Mrs. T.. Muster and family,.and . sister :.Isia.)

FARISH. In loving memory of our dear brother,

Pte. Robert T. Farish (Bert), of the 24th Batt. who died of wounds, received at Lone Pine on the

20th Seplember, 1915      

Under the flag with the five-starred cross,  

the pride of the Southern Sea ;  

Bert laid down his life in the deadly strife,   To keep Australia free He is gone, but not forgotten,  

Never shall his memory fade;

Sweetest thoughts will always linger For one so noble, true, and brave.  

(Inserted by his loving sister and brother in law, Annie and Fred Cox, returned.)   FROST.?In: loving memory-of .Private Walter * James'C.IinOidearly loved second son of Charles , and TiOuisaFroi-.-ofWycheproof, killed in action

at Polygon Wood,. France,¦ 20th.September,1917. .. (Inserted-by'his lovingi sister and ,brotl_cr-ln

latr/Bertlia'aiid Rupert Warren, Harcourt.)'

sterner, 1&17.: -(Inserted by Mrs. A..'H. Oxlade and'Oxladc.'and.'_Mack-c.) ,

FURNELL. In loving memory of my dear hus-

band and our dear daddy, No. 511, Corporal Frederick Furnell, Railway Unit, killed in Bel-. gium, 19th September, 1917 (one of the Ballarat

heroes); also his brother, Lieutenant G J Fur nell, died of wounds same day.      

Though absent from among us,        

You are present in our thoughts;   And those you left behind you

Will always feel your loss.

What happy hours we once enjoyed,   How sweet their memory still.      

(Inserted by his loving wife and children,

"Glenferrie"Epsom road, Ascot Vale.)  

GHKNT.?ln'proud nnd..lovlnp memory of Cantaln -..Iiloyd'-Olient; killefl in action, Chateau Wood,

. on'September 20,-1017, Ord Machine Gun . Co.

(iatb-fiih Battalitm).',' "...,'- * '.

' ''He a shroud of glory.'.'. * ¦ ?

?(Inserted by^his loving fa.hef, mother, sister-,' nnd brother, 128 Tinnirig street, West Bruns*

_.. trick.)::. ¦;?¦._ .,,_.¦ ¦... - ; **:-¦.,¦' ' ''''¦

GII.I-.'-rA tribute to' the memorj* of Corporal JNor ¦ man.T.fGill, who madfi'the supreme .acriQce at

Menin road,. September 20.-.1017. .

' ? '. ¦ '¦''¦ ¦'¦'¦ Au An_ae.'! ,,' .'.' ""¦-.' . ?(W.-rA; Clark and Co., Flinders.lane.) ';

Gladman. - In loving memory of our-darling son and brother Sergeant O.F. Gladman, C Com-  

pany. 8th Battalion, killed in action in France on the 20th September, 1917.    

He crossed the great horizon,        

Eternity's great span;      

He has earned, the crowning glory   Of a soldier and a man.        

-(Inserted by his loving sister Gladys.)

Gl-li-MARTIN.'?In loving memory of Private R.

IT. Giiilnlirtiu. who fell on tbe 20th September, 1917 (lever-, CapcTs Crossing).

HARLOW.?In memory of our dear friend, Pte. H.

Uarlow/killed In action on _0tlrSeptember, 1017.

In distant France he is lying,

Killed by a passing shell;

Ho was buried by his comrade.*;

Thc Iwys who loved him .well. . . _..

?(Inserted by Mr. anil Mrs. Wisdom and familjv' PJe. S. C.'Wipflom, Myrtle, and Aliee.) ¦ :, HARniDGR?In loving memory of our dear brother

Km,- who fell-in-France.-September :2l, 10I7.

Thank .God for the faith that teaches. .

.-When' thc struggles of life.arc o'er;

Wo shall meet our own, our .loved* ones, . ¦ ."' Arid shall know them all once more. ?(In-crted by Mr. .and Mrs. K. Day.).

HARR1DGK.?In loving memory, of- our dpar son

and brother, Kmcst Fdwanl Harridge, killed in action ntMenln road, 20th September, 1017.

. Until ttic day break and thc shadows flee.

?(Inserted by his parents, brothers, and sister-,): nEARD?ROMKO.?In fond remembrance of my old

pal, Herman, died of wounds received at Polygon Wood; HOtlr Septemher," 1917; also'my dear pal, "Monty" Romeo, killed in action in France, June Stb, lOlfi. Both 6th Batt.' boys.

Two'of the best.-'

Tiley shall not grow bid as wc who are left grow

old; :. . - ¦. - ¦?¦..- -'¦: . ? -

Age ' shall ¦ not weary them, nor the . years

coridemn;.- \ '...-',-.

At the. going down of the sun and in tlie morning . - we will remember them.

?(Inserted by Tom Lee (late 6th Batt.).. ?? ¦

HIGNETT.-In sad and- loving memory- of our

dearly loved son and brother, Pte. Ben Hignett, of A Co., 46th Batt, who was killed in action on September 20, 1918.

One of the best, a loving son, a brother, kind

and true-      

He has finished his part; we must still keep on, Trying like him to be brave.   Our sacrifice is what we have lost; His was what he gave.

(Inserted by his Sorrowing mother and sisters,  

Flo and Jean.)

HUNTSMAN.?In loving memorj- of. Private ircnrj

Russell Hmit-man. killed in action Polygon ¦ '" Wood, September SO. 1917.

Siidly missed. :

?(In.crted by W.R.H. and M.A.n., South Yarra.) HUNTSMAN.?In loviu-.: memory of Pte. Henry

Russell Huntsman, killed in action at Polygon Woodron' thc 20th September, 1917. {Inserted by his parents and brother.)

IN affectionatc-rnemory of our dear son and brother,

.Tack, of'-Batt., A.I.F., who paid the supreme sacriircc on September 20, in France.

Years may roll, and time may fly, Every leaf will fade and die, Kvory sinking nun will pet.

But you, dear -lack, we will ne'er forget. < ?(Inserted hy bis lovinc parents, brothers, and sister;, and Tom, ou active wrvicc abroad.)

JEFFERY. -In loving memory of our darling son,

Pte. A. E. (Allan), killed in action, 20th Sep tember, 1917.  

Gone, but not forgotten.

For all in this world none was so dear,

Gone is the face we loved so well; Your presence seems for ever near.

No one knows how much we miss you,

But your love we can recall;

But parting with our darling son     Was the saddest day of all.

But we hope to meet our loved one  

When our days of toil are o'er,  

And trust in God to take us upward,

Where we'll meet to part no more.

Sadly missed.

(Inserted by his sorrowing mother and father, Elaine.).

Beechworth papers please copy.

JKFFRKY.?In loving memory of our dear nephew^

Pte. Allan Jeffrey, killed In action -OtlrScptent* ber, W17, late 3_tli and-8th Batt.

Dear Allan is sleeping his last long sleep,

And his grave we may. never, see, .

But some gentle hand in that distant land

May scatter nome flowow for me;

?<Inr-erted by Mr, and Mrs. C. H. NcwFomc, Hawksburn.), \. . ,

JOHANNSl*-N.~In sad and loving meriiot^* of our

dear son and brother, Corporal Peter Norman (N-nu) Johannc-cn,.8th Battalion, killed in ac- tion at Polygon Wood, France, on tbe 20th Sep- tember. 1017. (Inserted by his parent., brothers, and fasterp. Allendale.)

JOI-I-V.?In Kid and loving mernoo' of Private

CyrilAIlan Jollv (4C00), killed in action. Polygon Wood, Hist September, 1917; al_o Oswald James, accidcnlally killed nt Glenrowan, 11th December, ISIS, dearly loved som. of fYank and Kniily Jolly, loving lu others of Frank K., Footscray, and George M., Albert Park.

Will we ever cease to mourn them?

Does thc sun foi-get to shine?

Never will thc wound 1h> healed.

Till we meet them in yonder clime.

M.iny a lonely hour, many a silent tear,

?(Ineert-d hy their laving father and mother, F. and E. Jolly, Glenrowan.)

JON'KS.?In ead and loving memory of our dear son,

I_mi.o-Coni. Ernest Paul Jones, killed in action, France, Septernbrr 20, 1017, loving brothrr. of Bert (returned), Uslic, Norman (returned), KlBie, .Hive, and Mabel.

I*_vt-r remembered.

?(Inserted by bis loving father and mother,

Kdward and Klini-ioth Jones.)

KELLY. Lieutenant William Archibald Kellv, 6th

Battalion, A.I.F., killed in action at Glencoose Wood, France, 20th September, 1917, dearly loved only son of W. T. and E. Kelly, and beloved only brother of Myra (Mrs. Robinson) and Ida Kelly.

So loved, so mourned, O true, brave heart;  

God bless the wheresoe'er .

In God's wide universe thou are to-day.  

KKMIV?In sad ond'ltn-ing memory of my dear ' husband, Private'A, K. Kemp (Bert), who was

killed in action at GlencroFa Wood, France,


On Active Service    

KERNAN. - In sad and loving memory of Lieu-

tenant Edward Joseph Kernan, 5th Battalion, who

died of wounds at 10th Casualty Clearing Station,  

France, on 20th September, 1917, the dearly be- loved youngest son, of John and Nora Kate   Kernan, of "Merai," Pascoevale, -and loving   brother of Mamie and Jack. R.I.P.

KERNAN - A tribute or love to the memory of my

late officer, Lieutenant E. J. Kernan, 5th Bat- talion, who died of wounds in France, 20th Sep-

tember, 1917.

Ever remembered.

Inserted by his batman, Stanley Mortison, 5th Batt., returned.)  

KIRKLAND. In loving memory of our only son

and brother, Sergt. William Angus Kirkland (572), D. Coy. 5th Battn., died of wounds re- ceivcd..Menin Road, 20th September, 1917.

'"Pro Deo et Patria."  

(Inserted by his parents and sisters, "Will

angu," 19 Murray street: Elsternwick.)

KRONK - In loving memory of our dear son and

brother, Alf., 6th Battalion, killed in action at Menin Road, near Ypres.-20th September, 1917.

He shall always be first in our memory,    

Though his grave is far over the foam.

Where he fell 'midst the thunder of battle, Fighting for us at home.

Inserted by his loving father, mother, sisters, and brother.)                  

LAITY -Comb.- In everlasting and loving remem-berance

berance of my dear husband and our darling

daddie, L.Cpl.-Rupert Laity, D.C.M., who was killed In action in Belgium on 20th September, 1917, aged 30years and 5 months; also my dear

and only brother. Pte. W. R. Comb, and dearly loved uncle of Alex Colin), and Frankie, aged 24 years, who was killed air Pogieres, France, 31st July, 1916                

Just two sad,years gone by, daddie.   Silently the shades of evening

Gather round mv lonely door; Silently, they bring before me

Faces I shall see no more.      

Oh, not lost, but-gone before, us,

Let them never be forgot; Sweet their.memory, to the lonely,  

In our hearts they perish not.          

How such holy memories cluster,          

In our hearts.this sad, sad day,       Pointing up to that far Heaven, Where we.hope to meet again.      

(Inserted bv his loving wife and children, Alex, Colin, and Frankie.)

LAITY.-In loving memory of our dear son and

brother, Corporal Rupert; Laity (D.C.M.), 6th Battalion- killed in action, September 20, 1917,   dearly loved son of Mr and-Mrs. W. Laity,  

Queenstown, St. Andrews, loved brother   of Syd. Mvrtle (Mrs. Coleman, N.S.W.), Gordon

(A.I.F.), Lin, Geoff, and Bertha.    

Sadly a mother is thinking     Of her soldier boy; so brave,        

Who fought for the cause of freedom,  

Now lies in a hero's grave.

MACGILL- In fond remembrance of Gnr. E. Mac-

gill (Ned), killed in action Sept. 20, 1917.   (V.M.)           MAY. - In loving memory of Private Douglas

George May, who died on active service, France,

September 21, 1917.            

''In Flanders fields, where poppies, grow."   (The Elms, Newlyn.)    

MCDOWELL. -Died of gunshot wounds at the 3rd;

Canadian Casualty Clearing Station, France,   on 21st September, 1917 Norman F., beloved youngest son of Alexander and Elizabeth McDowell, North road, Brighton, aged 20 years.

A braye man.    

(Inserted by, his uncle, Robert McDowell, Outtrim.)      

MCFADDEN.- A trlbute to the memory of my

friend, Lieut. George McFadden, who died at 10th British Red Cross Hospital, Le Treport, France, on 21st September-1918. (Bess Christian.) McGUIRE. In loving memory of our dear brother,

Lieutenant N. J. McGuire, M.C., M.M.. killed in action in France, September 18, 1918, after four years' service.      

Dearly-loved and sadly missed.

(Inserted bv his sisters and brothers and bro- ther-in-law, B. Johnstone.)    

McLENNAN;- In sad and loving memory of my

dear grandson Jack, who was killed in action, 20th September, 1917, near Hooge. (Inserted by his loving grandmother.    

MCLENNAN.-In; loving memory of our dear son

and brother. Pte. J. D. McLennan (Jack), killed in action at Polygon Wood, 20th September, 1917. (Inserted by his parents, brothers, and sisters.)

MOORE.-In loving memory of Capt. F. L.Moore,    

who died in France of wounds received in action at Menin Road, Polygon Wood, September 20,

1917; dear grandson of Mrs. Isabella Moore. Coburg: nephew of A. Moore, Ascotvale, and   A. W. Moore, Coburg; late of South Melbourne.

Loved by all.          

MOORF..-In sad and loving memory of my darling boy, Les. (Captain F. Leslie Moore), 5th Bat-   talion, died of wounds received at Menin Road,

Polygon Wood, 20th September, 1917, after three   years' service, aged 22 years.  

!Egypt, Gallipoli, France.  

So loved, so mourned.      


MOORE;-In loving memory of our dear cousin

(Les), Captain F. L; Moore,died of wounds re- ceived at Menin Road, Polygon Wood, 20th Sep- tember, 1917, after 3 years' service, aged 22. R.I.P. (Inserted by Maudie; and Elsie Camp- bell.                     MOORE.- In sad and loving., memory of Captain Leslie. Moore,5th Battalion, died of wounds    

received near Ypres, 20th September, 1917, after three-years' service. - (Inserted by his loving   stepbrothers, Jack, Charl., and Rowle.)       MOORE,-A tribute of rememberance to my gallant comrade, Captain F. Leslie Moore, 5th Bn.,

A.I:F., who died of wounds, 20th September,.   1917. (J. Wallace-Ross,late 5th Bn. A.I.F.) MOORE.-To the dear memory of Les. (Captain

F.L. Moore). who. died at Polygon Wood, Sep-

tember 20, 1917. (M.B.)        

MORGAN.-A tribute of love to the memory of

our dear friend,- Driver R. H. (Bob) Morgan, killed by a passing shell in France,. Septernber 20th 1918.  


(Inserted by his sincere friends, Addle' and Clare iSwan Hill.)

MORRIS.?In loving memorv ol Desmond-Michael,'

2nd.Pioneer Battalion, killed in action 20tli Sep- tember, 1017, also his dearly-loved brother :Wil diam Joseph, 0th Machine Gun Company, hilled In-action 0th , October, 1017;. also their dear father; John Morris, died on -December 15,-1012, ' late of :YVcst Warburton. R.I.P. (Inserted by

sorrowing .mother, sisters, and brothers.) ¦ . ¦ ¦¦? :'¦ MORTON;-^-In-loving "memory of bur dear brother, . Robert (Bob),- late Oth Btn;,- South -African ¦ veteran,' who nobly gave up his life¦ for the

Empire on September 20, 1917. (C. and J:-*Uor* : .ton, -Warrnambool.)

MURRAY'.?In loving memory of our dear son and . brother, ^Trooper James Murray, killed In-action

in France, September ¦ Sl,s 1017. ¦ (Inserted by .his loving parents, brothers, and sisters;,Murchi-

son.) . - -

NASH.?I11J loving , memory of my dear.* friend,

Charles, 58th -Battalion, who died while prisoner , on thc 18th September, 11)16. :

: - A brave soldier.

?(Inserted by his loving, friend Mary.)

O'BRIEN.-Killed in action, on the 20th Septem ber, 1917, Ronald Ewan (Ronnie), third, son of  

D. and C. O'Brien; also Dugald, died of illness, 7th November, 1918, after 4 years' active ser   vice, Egypt, Gallipoli, Sini, and Palestine, aged

27 years 10 months, eldest son of D. and C. O'Brien, Woolshed and, and brothers of D. M. (Mick, returned), Katie, Rod, Maggie, Phill., Allan, Nellie, John, and Jessie. R.I.P.  

Let my silent prayer, unceasing,

Let my tears in secret shed, Plead with Thee, O Heart of Jesus,   For my loved ones who are dead.

-(Inserted by their fond mother, C. O'Brien.)  

PACK.?In ever loving memory of Sergeant Morti-

mer Rupert,, dourly: loved younger son of< Wil- liam and Davina Pack, .killed in action,- Finn

clere, 2ath,September, 1017.- -. ,._-.-'. '.".'""' . "So; dear to us, on.-boy who knew no fear." .'

?("'"bchestcr,*' Toot'bnga road,'. East'Malve'rn:)

PACK.?In loving memory, of,Sergeant,-Mortimer

Rupert (Mort), dearly loved only-brother. of ¦ William, brother-in-hiw of YVinifred,-and'uncle

? of-Noel and. wee-Morty, killed in action,-'Flan

dcm, 20th September. 1017. ("Chatsworth,". Finch street,. East Malvern.)

RINTEL.?In loving ' memory of my two -dear

brothers. Lieutenant IL' Ia.'. Rintel, killed inac- tion 20th September. ,101", nt Polygon Wood; and Driver C. H. Manning, killed in action, daba Tcpo,. on 3rd July, 1910. (Inserted by their sister, A; ¦ Hawes.) " ,

niNTEI.?MANNING.?Killeil In action in France

on 20th September, 1017, Lieut. Horace L. Blntcl, 8th Batt,; anil on July 3, 1015. at Gabo Tcpe. . Driver Charles H. Alanning (Al?ie); dearly-loved : boiw of.-Mrs. IL, Rintel, "Corinya,"...Warragul.

RISSTROM. — In loving memory of Cpl. A. E.

Risstrom, 14th Btn., killed in action at Mont St. Quentin, on 18th September, 1918, beloved eldest son of Mrs. and the late James Risstrom, and brother of Walter and Eva, late of Pine Grove and Corop West.

Sadly a mother is thinking        

Of her soldier son so brave,     Who fought and fell for others,

He now lies in a soldier's grave.    

RISSTROM. — In loving memory of Cpl. A. E. Risstrom, 14th Btn., killed in action at Mont St.

Quentin on the 18th Sept., 1918, beloved nephew of Jack, Sam, Eric, George, Gus, and Lizzie      


He rests in a shroud of glory,    

Every debt of honour paid.  

BOSE.?In ?d and loving memory of our. dear son

and brother, Corporal A. G. -'Rose,- killed at . Polygon* Wood,- September 20, 1017. ¦'.? (Inserted by

inotlicr, brothers, und sisters.) : .-' : ¦

ROWE. In proud and loving memory of Gunner

Eddie Rowe, 42nd Battery, A.I.F., loved only child of J and J. W. Rowe, killed in action, Polygon Wood, Flanders, 20th September, 1917.

With Christ, which is far better.  

HOWE-MACGILL. In loving memory of my two

friends Gunner E Rowe and F Macgill, killed in action in France on 20th September, 1917.  

(Inserted by W. R. Chamberlain, late A.I.F.)

SALAMITO-PETERSEN. In sad and loving  

memory of our two dear friends, Louis H. Sala mito, died of wounds 20th September, 1917, and buried at Dickiebusch; and Einar A Petersen, killed in action 20th September, 1917.    

Two dear friends gone west with the glory  

of the setting sun.  

(Inserted by Mr. and Mrs Lane and family. Kensington.)  

SALIMITO. In loving remembrance of our very

dear friend, Louis Salimito, 6th Batt.; also his dear pal, Emar Petersen, who gave their lives, at Ypres, on the 20th September, 1917. -

In yonder land.    

(Dulcie, Mrs. Fraser, and family, Bellair street, Kensington.)

SARA.?In loving memorv of . Lieut. Russell E. "OR

Sara, 7th- Itttn., killed in Prance, 21st Septem- ber, 1017;,also Capt. Vt. Ross Sara, 8th Bttn.. died In France, lOlii January, 1017. (Inserted by

their mother, brothers, and sister. Gardenvale.) . v SIMMONS.?In loving memory of Lieutenant'J. G. I *

Simmons, who died of w-ounds, France, on the J E 10th September, 1918, grandson of the late John jo Grant, of Braemar, Irymple. ! 1,

SI.Ml'SipN.?In proud and loving memory of our i (

dear brother. Gunner G. Gonion Simpson, who n died of wounds in France on September 20,


"He died as he lived-a man."

?(Inserted by his loving sister Elsie and brother in-law, James II. Moore.)

EM1TII.?A tribute of love to the .memory of

our dear Bert, who was killed in action in '

France on 20th September, 1017. ;

Those eyes of blue that used to shine so brigit.

?(Inserted by his sorrowing raothetv-slater, i and brothers, "Clivedon," Allamb? Soutb.'Mir- j boo North.)


On Active Service.

STRPIH-JS-OOLUN.-?In loviiic mcmorv of Pri

vate W. J. Stephens 80i Ilatt.. killed In oction 3-9/17, -veil only brother ol T.lrale, brother-in law of Harry. Collins; also Trooper James Collin;!, died of wounds., only brother of Harry, and brotiier-in-luw o!,!.i/.iic.

* "Our hero hrothers are not forgotten."

?(Inserteil hy Harry, retumctl, A.I.F., and Lizw'e Collins, 179 Stoke street, Port .Melbourne.

STEPHENS.-ln loving memory of Private'W. .1.

Stephen., otb nutt., killed in action, Menin road, I .0/9/17. dearly lovril only son ot John and Sarah ' Stephen., Cheltenham loved only brother of j I.iKic (Mrs. Collins, Port 'Melbourne), Minnie' (Mrs.' llnrrett, Cheltenham), dear daddy of Jack and Harry. ... ; ' * ' Too dearly loved to bc forgotten. ?(Inserted by lti_ parents and sisters.)

STOCK.?Tn. lorin?." memory of Lieutenant James

ltohert,.killed j? action, PoIvrot Wood, Septcm ber 20,'1017, beloved eldest ton of Mr. and Mrs. .1, .Ii. Stock, and -loving brother of Elsie, Will, Kully, end Dudley, dear husband of Daisy, and . grandson of Mrs. -H. Stock.

""''"' Eyer remembered.-: _

?(Inserted by. his loving parents.)". _'

^f'JPJV-"* '0V'W.' memory .of "my dear"'_?.

J*-Cpl. \\. C. Stuart, 5th Btu.;- who was-killed inaction on '.Otb September,'- 19_7r-at ? Pbligon Hood.: ¦.. ";:-. ??'?."-.. .

"Over.In France, my sad thoughts "roam"; ""¦';'.-?'0'"' ,on*-' grave, so far from home;

Al though your dear face. I cannot eec,' . I.uold;you- dear ln*<niemory." >' ,

¦:-?.(Inserted by his father, Moonambel.)'; "

THOMAS.?In loving memory of' Corporal -Lewis

Thomas, (M.M.), who was killed before llarre - court on -September' 18 ? to ,21,". Wis, 3rd Batt., ..A.Coy.. . ?.;;... ¦ ,-..-.- ,- ¦- .:...- .

.?'¦',;¦ . Some time we'll understand.:- _..--,¦,..' ?(Inserted ¦ by parents, brothers/; and sitters. - .sew Mouth Wales papers [please copy.) - ? ¦?

TONKIN.?Iii loving niernorv of Private Jack Ton-

kin.' Stli Uattulion, killed .'in'action, Sept.- 31),

, ... '¦For King' and country.

' ?(Inserted by Mri.; Ewart. France mid Dot.)-. .

1OTT0N.?In loving'.remembrance of Private -M. M. Totton. of fltli llattalion. killed In nction ? on-Menin road, near Polygon Wood, 20th Snit., ? JOT". - -?-.-?>... . ' .' , "Fatlier, In Thy iffaeious keening, '

'.'Lcave.wc now- Thy Eervant sleeping.'* . -'?(Inserted by.-fend, Jew Fraser,' St. Kilda.) ¦

TOTroX.?In loving memory of mv dear husband,

ltobort,.Montgomery Totten, 5lh Iltn., who was killed in action'oh September 3), 11)17, on Menin road, near Polygon .Wood.

Sadly missed. '

.'? ?(Inserted by his loving wife,-"E; Totton.) '

TREADWELL.?In loving memory of our friend, : Lieut.. Teil Treadwell,, A.I.F., .killed- In acro

. plane accident In England, 20th September, 1917.

(Mr.-and Mrs. A. Yuunle and Marjorie.) .' ? '.

TUBB;?In' loving- memory of Frederick Harold

Tubb, V.C., late major, 7th Btu., A_.F..who .died of'wounds-received at thc bat- of Menin'

road, 20th September, ¦ 1917,' dearly loved fourth non of Emma and. the late Harry Tubb, of "St.. ... Helena,'.' Longwood. ;-. - " .

_ Fondly loved son and ¦ brother.

Though he were dead still lives,

TUBB.?In proud and loving memoir of bur dearly

loved brother, Major F. H. Tubb, .V.C.,; who paid tho -tpreme at .Menin road on the 20th September,. 1917. ,. . .,?...

' Too dearly be forgotten! ?(Inserted byi his Ibving.sisters,)- ¦¦ . ?

TUBB.?-A tribute to the memory of my oM- friend

and comrade; Major'IV. IL Tubb, V.C., .7Ui Bat billon, who fell on thc field of honour on the 20th. .September;! 1017; ' (H.'. fi. I M., - Lonewood.)"'.

WALLIN.?In ever .loving memory-bf. our'dear.oon,

Private 0.- W.'-.Wallln,-who was'killed-in action in France on theiSOth September, 1017.

:'.'.? ;? .Tlie price of-pjiacc.;;. ..'-'"' ".

?(Inserted .by'-his-loY-. father and mother, Echuca^) '.. -' . ' .V .- ', . _', . ¦ '

WAHNCVRMIT-.?To. the [memo?¦' of: Lieutenant Waldo Esmond Warnc-Smlth,' M.C. :.

-? ? ¦'?'.' Sb dearly loved.

-, And-wilh-tho'riiorn ' '¦-¦¦?" ?¦;¦ . ., . Those angel faces smile, ?

¦ , Wh?liwe have ?ved-long ainee

;;And lost.awhile. -. "

WAR-E-SMITII.?In fond and.proud remembrance

of'my. nephew, .Lieut.- Waldo Esmond ' Warne Smitli, SIX'., otli Battalion,- who died of wounds at the 2ml British Ked Cross Hospital,-Rouen, on 'September20, 1018. .-?¦-- -

WARNB-SMITIf.?In. loving remembrance of Lieut.

Watdo ,K. Warne-Smith,: M.C.,'-who ¦ died, ol wounds in' France; September. 20; 1018, dearly loved friend-of'the late'Private-Sydney Vickery, and cf 0.. ll. and I). S., and K.F.. Vickery.

WATT.?In loving memory--bf R.Q.M.S. Thomas ' 0\ven"Watt. 38th'Btn.( who died of- wounds in

Frariec.on thc 21st September,' 1019,'after 3 years'

service..1-- ¦- ? ??'- ' ^";; . '.

He did his 'dilly. ' ¦ - ,-. . ?(Inserted hy his lbvipg. mother.) ' - ...,

WEI?.?In' loving .'memory of -liiy. 'dear brother, .., Private-George, AVcir;',tvIio,._ killed iii action

. at' Polygon^Wood, -.rance; on .he'SOth-Septem ' bor,1917; aged 31 years,', . ...

".-..Two years;ago a)message came ¦'-;,' -, ' - ' "V * -From God,, who thought it beat,

" .To. take'my 'dear brother from this .weary

¦:?;¦,?¦? world,' : ¦ . ..' ' ' ""'

.-..; To-dwell among.-thc blest. - '

.. ...Somewhere.iii'France he is sleeping, '-'- ]' ; I loved so well.

¦ . , Somewhere in'Frahce.he is resting

¦¦'?' -With, all ¦ the brave heroes-that fell. ' ?'- Someday I horn, to meetyou, George;

Someday; I'know not when,

' I'll clasp -your-lund in".a better land, . ,

?;.And'i\. will ncver'part-again/'

'?'(.n-ertcd'by;-lils't.lbving sister, Maggie Weir,

-Pyalonsr,). f.j... _.-,. i:^r?:. "'Vt _i*-_v.-- -.-,-, WILLIAMSON. - In memory of our dearly loved son Archie; also Stanley, his loved cousin and com-

rade, killed in action on the 20th September, 1917. (Doncaster.)

WILLIAMSON. - In loving memory of our dear son

and brother, Private Stanley G., 5th Battalion, A.I.F., kllled in action on the 20th September, 1917, loved second son of David and Janet Wil- liamson, Warracknabeal. Also, same date, his  

cousin and comrade, Private Archie Williamson of Doncaster.

In soldiers' graves they are lying,

In a land to us unknown;  

But their names are written in letters of gold In the hearts they left at home.    

-(Inserted by his loving parents, brothers, and sisters.)               WIt_._G-BV-l.l-Y.?In loving' memory, of hiy

"dear."husband. Charles Wllloughby-Grey,. Sotlih '? African- Infantry, who fell In action in the battle

of Menin Hoad, on the 20th-September; 1917. .-?¦

Greater love hath no man than this, .

That he lay down lils life for lil's.friends. . ?(Dorothea Willoughby-(lr.*. Sale.)

WILSON.?In loWrig memory of our.'dear nephew,

Lieutenant Muir .Wilson, killed in action, Sen ¦ tember, :1017.'¦ (Inserted by George and-Hilda

Wilton, St. Kilda.)

WrtiaiIT.?In> loving memory of Private IT. ,1V

AVrlghr, killed lu action, France, September-10,

1918.- ¦ (Insertetl by lils loving aunt, cousins,. and friend, Carnegie.) - . . '

AMOR.?In loving memory of my dear mother,

who -passed awny. on September 21, 1917, (In- serted by, her loving daughter and-son-in-law, Aila and Andrew.Sangstcr.) .

BASSE'!.?In sad and loving memory of our dearest

mother, who departed this llfe'on the 20th Sep- tember, 1017. .?-?' ' ";

.. .Fondly .remembered; .

?(Inserted by lier loving- ron and daughter-in law," Albert and'Counie' Forchan:) ,,'-.;.

BASSF.R (FOREHA-).?In loving memory of 'oii'r

loving- mother. Ellen, llasscr,? who died on tlie 2_h September, 1917; also, -'-- -"-" John-,-Forelian, who died on

1918. .. ' ,'...'" .-,¦'. '..-... So sadly missed. '.

?(Inserted . by J. and Ii. Drinan.);

BASSER.?In' loving;memory of-my dear.mother;

who passedawav on thc 20th September. 1917: . also, brother Jack', who passed away on tile 23rd

..September,'-isl- - ?"- .. "-,.'? . .'.';-.

- -You are not forgotten, dear mother,-; :'

'For'triie love ncver'dies; ' '' .. -'The dearest spot'on; earth;to-me,

Is where inydear-mother-lies. -

?(Inserted hy her lminj? son; J. Forchan.) .' BASSEI-^In loviiig.reinembrnnce of our loving ? mother and brother. II.I.P.

-Immaculate heart of Mary,-,

Your prayers for'Oiem extol,' O sacred heart of Jesus,

Have mercy on .their-souls. '

?(Inserted hy E. and _.". Sullivan,'02'.Victoria sti-eet, Carlton.) .... .'

BASHER (nco Forchan).?In loving memory ol my ' dear mother, who-passed away, on- thc.20tli

September; 1917; also my brother, John, who passed awav on aird. Rentnnlier. 191P. : li;l.P. (Inserted by her loving son and 'daughter-in-law - arid grandchildren,' E.F. and L.F.) .... .

BIN-TEAD.?In loving memor.' ofour dear daugh " ter ? Martha, who died on the 21st. Senlemlier. ' 1918; also Ellen (Nell), .who died 1913; al<o Cbar^

lotte (SW.'whb died on thc a'th-.Mny, 19)9.. . One hy ono the links are broken, '?'

One ht* one they are linked above:. ? . Some day- there'll be a sweet reunion

- .In .the lund of light, and love.

"?(Inserted bv their lovlng.parcnts anil friend, : E.B.)V ? ¦ ' .

BUn,ER.-T-In . loving memory of our. dear father,'

who passed. away at' his residence, Dummurry ?Park, Sydenham,. September, 20, 1910:. also.our

much loved mother, who died March .31, this year. ,-.-.- - '-? ~ -? -¦ - .- -: -': ¦"

?'¦Wo uaw them sulfcrilig day-by; clay,'

' It', causeil us bitter grief; _ - ?

; To 'eec tlicm slowly pine away, : ¦';-.

And could not give relief.- " . ¦ ¦

? ? (Inserted liv their loving family, nnd cousins - Clift, and' Frank.) - :. ? .??.--?'¦..'... ¦; -'

CLARK.?In loving memory'ol m.'. dear husband

and our father. William George Clark, who passed away at Hawthorn oii the 20th September, 1018. -..-.- ' ' - .

"To live in thc hearts of those we leave behind is not to die." - - ' .' '¦¦ .'¦ .

?'(Inserted by bia loving wile, son, and daugh- ter.) ' -.-¦ '.';¦- ,.. ?

CUNNINGHAM.?In loving memory of my dear

huslwnd and our dear father.' who passed away on thc 20th September, 1918.

Gone but not forgotten.

?(Inserted by. lils loving wile and- family.)

DORKY.?In loving memory of' my dear friend,

Louisi- Dorey, who died at 0 Harold street, Tl.o_bury, 20th September, lots.

Though death divides; fond memory clings. .

- ' At rci-t. '¦:.-?. '

?(Inserted by her old friend, Mrs. Bilton, ll. Ilnrold street, Thornbury.)

GILL.?In loving memory of Edward Wyatt Gill,

who passed from this life 51st September, 1918.

GRANT.?In loving,memory ol our dear mother,

who passed away on September 18, 1917, at "Braemar," Irymple. .....

JAMIESON.?In loving memory ol' my dear father, I who passed away on September 21, 1017. (lo I -ertcd bv his son William and daughter-in-law, | EllKibetl'i, East Kew.) ?

JOHNSON.?In loving memory of my dearly be

' loved husband and loving father, John Johnson, 1 (late of Victoria Villa, Cubltt street, Rtrh-_ | mond), who departed thia lifo 20th September,


So fondly loved, so sadly missed.

Time cannot heal our aching hearts, ' T

Nor from our memory lear I JJ The face, the form wc loved so well, his

'Twill dwell for ever there. Cer ?(Inserted by lils loving wife and daughters.) | ?_ JOHNSON.?In affectionate remembrance of our No,

dew father, Edwin John Johnson, who passel (Sa - ncacelullv awav on thc 20th September, low. p.n

(Inserte- by his affections? eon and daughter- C in-law, Will and Dulcie.) ?"*


K-ERXAN.?In loving 'remembrance of my darling

daughter, Cerallic, who died 21st Septcmhe . 1018, aged 9 yean.

I often think of you. Corallie dmr,

Ami think of. how you die-.

To tliink I could not, ai' good-bye

Before you clo>-d your eyes.

You are "not forgotten-dear, y ¦

Tor fond love never dfe_.

The dearest', spot on earth to mc .

Ls where my-darling Comllie lies.

?(Ince-rted by lier loving father .(returned) and sisters. Daphne and Lorraine.)

'^j-KNU'E.?In loving memory'-nt my beloved lui

-- I band, George Alexander Knipe, who passed aw:

/oil 3Jth* September. 101«. (Inserted by his Io

inc wife and daughter.*,) , .

LYNOH.?In loving memory of my-dear friend;

.Hm, who parsed away cn the 20thv September, .1013. (Inwrted bv one of-his many friends, W. Liddy.). ".- '-\

LYNCH,?In memory of my loving brothcr-in-la'

-lames Lynch, who died nt Randwick, Sydney, i September-0,-l0l_>-<; R.I.P.: ..

-..-¦¦ A loved one gone..

(? II. ' Harrison.) . ?

MelNTYIUi?InMbVing- memory or my dear wife _.«j>,r..Ioving. mother, "Margaret, who departed -.?-this-lifet-mirfenly"on.'thc 20th"September," 1317;

?-IjAlburjr.'-¦ N.S.W,$;_ * -.; -.-_, \._; ;__.¦.?:.; \

,.*;." . ;.V_.^.'.T~,.''~ X'good-mother. -

,? ;^(ln^rtcd:: hyv.Kerr'eorroUriiig- liiisluud and -family;)-; ?- - - .;¦.; ;. .-.. \ ; JUI-UIS.1?lr) /loving *>rinemb'i_ricc bf my dear hus

bad and our beloved father, Alfred .lamo, MIllU'j ..who died "September 2t, -UHfi,'* at Tasma, Fal

coner hlieet, North Fitzroy,

.-.' .¦'¦ V'. , To .memory'ever 'dear.

?(In nert od hy bin lorim? wife and children, ¦ ? Dorothy; Alfred, and StiinTey.) "

MORENO.?In " loving*, memory, of my dear wife

*Amiie,:'and'fond, .loving ; mother -of Beryl and Jack,, who pawed peacefully awav on .the 21st . Scfftenifier. -lfllP. ? - ?* - ¦ ? ?

:But dh-for.the touch-nf a vanished-linnd.

~: And the sound -of ;a"yotcc '.tliat, is still. \

PLAYLE. - In loving remembrance of my beloved

husband, and our much loved father, John Playle, who passed peacefully away at Ewsons, Doncaster East, on September 20, 1916.

He was an ideal husband and an ideal parent. -(Inserted by his loving wife and daughters, Alice and Nellie.)      

RKMFRY.?A^faniHy.'s tribute to the loved and

cherished'.memory bf- Annie . Romfry (nee John- son), who passed peacefully awav at Dist Mat* vem, _mii September, 1P17. .. ...

UPTON.?In loving memorv ,bf oirr dear mother

andgrandrna, who.{tatted'away on the 20th Sep temlter, 1&1S. at 2 Waratah street. Ascot vale,

(.tod saw when nev footateos.faltered, '

'¦ When her heart grew faint and weale," And Ile bade brr rest, for a; fearon;

? For the pathway had grown too Bicep. They, are gathering," slowly gathering,

In tbe fair anil- fadeless*,'*" l-tid; *' *

Ami the number groweth larger, .! ' Wait-intr for us-on"the'strand."

. ..'- Nearer, my God, to. Thee.

'*?(Inserted1 by her loving'.daughtenv Sarah and

Amy, omi Rons, Arthur imd-£rne3tt and g-rand daughters.)*"-. ".._ -- ¦> .*: .' ;.¦¦ -. .. "A-\ '

WILDING.?In sad ami loving memory bf my'dearly

loved husband and our dear'father, who-'passed away "on. thc ISth September, rI918,' the result of ant accident.^ i'v .;?? ¦... '.'¦ -?-' ¦ ¦ ' ,*

Could we but. free bim once again, ¦*--"' -¦ . ...-->. Hfs face.once'.more behold;' - ¦

Could we but hear bk loving voice,

.**' 'Oh', happihefs untold. ;' . ¦- ¦

Time cannot heal our. ailing heart?,

Xor. from, our memory-tear . ',

.-.Thc'fare, the* form, we Ibved eo well, ¦ .¦"/Twill dwell-forever'there,.

?Onserted by bis'loyinjr.wifeiiuid.faraily.)


-AMES McLAIN-.*and SON den.-. _, heartfelt-THANiCS' to relatives,'', all kind friends, und members of the theatrical profession' for let- ters/ cards, .telegram*/ and-pcrfbn-al expressions of 'sympathy -in -thcir-great 10*4.. -Will all kind 'friends'- pleat--accept'-thif intimation ?¦ of their deepest gratitude, , ¦ .*?."¦

BUCHANAN.- Mrs. BUCHANAN and Family de-

sire to convey heartfelt THANKS to their many   friends for cards, telegrams, visits, floral tributes, and letters of sympathy in their recent sad bereave- ment. Special thanks are tendered to the Rev. Mr. Forster and Mr., Mrs., and Miss Berger for their kindness. All kind friends and relatives are asked to accept this intimation of our deep gratitude to them.               GAINE.^'Hie Wife/SonT PareVtTrilrothers, and

Sisters'of the late WILLIAM GEOROK CAINE desire to return THANKS to ail, kind friends for letters,,telegrams, carde, ariij,. flowers in the bereave ment, and eFpecfalli*'the Rev. Father Buckley, of St. Bridgid**, North Fitzroy: the Rev, Father McCatby, of Kyneton;-TJr. Maxwell, bf 18 Erin street', Richmond; Mr*.. (Jiddens, of Evan atrcpt, Urunswick; 3!re.- Murphy, 'Crimea Btreet, Burnley; and Mr. .Daniel», of Alfred AIli?on, Clifton Hill. Ancient. Briton Hotel, Carlton. _^_ r^OLQUHdlJN"; ? Mrs. H.'COLQUHOUN and \J FanlIi>?- "desire to eAprew their heartfelt THANKS', to their many friends; for. letters, tele- grams, /lora) tributes, and- personal: sympathy in their recent sad bereavement. Will all friends please accept this intimation oflhelr deep grati- tude. Loch; Lomond, 'Newstead,'_ DICKASON.'-r- Mrs. ROBKUT DICKASON and

Fahiilv .desire; to convey their heartfelt THANKS to relatives'and friends for telegrams, letters, floral- tributes, and expressions of sympathy during . their . rewnt sad bereavement.' Special thanks nre tendered tn'Dr. Derbam for bH klnd neps and attention. ? Will all*5; friends-plea«e ac- cent, this' intimation1' of' their gratitude to them.' Belmont, ^lizabeth'Street^'Preston/ ¦_ _ f\V'lC G. F,7RrMeCOPtMACK (A.LF.)"and"MOR XJ HIS return. THANKS for lyinpathy in their sad bereavement,'.lOA'IO.' lOtn Hoddle Bt., East Melbourrc.' i________!______ -___.'' _i" ¦___.'_

i'd sons r.d i> prc.vions or,».vrnp8tl<.v Jn their sad hereavemint, by letters VaidtT.iindfJlorrtltriljuiea, as thcie were too ii ii nitrous (o'answer'5epar.i"ic!y._ ' _

KENNEDY;! Mfs." POTTER, ind Mrr'ilAZEL*

. PINK desirelo convey, their heartfelt THANKS to thoa-- many Wends for their kindnesn in tlieir leccnt Kad"and''Pudden. bereavement. Mc(_arron parildn, E-Fendon. _' _ . _ __. ? '_ M" crn"AITlI.-:Mr. and i\Tr>. MrJ. .LAFFAN and

Family resire Ut o.ti*re-H since THANKS to re Iutivis mid friends, for Und R_pr(r.«ion_ of sym- pathy 'during :tbe(r recent sad bereavement,-and oipetially, 'Dr.*-J,: T. Mcrrillees nnd Rev. lather Corifsh for.'thcii*,»unreinitting.kindness and ntten tiou diirine.Iojk3l.n_-i*. W.O.*lcy *d.. Glenferrie.

BcGiVEIlNritl\nro*hefVandBiH^ late

Miss: Ki Mc-piVKnN desire.te ret_rn sincere THANKS'to their many kind, friends for vlsbs. flonil -triutes,-Uettcra,' cards,;'telegrams; ? special thanks^to ucighbourr. Kev. U. ¦ Uohertsoh,'.. Dr.

Edgei-omb Short, in ?their., recent sad.Owrcnve-. ment.-.' Kindly accept this, token ;of gratitude. Croydon, j/ ;. " ' _____ ' "? -' -

MnS.-\V. FTwiLLIANI-ON and; Family d^sffTto

. expn-ss their sincere THANKS'to their many kind.frlcnds and ;re!ativwfor lelicrs,; cani_,. tele- grams, floral tributes,, personal expressions of-frt-m pnthy :iri their recent' ead bereavement, of "beloved husband -and ? father; .specially, thanking' Dr." Bre

Ahcton- (ind Dr. ?.ltn-ann for. .their ?kind'attetitltn during bis long itlness;>aIso thankingiRev. Phillips, St. Ajrnes Church of England. ."Vlllette," Mimosa road,-: Clenhuntly.r ¦¦¦ .__? '- - > ¦;_ ,_/.¦ ¦¦",: ¦ -- ¦ "

."Sf np!"KIXn" ami*SONS*~dc_ire> to 11IANK . tlieff; i?4-many-kind friends for^e*tpre3slons"vof Fympatby during /tliciry.-recent/ sad . bereui'ement.-"*'" "'ilie Bands," "Gcrangarriite. ¦-*---*¦¦'

MUS. O*. -X'\ JiltCHrfLL.-and ^Flnm^dSS^

.TlIANK kin'd.'fric'ntlfiafor.itheir'.sympathy in tlieii',fctJerit *'sid.:bcreave.m'erit;; ¦'i.l.'.Kew- street, -¦tl-fern wi ck.-: --.'?»'-¦?'?; V ... '-v^_-'.- '-v. ¦",¦''. t ; ¦pAfit)7J..:-MrrATPADDLE^ndlKamilv"-^f'par^ X, ^venuc,"Prcstjjht:dMire" td/niANKvall friends for ^card-j.-'telcflnnn'ri; -uhd floral tribute^ on' hlf. icr, C(int -nd.',borcavem_ht; ulso Dr.'.Fetbersiind rmrsc-; attending1'bis lute-wife.'-artd.tisk-them'Uo accept. tlUs-a..'n4ok'eiv-f-.iii-atitudn.vt.';^1'.--.. ;-.''.«"¦'.,..¦'

TiniL,LirS:?Mf_^C.-''J^^ PHILLIPS'(sydnev) ami -IT v Family.'desire*1 vtovcohv-ey'^ \their.'heartfelt THA.\KS^o thcb}'^many(,fri'^ds..for,'aIl-.expressions of Bjmpalliy-in. their recent vail -betcaveinent'of a husltahd^'and'-fathcr; -and^iilP friend^..and.'relatives hro ttekcd.vtof accept this intimation 'bf "cuV deep 'gratltu'dc:tq th-im.*, .'Inaert-d.'.by'H.'/'A. K.^PKilHpp, WOnthrsffgi;'eldest ?surviving son.'*- --¦?¦¦¦, .?¦-. '¦¦??-'

IVANS0.M.V? Mr., andvMrfi-ROBKBT'BA-NSTlXr V and Family desire'"to convey heartfelt^!! AX KS tb ;UieIr;'maiy friends'for floral tribifteit,. canis; telegram!.. <tihd' letters, of syiiipalby: tn/ their' te cf'nt- sad bereovipment of n dear .'soil -and hrother.V miIr-''Famity: of Hhe. late -MK .70HN.CAMPBELL -tr.desircf- to, express; their,, heartfelt- their-many-kimi-friends for .eaVflV Ibttcrfl,-. tele prums; floral t.rib_tes:_imM'pen_nnl-*e..pref»Ion»i,of sympajliv-1 in. their..sad ibcroavem-nt.' ?' 17 Canning street. *Nbrth'Melbdurne. ._ '. _,"'?"J '¦,.'¦"'1¦¦Ji? .*..'" ¦rpHE Dai^htw- and'SonroK'thc late.Mrsi'LOTITIA

:X.-t MAn-HALr/clr:5ire.Jn.n'nANK-..iIl kind friends "for viriiF,\.'telegram's,-and, floral- trftm'tcs ¦ in thr-h*: recent sad 'hereavcrrient -t-..thejrji. de"ar -mother. Brcojilvn,'Taylor strtft.^Moo'pee'Ponda.-^ '_;'-'-'.'"2 X^'TlIXlAJlS^Tlie^Daugn'ter^ urid.^bn"- bf'.,Ia(.e ?V\ Mrf/'HiTmhCth ¦?rVlHlantji-- dcsire/.to" convry; heartfelt TllANKS.tb their. inurtv fricnds'for.noml trihtites/cards,, letters of>yn»pathy; in. thrir.'recent wi ¦.bereavement of their d*,nr nfotber; nl^'thimkri lp Bev;-J. L. C'opc.Sof.Ni Carlton.oKI'ndlji* noccpt thip--lbkrn: of/dr>p 'gratitude;''-! .".'¦ '-.Vr*. -^ . ?-'¦ YOUNG - V**'V The.? Family of 'the Mate -.SAItA1

Mcl>OVfJALL ^r,OIt%Tr^dr>ire,to'return their _:i*t 'THANKS-, to - their, .-fricjids ^ond .-relatives for ' left'ers','nnd' .floruit tributes *. and; rifrrsbnal e.i prAwiopi'-'bf 'v«\iiiPftt'y..'«UirinfT,"rf cent, Eid;.bcresvt'

mr-nt;:*nlso, thnnfclittf;I)r. ?.D.irbV'CThomas. '-.Mrs.. Glhhhvand.'Mr;*- .-Mtdsfbn'1fop.l:ind.attention..'^23 Hollywobtl¦ grove, Kant ..Caulfield..' ?¦¦"' ¦ .- r

.¦^i-^-tAi.: VwbtiqES.

ipectfiilly:invited. to:fo.Uow Vds'renyiiRS-UMtb'e placcof*interment^- ¦- .

. Tlie' funeral will' leave hi? htp ' residence, 4T Tloldcn street, ^orth'l-'itfroy, THIS DAY."(Satur- day. 50th, iDst.), at 3 o'clock, for the Church of Our ijdy'Help.of Cliristians, Nicholson street, E. Brmiswick;. and^after,: the usual- prayers tor the dead proceed to the Melbourne Ccneral Cemetery.

¦ .JOHN' DALEY, Undertaker and Embalmer, -_-1{ro!;i? a"'-:SPrl^l!J-tr.Lte_i':^t-1"0urrltt'_!?_:

BAYLEYI-^-The Friends of th. late Mis. DAISY

? MAUDE BAYLEY- are re-pectflilly invited to follov:bcr remains; to the pince .of-.interment,' In thc New General; Cemetery, Geelong.

-."he; funeral is appoiiitM-'to leave the Geelong railway tst.-U.on. THIS, DAY (Saturday, September 20, 1DIB),-"n arrival of train from Mclhwirnc, at : '-'¦-;

T. KENTLE, Undertaker, _2G Park street, S(tuth Melbourne. Tel. 1179 Cent

JANE CHARLOTTE HOUGHTON are respect . invited to follow- ber .remains to the place ol' interment,'the Warrandyte*Cemetery.

The' funeral is appointed to move from brr late residence at Warrandyte, To-morrow (Sunday, 2l£t September), at a quarter to J. punctually..

W. 0. APPS and SONS, Undertakers, Burgundy

street, Heidelberg;- . __;._.-__.,__._-_i___

her remains tb the pl

j Boroondara Cemetery.

The Funeral-is appointed to move from St. 1 .lamed's Church. North road. , Gardenvale, after ! Bcnuiem Mass, THIS DAY (Saturday),, about 10 I W. G. APPS and SONS; Undertakers, High I 2.1I_____5__KU_a'-JPh-_l__fLwJn(-- -Sx._

LIDDELL.?Thc FriendVof the" late Mr. .JOSEPH

JOHN LIDDELL are respectfully notified that his remains will be interred in thc Ncav Melbourne Cemetery, Fawkner.*:

I The appointed to leave his residence,

No. 205 Bell street, We?l Coburg, THIS DAY (Saturday, the 20th-September,.IMO), at _ o'clock



are rcspectfullv invited to follow tlic remains

of his dearly loved wife to thc place of interment. !

The funeral ls appointed to move from bis late residence, No. -3 Chetwynd st., X. .Melb., THIS DAY, at 2.30 p.m., and proceed to St. Mary's Star of thc Sea Church, W. .Melb., where usual praycra for dead will be lead; thence to Melb. Gen. Cern.

ALFRED ALLISON. 221 Victoria street, West Mclbournr.___'Phone Central OsO._ ¦VfOLAN.?The Friends cf Mr. nnd Mrs. JAMES ?* NOLAN (ol No. 0(5 Drummond street, North . Carlton) are rcspoettnlly notified that tho remains of their ilcurly beloved onlv daughter Mabel Alice will bc interred Iii tho Melbourne General Ceme-

tery. .

The funeral ia appointed to leave St. Brigid's Catholic Church, -Nicholson Meet. North Fitzroy, THIS DAY (Saturday, thc 20t!i September, 1910), at ll .o'clock. (Funeral private.)

. CHAS. P. FII1LAV, Funeral Director. 'Phone

head_office, Brunswick '-10, an_d__br.inc_hr_s.___

O'lIF-Ani-:.?The Friends of the late Mr. HENRY

JOSEPH O'HEARE nre informed that, his remains.will be interred in thc Boroondara Como terv, Kew.

The funeral will-leave his mother's residence.

PakingtonI street, Kew, THIS DAY (Saturday, -Ott, September),-at half-past 3 .dook p.m.

A, W, PADBURY, Undertaker, Cotham road,

(employee of-G. Mowling for _.years) are .respectfully .invited to follow his re- mains to the place of interment, the Melbourne riencral Cemetery.

Hie funeral is appointed to move from bis i

rlrnee, corner Maribyrnong and Youell streets. Footscray, 'nilS1 DAY (Saturday, September 20), at 3 o'clock, ¦

? WALTER A. WARNE, Undertaker, Footscray.

TAYLOI-?Thc Friends' of Hie late Mrs. GRACE

.TAVIjOR (relict of tho late William Taylor), late of St. -Arnaud, -arc..respectfully. invited to follow:"her'remafna to'lhe-place of Interment, !:"?lUxra'y Cemetery.

- The- funeral is appointed to move from her i_ dence,'. No. ."> .Vigo street, Footscray, THIS DAY (Satin-daw September 20). at 1.30 o'clock.

WALTER A. WARNE, Undertaker, 137 nnd 139 Barkly street, Footscray. Tel. 9 Fscy. ]_.

WILLIAMS. - The Friends of the late Mrs. ELIZA WILLIAMS (relict of John) are respectfully  

invited to follow her remains to the place of inter ent, the Lilydale Cemetery.

The funeral is appointed to move from her son in-law's residence, Post-office, Bentleigh, THIS DAY. (Saturday, 20th Inst.), at 1 o'clock,


W.G. APPS and SONS, Undertakers, High   street.St. Kilda. 'Phone 71 Wind. Ex.