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The Minister for Home and Territories (Mi. Poynton) suffered a chill on Tues day night, and was unable to attend at the department yesterdoy. Mr. Poynton has not been in the best of health since he re turned from his inspection of the Northern Territory .and Papua. It is possible that ho will bo confined to his room for several


Viscount Northcliffe will be entertained by the proprietors of the three Melbourne doily newspapers at luncheon at Menzies' Hotel on Wednesday next.

Mr. W.'H. Triggs, M.L.O., of New Zea.

land,- arrived in Melbourne yesterday to attend the conference of the Publie Health

Association. Ho will leave for Sydney


Mr. Godfrey Holdsworth, of Dunedin, it u announced by cable message from our Lon- don correspondent, has become engaged in marriage to Andrina Forrestdale, fourth daughter of Lord Inverforth, the Glasgow ?shipowner.

At the conference of the Roman Cathoiic clergy of the archdiocese, held in St. Pat- ricks on Tuesday, appreciative reference was made to the hospitality extended to Dr. Mannix during his stay in England by the Bishop of Portsmouth (Dr. Cotter). It was decided to make a presentation to Dr. Cotter, and a Bum of £_!0 was immediately


Statements hive bpen published that Mr. Erskine Childers, who has been described as the moving force behind Sinn Fein ex- tremists in Ireland, is a son of the late Mr.

,Hugh C. E. Childers, formerly a Minister of the Crown in Victoria, ana later Chan- cellor of the Ex chequer in Great Britain. 'J-is is an error. He is the son of a cousin of Mr. Hugh Childer-.

The Rev. T. E. Ruth is Buffering from a severe attack of tonsilitis, and his engage- ments have been conceded for some weeks.

MisH Marie Bjclke-Peterson, the Tas- manian novelist who bas been on a holiday visit to Sydney, is spending a few days iii Melbourne on her journey homeward. The scene of Miss Bjelko-Peterson's latest book, "Dusk," is laid in the picturesque west coast district of Tasmania. It had the distinction of being included in the "'Nation and Athenteum" list of "the pick of the publish- ing season."

The death occurred yesterday at Adelaide of Sir. Charles Willcox, aged 77 years, head of the firm of Charles Willcox and Co. He was a former member of the South Aus- tralian Legislative Council, and had been Mayor of Adelaide.

The duties of acting mayoress of Coburg will this year be carried out by Mrs. J. B. Kmbb, Holyrood, The Grove, Moreland. Mrs. Knibb is a daughter of the mayor, Councillor W. E. Cash, who has recently been re-elected to the position. Last ycur the olficc of acting mayoress was filled by Mrs. T. H. Mason, another daughter of the


Dr. Thomas Augustus Frederick Quirk, late of the George Hotel, Fitzroy sited, St. Kilda, »'ho died on July 2, left no will. His personal property is valued al £37,418/0/0. Application is tieiug made by his widow and son, the only surviving next of kin, to administer tbc assets.

John William Taylor, late of Gheringhap street, Geelong, timber merchCR, »"bo died on July 3, lett, by bis »'ill of December 23, 1016, real estate £0,982, and personal pru peity £13,008/12/, to his »-¡dow and chil-