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Family Notices

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[In order to guard against imposition, notices of

Births, Marriages, and Deaths must be authenti- cated by some respectable person to ensure their


Birth, Marriage, Death, Bereavement, In Memoriam,

and Funeral Notices, up to 6 lines, 3/; extra lines at 6d. BIRTHS.

ARCHDALL.-On the 15th March, at "Lindores,"

Castlemaine, to Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Archdall --

a daughter.

ARGO-On the 13th January, at "Embabeni," Vause road, Durban, South Africa, to Mr. and

Mrs. Harry A. Argo-a son (Ivan Dudley).

BAHEN (nee Peggy Adam).-On the 15th March,

at "" private hospital, East Melbourne, the wife of J. Bahen, George street, Richmond - twin daughters (Peggy and Pattie). "People's Jour-   nal." Dundee, Scotland, please copy.

BELL -On the 22nd March, at Nurse Tonge's pri-

vate hospital, Healesville, to the wife of B. A.

Bell-a son.

BLACK (nee Allie Moyle)-On the 6th February.

at Ringwood, to Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Black, of "Boneidah," Pakenham Upper-a daughter (Mar-

garet Joyce).    

BREIT (nee May Bridgman).-On the 19th March,

at "Warraine'' private hospital, Elmie street, Glenferrie, to Mr. and Mrs. Breit-a son (John


BROWN - On the 21st. February, at "Nerrina"

Private Hospital, Sutherland Road, Armadale, to Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Brown. "Montrose," Haverbrack Avenue, Malvern - a son (John Gilmour).

BROWN (nee Gould).-On the 23rd March, at

private hospital, 85 Lewisham road, Prahran,   to Mr. and Mrs. L. Brown, of Camden street, Balaclava-a son (Leslie Grattan).   BUTLER (nee Olsson).-On the 11th March, 1922,

at "Hillside," Learmonth street. Queenscliff, to Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Butler-a son.

CALLISTER.-On the I8th March, to Katharine  

Hope (Mundell), the wife of C. P. Callister, North Brighton, a son (lan Hope).

CAMPBELL. -On the 11th March, at "Kintyre,"

Heyington place, Toorak, to Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Campbell-a daughter.

COSGRIFF (nee Eileen Noonan).-On the 17th

March, at Sister Wolf's, Finch street, Malvern, to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cosgriff, 11 Ward avenue, Caulfield—a son.

CRAIG (Margaret K. Angus).-On the 10th March,

at "Koonwarra," to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Craig, 23 Carnarvon road, Malvern-a daughter.

DUNCAN.—On the 26th February, at Cooinda

private hospital, Warragul, to Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Duncan, "Dryburgh," Neerim Junction— a daughter (Marion Margaret).

ELLIS (nee Em. Robertson).—On the 20th March,

at "Emilie," Chapman street, North Melbourne, to Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Ellis-a daughter (Joan Lesley). Both well.

FORSTER.-On the 17th March, at St Hilary's  

private hospital, Morwell, the wife of W. O. Forster, Jeeralang-twin sons (Walter James and David Noel).

GILL (nee Mary Fletcher).-On the 20th January,

at Waratah, N.S.W., to Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Gill. 10 Barton street, Mayfield-a son (Leonard


GRAHAM-MEASOR (nee Ewart). - On the 20th  

March, at St. Margaret's private hospital, Hamp- ton, to Mr. and Mrs. B. Graham-Measor - a son (Ewart Leland).

HANDLEY (nee Kitty McKee).-On the 16th  

March, at Nurse Kelly's, Warragul, to Mr. and Mrs. W. Handley, of Wattle Flat - a daughter (Nora Mary). (Both doing well.)

HEMPHILL.-On the 28rd March, at "The Pines,"

Lancefield, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Hemphill-a son.

HICKEY (nee Bowman).-On tile 15th March, at

St. Leonard's (Miss Andrew's) private hospital, Mt. Alexander road, Flemington, to Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Hickey-a daughter (Patricia Margaret


HOLMES (nee Alma Stevens).-On the 7th March,

at Sister Wain's private hospital, Hoddle street, Elsternwick, to Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Holmes, of Church street, Belmont, Geelong-a son (Leonard James).

HUNTSMAN (nee Muriel Allen). - On the 17th

March, 1922, at "Stanlee" private hospital, Haw- thorn road, Caulfield, to Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Huntsman, "Walmur," Tennyson street, St. Kilda-a son (Keith Russell).

KEMPSON (nee Aileen Kelly).-On the 9th

March, at St. George's private hospital, Kew, the wife of A. V. Kempson, of 24 Shakespeare grove, Hawthorn-a son (Leo Albert). .

KERR.-On the 18th March, to Mr. and Mrs. W. R.

Kerr, of 25 Hanks street east, Ascotvale - a daughter (lived 4 days). >

LOVE.- On the 18th February, at "Allendale" pri-

vate hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Love, Alfred street, Kew-a daughter.      

LUSH.-On the 21st March, at Nethercourt private

hospital, Surrey Hills, the wife of R. F. Lush, Oakwood, Camperdown-a daughter.

MARSHALL (nee Addey Clark). -On the 23rd

March, at Nurse Ward's private hospital, North road, Brighton, to the wife of George Marshall (late A.I.F.) - a son.

MAYOR (nee Beryl Bryant).- On the 12th March,

at their residence, No. 6 Yarranabbe road, Darling Point, Sydney, New South Wales, to Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Mayor - a son.

McCAW (nee Hoyt).-On the 9th March, at "Galen

dene." Mount Eden road, Auckland, the wife of Dr. W. Cuthbert McCaw-a daughter.

MCLENNAN.-On the 10th March, at "Avonhurst"

private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. A. R. McLen-. nan-a daughter (stillborn).

METCAI.FE.-On the 14th March, at Nurse Pes- tell's private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. O. T.  

Metcalfe, Kyneton-a daughter (Alys).

NEWNHAM (nee Maggie McLaughlln).-On the

26th February, at "Westham" private hospital, Wangaratta, to Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Newnham, Broadford-a son (John Harvey).  

NEWTON. - On the 15th March, at "Minart," Haw-

thorn road, Caulfield, to Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Newton, R.N. (retired) - a son (Roger De Vere Hunt).    

NEWTON. -On the 18th March, at Nurse Stand-

ing's private hospital, Sale, to Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Newton, of Kilmany South-a son.

O'DONNELL-On the 20th February, at Nurse

Ward's private hospital, North road, Gardenvale, to Mr. and Mrs. Leo. O'Donnell - a daughter (Margaret Mary).

OSBORN.-On the 20th March, at "Euroa" pri-

vate hospital, Balwyn, to Mr. and Mrs. H. T.

Osborn - a son.

PAINTER.-On the 13th March, at Sister Nichol-

son and Newland's private hospital, Boort, to Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Painter, of "Lynwood,".Leaghur   -a son (Lynton Gray).

PEPPERELL (nee Florence Kilner).-On the 11th

March, at "Windsor Park," Frankston, to Mr, and Mrs. S. H. Pepperell, of Alfred road, Bur- wood-a daughter (Jean Isabel).

PITHOUSE (nee Milly Lawrence).-On the -6th

February, at "Trinafour" private hospital. Moonee Ponds, to Mr. and Mrs. Vivian Pithouse -a daughter (Joyce Marie).

PORTER.-On the 18th March, at "St. Keverne,"

Brunswick, to Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Porter-a daughter (Innes Maie).

RENDALL.-On the 18th March, at St. George's

Hospital, East Kew, the wife of Herbert Francis Rendall, of Nyah West-a son.

ROBERTS.-On the 15th March, at "Lemnos,"

Benalla, to Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Roberts-a daugh ter, Beatrice Lottie (Trixie).

SCOTT.-On the 20th March, to Mr. and Mrs. Wm.

H. Scott, of Ethero, 107 Bland street, Haberfield, N.S.W.-a daughter.

SHAWE.-On the 15th February, 1922, to Mr. and

Mrs. G. G. Shawe, Adelaide-a daughter (Joan Walker).

SOUTHEY.-On the 20th March, at "Gresford,"

Hawthorn, the wife of Allen R. Southey-a son.

STINTON (nee Lilla Rigg).-On the 14th March, at  

corner Park street and Clarinda road, to the wife of Eric W. Stinton-a daughter (Alma


STINTON.-On the 4th March, 1922, to Mr. and

Mrs. Roy T. Stinton-a daughter (Jean Watson). SWAFFIELD (nee Moyes).- On the 18th March, at

Nurse Kelly's private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Swaffield, Lillerie, Neerim South - a son (Lawson John).

SYDENHAM.—On the 31st January, at Colaba  

Hospital, Bombay, India, the wife of Captain Alwyn F. Sydenham—a son.

VANDERHEIDEN (nee Evelyn B. McNicoI).-On

the 28th February, at Darlimurla private hospi- tal, Clifton Hill, to Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Van derheiden- a son (Malcolm Stewart).  

WALKER.-On the 14th March, at Sister Christian's

Private hospital, Terang, to the wife of W. Walker, merchant-twins; son and daughter (daughter stillborn; William).

WALTERS (nee Vera Smith).-On the 13th

February, at "Dalkeith" private hospital, Mer- bein, the wife of Lionel S. Walters-a son (Stanley Edward).

WURFEL (nee Lucy Flenley).-On the 18th Janu-

ary, at Sister Giddings's private hospital, Mil- dura, to Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Würfel, of Red

Cliffs-a son.


BACKWELL-WILLIAMS.-On the 6th February,  

at the Presbyterian High Church, Geelong, by   the Rev. W. Maguire, B.A., Albert Leslie, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Backwell, Geelong, to

Jessie, only daughter of Councillor and Mrs. H. Williams, Moorabool street, Geelong. (Present address Austin street, Newtown, Geelong.)

BLAKE-HAMMOND.-On the 25th Janunrv, 1922,

at St. Luke's Church of England, South Mel bourne, by Rev. C. Crotty, B.D.. Norman F.,

eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Blake, Crickle- wood, Frankston, Victoria, to Dorothy P., only daughter of Mrs. S. Hammond, Howe crescent,

Albert Park, Victoria.

BURKITT-HALLIDAY.-On the 4th March, 1922

at the Prahran Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. A. L. G. Ash, M.A., B.D., Francis James, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. James Burkitt, Numurkah, to Elizabeth (Lizzie), eldest daughter of Mrs. and the late Alexander Halliday, 4 Spring street, East Prahran, late of Scotland.

BURKE-STAFFORD.-On the 22nd February, at

Our Lady of Victories Church, Camberwell, by the Rev. Father E. O'Brien, assisted by the Rev. Father J. Sullivan, S.J., Lewis Charles, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Burne, Christobel crescent, Glenferrie, to Florence Mary, only child of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Stafford, Mayslon street, Upper Hawthorn. (Present ad- dress, Wallaringa, Riversdale road, Glenferrie.)

CHALLONER-GILMOUR. -On the 9th March, at

Presbyterian Church, Gardiner, by the Rev. John Gray, George H., eldest son of Mrs. and   the late George Challoner, of West Hartlepool,  

England, to Annie, eldest daughter of Mr. and   Mrs. Geo. A. Gilmour, of "The Nurseries,"  

South Sassafras.  

CHARLESWORTH-CARLSON.-On the 4th Feb- ruary, at the Presbyterian Church, Glenhuntly   road, Elsternwick, by the Rev. Crockett, Eric   Renshaw, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Charlesworth, of 12 Douglas street, East Malvern,   to Elizabeth Winifred, second daughter of Mr.  

and Mrs. J. Carlson, of 28 Prentice street, El- sternwick.  

CHENHALL—PULLEN.—On the 1st March, 1922, at Methodist Church, Gladstone street, Moonee   Ponds, by Rev. Wm. Harris, Hedley P., second   son of the late James and Mrs. M. Chenhall, of 56 Miller street, Essendon, to Jessie, only daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pullen, of 19 Lear-   month street, Moonee Ponds.  

COX-HOLT.-On the 25th February, at St.

Jame's Church of England, Ivanhoe, by the   Rev. S. L. Buckley, Frederick William, eldest

son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cox, of Auburn, to Lillian Genevieve, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs.       J. F. Holt, of Kenilworth parade, Ivanhoe.

CRAIG-BONNING.- On the 23rd February, at Glendearg grove Methodist Church, Malvern, by the Rev. W. H. Hodge, Frederick Craig, sixth   son of John and the late Margaret Craig, Scot- land, to Ivy, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Bonning, Malvern. (English and South African papers please copy.)    


EDWARDS-HARTMANN.-On the 25th February,

at Wesley Church, Lonsdale street, Melbourne, by the Rev. S. J. Hoban, Charles (late 8th Btn., A.I.F.), second son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Edwards. J.P., Templeton street, Wangaratta, to Ethel Maud, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Hartmann, Atkinson street, Beechworth.

EMBURY-FREEMAN.-On the 15th February, 1922, at St, Augustine's Church, Inglewood, by  

the Rev. N. A. McLean, William George, second son of Sir. and Mrs. J. J. Embury, Bridgewater, to Elsie Victoria, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. Freeman, Inglewood,

ENGEL-HOUSE.-On the 22nd February, at the

Presbyterian Church, Wattletree road, Malvern, by the Rev. D. Macrae Stewart, Gelson Henry   Frederick, eldest son of the Rev. Doctor G. Engel, M.A., D.D., of Korea, to Annie Hilda, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Bryant House, Claremont avebue, Malvern. At home Friday, 31st.

GLEESON-BROCK.-On the 22nd February, at St.

Mary's R.C. Church, Murtoa, Richard Patrick, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Gleeson, of "Richfield," Jindivick, to Catherine Mary Brock, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Brock,


GRAHAM-MACANSH.-On the 16th February, at

St. James' Church of England, Ivanhoe, by the Rev. Walter Green, assisted by the Rev. Martin, Leslie Montrose Graham to Kathleen Mary


GRAY-WALKER.-On the 2nd February, at Alma

road Presbyterian Church, East St, Kilda, Arnot,   onle son of Major and Mrs. Gray, to Vi, daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. D. Walker. (Present address, 28, Darcy street, Hobart.)

GREEN-RENFREY.-On the 22nd December, 1921,

at Methodist Church, Canterbury, by the Rev. J. Thomas, Harold N., only surviving son of Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Green. "Remuera," Tooronga road, Hawthorn, to Catherine ("Kit"), youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Renfrey, Hamil-


HALL—BACON. —On the 25th February, at the

residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. N. J. Danne, Frederick Dickson, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Hall, Alphington, to Violet Irene, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bacon, Cockatoo. HAMILTON—BARRAND. —On the 25th February, 1922, at All Saints' Church of England, East St. Kilda, by the Rev. Jones, Harry, only son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hamilton, Apollo Bay, to Edith (Dimpie), second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Barrand, of Eastbourne street, Windsor. Present address —Hordern Vale, via Laver's Hill.

HENSLEY—BOADLE. —On the 22nd February, 1922,

at the Free Presbyterian Church, Geelong, by       the Rev. John Sinclair, William Arthur (late  

8th Light Horse), younger son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hensley, of "Bleak House," Diapur,     Victoria, to Rhoda Mary, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Boadle, "Airlie," Mt. Moriac, Victoria.  

 ( should be Hensley not Heatley. Newspaper mistake)

HOLT—BAILEY. —On the 28th January, 1922, at

Wesley Church, Melbourne, by the Rev. Chas. Tregear, Clifford B., second son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Holt, "Lanelly," Kenilworth parade, Ivanhoe, to Beryl A., only daughter of Mrs. A. Bailey, 45 Gipps street, East Melbourne. Present address, "Ard-Magha," Fairy Hills, Ivanhoe.  


ruary, at St. Peter's Church of England, Mel- bourne, by Canon Hughes, Thane McAlister, youngest son of Mrs. and the late J. McA. How- den, of Annadale, to Florence Rose, granddaugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hill, of "Te Aroha," 11 Harrison crescent, Hawthorn.

LITTLE--SWANSON-On the 25th February, at  

Holy Trinity Church of England, Coburg, by the Rev. Wm. Clarke Hudson, Reginald John, only son of Mr. and Mrs. John Little, of Devonport, Tasmania, to Florence Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. B. Swanson, of Moreland grove, Coburg.

LORD—BUNTING. —[Golden Wedding.] —On the

20th March, 1672, by the Rev. James Bunting, brother, of the bride, Thomas Lord, of Rochdale, Lancashire, England, to Louisa Bunting, of Citoxeter, Staffordshire, England. Present ad- dress: 55 Carroll crescent, Ganliner. At home Monday afternoon and evening, 27th Inst.

McAULIFFE—WILLIAMSON. —On the 28th Janu-

ary, 1922, ut the Baptist Church, Ivanhoe, by the Rev. J. E. Newnham, James Reuben, second youngest son of Mrs. Mcauliffe, "Craig Elvan," Hope street, Geelong West, to Jean Constance, eldest daughter of Mrs. J. Williamson, "Crans ton," Wingrove street, Alphington.

McKAY—PACE. —On the 8th February, 1922, at

Methodist Church, Donald, by father of bride- groom, assisted hy Rev. J. W. Crean, of Donald, John Alexander, eldest son of Rev. A. and Mrs. McKay, Belmont, Geelong, to Ivy Victoria, the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Y. Pace, Hammill street, Donald.

McMILLAN—McLELLAN. —On the 22nd February,

at the Presbyterian Church, Wycheproof, by the Rev. F. Rankin, Leslie J., eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. McMillan, Wycheproof, to Ida A., only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. McLennan, Royal Hotel, Wycheproof.  

MITCHELL—BYWATER. —On the 21st January, at St. Paul's Church of England, Bendigo, by  

the Ven. Archdeacon Haines, Philip, youngest son of the late Mr. W. and Mrs. Mitchell, Long Gully, to Rita, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Bywater, Knowsley.

MOSS—TRENGROVE. —On the 1st February, 1922,

at "Duboque," Numurkah, by the Rev. J. J. Webb, Charles C., younger son of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Moss, ."Glenara," Wagga Wagga, N.S.W., to Eloise A., youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Trengrove, "Dubuque," Numurkah, and Harefield, N.S.W.

O'DONOHUE—GILMOUR. —On the 9th March, at

the Presbyterian Church, Gardiner, by the Rev. John Gray, Dennis A., third son of Mr. and Mrs. J. O'Donohue, of Monbulk, to Isabel Eleanor (Ella), youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. Gilmour, "The Nurseries," South Sassafras.

PARR—ROGERS. —On the 25t!uFebruary, at the

Methiodist, Church, Sydney road, Brunswick, by The Rev. James A. Gault, O.B.E., John Thomas Parr, youngest son of Joseph Robert and the late Catherine Parr, late of Liverpool, England,  

to Ivy Evelyn, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Charles E. Rogers, of Tennyson street, Essen-


ROBERTSON—BERTOLI. —On the 15th February,

1922, at St. Paul's, Bendigo, by the Rev. Har- rington, Owen, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Robertson, Boort, to Tessa Constance, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Bertoli, Lake  


RYAN-THOMPSON.-At St. James, Elsternwick,

by Rev. M. C. Gough, Timothy J., second son of Mrs. and the late J. Ryan, "Lowan," Galli- quil, to Iverna, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Thompson, "Shandon," Asling st., Gar


SCOULER HOWARD.-On the 11th February, at

Holy Trinity Church, Kew, by the Rev. Canon Sutton, B.D., John, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Scouler, of "Blantyre," Dowerin, W.A., to Dorothy, only daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. Howard, The Terrace, Fremantle, W.A.

SLATER-THORLEY.-On the 22nd February, at

All Saints' Church, Newtown, by Canon Wheeler, Herbert J. C., eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Slater. Mortlake, to Hannah, youngest daughter of Mrs. and the late E. Thorley, of Geelong West. Present address, "Kardinia,"


STEWART-HASTIE.-On the 22nd February, at

Scots Church, Collins st., Melbourne, by the Rev. John Mcintosh, M.A., Alexander John, only son of Ihe late Alexander and Mrs. Mary Stewart, of Tatura, to Isabella Rae, only daugh- ter of the late Adam Rae, and Mrs. Flora Hastie,

TAYLOR-McCULLAGH.-On the 24th February,

at Presbyterian Church, Canterbury, by the Rev. J. A. Forrest, Norman Le Neveu, second son of Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Taylor, of Fer- managh road, Camberwell, to Ethel, eldest daughter of the late Thomas McCullagh and Mrs. McCullagh, of Mont Albert road, Canterbury.

WEBB-WARD [Diamond Wedding].-On the 20th March, 1922, at St. George's Church of England, Gawler, S.A., by Rev. Canon Coombs, John Wil- liam, second son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Webb, Templars, to Sarah Ann, third daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Ward, of Woodville, S.A. .(Present address, "Harlexton," 51 Hopetoun street, Elsternwick.)

WOODWARD-TAYLOR.-(In the 26th February,

1922, at the Hawthorn Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Goyer, Alfred Woodward, of Auburn, to Mary Alice Taylor, of Remeura, Auckland,  

New Zealand.


BARTON.-On the 10th March, Leslie Wilfred,

dearly beloved and youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Barton, of Yarragon, grandson of the late Mrs. Barton, of Paynesville, and of Mrs. Stagg, Moe; aged six years.

"And they shall be mine in that day when I

make up my jewels."

BASELEY.-On the 21st March, at Camperdown,

William Robert Baseley ; aged 67 years.

BATES.-On the 17th March, at Seaview, Marion,

beloved wife of the late James Bates, loving mother of Mrs. Quinn. Mrs. Fraser, Mrs. Malady, Mrs. Pickering, Clement, Luke, and Joseph,

aged 82 years. R.I.P.

BENNETT.-On the 22nd March, 1922, at 5 Morang

road, Hawthorn, Anne, relict of the late Henry   J. Bennett, loving mother of Henry, Theresa, Mrs. O'Shannassy, Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Baker, Alfred, Sister Mary Stephanie, and Herbert, and Mrs. Barton and Gilbert (deceased), aged 78 years. R.I.P. (Privately interred.)

BIRRELL.-On the 23rd March, at Dandenong,

Thirza Henrietta Juliet Birrell, relict of the late Richard Birrell, of Paynesville, aged 67 years.

BIRRELL-On the 23rd March, 1922, at Dande-

nong, Thirza Henrietta Juliet, seventh daughter of the late Ben and Betty Kenworthy, "Langley Park," Kyneton, and beloved wife of the late Richard Birrell, of Paynesville, Gippsland Lakes,     also loving sister of Louisa (Mrs. Byers, Dubbo, N.S.W.), Bella (Mrs. Miller, Leeton, N.S.W.), Emma (Mrs. White. Melbourne), Lucy (Mrs. Clark, Tennyson, Vic.), Ben (Dandenong), and Anna (Mrs. Powles, Melbourne); and loving stepmother of Will, George, Ben, Betty (Mrs. Harriman), Thirza (Mrs. James), Dick, Lucy (Mrs. Curtis), Rachel (Mrs. Clark), Joseph (died on active service), Jack, and Dave. Aged 67

years 11 months. At rest.  

BLANCHARD.-On the 21st March, at Warrnam

bool, Euphemia Menzies, relict of the late J. L. Blanchard, Kew, and sister of the late Walter Swinton, the loving auntie of Robert and Arthur Swinton, and Hilda (Mrs. F. Dunning).

Sweet rest.

BROWN.-On the 21st March, at his residence,

Mackenzie street, Bendigo, Walter Douglas, dearly beloved husband of Marion Brown, and eldest son of William and the late Margaret Brown; father of Jean, Norma, Winnie, Marjory, and Joan; aged 61-years.  

BROWN.-On the 24th March, at Pleasantside,

Swanwater West, Max Brown, aged 75 years.

CARTLEDGE.-On the 21st March, at the residence

of her daughter, Central avenue, Ivanhoe, Wil- mot Amelia, loving mother of Ruby Morris and grandmother of Mark and Herbert Morris. aged 53 years. (Interred privately 22nd March. )

A patient sufferer at rest.

COGHILL.-On the 18th March, at 39 Stanley

street, Richmond, Mary, relict of the late Magnus Charles Coghill, beloved mother of Mrs Yates,

Mrs. Heins, Arthur, Mrs. McDonald, Jessie,

Mrs. Carew, the late Mrs. Jasper, and Robert Coghill, aged 84 years. A colonist of 70 years.

Late of Williamstown. (Interred at Williamstown, March 20.)

CORBET.- On the 20th March, 1922, at Wendoureem

Wanda road, Caulfild, Ella, Beatrice, dearly be- loved wife of John Miller Corbet, and the loved

daughter of Mrs. and the late Ben Johnson, of


DYBING.-On the 22nd March, at Lithgow, N.S.W.,

Alex. Elliot late 3rd Batt., A.I.F., second dear son of the late Rev. Edward Dybing and Mrs. Dybing, l8 Lyons street, Williamstown, and only brother of E. W. Dybing, Diamond street, Kew.

EVANS.-On the 12th March, at Colac, William Francis, beloved husband of Eliza Mary, and

loving brother of Jane (Mrs. Hill, Euroa), Har- riett (Nurse Everitt, Toora), Clara (Mrs. Lynch (Brunswick), and Walter (Longwood), late of Kilmore. R.I.P.  

FOSTER.-On the 23rd March, 1922, at Camper-  

dowb, James Denis Foster, of South Purrum- bete, aged 86 years. R.I.P.    

GILL. -On the 19th March (result of accident

at Croydon), George, beloved husband of Mary, father of Marcus and Isabel, third eldest son of the late Robert and Isabella GILL, of Box Hill; brother of John (W.A.). Rob, Will, Frances (Mrs. Roberts, Mentone South), Herbert, and Clara (Mrs. Dunn, Wonthaggi North).  

He gave himself in life to others, thereby ob- taining witness that he was righteous. He, being dead, yet speaketh.

HENNE.-On the 3rd March, at Sydney, while

returning from N.Z., Frederick John (late A.I.F.), darling husband of Lillian, devoted brother-in-law of Rosa, beloved son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walton, Armadale.

My guiding star.

HOLMES -On the 24th March, at 72 Murray street,

Caulfield, Arthur Tate Campbell, the dearly loved second son of George Robert and Eleanor Holmes, of The Rock, N.S.W., and loving brother of George and Jessie, aged 28 yean. (Private interment.)

At rest.

HORRIDGE -On the 24th March, at 10 Bowen

street, Glenferrie, Peter, dearly beloved hus- band of Lizzie, aged 50.

At rest.

HORRIDGE. - On the 24th March, at 10 Bowen

street, Glenferrie, Peter, dearly loved uncle of Rob, Will, Bell (Mrs. Lee), Tis, Harry, George, Mary (Mrs. Goff), Hanna (Mrs. Opelt), Ada.

Too dearly loved to be forgotten.

Resting. -(Bell and Mary.)

JOHNSTON.-On the 21st March, at the Perth

Military Hospital, Robert, the dearly beloved second son of David and Mary R. Johnston, of Euroa, also loving brother of the late Arthur (A.I.F.), Fred, Willie, Allan (all returned), Alex., Dave, Ted, Eroje, and Belle (Mrs. Waken- shaw), Mary (Mrs. van Lawick), Emma (Mrs. Stewart), and Alice.

Thy will be done.

JOLLY.-On the 15th March, Francis, relict Eliza  

Jolly, of Middle Park, and dearly loved father of Addie (Mrs. Waters, Gardenvale), and Cid (Mrs. F. M. Quick, Cobram). (Privately in- terred, St Kilda Cemetery, March 17.)

Sweet rest.

KERR.-On the 23rd March (suddenly), at the

Alfred Hospital, Peter Henry, loved eldest son of Helen and the late Peter (died January 25, 1922), of 42 Bridge street, Port Melbourne, lov- ing brother of Thomas, Alexander, William (de- ceased), Bertie, Flora (Mrs. Bull), Henrietta, and James (deceased).  

KERR.-A tribute to the memory of our late

member and comrade, Peter, who died so sud- denly on 23rd March.

His place in our ranks will be hard to fill.

-(Inserted by the members of the Port Mel- bourne Glee Club.)

KNIGHT.-On the 17th March, at her residence, Waverley avenue, Ivanhoe, Elizabeth, beloved wife of Osmund H. Knight, loving mother of Osmund, Lillie, Hazel, Florrie. Gladys, and Grace, and dearly loved sister of Margaret Kay Greenlaw, Martha (Mrs. Ridgeway), Mime (Mrs. Coates), James, William, and Charles J. Green- law.  

When the weary ones we love , Enter on their rest above,   Seems the earth so poor and vast, All our life-joy overcast!  

Hush, be every murmur dumb, It is only, "Till He come."

-(Inserted by her sorrowing sisters and bro- thers.)

LEISTE.-On the 16th March, at his parents' resi-

dence, Harry Auguste, the beloved eldest son of John and Annie Leiste, and loving brother of Charlie and Doris, late reader Bendigo diocese, aged 27 years.  

Sweet rest after weariness.

MALONEY.-On the 24th March; at the Melbourne

Hospital, Ellen, the dearly beloved eldest daugh- ter of the late Michael and Johanna Maloney, "Rosebrook," loving sister of Dennis, Margaret, the late Mrs. Jas. Keating, Thomas, Mary, Mrs. C. Watt, James, Annie, Julia, and Alice, Mr.

W. Newlands.

May her soul rest in peace.

MARTIN.-On the 14th March, Nhill, Mary,  

relict of the late John Martin, of Diapur, aged 82 years.  

"Rest in peace."

McAUGHTRIE - On 25th January, died at Johns-

hill, Lesmahagow, Scotland, Alexander McAugh- trie. In the 54th year of his age.

McCALMAN.-On the 10th March, at his residence,

27 Hill street, Hawthorn, William McCalman, second son of the Rev. Dugald McCalman and Mrs. W. S. McCalman, late of Naracoorte, South Australia.    

McENIFF.-On the 24th March, at private hospital,

Frances Elizabeth, the dearly loved wife of M. J. McEniff, Quarry Hill, Bendigo, loving mother of Jackie and Pat, loved daughter of James and Margaret Woodyatt, 72 Charles street, Fitzroy, and beloved sister of Alfred, Orrie, Elsie, and Irene, aged 30 years.  

Rest in peace.

MORTON.-On the 22nd March, at Rochester, Eliza, wife of the late Adam Morton, aged 66 years.  

(A resident of Rochester district 40 years.)

MOULDEY.-On the 16th March, at the Alfred

Hospital, William, the beloved husband of the late Honora Mouldey, late of Frankston, and beloved father of Jacob and William (of Mel- bourne), Mrs. Ben. Wells (of Frankston), Mrs.  

W. Jones (of Sassafras), in his 96th year. A colonist of 86 years. (Interred privately, Fern- tree Gully, March 17.)

A reuniting of hearts.

MOULDEZ.-On the 16th March, William, of Frank-     ston, aged 89 years and 7 months, a colonist of   of 86 years, father of Jacob and William, Mrs. B.  


Wells, of Baxter; and Mrs. W. Jones, of Sassa- fras; grandfather of Lesley, Lawrence, Alfrel, and Herbert Moulder, Gladys (Mrs. T. Taylor), Florence (Mrs. C. Rowlands), Alma (Mrs. Car- roll), and Violet Mouldez, Myrtle (Mrs. Flood), Hilda (Mrs. O'Leary); also 13 great-grand-


At rest.  

MOUSLEY.-Suddenly, at Colac (result of acci

dent), Victor Joseph, second son of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Mousley, Bambra, brother of Eric and Leslie, aged 24 years.

NORMAN.-On the 23rd March, 1922, at her resi-

dence, 15 Coronation street, Geelong West, Annie, beloved widow of the late Rev. Alfred Norman, aged 62 years, and dearly beloved mother of Mrs A. C. Kelson, Flossie (North- cote), Mrs. C. J. Jepeh, Nellie (Uranqinity), Catherine, Clara, Harry, and Theodora.

OSBORNE (nee Delahunty).-On the 18th March,

at her residence, Studley street, Maidstone, Marie, relict of the late John Delahunty, and the late   William Osborne, beloved mother of John, Michael, Joseph, Mrs. Margaret Miller, Mrs. Nellie Sherwin, Catherine, Mrs. W. Dewmap, William, and Percy Delahunty, and the late Mrs. Mary Traves, Mrs. Lilly Smith, and Thomas Delahunty, aged 81 years; for 50 years a resident of Footscray.  

One of God's best.

O'SHANASSY.-On the 21st March, Michael Kenny,

of 8 Malleson street, Richmond, and late of Raglan street, Albert Park, aged 66 years.


PUGH.-On the 20th March, at the residence of

her parents, 3 Russell place, Williamstown, Mary Elizabeth, dearly loved infant daughter of James and Mary Elizabeth Pugh, aged 12 days. (Pri- vately ¡nterred Williamstown Cemetery, 21st


SEXTON.-On the 21st March, at the residence of

her niece. 323 Riversdale roan, Auburn, Eliza, beloved aunt'of Mrs. C. Alexander, Mary an. James Jennings (Malvern), aged 73 years. R.I.P.*

At rest.

SHELLY.-On the 20th March, at Ballarat, Adeline,

loved wife of Denis Shelly and mother of Katie, third youngest daughter of Annie, and the late George Armstrong (Broomfield), sister of Mrs. A. E. Cooke (Northcote), John, Robert, Annie, Sara, Mabel, and Genn, aged 25 years.

SMETHURST.-On the 18th March, at the resi-

dence of her sister, "Birtle," 160 Tooronga road, East Malvern, Esther, daughter of the late Henry and Ellen Smetliurst, of Richmond. (Interred privately Monday, 20th.)

STOWELL.-On the 13th March, at Wattle street,

Bendigo, John Alfred Stowell (late Bradford,   Yorkshire, England), beloved hushand of the late Lena, loved father of Ferdinand and Noel, and loved brother-in-law of William and T. A. Ward, Alexander avenue, Canterbury.


SWANN.-On the 23rd March, at lils residence, 75 1

Cole street, Gardenvale, William Thomas, be- loved husband of Frances Elizabeth Swann (late postmaster Fitzroy), aged 78 years. (Interred privately Brighton Cemetery March 24.)

SWANN.-On the 23rd March, at his residence, 75

Cole street, Gardenvale, William Thomas, dearly loved father of Stanley (St. Kilda), Ernest, Roy,

and Vida.  

At rest.   TELTHAM. - On the 10th March, Kathleen

Joyce, youngest daughter of Edgar and Lilian Teltham, of Belmore road, Balwyn, dearly loved granddaughter of A. and M. E. Lechte, "Don darlan," Mount Waverley, aged 1 year 7


THAKE.-On the 24th March, at Melbourne Hos-

pital, John William Thake, aged 66 years.

VEALE.-On the 23rd March. 1922, at his resi-  

dence, Mt. Korong road, California Gully, Ben- digo, John Veale, beloved husband of Mary J., and loving father of Jack, Gertie (Mrs. Murdoch), Millie (Mrs. Joalous), Tom, Percy, Hilda, and Will, aged 71 years.

'Till He come."

WALKER.-On the 10th March, at her residence,

Glen Elgin, Undera, Isabel Ann, beloved wile of Alfred Walker, aged 58 years, mother of Millie (Mrs. J. Doolan), Nan (Mrs. G. Kilpat-

rick), Alfred, and Freda, and aunt of Alex.   Stewart (adopted son), loving grandmother of Sheila, George, Jim, Thomas, and Little Jean.

A life made beautiful by kindly deeds.

For ever with the Lord.

WOOD.-On the 24th March, at Geelong, Margaret

Ann, the dearly beloved wife of Thomas Edward Wood, of 14 Victoria street, North Geelong, and beloved mother of Doris, William, and Edward, and loving daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jas.

McFadelen, of Lara place, Geelong, aged 42 years.   YOUNG. - On the 15th March, at Wooloowin,

Queensland, Agnes Ellen, the only daughter of

the late John Young, C.E., of High street, Rutherglen, and of Geelong, Victoria.


On Active Service.

ALLEN.-In loving memory of W. E. F. Allen,

58th Batt., killed in Action, 1017. .

"Duty nobly done."

-(Inserted by mother, slaters, and brothers.)

DENT.-In sad and loving memory of my darling

ron. Guise Bowerbnnk (Bob), who passed peace- fully away on March 20, 1921, at Caulfield Mili tary Hospital.

Sadly missed.

-(Inserted by his loving mother.)

FARRELL.-In loving remembrance of my darling

brother "Evey," killed In action on tho í5t_ March. 1017.

I, who love him, truly know

How much I lost five year« «go. '

-(Inserted by hi« loving sister, Evelyn.)* ' '

HOI-CES.-In fond remembrance, of our dear «m

and brother, George, who waa killed in r.ctlo.i France. 2Sth March, 1017.

In our homes you arc fondly remembered;

Sweet memories cling round sour name.

For those who lov ed you in life, oh ro dearly,

Still love you in death just the same.

-(Inserted hy his loving parents, brother., and sisters, 'Wedderburn.) . .

LODGE.-In fond and loving memory of our dear

»on and brother, Opl. ,J. A. Lodge (Jim), ¡Stn Batt., killed in action March 20. 1017-, a_o his

two bt-Uicrs, Pie. Topi* and Pic. Oeorge. . , j

? ^*e4¿:?¡8&?!!¡®^P^ia¿t\

Elver.) ». . ? . - I


On ActlTe Service.

PEARSON!-In loving memory or our friend «nd

companion, Lieutenant E. R. Pearson, killed In action, France, 26lh March. 1917. (Inserted by friends at E»st Camberwell.)

PLOWRIGHT.-In fond and loving memory of my

dear son and brother, Sergeant William Stanley Plowright (Billy), who was killed at Lagnicourt, France, on the 26th March, 1917; also his loving comrade, J. Bell, killed in France.

They laid their richest gifts on the altar of

duty-their lives.

-(Inserted by his loving mother, sisters, and


SELL.-A tribute of love to the memory of my

dear son, »nil our dear brother Les., fHglft-lItut, 3rd Squadron A.F.C., killed in action at Cassel, France, 25th Kirch, 1018.

SEWELL.-In loving memory of our dear son,

Frederic!; Ch»rlci, late 21st M.G.C.. died France, 24Hi March, 1018. Sadly mii-cd by Ids father and mother, G. and F. Sewell.

SUMNER.-In sad and loving memory of my dearly

beloved son, Lance-Corporal Roy Gordon, died of Wounds in France. 26th March, 1918; also my loved niece. Margie Belcher, died 23rd March,


The ones I loved have gone before.  

And I must dwell alone;

Oh may their gentle spirits be

A star to guide me home.

Some time we'll understand, my Soldier


-(Inserted by his lonely mother, 50 Oban street, Hawksburn.)

ARCnBOLI).-A tribute to the memory of our

late friend, Oliver Archbold, who was acclden dentally drowned at Werribee, March 26, 1021.

HI« charaxtcr lives.

-(Imcrted by hi» workmates, J. E. Pascoe, II. McKelvle, A. Murray.)

ARMSTRONG.-On the 23th March, 1021, William,

the dearly beloved husband of Annie, and loving , father ofi Mabel (dceeaaed), Eva (Mrs. J. Web-

ster), Louis (Jack, deceased), Henry, Albert, Caroline, Doll» (Mrs. O. Elliott), Alfreda,

May his soul rest in peace. .

-(Inserted by bia loving wife, Annie Arm- ât roog.)

ARMSTRONG.-In loving memory ol our dear

father, William Armstrong, who died 26tli \ March, 1021.

One year ago no tongue can tell

How anxiously we stood

Beside our dear dad's bed.

To save him if we could.

' With tear« we saw him sinking.

And watched lum fade away, » And our hearts nre sadly asking

For you, dear dad, to-day.

-(Inserted by his loving «on and dinghtcr-in law, Lou and Florrie, and grandchildren.)

ARMSTRONG.-In loving memory of my dear

father, who departed this life on 25th March, 1921 (Oood Friday), and loving grandpa of Mavis, Roma, and Heather Webster.

Fond remembrance of the past

Is filled with sad regret;

Until our lives shall cease to be We never shill forget. -(Inserted by hi» Evlc.)

ARMSTRONG.-In loving memory ot our dear

mother. Agnes1, who departed this life March . 25. 1010. .

We will need a hand to guide us

When we pass the flowing tide;

Will you come and meet us, mother,

> When we reach the other 6¡dc7

-(Inserted by her iovlng sen and dlughtcr-ln law, J. and M. Armstrong.)

?ARMSTRONG.-In sorrowful memory of our dear

mother, Agnes Armstrong, who passed peacefully «way at Albert Park, March 25, 1MB.

A beautiful memory lett behind

Of a loving mother, true and kind:

Her sweet influence and unselfish ways Will linger with us all our dnys.

-(Inserted by her loving daughter and son-in law, Margaret «nd Walter.)

ARMSTRONG.-In loving memoiy of my dear

mother, Acnes Armstrong, who passed peacefully away at Albert Park, March 25, 1910.

The flower« I place on your grave

Will wilber and decay;

But my love for jon, dear mother,

Will never fade away.

-(Inserted by her loving »on William.)

BEST.-In loving memory of mv dear .Inuband

and our dear father. Samuel II., who passed away on 25th March, 10*21, at 5 Market rtreet,


Still llvlng-stlll loving-still ours.

-(Inserted by his loving wife ami family.)

BLAKF.LEY.-In loving memory of my elcar hus-

band an- our dear father, William Henry Blikelev, who died March 24, 1021. (Inserted by A. Blakcley and family.)

BOBSIEN.-In loving memory of our dertr son Les-

lie, who passée! away at Glencairn avenue, More- land, on 25th March, 1810.

We who lovcel you sadly miss you

As it dawns another year;

In our lonely hours of thinking

Thoughts of yon are ever dear.

-(Inserted bv hil lovip_ parents, Footscray.)

BOBSIEN.-In loving memory to our dear grand-

son, Leslie, who pas-Td awov nt Glencairn avenue, Morclnnd, on the 25th March, 1919.

nis kind influence and loving ways Will Untrer with tis all our day».

-(Inserted hy his loving grandparents, W. G. and S. A. Purdy, Wedderburn.)

BOBSIFJf.-In loving memory of our dear nephew

and cousin, Leslie, who passed away nt. Glen- cairn «venue, Moreland, March 25, 1019.

Time mav pa1» and bring its changes. Fresh with every coming year,

But your memory will he cherished In the hearts that loved you best.

-(Inferred bv the Ward family, "Avondale," McKenzie «trect, Brunswick.)

BOURCIHFR.-In -loving memory of my dear hus-

band. William nenry, and our beloved father, who passed awav on lils birthday, 25th March, 1921. . " *

Patient sufferer, how kind the hand That raised thee In a bettet: land.

. We mourn, but not with outward grief.

For ilesth to thee bronght sweet relief. -(Inserted by his wife and family.)

BRENNAN-In loving memory of our dear

mather Ellen Elizabeth Brennan, who departed this life on March 25, lb05, at 110 Barkly street. Carlton, It,I.P. (Inserted by her loving children, Jameo, Richard. Mrs. L. Muschalli, Mr«. W. Gillon, and John.)

BRETTIFRTON.-In loving memorv of my dear

danghter and our dear sister Ruby, who passed mr on March 25. at Prahran. (Inserted by her loving falber, brother, and sister.)

CARY.-In Bweti and loving remembrance of dear

mother, who died on 2*th Mirch, 1018.

Fondl- remembered bv all her family. -(Mrs. Tranter, Oatleigh.)

DAY.-In loving memoiy of our dear mother, Han-

nah M" who died 25th March, 1920; also our dear father, died September 6, ISSt.

Our lovett ones.

-(Inserted by their loving children and grand- children.)

EVANS.-In loving remembrance of my dear

mol*«er, who died on 7th March, 101»; also my dear brother, Genneo Albert, who passed av/ay

on 29th March. 1019.

Ever remembered.

-(Inserted by S. J. Evans, St. Albans)

FELTON.-In font! and lovinsr memory of roy dear

wife, and loving mother of Joyce, Gladys Mary Fellort who passed away on 20th March, 1021, " Patient nuffcrer, how kind the hand

That raised theo to a better land.

We mourn, but not with bitterest grief. For death to thee brought sweet relief."

Dearly loved, sadly missed.

-(Inserted by her loving husband and daugh-


FOWLER.- In treasured memory of our dearly

loved mother, Elizabeth, who entered eternal rest on 25th March, 1921. (Inserted by her lov-

ing daughters. Chris. (Mrs. S. E. R. Church), and Hazel (Mrs. C. R. Thompson), Sandring- ham.)

FOWLER.- In loving memory of our dear mother,

who died at Ararat, March 25 (Good Frlday), 1921 (Inserted bv her loving daughter and son- in-law, I. and D. Hargreaves, and son Alick, R.A.N.)

CENT.-In loving memory of our dear mother,

who died on 23rd March. 1921.

Ever remembered.

-(Inserted by P. and E, St. Arnaud.)

UEARLE.-In loving memory of our dear mother,

who passed peacefully nway on the 25th March, 1920, devoted Gran of Jim, Brenda, and Allan.

At rest.

-(Inserted by her daughter and son-in-law, M, and J. E. Nicholas, Kingston railway station.)

HUTCnESON.-In loving memory of our dear son and brother, Jack, who passed away on March 25. 1917.

. Sadlv-we miss bim, but vet in our sorrow

Hope for the future will help banish the pain. Faith points the way to a brighter to-morrow.

And whispers "In heaven we shall meet again." -Ilnsertrd by hi» father, mother, sisters, and Brothers)

irUTCHESON.-In loving memoiy of our dear

brother, Jack, who poised away 25th March,

1913. .

Time may pas« and bring ita changes,

Fresh with everv coming >ear;

But your memorv will be cherished

By the one» that love you dear.

-(Inserted by his loving sister and brothcr-ln law, Vina and Alec.)

JOHNSTON.-In md nnd loving memorv of Catho

nne May. bclorcd wife of Charles Stephen, and loving mother of little Greta, who died nt "Kennoway." 30 Clarinda road, Essendon, on the 23rd March, 1015. R.I.P.

KKMr.-In loving memory of my dearly loved

daughter. Alice Vera, wife of Mathcw J. Kemp, Tooronga, Melbourne road, Frankston, who died 2Sth March, 1019.

Ever remembered.

-(Inserted by her loving mother, E. J. Dixon.)

KERR.-In sad and loving memory of mv darling

brother Bert, who died at Wonthaggi'Hosnltal 25th March, 1914. * v

Ever remembered,

.Time may pass and bring Its changes, «Fresh with every coming vcar;

But your memorv will he cherished

By the ones that love vou dear.

-(Inserted by his loving sister Grace, Mrs. R


KOS-sHK.-To the dear memory of Eliza Kossak

the learly beloved mother of Marcelina ami Ludwlna, and wife of tile late Capt. Ladislas Koorak, who passed from earth March 25, '014

at Hamilton.

There Is a star that glitters through the earth's

It 1» the memory of th' _ . There is Ti thought that light

_ loads

That soul so fair as thine must dwell In

gracious place.

HNTON.-In loving remembrance of our dear

father, John Linton, who passed away March *>5

1*920, at Mernda. ** '

God called you from our midst, dear father

But never from our heart«-.

You live with us In memory still - And will while memoiy Insts.

-(Inserted by his loving daughters, sons-in-law and grandchildren. )

MARTIN.-In sad and loving memory of my be-

loved fcnsband, william Nicholas Martin, who pnmed «vray at Mount St. Evins private hosp! tal, E«_ern Hill. 25th March, 1021 (late of Pear«' Furniture Warehouse, Prahran).

Gone is the face I loved so dear, Silent tlie voice 1 loved to hear; Arpolnlul shock, n blow severe,

To part with one I loved so dear -(Inserted by hi» loving wife.)

MARTIN.-In cherished memory of our loved bro-

ther, William Nicholas Murun, «ho died 2ith \ March, 1C22. ' Those who loved jou dearly will always fe«l to

.vollr loss. , (., -( Susie, Letty, and brother-in-law,

Re«.) yj MA_TJN.-in fond memory of oar v«ry dar friend. I ii«

Billy, -___*d->p«rt)-<_ thlti life te March SB, 1___ j i fl-wtcd by Mr. At» Hath-» aad. ___&) ' «tr


MASON -In fond and loving memory of our dear

mother barah Snarrell Mason who passed peace fully awav on the 20th of Starch 1021, at her lalo residence, Scott and Uohinson streets. Dandenong , ,

1 enderly on earth we loved you

And we dearly love you still

With remembrance still wo mourn yea.

While we bow to God s holy will It was hard Indeed to loso you

To see your loving face no more But wo know J ou will be happy

On that bright and happy shore

-(Inserted by her loving sons, daughter» sonî in law «laughters in law and gnndchlldren )

MELVILLE. -In fond and loving memory of our

darllng Bessie, who died at Moyhu on 26th  

March, 1916.

So dearly loved, so sadly missed.

-(Inserted by her loving parents, sisters, and   brothers.)

OPH- -In lo« ing memory of my dear husband and

loving father Irincis Opie, who died on the ¿jill March 1010 nt Ligar street Billarat

Con« and forgotten by some you may be. If others forget you never »111 we

-(Inserted bj his loving wife and sons. Louie Opie Royal Oak Hotel Bridge road Rich mond ) \

RUsEUAN- In loving memorj of John Renehan,

»ho died at Mooroopna Hostital March 25 1017 (Inserted by his loving wife and little son Jack)

niCI'ARD'*OV - In loving memory of Harry C

Richardson, die I March 25 1021

Love is immortal and life Is cvcrlastinff

ROPER-In loving memory of my dear wife and

our clear mother Murr A Roper who died March 25 1315 (Inserted by her loving husband and family. Ripponlea )

SMITf! -In affectionate remembrance of W S

Smith who died on Sith March 101» at East Melbourne (Inserted by his brother J S )

STtMäS- In loving memory of our darling Ray,

who passed away on Oth March 1020 (In sort cti by her sorrowing parents and brother Jack.)

THOMAS -In loving memory of my dear husband,

Robert Henry Thomas, who died "Oth March, 1820 (M H Tilomas )

TJCKFLL.-In ever loving memory of James

(Inn) »bo died suddenly at Narrogin W A , on 15th March 1021 (Inserted by his wife. Jessie Tickell Tv clyn road Claremont, W A )

I Al I Wa - lil loving memon of our beloved

and devotes! son I-rancis Herbert who died March 20 1918

Though in our home there is the vacant place

None but our I rank can fill

A, hope arises with its folaco sweet,

Ile Inei and loves us still

-(Inserted by lils lov Ing parent» )

\OLIv.-In loving memory of my dear husband

and our dear father George lalk, who passed away March 20 1010

At rest

-(Inserted by his loving wife and family )

WPEDON - \ tribute for lifelong services to the

honoured memory of Melbourne« ideal citiron, Alderman the lion Sir Henry Weedon, KB V L C , JP Died March 25 liV'l

"lUs life wis gentle and the elements so mixed in him that nature might stand up and say to all the world This »as n man '

WORTHINGTON -In loving memory of my dear

»Ile and our dear motl er who departed this life at Cuildford ' private hospital Camber well on March 25 1920 R.I P (Inserted by lier loving husband and family )_


EWINS-The Daughters of the late Mrs JAMES

L'Y INS M-ish to sincerely THANK their many kinj friends for telegrams cards letters floral tributes and personal expressions of sympathy in their great sorrow, especially thanking Dr R " Weigall for his untiring attention and great kind ness to their loved mother_ FOOTE-Mrs W T 1 OOTl anl Family wish

to express their heartfelt THANKS to all kind friends and neigliboura for letters telegrams floral tributes and personal expressions of sym pathj during Heir recent sad bereavement also Dr "Antson of Bell street Coburg for his kind and constant attention to their loved one during tlie seven months of his illness 90 O Hea street Coburg

GUiSOV (nee Hansen) - Mrs KARTHINA

HANSEN anl Family desire to THANK their many kind friends for letters cards and floral tributes received during their ead bereavement Please accept this intimation of our deepest _rati tilde 1 Albert street laneville_


VJr all kind relations and friends for letters cards and floral tributes received during lils sad bereavement also thanking the car and waggon si ops North Melbourne Will all accept this intimation of my sincere gratitude 1 Albert street «tarraville_ __ _ _ aUMMOH -Mr an 1 Mrs f UMMOW and Family

return their heartfelt THANhS to their many friends especially the staff of the Melbourne Electric Supply Co, for letters, cards floral

*\T3Sf> OSHANNASY and Tamlly desire to i-xii TIHNh, their many kind friends for tele- grams, letters cards, floral tributes and personal expressions of sympathy in their recent sad be reavement and specially Miss Rose \car for her untiring kindness and attention Will all friends kindly accept this intimation of our deepest gratf hide 8 Malleson st Richmond _

AfR and Mrs JOHN WHJIAMS desire to aJJL.îïI'.Nh their manv kml friends and relations for letters, cards telcgr ims l eautiful floral tribute« and pcrBOnil sympathy received during their recent sa I bereavement Will ali friends kindly accept this intimation of thanks as it is impossible to answer all personally

14 Ovens st tarraville

TV Pt and Mrs ANGUS McDON « D mil Family J.U, desire to express their heartfelt THANKS to all kind friends for their letters canis telegrams floral tributes an I personal sympathv in their recent sad loss of their deir son and brother Roy 43 Napier street Footscriv _


the loss of their dear little Irma; also to thank Dr Brown ol Otkletgh ni o the ulstera and nur-sea of No. S ward Children i Ha-pitil

MM JOHN ark nni l-amilv of Children de

i sire to THWIv their many kind friends for their exprès, om of svmnath} in their recent sad be.casement mil also to convey their [latitude to Dr I larkin and the Rev Mr Ia\lor for their

unremitting nttentioiib trt the dear dcpar_cd_qnc

MRS ANNIL I B\SSfcD anl Tamil. dcsircTo

express tliur Mnccrc TIUNKS to all kind íriuids for expressions oí s\ mpatb\ telegram-* cards nnd floral tributes in their icccnt sad and aid len bereavement also Dr Cahill nnd kind neighbours Will all friends kindly i«rept this intimation of our deepest gratitude 'Si Parsons at_Kensington_

\I11S II MOORI, and I amily desire to THANT. -"JJ all relations and fnends for kttera cards Ulefframs and personnl expressions of svmpath> dunng their recent Ead bcrtavement °09 Liebig street, Warnambool

"Tl/TRS M II IARKEIt and Sont mid Daughter* «IXL desire to exprès their THANKS to all kind

friends for their letter* tiris telegrams floral tributes te during their recent sad bcrea\cment 1 Myrtle street Hawthorn_ IJLUMMFH- Hr W11 1 LUMMFIt and I-amil.

? de ire to T!H\K their manv kind friends for cards letters and telcRrairw received during their recent Bad bereavement I lt-a^c accept this in tin ition of our leepest gratitude 1 resint ad di ess GO Brirsle_»_rd Canncrwell _

SirWMtT- _ C STI * AIM desires to THANK

all kind friend"? for letters c-irds and floral tribute*» an I cxpre^ioi s of mnpatliv during h s ha 1 bercuvementf_1 Cow per ¡street Iootscnir_

T\n -Mrs TAIT and Tamily desire to Til \NT_

tlitir kind friend« and relatives for letters tel eg nu ii-* cards \isits and floral tributes in their recent sad bere-ive*nent. c-.pcei

all. mention» g Dr Heffernan for hii unremitting -.ttcptioi Will all kindh accept this lntiimtion of our iincere gratitude Í3 Gordon st Alphlnj


rnUL Hclitnes Oi thi late WILLIAM MeCAI M\N

«A desire to THWh their friends for all floral tributen mid kin 1 expressions of sympathy in their rpctnt hereavement also Dr Btgg and Nurses rulton and falconer for their kindness and at tention JT Hill st Hawthorn


H0RIÏ1DGE.-The rnends of the late Mr

inn. IIOllKIDGI* arc informed that his remains will be interred in the Box Hill Cemeter*

The funeral wiJI lea.e his residence Parana," 30 Bowen street, Glenferrie THIS D-VY (Saturdaj, 25th inst) at 3 o clock

B MVTTHl-WS ITY LTD Toorak road South

A arra and Oakleigh

MU ONI \ -The Friends of the late Misa FM KN

MALOM-i fcrmcrlj of Rosebrook are re tvpectfulJv Imited to follow her remains to the plací, of interment n the rootscray Gemcterj

The funeral is appointed to move from the resi

dente of her brother In law Mr Charlea Watt 306 'NKholf-on street ceddon THIS D\\ (Saturday,

¡loth March), at 2 o clock p in

HFUBLRT KLNG and SONS Undertakers, Droop and Nicholson streets *oot<=crav Tel 25

crs of the Port Melbourne cqucsted to follow the re- mains of their late memtxr to the place of In terment the Boroondara Cemctci. Kew

The funeral will leave his mother s residence Ko V Bridge street Port Mellmurne, 111 IS DA\ (Saturdm -5th inst) at "30 nni

O «n, President

M J "NO1 AN, lion Sec

McENIFF. - The Friends of MICHAEL J.        

McENIFF are respectfully invited to follow      

the remains of his late dearly loved wife to the

place of interment in the Heidelberg, Cemetery.    

The funeral is appointed to move from her   parents residence, No. 72 Charles street, Fitzroy,  

THIS DAY (Saturday, 25th inst.), at 3.30 o'clock        



ALFRED ALLISON, Funeral Director (estab. 1854), Clifton Hill ('Phone Northcote 708).    

PIDGEON. - The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. ERNEST PIDGEON are informed that the funeral of their beloved only daughter, Iris Mabel,   will leave the residence of Mrs. E. Beard, Waver-   ley road, Oakleigh, THIS (Saturday) MORNING,   at 11 o'clock for interment in the Necropolis,     Springvale, arriving quarter to 12.    

RAYBOULDS, Funeral Directors (Ernest Walker        

principal), 17 Atherton road, Oakleigh. 'Phone      

Oak. 421.  

WOOD. - Friends of Mr. THOMAS EDWARD   WOOD are respectfully invited to follow the         remains of his dearly loved wife, Margaret Ann,       to the place of interment, the Eastern Cemetery,  


The funeral will move from his residence, No. 14 Victoria street, North Geelong, THIS DAY (Satur- day, 25th inst.), at 2 p.m.

ERNEST H. KING, Undertaker, 187 Moorabool street, Geelong. Tel, 1122.