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FUNERAL FURNISHERS. ETC. ARTHUR E. DAVIES and COMPANY (Wallace A EL Green. Geo. B. Cockerill) Funeral and Cremation Directors. FREMANTLE. CLAREMONT. 85 Market-street. Opp Railway. Station. L2225 P2177 PERTH. Corner Beaufort and Bulwer street "89400. DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE. AND BECAUSE BEAUTY SOFTENS SORROW . It is human to wish to comfort those who bear the burden of grief. Th t is why we send flowers to funerals-to tell the livng that our thoughts and sympathies are with them. A floral emblem from the FLOWERSHOP OP DAWSON, HARRISON. LIMITED, will speak more comfort than a thousand words. City Address: 109 Barrack-st. Phones 53853. 87784. B OWRA AND O'DEA, Undertakers. Embalmers and General Funeral Furnishers. Moderate Charges. Address. 195 Pier-st., Perth. TeL B4306. Private Telephone B3376. B6717. L~RESH AND ARTIFICIAL FLORAL WREATHS AT SHORTEST NOTICE. Beautifully Made. Speedy Service. WILSON and JOHNS. LTD., 74 and 125 Barrack-st., Perth. Phone B3888 and B2294: after hours, WM14. Fremantle Branch: 128 High-st. Phone L2447. After Hours. 1.2410.

FUNERAL FURNISHERS. ETC. EAD SON AND CO. 1'1 Funeral Directors. Cremations Arranged Head Office: 190 Albany-rd.. Victoria Park. Branch Office: 33 Canning-rd.. East Fremantle. Phone Ml158,. L1460. 1 ERTH FUNERAL DIRECTORS. LTD.. 379 Hay-st.. Perth (near Victoria-ave.). UNDERTAKERS AND EMBALMERS. TeL 88616. Private B8623, B4596. SHIPPING. CANADIAN AUSTRALASIAN LINE tIncorporated in Canada.) Prom Sydney to Vancouver. via Auckland Suva. Fiji. Honolulu and Victoria. B.C. AORANGL AWATEA. Macdonald. Hamilton and Co.. Agents Perth. TeL B9767 (3 lines). Fremantle, Tel. L2560. L2182. THE BLUE FUNNEL LINE. West Australia Service. FOR JAVA. SINGAPORE, PORT SWE'TEN HAM AND PENANG. DALGETY and COMPANY. LIMITED, Agents. TI'EEST&TE SAII.NGS. I REGULAR PASSENGER SERVICE TO ADELAIDE. MELBOURNE AND SYDNEY. FAST, LUXURIOUS VESSELS. tWANGANELLA, Dalgety and Co. Ltd. *KATOOMBA. Mclwraith. McEacharn, Ltd. DUNTROON, Melbourne Steamship Co., Ltd. $First and Second Class. *First. Second and Third Class. All the usual enjoyable features of ship board life available. T TE SHIPPING BERVICE. PASSENGERS AND CARGO. NORIH-WEST PORTS TO DARWIN. M.V. KOOLAMA. M.V. KOOLINDA. Apply STATE SHIPPING SERVICE. Premantle. TOURIST BUREAU. PERTH. TAMANIA FOR ENJOYMENT For a real change of scene in a genial re cuperative climate the lovely Island State is ideaL ALL-INCLUSIVE TOURS. covering return fares--Perth to Perth-and your accommodation and sight-seeing tours in Tasmania, prcvide trouble-tree holidays. Obtain itineraries and details now from. W.A. GOVT. TOURIST BUREAU. Forrest place, or EASTERN sTATES GOVT. TOUR IST BUREAU, Plaza Arcade Agents for Tasmanian Govt. Tourist Dept. STEW ZEALAND I INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS. Free advice by experienced officers. Itineraries planned and all reserva tions made. Consult New -Zealand's' most complete travel service: NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT TOURIST BUREAU. Local Agents: Eastern States Government Tourist Bureau. 31-32 Plaza. Arcade. Perth. Phone B3747. yOUR HOLIDAY PROBLEM IS SOLVED IF YOU CONSULT COOK'S TRAVEL SERVCE. op. G.P.O., Perth FREE PROGRAMMES. FREE SERVICES. LF NE CD D COMPANY. LIsITED, .P?erth and Fremantle, Customs Agents and Express Forwarders and Bond Store Ware housemen. Authorised Baggage Agents to all Passenger Steamship Companies. Phone Perth. B2126; Fremantle. L1338. I "RAVELLEP.S by sea train or air, it will 1 pay you to inspect our Travel Goods. As Mn ufaecturers we can guarantee to give you the greatest satisfaction, together with high est quality and low prices. Established 40 yrara. MALLABONES. William-st. AVIATION. A USTRA?IAN NATIONAL AIRWAYS. S PASSENGER AND FREIGHT SERVIZCE To MELBOURNE in ONE DAY. Via KALGOORLIE, CEDUNA. ADELAIDE. BY DOUGLAS AIRLINER. LEAVING MAYLANDS, 6.45 a.m. MONDAYS. WEDNESDAYS SATURDAYS. Cars leave Orient Line Office, 6.10 am. DAILY SERVICE FROM MELBOURNE - TO OTHER STATES. Freights. Perth to Fares. 'perhb.) KASLGOOBLIE . /lO- 7d. pn. 13 ADELAIDE , . -. Return Tieke t Reduced Rates Particulars of other services o application PRINCIPAL AGENTS: ORIENT STEAM HAV.' CO. I LTD. -Inc .Hog.). A56 William-st. Tel. 5691 (2 lines). (After ilours---urgent Calls Only-B29.) Ans cW.a.. IMITED. PASSENGER and FREIGHT SERVICES PERTH TO WILUNA, KALGOORLE, ETC. WEDNESDAYS: WILUNA via Norseman and Kalgoorlie. Returns Thursdays via Cue. Mt. M. agnet. etc. SATURDAYS: Wilna via Mt. dMagnet and Cue. Returns Sundays via Leonora. Kalgoorlie. Horseman. etc. SPECIAL CHARTER FLIOGHTS ROM I/ PER WXIM. For Fares and further particulars apply to PRINCIOPAL AGENTS SMACDONAL. HAMILTON and CO, 40-42 Woiliam-st. Telephone B9767 (3 lines) ERTH Via Nrtb-Wt Ports DARWIN. EVERY TUESDAY and FRIDAY. PASSEGERS - itAuS - FREIGHT. FREIGHT CLOSING TIMES: MONDAYS d O and THURSDAYS O 4 P.m. Late fee 5 p.m. 55He dar5. M IRoBEE2BON-MILLER AVIATION CO. LTD. Pastoral House. 156 St. George's-ter. PUBLIC NOTICES. "' fxed at Competitive Prices. AMIDLAND MODELLING WORKS 177 York-rd., Midland Junction,' Tel UJ230. May Now Have Their Eyes Attended to IN THEIR OWN HOMES (AT NO EXTRA CHARGE) With the Latest Splrcal Optcal Equipment. Inc. Spientiflc -Testing. Phone Call or Write for Appointment to Mr. J. VL NDEeR-VE ,. RbI... - Fko.Rca m.o1N pd OEng A ND OPTCEIAN. 25 ARCHDEACON-S., NEDLANDS. Phone WMI29L Estab. 1924. AYWATER T ROAD BOARD. DIPHTHERIA IOMtSNEATION CLINIC. The BaysDater Clinic will be reopened on Tuesday. October 29 at 1d45 a.m. at the Town EHI. Slade-street. Parents wishing to have their children, bet een the ages of one year and thirteen years, immunised. should notify the Health Inspector before that date. Forms are available at the Road Board office and Schools. (Sgd. A. B. BONE, Secretary. BROS.° COUNTRY OPTICIAN. MR. J. Me E. RULE. M.V.O.Ar VISITS YOUR TOWN AS UNDER: BUNBURY: At Caris Bros.' Bunbury shop Thursday and Friday. October 17 and 18, 9 atm. to 6 t.m., and Saturday. October 19. 9 a-m. to 1 p.m. MARGARET RIVER: At Samworth Stores, Monday. October 2L 10 a.m. to 1 pm. BUSSELTON: At Dowel's Store. Monday. Oc tober 21 2 pzm. to 6 p.m. NANNUP: At aptop Stores. Tuesday. October 22. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. BOVrUP BROOK: At Soyup Brook Co-op.. Wednesday. October 23. 10.30 a.m. to 5 BRIIJGTOWN: At Mclnnes Pharmacy. Thurs day. October 24. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 5MANJIMUP: At Gilbert's Store. Friday, Oc tober 25. 9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. ALBANY: At Longden's Pharmacy. Saturday. October 26. 11 a.m. to 1i p.m.. Monday and Tuesday. October 28. and 29. 9 anm. to 6 p.m. AVOID CANDLE SIGHT. COMIONWEALTE OF AUSTRALIA. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT. 1924-1932, NOTICE OF EXECUTON OF DEED. IN THE COURT OF RANERUPTCY. DISTRICT OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. PART XL Re SYDNEY JOHN JAMES HILL & HERBERT RAYMOND HILL. trading as HILtL & COMsiPANY. Storekeepers, Kalamunda. the debtors. Notice is hereby given that the abovenamed debtors have executed a Deed of Assignment to Reginald Goyne Miller. of Australasia Chambers, 68 St. George's-terrace, Perth. and the same is now lying for inspection and execution at the above address. DATED this 14th day of October, 1940. R. GOYNE MILLER. Trustee. R. GOYNE MILLER & CO.. Chartered Ac countant (Aust., Australasia Chambers. 65 St. George's-terrace. Perth. OUNITRY Agents Wanted. Direct selling. men or women Part or full time: make 5/ hour. Write for Particulars, McGREGOR. 197 King-st.. Melbourne. Vtc. For any size Reconditioned or Re For all Conversions from Steel Wheels to Pneumatics. ASCOT TYRES. LTD.. 963-5 Hay-st.. Perth. B9354. (Oop. United Motors.) JJOTEL AND CAFE PROPRIETORS. -LGive your premises individuality and cut your upkeep costs in half by relurnishing with our Chromed Steel Furniture. ARTHUR D. CLAP't? and SONS (1933). LTD.. 982 Hay-st. B9353 (Next United Motors). flRS. E. BAYLISS wishes to thank the many 11 kind friends who sent messages, flowers and gifts on the occasion of her birthday. She sincerely regrets being unable to reply P erioSily.

PUBLIC NOTICES. IN THE SUPREME COURT OF WESTERN AUSTRLLIA. PROBATE JURISDICTION. IN THE MATTER or the Will and Estate of ELIABETH DAVIES late of Redfern street Subiaco in the State of Western Australia Widow deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all credl tors and other persons having claims or de mands upon or against the estate of the above-named de.eased are hereby requireO to send particulars in wiiting of the same to THE PERPETOAL EIXECUTORS TRUSTEES & AGENCY COMPANY (W.A.) LIMITED Per petual Trustee Buildings. St. George's terrace Perth the Administrator (with the will s of the estate of the said deceased on or beore rhe fourti day of November 1940 alter which date the said Administrator (with the will) will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased amongst the persons entitled thereto having regard only to such claims and demands of which notice shall then have been given. DATED the 30th day of September. 1940. ACKLAND & WATKINS, Perpetual Trustee Buildings. 89 St. George's-terrace. Perth. Proctors for the Administrator. TN THE SUPREME COURT OF VT WESTERN AUSTRALIA. PROBATE JURISDICTION. IN THE WILL of FREDERICK WILLIAM BARRYMORE late of 7 Stone-street South Perth in the State of Western Australia Business Manager deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all Credi tors and other parties having any claims or demands against the estate of the above named deceased are hereby requested to send in particulars in writing thereof to the Execu tors care of the undersigned on or before the 19th day of November, 1940 AND FUR THER that at the expiration of the last mentioned date the said Executors will pro ceed to distribute the assets of the said de ceased amongst the persons entitled thereto having regard only to the claims and demands of which they shall then have had notice. DATED this 14th day of October, 1940. THEO. P. BABRRYMORE. Solicitor for the said executors, Warwick House. 63 St. George's-terrace, Perth. IN THE SUPREME COURT OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. PROBATE JURISDICTION. IN THE MATTER of the Will of EMMA ANN RAMSAY late of 97 Rokeby-road Sublaco in the State of Western Australia Mar ried Woman deceased NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all per sons having claims or demands against the Estate of the above-named deceased are re quired to send particulars thereof in writing to the Executor THE PERPETUAL EXECU TORS TRUSTEES and AGENCY COMPANY (W.A.f LIMITED of 93 St. George's-terrace Perth on or before the 4th day of Nvemnber 1940 after which date the said Executor will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased amongst the persons entitled thereto having regard only to those' claims and de mands of which the Company shall then have had notice. DATED this 30th day of September 1.940. LOHRMANN &. TINDAL. 89 St. George's terrace. Perth, Solicitors for the Executor. N THE bSUPREME COURT OF STHESTERN AUSTRALIA. I PROBATE JURISDICTION. IN THE MATTER of the Will and Codicil of FREDERICK JOHN INGOLDBY late of Albany in the State of Western Australia Medical Practitioner deceased. ALL CLAIMS OR DEMANDS against the Estate of the abovenamed FREDERICK JOHN INGOLDBY deceased must be 'sent In writing to THE WEST AUSTRALAN TRUSTEE EXE CUTOR AND AGENCY COMPANY LIMITED of 135 St. George's-terrace Perth the Execu tor of the Will of the said deceased on or before the 19th das of November 1940 after which date the Executor will distribute the Assets of the said deceased among the per sons entitled there to having regard only to the claims and demands so sent In. DATED the 14th day of October. 1940. DAE.BYSHIRE & GILLETT. CommercLal Bank Chambers, 42 St. George's-terra Perth. Solicitors for the Executor. T al MArTeTER of the will of JOHN JOSEPH PY1E" late of Boundain near Narrogin in the State of Western Ais tralia Farmer deceased. DNOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that allcred tore and other persons having claims or de mands against the Estate of the above-named deceased are required .to forward full par ticulars thereof in writing to the Executor of the Will' of the said deceased care of the undersigned on or before the 18th day of November 1940 after which date the exec?i tor will proceed to distrite the asset of the Estate amongst the persons entitled thereto having regard only to the claims and demands of which he shall then have had notice. DATED this 15th day of October. 1940. BIRD & WIneIAMS, Solicitors. 15 Fortune street. Narrogi. JN THE COURT' OF BANKRUPTCY. DISTRICT OP WESTERN AUSTRAL&I No. ,24, of 1940. Re Bankrtst Estate of JAMES EUGENE DOODY, present address unknown, lately "carrying on business at Hannan?street Kalgoorlie untder the name of "Doodys? DraderaiaeAt09"" Date ort9 to 20teihler. t Wri. e Note.-Al delbts-due to the estate, shoulde paid to me. A. H. JOHNSONE Official Receiver. Supreme Court. Perth. Dated 16/10/1940. O THE COURT OF BANKRUPTCY. DISTRICT OF. WESTERN AUSTRALIA. No. 25 of 1940. Re Bankrupt Estate of THOMAS GEORGE CARWARDINE of 84 Roberts-road Como Builder and Cartage Contractor. Date of petition 18th July. 1940. Date of pequestrstion order 15th October. 1940. Note.--Al debts due to the estate should be paid to me. A. H. JOHNSON. Official Receiver. Supreme Court. Perth. Dated 16/10/1940. TODAY (FRIDAYb. O"TOBER 18, ST. ALBAN'S HI.Is Beaafort-street. Highgate Hl. Don't delay. Join straight-a-way. Easy to pay, easy to play. Easy to learn the Club group way. You get the latest song hits of todasy. Instructioun by a teacher of proved 2abiit. Frank R. Tozr whose name is on millions of Songs and Instruction Books. Fee 2/6 weklye. Instrument 2/6 weekly. FRANK TOZER SCHOOL OF MUSIC PiccFdIlly Arcade. Phone Be245. "?BEIO AN WA'TER SUPPLY. sEWERAGE AND DRAINAGE DEPARTMENT. M.Ws. 409/40. Perth. October 15. 1940. Notice is hereby given of the intention of the Ministe.r of Water Siply. Sewerage and Drainage, to undertake the construction of the Works hereinafter described. by virtue of the powers contained under the provisions of "'The Metropolitan Water S?Dply. Sewer age and Drainage Act, 19l9." Metropolitan Sewerage. Ventilation Stack for Slain Gravitation Sewer, East.-Perth. DESCRIPTION OF PROPOSED WORKS. A Masonry Stack 120ft. high to be raised ultimately to 2001. high, with Fan House attached. eomnlete with connecting poie to the Main Sewner. Fans. Motors, and all other apparatus connected therewith. THE LOCALITY IN WHICH THE iPROPOSED WORKS ARE TO BE CONSTRUCTED. Portion oA Lot No. 131, being part of Police Reserve No. B 6245 Lincoln-street. East Perth. as shown bordered blue on Plan M.W.S. and D.D., W.A., No. 6527. THE PURPOSES FOR WHICH THE PRO POSED WORKS ARE TO BE CONSTRUCTED. For the ventilation 'of the Main Gravita tion sewer. THE TIMES WHEN AND PLACES AT WHICH PLANs. SECTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS MAY BE INSPECTED. At the Office of the Minister of Water SuD ply, Sewerage and Drainage. The Barracks St. George's-place. Perth, for one month on and after the 18th day of October. 1940. be tween the hours of 10 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. H. MILLINGTON. Minister of Water Supply. Sewerage and Drainage I ATIONAL ECONOMY. In times like these, every Motorist can help to keep down the national expenditure on imported Cotton and Rubber, by having their Tyres Retreaded. The personal saving also exceeds 50 per cent on your tyre replace ment cost. WESTERN TYRE DEPOT. Retreadlng and Repair Snecialists. 8 Milligan-st., Perth. B2767. DETROL Rationing: We are Manufacturing I a Leather Wallet to hold Licence. Petrol Ration Card and Coupons. only 2/6 each at MALLABOIE-S William-street. P HARMACY EXAMINATIONS. The annual Examinations will take place at the Techntcal College. Perth. commencing on November 18. Entries must be in the hands of the Regis trar, from whom. and at the College. fur ther particulars may be obtained before No vember 4. F. T. LORMAN. Registrar. ALPH POTTS. DENTIST. 50 Years' Practical Experience at Your Service. No better dentures are made than I make. t-'ar dt, beauty and natural life-like appe?r ance, none can excel. Made of all British Material bh skilled Australian Workmen at half usual prices. No bhi city rents to pasy. A price to meet every class in life. Dental Plates Repaired m 3 Hours. Dentures made in 24 hours. Painless Fi'Jings in Gold, etc. Painless Extractions. Misdltting Dental Plates Remodelled. Our Address: RALPH POTTS, Dentist. Ccrner Aberdeen and William sts., Oser Horseshoe Bridge. Four Minutes in any William-st. Tram. Costs Twopence. Save Pounds. Open daily from 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Evening bY appointment. Saturdays. 8.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Inspection Invited. Phone B8353. Night and Day.

PUBLIC NOTICES. .S. (SUPPORT OUR SALLY) APPEAL. -.T "TITLE THIS POEM." The judges have selected the following as winners: D. Mackle. 161 Derby-rd.. Shenton Park (Assist to Resist). Mrs. C. Knight. 38 Sussex-st., Victoria Park (Advance Australia Fair and Support Our Sally Blair). "SUBMAPINE PICTURE TITLE." A. Neille. 47 Matlock-st.. Mt. Hawthorn. (Dive deep for Sally). F_ FLINN. Tramways Office. Perth. THE WEST AUSTRALIAN CARNATION SOCIETY CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW In Aid of Camp Comforts Fund. SOUTH SUPPER ROOM. PERTH TOWN HALL MONDAY NEXT. OCTOBER 21. THIRTY 6urf LENGC S TO CHOOSE TODAY AND TOMORROW ONLY. £4/4/ MADE-TO-MEASURE. DETHRIDGE'S. AUSTRALIAN TAILORING CO.. 118-120 Barrack-st. TO CITRUS GROWERS We desire to notify all Citrus Growers that we will continue to receive all available sup plies of Oranges and Lemons for Factory use until the end of the year. Anyv growers not already supplying the company are requested to communicate with PLAIMAR. LIMITED. ESSENTIAL OIL DISTILLERS. G.P.O. Box G435, Perth. W.A. TURKISBH BATHS, Massage. Rheumatism, Neuritis, Ininjuries treated. R. DOUGLAS. late A.I.P. Masseur. 419 Hay-st.. Subiaco. Phone W1454. NATURALISATION NOTICES. I. IVAN BENS, of Yugoslav nationality, born at Vrgorac, Yugoslavia, and resident thir teen years in Australia. now residing at Ag new. Westeri Australia. intend to apply for Naturalisation under The Nationality Act. 1920-1936. SOLDIERS' PARCELS. PARCELS POR SOLDIRF AND FRIENDS IN ENGLAND SECURELY PACKED AND DISPATCHED BY FOY'S. To make sure of reaching Soldiers abroad or friends in England before Christmas. it is necessary to order now. Por's save you all trouble of packing or dispatching. Simply place your order. There's quite a range of parcels from which to choose. FOR FRIENDS IN ENGLAND. Parcel No. L 17/9. Parcel No. 2. 186. Parcel No. 3. 1716. Parcel No. 4. 3716 (These prices include packing and freight or postage.) FOR SOLDIERS. Gift Parcel 10/6 (Plus Postage 1f3 to ens Australian Soldier. anywhere). Full details on appllcation. DRESS AND FASHION. BEFORE going elsewhere, consult the De Lue Dry Cleaners, of Sheffield House, re garding your cleaning, and pressing. Frocks. 1/9: Suits. 3/16. We are expert garment reno vators. Ring 'B7339 and messenger will call. I ORENA BEAUTY SAWLON. LORENA. No. 51 London Court, Terrace End. 7/6 Special Permanent Wavlngs. 7/6 7/6 Natural Waves. Lovely Curls. 7/6 7/6 A -Wave You Will Appreciate. 7/6 [E'S BEAUTY SALON. 1 Over "Peters," Murray-st. 7/6, 7/6 Machinsless Perm.. 7/6. 716 7/6 Eugene 17/6. Oilene, 12/6. 7/6 Only Genuine Sachets Used. B673L UPERFLUOUS HAIRS Permanently Removed. Electrolysis. Guaranteed Personal Attention Only. MISS SHARLAND. 8pecialist. (Seven Years with Miss Nelmes). Consultation Free. Phone 81501. Room 116 1st Floor. Levinson's Bldes, Hay-st. CUPERFLUOUS HAIRS 47 Removed Permanently by Electrolysis. The Only Method which has Proved Successful. Consultation Free. MISS R. DUGGAN. Room 19. Padbury Build Ins. Forrest-place. Phone 32762. S UPERPUOS " AIRS S Removed by Electrplysis also A in method. Home treatment s Huppierd Satisfac Mion guaran Personal attention- 20 years' aeperience .iss N ;Ip 1 A. A. A. A. FURNrrITURE FURNITURE BUYERS. BUYERS. THE MOST SENSATIONAL FURNITURE CL?EARANCE ALE-THE SALE THAT HAS ASTOUNDED THE FURNITURE TRADE IS NOW ON AT J. BENSKY and SONS. J. DENSKY and SONS, J. BENSKY and SONS, LIFETIME FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS. 572 HAY-ST 2 Doors Bon Marche. 572 HAY-ST. Doors PREE PACKING-sTORINI--RAIRN.G DELIVERIES. BEDROOM -BUlES ON THE PLAN, FROM 51 WEEKLY. ZIMPEL'S - PERTH. URTAINS, LOOSE COVERS, etc. Best work gar?teed. M.ATERI.?: I.,a~r'ge range in s~tock.. Benefit by sound advice, designp col our harmony, etc. FLORENCE LUBER, LTD., B54088, Over Cecil Bros, cor. Hay and William sts. MUSICSAL mNSTRUMENTS. A "B nstee Cottage Model Pano. . 356ns. Cash. Or co terms, L21u5 depost and 22/ monthly. Others in e Beale. Ronisch, Brinsmead, Feurich, Sostenuto and Schumann. THOMSONS. LTD., Har-st., Perth 'opp. For?). Premantle and Kalgoorlie. G ERMAN Piano, overstrung, in Eplendid o rder. £27/10/, stand any trial, consider terms. 92 McKimmie-at, Paimys. IORS and Kallman Iron Frame German iN Piano, £64/10. Walnut casework, thoroughly overhauled and guaranteed Easyi terms. £2 deposit and 5/ per week. Many other famous makes in stock. Waterman's, 137-141 William-st.. Perth (nest Royal Hotel. Established in Pert since 1896. "LYRIC" British Built PIANOS. "LYRIC" British Built PIANOS. Recommended by music teaches through out the State. Guaranteed 25 YEARS. Avail able on easiest of terms. USGRBOVE'S LIMITED. Lyric House. Murray-st., Perth. B1971. RON Frame Piano wanted for cash cheap. Langley. c/o CIaremont Newsagency. j0 BUYERS OF PIANOS. Call and inspect and make your selection i from the world's best. RICHD. LIPP. RONISCH THURMER CHALLEN GORS AND KALLMAN COLLARD AND COLLARD MIGNON We shall be pleased to demonstrate these wonderful Pianos to you. LOW DEPOSITS AND EASY TERMS. NICHO.SONS-THE HOUSE FOR PIANOS. HTANTED Piano for student State make 1 and lowest cash price bsY letter only to Piano. 21 Hill View-rd., Mt. Lauley. LICENSING NOTICES. HE LICENSING ACT. 1911 APPLICATION FOR TRANSFER. To the Licensing Court for the Swan District. I. ZILDAHE LOUISA EVELYN BUSHELL, being the licensee of the Parkerville Hotel at Parkervlle. do hereby make application fora transfer of the rights and privileges of the Publiea General Licence held by me in respect of the said premises .o NELLIE ADELAIDE JERVOIS. of 43 Fifth-avenue. inglewood and I, the said Nellie Adelaide Jervois. do hereby concur in such applica tion and request that the said transfer may be made. Dated this 14th day of October. 1940. Z. BUSFELL, Signature of Proposed Transferor. N. A. JERVOIS. Signature of Proposed Transferee. JOSEPH MUIR 6& WILLIALMS. Solicitors. 4.N.A. House, St. George's-terrace. Perth.

WEEK-END SHOPPING. SPECIAL WEEK-END BARGAINS. SECTA "WEEK-ENDt BARGAINS. SPECIAL WEEK-END BARGAINS. JOHN WILLS and CO. LTD., JOHN WILLS and CO.. LTD., JOHN WILLS and CO.. LTD.. JOHN WILLS and CO.. LTD.. PERTH AND SUBURBS. PERTH AND SUBURBS. 24oz. tin LXL. LOGANBERRY JAM .. l1./sd. 24oz. tin IXL. LOGANBERRY JAM .. 1%d. 2401. tin 1SL. LOGANHERHY JAM . 1154. (The "REAL TASTE" JAM). LARGE '.hTS PEARS .... 10SS. LARGE TINS PEARS .... 10%d. LARGE TINS PEARS .. . 105d. REX BAKED BEANS .. .. 5 tins 1/. REX BAKED BEANS .. .. 5 tins II. REX BARED BEANS . 5 tins 1/. (Solve that lunch problem). PRIME POTATOES .. .. M1b. 94. PRIME POTATOES .. .. 71b. 9d. PRIME BACON RANPIERS .. 1/Ib. for 7d. PRIME BACON EA RERS . -ib. for 7d. PRIME BACON RASHERS .. %lb. for 7d. CHOICE "ALLY" SALMON .. 1I tin. CHOICE "ALLY' SALMON . 1/ tin. (A Popular Table Salmoni. 31b. Billycans McNamara'a HONEY 1/10. 3Ib. Billycans McNamara's HONEY 1/10. 31b. Billycans MeNamara's HONEY 1/10. McNamara's BULK HONEY .. -6. lb. McNamara's BULK HONEY .. -d. lb. McNamara's BULK HONEY 6. -d. lb. (Bring in your containers for this glorious health-giving honey). 16oz. Cartons McNamara's HONEY 75d. 16oz. Cartons McNamara's HONEY 7?d. (The kiddies love this candy Honey) NEW-LAID STANDARD EGGS .. 1/2 dozt. NEW-LAID STANDARD EGGS .. 1/2 doz. 30oz. tins PINEAPPLE ..... 1/ tin. 30oz. tins PINEAPPLE ...... 1/ tin. 30oz. tins PINEAPPLE ...... if tin. (Always in "Good Taste"-Buy while at this price) JELLY CRYSTALS .. 3 pkts. 6d. JELLY CRYSTALS .. 4pkts. 6d. 300z. tins V.C. FRUIT SALAD .. 1/2. 30oz. tins V.C. FRUIT SALAD .. 1/2. 30oz. tins V.C. FRUIT SALAD .. 1/2. (Always welcome). WILLSGOOD BUTTER .. 1/8 lb. WILZLGOOD BUTTER .. 1/8 b. (The choice of thousands). 8oz. pkt. KRAPT CHEESE 1/ the two So7. pkt. KRAFT CHEESE I1/the two with 2 tins FISH PASTE 1/ the two with 2 tins FISH PASTE 1/ the two DELICIOUS FRUIT SALINE .. 1/3 lb. DELICIOUS FRUIT SALINE .. 1/3 lb. LARGE PACKETS FERGIES .. I/. LARGE PACKETS FERGIES .. 1/. (A delightful cereal). RED-PEATHER CAMP PIE 12oz. tin 754. RED-FEATHER CAMP PIE 12os. tin 7/4. LIFEBUOY SOAP .. 2 cakes 754d. SAND SOAP .. .. 3 cakes 6t. Large AMMONIA, .. . 74. bottle. 20oz. bot. TOMATO SAUCE .. 1054d. 2002. bot. +TOMATO SAUCE .. 10%d. ASSORTED SPREADS, Fruit or Savoury. 6. ASSORTED SPREADS, Fruit or Savoury. St ASST. FISH and MEAT PASTES. 5 for 1/. ASST. FISH and MEAT PASTES. 5 for 1/. "JACK HORNER" FRUIT MIXTURE 1/ lb. "JACK HORNER"' FRUIT MIXTURE 1/ Ilb. SOLDIERS' PARCELS. OVERSEAS' XMAS PARCELS. POST NOWl!! SPECIAL 6/3 PARCEL. lb. tin Coo-ee Biscuits. Including. 1 tin Xmas Plum Pudding Postage 1 tin Rich FRUIT CAKE 6/3. , CALL AT JOHN WILLS TODAY AND SELECT YOUR OVERSEAS GIFTS. SPECIAL POSTAGE RBATES for Army, Navy and Air Force Men. REMEMBER THE ABOVE SPECIAS ARE AVAILABLE FROM ALL JOHN WILLS STOIRES PERTH AND SUBURBLJ DEPARTMENTAL SPECIALS AT CITY STORE. DAIRY PRODUCE DEPARTMENT. PRIME TABLE FARM BUTTER 1/25 lb. .LEAN BACON RASHERS .. Sib. for 7d. LEAN BACON RASHERS .. SIb. for 7d. FRESH FARM EGGS .. .. Id. dot. ROME-MADE PUFF PASTE .... d lb. BEST LARD ....... .... ?d. lb. Wllsgood BEST BUTTER .. .. 1/8 lb. PRIME RIB RASHERS .. 1/5 lb. CHOICE COOKED HAM ..... 3/ lb. PRUSED BEEF' (sliced) 1. Ib. -REX PORK SAUSAGES .... d. lb. NEW LAID'STANDARD EGGS .. 1/2 doz. BEEF POLOTY ............ Sd. lb. REX AVELOYS ...... . .. 1/3 doz., BEST ML CHEESE ........1/3 lb. fat Grade MATURED CHEEE i/7 THE FRIENDLY SERVIEW THAT .MAKES .SW S-S ?E . CHOCOLATE CRUNCHIE .. oe.-d. CHOCOLATE CUNCHE ... Bog. 654. CHOCOLATE CRUYNCHIES .. Soz. 654. RUSSIAN NUGGETS .. 65d. lb. RUSSIAN NUGGETS .. 6?1d. lb. RUSSIAN NUGGOETS .. 61,.d. lb. FRUIT BON-BO?S .. Soz. 6d. FR1DUI BON-BONS .. Sot. St BROKEN NUT CHOCOLATE -. 1/4 lb. BROKEN NUT CHOCOLATE .. 1/4 lb. - SJELLY BEANS ...... 1054d. lb. JELLY BEANS .. .. .. l4-d Ib. ORANGE and LEMON- SLICES .. .. o . SPARKCI E TOFFEE ....... . . JELLIED FRUITS ........ Soz. d. COCONUT TOFFEE....... . B 6d. AT THE CAKE COUNTER. FRUIT CAKE ........ 754. lb. PrieCAEB ........ 1d. ROME-MADE MARBLE CAKE .. 10d. lb. HOME-MADE WALNUT WAVES 94. lb. NAPOLEON SLICES.. ........ ar es CINAMON BALL..ON BUNS .. 46. e. RITZ ASSORTED CHEAM BISCUITS 1/ lb. RES ASSORTED CREAM BIESCUITS / lb. RITZ ASSORTED CREAM BISCUITS 1/ b. FRUIT AND VEGESGlE. DEPT. Prime New Washed POTATOES. 1/ stone, 1/6 stone and 2/ atone. Prime Old POTATOES Ib,. for 9d. Turntis 14. Bunch. Beetroot Id. bunch. Turnips I14 Bunch. Beetroot 1d. bunch. SWEDLS. 41b. for 64. SWEDES, 41b. for 6S White Onions. 41b. for 64. Green Pta 3d. Ib. White Onions 41b. for 6D. Green Peas 3d. lb. Prime CABAGE .. Id. lb. Prime CABBAGE .. 1d. lb. RHUBARB .... 41b. for 6O RHUBARB .... 41b. for Ed L ORANGES. ORANGES. Sweet Valenpla ORANGES" 6d. dozen. Sweet veni ORANGES S dozen. APPLES. APPLES. PanOcy ranny Smith APPLES. 3b. for 6d Etra Fancy Granny Smith APPLES 5d. lb. Yates APPLES. 3d. lb.. 44.. antd. lb. JOHN WIL?S and CO.. LTD. Perth (B2138). - O L L. L. L L. L. L.: L o LUMlS'S WEEKEND 0 LE L. 0 LUllS'S WEEk-EnD 0 L L. O O L. L 0 SPECIALS. 0 L. L 0 SPECIALS. 0 L L. O b. O L. L. O Granite Biscuits, 75d. p?kt. O L. L. O Assorted Cream Waters, O L. L. O 55d. packet O L L. O Dark and Light Fruit Cakes, O L. L 75d. lIb. OL. L. O All kinds Sponlse and Swiss O L. L. 0 Rolls. 5½. Lb. OL L 0 Lamingtons 10d4. dozt. O L. LO O 0 O O OL. L. L. L LUMS'S WEEKIlEND SPECIALS. L. L Matured CHEESE. 1/6 lb. L. L First-grade BUTTER, 1/7% Ib. L. L. Best Farm BUTTER, 1/2 lb. L. id New Laid Large Puliet EGGS. 114.d L. L. doz. L. L. New Laid Duck EGGS, 115d. doz. L L. Roll BACON, 1/2 lb. L. L Pork SAUSAGES. 7?4d. lb. L L POLOTf. Sd. lb. L. L. FRANKFURTS. I/ Ib. L L COCKTAIL, 1/ Ib. L L. Cooked SHOULDER HAM, 1/9 Ib. L L. MARMADALE, 85d. tin. L L. Rasp., Plum JAM, 9%d. tin. Rasp- L. L. berr and MAple. 9'd. tin. L L. Plum JAIL 554d. tin. L. L. Fi JAM, 104d. tin. L. L. Trufood Skim Powder MILK. 104d. L. L tin. L. I LITMUS WEEK-END SPECIALS. L SGood Medium New POTATOES. 1/ L L. stone. L. L Oid POTATOES. 1/ stone. L. Prime Brown ONONS., 41b. 6d. L. L Prime While ONIONS. 41b. 6d. L L LUIMS'S EEK-END SPECIALS. L. L. 4oz. tins BAKED BEANS, 4 tins 11d. L. L. 4oz. Tins SPAGHETTL 4 tins 1/. L. L Duthies' Paw Paw or Mango CHUT- L. L NEY, 114d. bottle. L. L. 4002o. bottles TOMATO SAUCE, 1/5 L. L bottle L. L. 2loz. local WORCESTER SAUCE. L L 82d. bottle. L. L ICING SUGAR. 4'_d. lb. L. L LUMS'S WEEK-END SPECIALS. L Large Tins Cooking SALMON. 10%d L. L tin. L L COCONUT. 7d. lb. L. L Fresh DATES, 9d. Ib. L L. SQUABS, 1/8 tin. L. L L S LUISL'S WEEK-END SPECIALS. L L " L. L Walnut KERNELS. 2/9 Ib. L L 30ot. V.C. PINEAPPLE, 1/ tin. L . S0oz. V.C. FRUIT SALAD. 1;1 tin. L L. Soz. bot;tles COFFEE ESSENCE. L. L. 10-d. bottle. L. L Large tins OYSTERS 1,2 tin L L. Loose COCOA. 5~d. lb. L L. JUNKET CRYSTALS. 3 packets. 6d. L L COUNTRY ORDERS CAREFULLY L L PACKED. DELIVERED TO RAIL. L L FREE OF CHARGE. L L. L. L. 3-E. A. LUlS and (O. . L E. A. LUMS and C.. L I,. 433-5 RAY-ST., SUSIACO IONLY). t.

WEEK-END SHOPPING. IRANDISONS FOR GROCERIES RANDISONS FOR GROCERIES OFFER BIG SAVINGS. OFFER BIG SAVINGS. TEA BUSHEL.LS All at 2/4 lb. AMGOORIE All at 2/4 lb. ROBOR VELVET SOAP 9d. bar. 9 Velvet Labels Urll secure an 800-page Dictionary. SANDSOAP .......... 2d. cake. 30oz. DESSERT FRUITS. Peaches .. ........ .... 10 d. Pineapple .. 1/. Apricots .. .......... 10'd. Pears .......... .... 1 d. Fruit Salad .. .. .. .... I/ 2 tins Nestle's Cream .... .. 7d. Fulaream Trufood 1/1 tin. Powdered Milk FLAKED OATMEAL .. .. 3 lb. 7'1d. 71b. S.R. Flour .... ....... 15. Baked Beans 4 tins I/. or Spaghetti JAM SPECIAL. Apricot . .............. 1d0. Peach....... 10d. Marmalade ............. 9"-'d. Gooseberry ..............lOd. Melon ................ lOd. Raspberry and Apple ........ 10d. GRANDISONS FOR BETTER VATLUE IN DAIRY PRODUCE. FARM BUTTER ... .. 1/1 lb. Special Price this Week-end. New Laid Hen EggCs .. .. 1I'd. doz. "Watsonla" Lard .... d lb. Margarine ... ..... 10 . lb. The Best Butter is "Hawthorn" . .. .... 1/? lb. Lean Bacon Rashers ...... 1/2 tb. Shoulder Knuckles ........ 7d. lb. GRANDISONS FOR BIG SAVINGS ON FRUIT and VEGETABLES. Broad Beans .......... 31b. 3d. Swedes .............. 6Sib. 3d. Cabbage ... ........ 41b. 3d. Old Potatoes .... lid. stone. Best Washed Potatoes . Bb I1. Turnips ...... I d. bunch. Beetroot .............. Id. bunch. Bananas ... ........ S doz. Oranges ............14 for 6Sd. Yates Apples.. ........ 3d. lb. Rhubarb ... ..... . 41b. 6d. JUST LOOK AT THESE GRANDISONS CONFECTIONERY SPECIALS. Snowflakes .. .. 'oz. 6d. Merry-go-rognd Chocolate .. loz. 6d. Springtime Toffee ....... 8oz. 6d. GRANdlSONS CAKE SPECIALS. Delicious Sponge ..... 8ld. lb. All Plavours. ic Iced Frut Cake . .. 8d. lb. MAIL MAILORDERS. ORDERS. ORDERS. GRANDISONS pack and deliver all Country Orders to the Rail FREE. GRANDISON BROS.. GRANDISON BROS.. 146-148 Barrack-street. Perth. 146-148 ' Barrack-street. Perth. (near Wellngton-street). ETAIL MEAT PRICES. THIS IS TO CLARIFY WAILY DRAINES POSITION WITH REGARD TO LAMB AND MUTTION PRICES. PRIME QUALITY LAMB. Sides of the Primest Lamb .. 6%d. per lb. Hindquarters of Lamb .. 8d. per lb. Prime FPrequarters of Lamb .. 5%-d.per lb. Prime Lamb Chops .. .... d. per lb. Primo Smtll Legs of Lamb . . 8%d. per IE: The above is guaranteed Prime Quality Lamb. With every leg of lamb sold we give away free %lb. of Lamb Chops. OUR USUAL WEEK-END SPECIAL. 1 Large Fore Prime Hogget. lb. Lamb Chops Ilb. Pork bSau 2 Savelors. Something for every meal for 2110. If you are not satisfied with anything you buy. we will return your money. every pelace of meat we sell. Quality and -definitely no mis representation either In Quality or Price. Sides of Hogget ...... 4%d. per lb. Uinduuartere .:.... 6t per lb. Middle Loin Chops .. .. 21b. for .1/. Flaps of Mutton ...... .. 51b. for 1/f. Lanb's Prrs ........ 4d. each.' Sheep Brains .......... 5 sets for 1/ Sheep Tongues ......... 1/ per dozen Ilb. Steak and Kidney for 9d. Mince Steak. 6d. per lb. Prime Dairy Fed Pork .. .. .. 10d. Ibi Prime Pickled Pork ........ 8d. Jlb. Lamb Chops, llb. Pork Sausages for 1/. ROAST ,OP WEE-PFROM 116 EACE. Don't forget the above prices are for Prime Quallty Meats and we defy anybody to dispute it. All our customers are satisfed customers. WALLY DRAINE, WALLY DRAINE, 121 Barrk-at. Meat sent to all parts of the State at the above prices cash with order. TeL 31843. A %--Md. W. Pope td. W. Pope Ltd., W. Pope Ltd. W. Pope Ltd. W. Pope Ltd., Butchers B6298. Butchers B6298. Butchers. Butchers. Bs6298. Butchers. B6298. Butchers. 199 Murray-st., Perth, opp. Boans. 199 Murray-st., Perth, opp. Boans. ALL PRICES ARE REGULATED. wHY NOT HAVE THE BEST QUALITY. MUTION. BEEP. LAMB. LEGS. 7ldt SSRLWINS, 2l/6ea. LEGS. lOt PORES, 4lat RIBS. 2/60 e. PORES, 7't FLAPS. 3d. ROLLS- 2/ sa. FLAPS, 3d HINDS, 7dt STEAK, d. lb. HINDS. 93d SlDES.5d. RUMP. 1/4 lb. SIDES. 6%d. 500 SIDES LAMB 5/ EACH. 500 SIDES LAMB 5/ EACH. 500 SIDES LAMB 5/ EACH. 500 SIDES LAMB 5/ RACE POPES FAMOUS SAUSAGES 8d. Ib. POPES FAMOUS SAUSAGES 86 Ib. This is Your Opportunity--Have the Best. This is Your Opportunity--Have the Best. BUY YOUR MEAT AT W. POPE LTD. BUY YOUR MEAT AT W. POPE LTD. ALSO AT 291 WILLIAM-ST. ' HOUSEWIVES. Not Only is the Price Right-but This Week the Quallty of Mutton and Lamb is Choice. 00GO RIGHT TO JIs GOULDS. Late Anderson's. 127 BARRACK-ST.. PERTH. For your approval and selection: 8ides Lamb from 5/. A mwde range of all rises in Joints. Bacon Rashers, my own famous cure. 1/ lb. Ham Rashers. 1/2 lb. A Specialz Trial Price for All. York Ham. 2/ Lb. Liver Sausage for your picnic. 1/6 lb. Quick turn over ensures fresh suPplies in all Cooked1 Meats. Prepared and spiced in my factory. SHOP WHERE CONFIDENCE IS GAINED THROUGH QUALITY AND SERVICE. Thank you to the many country clients who have sent me letters of appreciation in receipt of their orders. JIM GOULDS (lte Anderson's). WHERE ONLY THE BEST MEAT IS KILLED DIRECT FROM THE STOCK MARKETS. MONEY. A .L-LO UIS SEEI.GSON.--A..A. LENDS IMMEDIATELY FROM £5 ON PERSONAL APPLICATION. ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT SECURITY. GOARSANTEED STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. TO GOVERNMENT AND OTHER EMPLOYEES IN CONSTANT POSITIONS. BY EASY REPAYMENTS. SECOND FLOOR. WARWICK HOUSE. ST. GEORGE'S-TERRACE. STAMP REPLY. 84499 G. PAGE-WRIGHT. 97 St. George's-ter. B836. I"IDES REQUIRING FINANCE £2.200 Available in Amounts to Suit. CANNING JACKSON. 11 Howard-st. 85302. 10o0 TO LEND. First Mortgage on J.W.B. House. etc. H. C. SEWELL and CO.. LTD., 42 St. George's-ter. MORTGAGE INVESTMENTS . W. BEVILAQLA. LIMITED Est. 1907). 51 St. George's-ter., Perth. MORTGAGE and INVESTMENT BROKERS. Mortgages Arranged on Freehold Property. PoFunds invested in approved securities. Call or rint 81384 BRIGHT PhotograpDhs. full of life,. move ment and humour. are sought by "The Western Mail." If you have any send them along with titles and other descriptive matter written on the back in Dencil or an accom panying sheet.

LOCAL PRODUCTS. UY LOCALLY. A great number of the things you need are manufactured In your own State. and these local products are NOT Inferior articles. f'hey are manufactured by most modern pro cesses, packed and distributed in accordance with up-to-date systems, and their auality is equal to any imported competitor. Local industries - are constantly being assisted and guided by the DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT. The stan dard of local manufactures is e-tremely high. You can do your part by asking for local brands. Foods, beverages, clothing, cosmetics, implements are manufactured in sour Own State. BUY THEM! YOU CAN BE SURE THEY'RE GOOD! GROCER?ES-- OODSTUFFS-BEVERAGES. A-A Most husbands are critical about what the? eat; and children are often more critical. Mothers sho supply the family table with "'TRAFAiLGAR" Red Ripe Tomato Sauce or "TRAFALGAR" Mustard Pickles may be con fident of appreciation. They cost as much as best imported condiments because QUALITY goods cost as much to manufacture whether made in Perth or Melbourne. By the same token we pay good wages. Will you help us to buy more locally-grown produce and employ more West Australian workers by changing to "'TRAFALGAR"? Each succeeding bottle as good as the first. If you buy imported change to "TRAFALGAR" Vacuum Packed Red Ripe. Tomato Sauce and wholesome spicy MUS TARD PICKLES. THE TRAFALGAR PRESERVING CO., LTD, Victoria Park. W.A. A PURE PRODUCT OF W.A. HONEY. McNamara Bros. Mt. Brown Apiaries, York. "Wembley B.B.B" and "Wembley Honeyeater," all stores, in glass jars or cartons. Distributors: Jack Dyson. Bedford-lane. Murray-st.. Perth. "DELICOUSLY DIFFERENT!" JOHNSTON'S SPECIAL POPK SAUSAGEB or FRAN?FURTS. A LOCAL PRODUCT. Delivered fresh daily to all suburbs from "THE FACTORY IN THE GARDEN." PERTETS LEADING SMALI00OD SPECIALIST. SON'T ruin your health with cheap imita Stions. Use Flag or Safe brand Piure Fer mented Vinegar. HONEY. HONEY. HONEY. FOR HONEY. REMEMBER THE BRAND, WESCOBEE. "Pure as only Bees can make it." Procurable from All Stores. HEEP AND LAMB TONGUES. Real Turtle Soup. WESTELA BRAND. W5STELLA BRAND. Made by Westralia's Only Meat Canners. Your Grocer Stocks Them. SUPPORT ' LOCAL INDUSTRIES BY DEMANDING KABLEY'S QUALITY PRODUCTS. WEST VALE MARGARINE .... .. 1/2 lb. WEST VALE HONEY .......... 8'hd. lb. WEST VALE MALT VINEGAR .. .. 1/ quart. FOR QUALITY INSIST ON KASLEYS. LOST AND FOUND. Animals, Birds, Etc. A GOOD Reward is offered for the Recovery of or Information of the Whereabouts of LAiredale Dog. aged 5 years, lost vicinity Nor tham. answers "Terry." Mrs. A. L. Rogers. Shamrock Hotel, Northam. MPOUNDED In the Mundijong pound. one Sblack and white bull calf. brand like OJ.L One black and white heifer, brand like O2J.L One brown heifer, brand like OJ.I. One red heifer, brand like lazy G.T.O. One red heifer, brand like SUS. One red and white heifer and one brown heifer, brand indis tinct. If not claimed will be aold to defray expenses. IMPOUNDED. Victoria Park Pound: Bay elding. 15 hands. brand like F8C. star and two hind white. If unclaimed, sold Satur day. OST. ink and grey Galat. good talker. S sas hello Mrs. Wedge and great pet. finder rewarded. Mrs. Wedge. 36 Webster-st.. Nedlands. SOST Wire-haired Fox Terrier Dog. irown Sears, curly hair. Reward. 52 Gresham-at., Victoria Park. LOST, young Collie Dog, light brown. white collar. ans. Robin: reward. Return '5 eonard-stf. Victoria Park. L3TRAYED, Sept. 20. aged cream female Por I) (beauty). Please advise 12 Mary-st. Claremont. ITRAYRD frdm East Weitnero. I Bar Boek 3i Gelding. branded 31 both sides. Finder - please ring UJoS2. P"D r General IOST, Wednesday. main road, between New Norcia and Moora. Fibre Hat Box. con taining furs and hats. Reward. Commtni cate H. Russell. Gunidi. or telephone Guinidt Post Office. I OST at or on way to Mundarine Weir or i Yanchep.' Case containing assurance papers. rec. Please return Colonial Mutual Life Assrance. Perth. or to Luetchford. Mtn Sdeing. Reward. I OST. 17th. Lady's Gold Oblong Watch. Sblack band, vicinity Snblaco-rd.. Colin st.. Delhi Square. Keepmsake. Return 447 Mur ray-st.. Phone B5594. Good reward. LOS. about 11.30 a.m trolley bus from Nediands to Perth. Brown Purse. notes (£1/10/) and silver. Reward. Ring P1832 or return to 25 Clifton-st.. Hollywood. -I ST, Wednesday. -in Cole little child's I Case. Would finder kindly return mug (keepsake) to Coles Lost Property or ring MU278 O ORewar d. _ AR ANODornt' lrstlet Watch. engraved KN IA T. Mc'VSaturday, Trots or Mt. Haw thorn. Good reward. 46 Fllnders-st. Mt. Haw thorn. LOaT, October 6, Bble. between hMt erathorn and Mt. Laes . Rseward returning Miss Martin. Agricultural Bank. BHay-st.. Perth. I O?ST. Thursdays morning. ogal. PMilk Drum. Inelewood. rOwT. City block. Black Kid Gloves. Winder S-A please return Steal. ?st Floor. Trinity Buildings. LOST. Gold Wrlstlet Watch. Wednesda night. between Perth-Darli:dton. Reward. Harke. Perth Ehonital. LOST. Brown Enveloape walth Important paP er. Good reward. Communicate C. H. Karlovsky. Coolup. LObT, aent.'s Gold Wristlet Watch, in ionfted busm or VIctorla-ave.. Claremont. -ernhrd returning 35 Victoria-ave. 2945. •? return 305 Murray-st. I O wr pair Brown Kid Gloves. Nedlands bus, 5. Oct. 10. Rewvrd. 64 Terrace-drive. Perth. OST. Wallet with note. Murray-Wlfliam ate. • tacles In 1rmadale train. 12.30 .m. Perth. October 9. please return Perth station. 'THE WESTERN' A POPULAR ADVERTIsING CMEDIUM. WESTERN AUSTRALIA'S OLDEST The World's News In PICTIUES AND LETTEPRESS. A JOURNAL FOR ROME, FARM AND STATION. ADVERTISING RATES. For Classified Advertisements. Amusements: Auctions: Dress and Pashion: Educational: Elections; Funeral Furntshers; Licensing Notices: Matrimonial: Meetings: Medical; Mining; Money; Motor Conveyances: Municipal Notices; Naturalisations: Public Notices:; Road Board Notices; Tenders: Week end Shopping:- (SE. per line. inimuam shaues: I lines, 4/d.) Businesses, Partnerships: Farms and Coun try Properties: For Exchange: For Sale: Pur niture and Furnishings: Fremantle Shopping: Houses and Land for Sale: Houses and Land Wanted; Livestock. Vehicles: Lost and Found: Machinery and Oil Engines; Motors and Bicycles: Musical Instruments: Personal: Phultry. Dogs. Cats Rabbits: Professions and Trades: Wanted to Buy: Wanted to Rent: Wireless:- (9d. per line. Mlnimnm charge: S lines. 2/3. Church Notices. Sd. ner line. Minimum cha ,. S lines. 2/.) Board and Residence: HIoIlday Resorts: Rooms and flats:- (Id. per line. Minimam charge: 2 llnes 1/?I Houses. etc., to Let; Situations Vacant: (9d. Per line. Minimum charge: 2 uines. 1/6.1 Situations Wanted:- (3 lines. t/; each succeeding line. 64.) Special tates are available for daily inser tions of one month or more. Contract rates are also available. Full information can be obtained from the AdvertIsng Department at Perth or Fremantle or from newsagents.