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LEAGUE FOOTBALL, LEADING TEAMS TO MEET. Changes Made by Selectors. (By "Follower.") Keen rivalry exists among the four leading teams on the West Australian National Football League's premiership table, all striving for the first place. Moreover Perth is making a bold bid for a place in the "four" and East Fremantle, occupying an unusually low position, must surely throw out a serious challenge ,hortly. East Perth, the only unbeaten team, will be at full strength for its match against South Fremantle tomorrow at Subiaco Oval. South Fremantle received a rude setback last Saturday at the hands of Perth but it has hopes of redeeming itself tomorrow, despite the fact that it will not have all its players available. East Perth is playing fast, co-ordinated football and in all its games this season it has finished strongly. The Subiaco Oval match has an at traction but that between West Perth and Claremont at the W.A.C.A. ground promises to be interesting and close. At the end of last season few could have imagined that a match between Clare mont (premier) and West Perth (which won only once) six months later would draw a large crowd. West Perth has

made big strides and 'last Saturday achieved something, a defeat of East Fre martle at Fremantle Oval, that it had failed to do since 1929. Edmeades Unavailable. There is some uncertainty regarding the personnel of the Claremont team for tomor row. Edmeades. one of the most serviceable men in the side, is in the country on business and will not return to Perth until after the week-end. Last Saturday he played at half back. Lovegrove hurt a hip against Subiaco and is not certain to be in the team. No word has been received from him and it is presumed that he will be fit to play. Heusler trained well last night, so that Edmeades's place prob ably will be the only one to fill. At one time Claremont had no worries about its defence, being mainly concerned about the forward division and the rovers. Now the club has two fine rovers and its attack is strong, but defenders are not plentiful Gibson's in ability to play owing to boils does not ease the position. Possibly Shaw, formerly of East Perth, may be tried at half-back, though he lacks match practice. Young seems certain to remain at half-forward and D. Jenkins and Holly, who are included in the 20. are half forwards. It may be decided to play J. Baker on the half-back line but care must be taken not to weaken the rock. The West Perth selectors have decided to play C. Hicks on the half-forward line. Last season this young player was adjudged the fairest and best in the Temperance League but has not yet appeared in senior ranks. Until this week he trained with Subiaco, which tried unsucessfully to secure his permit. It will be a big test for him but he has ability and should develop into a useful player, particularly if he improves his pace. Hill will be centre-half-back tomorrow and he seems to be gaining confidence in every game; his leg does not trouble him much now. The improving Hind and Donnelly will be others on the half-back line. There is some doubt as to whether Tetley will play. He has not trained this week and has complained of a leg injury. If he does not play Broun, the determined back pocket man, will be given another try-out. Players, oicials and train ers had an enjoyable tea in the social room last night and the coach (B. Hutchinson) gave a lecture. Commenting on the fine spirit which exists In the club, Mr. T. Soutar, the rsecre tary, said last night that it was a treat to be in the rooms. The club has lodged a third application for Hutchinson's clearance from East Fremantle. Among certain officials of the East Fremantle club the contention Is that Hutchinson should not be granted a clear ance because the club relies solely on local players and cannot afford to give any away. H. Serealsh Elected Captain. Owing to D. Cronin's retirement, another election was necessary at East Perth and last night H. Screaigh was elected captain with L. Graham vice-captain. The players trained keenly last night and a strong team was chosen. Broom will return to the centre tomorrow allowing E. Sweet to go back to the right wing and L. Graham will re appear in the ruck. Skahill will remain on the half-forward line, the selectors having decided to give Paterson a further oppor tunity to rn into his best form. The team looks well-balanced and the main concern among officials will be whether the young half-forward line can live up to the repu tation it has built up. Several of South Fremantle's players are suffering from injuries and it will not be known definitely until tomorrow who will be available. N. Lewington has a sore hip and the selectors have decided not to take a risk with him. o . Toll and Shea each will ot know until today whether they will be Bt to play, though the former seems nlmost certain to be in the side as goal keeper. Shea was worried about his leg last night and may decide not to adca vate the soreness. Gath has been train well and will no close to inclusion in tha team. Mathews. Jenkins and C. Lewington will form the centre upon which most of South Fremantle's hopes will be based. Centre Line Upset. Although no official team was announced by Sublaco last night, It is understood that two players, Cumming and Peers, will not be available tomorrow. Cumming is suffer ing from a leg Injury and Peers is laid up with influenza. Their absence will mean rchanges In placings. L. Mills is once more fit to play and he should be an asset in the suck. while Beresford. another big man. wil also be available. Trenberth gave a fair display at the centre last Saturday and. ifi he is retained there. Bennett end Stephens? probably will be on the wings. Another possibility is that F. Williams may be placed at the centre. allowing Trenberth to go to a wing. The team Is unlucky It not beiLe able to fix its centre line properly, yet it may extend East Fremantle, though it h.a not managed to beat it at Fremantle Oval since 1931. In fact, Sublaeo's wins there have been few and far between and on any ground It has not defeated East Fremantle since 1935. "We have had bad luck this season." said G. Doig. the gast Fremantle captain-coach. last night. "Admittedly we lack good big men, but Just when we begin to settle down something happens to upset us. Still. we will come into our own shortly." Several places are in doubt. An endeavour has been made to achieve stability and experienced men will be brought into the side. Taylor. the fast wing man, will make a welcome appearance, and Lambert (follower), Max well (half-forward). and Soltoegio (rover) are others who may be played. Briges is suffer ing from a boil on a knee. Haddow has not practised this week owine to a leg Injury; Strang is not quite fit and will have a game with the seconds; and Casserly will not re sume training until next week. If Meters is thoroughly he probably will be centre half-back, otherwise Hlnell may be played there. N?. oDole will be goal-keeper, and It is possible that Beubert will go to a wing, with C. Doig at the pivot, so as to strengthen the centre line. Zlko in Goals. Last season Swan Districts upset Perth calculations by beatjng that team at Bas sendean and that loss meant Perth's ex clusion from the final four. The Swan Dis tricts players. while not over-optimistic, have hopes of winning on their home ground tomorrow. Rosewarne's Inability to play means that Darmody wil go to the centre. Jamleson. a tall young player who shows promise, will be tried as centre-half-forward and Holdaworth will remain goal-sneak. Zilko. the team's best player last Saturday will be goal-keeper tomorrow, and J. Williams. who did so well against South Fremantle. will return to the centre-half-back position. Bastow's reappearance should strengthen the defence. Currie, a rtck man, will travel from Northam to play. He will be a change follower and, as he kicked seven goals last Sunday. he may be useful in a forward pocket. Perth's back, half-back, centre and half forward lines will be unchanged tomorrow. but one or two changes will be made else where. Raster, who has been travelling from Hoorda each week-end. will not be available. and H. Varis, a second eighteen player who stripped for the league side once in 1938. will be second rover in his place. K. O'Dea is troubled by a sore back and may not be fit to play. In his absence Lewis probably will be goal-sneak, a Position which he has filled before. W. Williams is not unite at his beat-he could not play last Naturday because ofa poisoned foot--and gain is sufferine from a leg injury. The training last night was keen and the players are de termined not to let Swan Districts cause an danser.