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Family Notices

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[In order to guard against imposition, notices of

Births, Marriages, and Deaths must be authenti- cated by some respectable person to ensure their



BISHOP (nee Lechte).—On the 14th November, at

"Lara," Arthur street, Caulfield, to Mr. and   Mrs. Robert Bishop - a son (Ronald Robert).

BLAIR.—On the 16th November, at Nurse Scott's   private hospital, Warburton, to Mr. and Mrs.  

Hy. Blair—a son (Ivan Charles Morrell). (Both


BRIDGE.—On the 20th November, at "Wynfield"  

private hospital, Lilydale, to Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Bridge, Kilsyth-a daughter (Isabel Annie).

BRYAN.—On the 24th October, at "Guilford" pri-  

vate hospital, Camberwell, to Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Bryan of "Sherwood," Mont Albert road, Surrey Hills-a son (Neil Harold).  

BUTLER (nee Hickey). —On the 14th November,

at St. George's Hospital, Kew, to Mr. and Mrs. F. Butler, of East Kew-a son (John Joseph). Both well.     CAMPBELL.—On the 10th November, at "Craig-

dhu," Meadow street, East St. Kilda, the wife of James Cuming Campbell-a son.

CARLOS.—On the 12th November, at St. George's

Hospital, Cotham road, Kew, to Warrant-Officer and Mrs. George Carleton Carlos, South Gipps-   land-a son (George Carleton Poulton). (Both well.)         DUNLOP.—On the 14th November, at private hos-

pital 107 Webster street, Ballarat, the wife of Major W. A. S. Dunlop-a son.

GATWOOD.—On the 7th November, at ''Ross-

more," Adam street, South Yarra, the wife of P. B. Gatwood - a son.

GLENISTER (nee Olive Preece).—On the 17th No-

vember, at "Trinafour," private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. F. Glenister, 13 Field street, Moonee Ponds-a son (Walter Raymond).    

GOLDEN.—On the 12th November, at Sister Gil-

lie's Victoria House, Echuca, to Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Golden, of Bamawm-a son.

HAMPTON.—On the 17th November, 1919, at Nurse

Park's private hospital, Middle Brighton, the

wife of William F. Hampton—a son.

HASTINGS.—On the 17th November, 1919, at Sister

Annear's private hospital, the wife of Reginald P. Hastings-a daughter.

HAYES.—On the 13th November, at "Airlie," 17  

Church street, Canterbury, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Hayes—a son (Jack).  

LANE.—On the 20th November, at "Londa" private  

hospital, Brunswick, to Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Lane, Joyce street, Elwood-a daughter.

LANE. —On the 20th November, 1919, at Burton

court private hospital, Balwyn, to Dr. and Mrs. Edward Lane, Canterbury-a daughter.  

LEE.—On Nov. 2, at Sister Smith's private hospital

Ivanhoe, to Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Lee-a son (Geoffrey).

MADDEN.—On the 16th November, at Nurse     Wain's Fernleigh, Hoddle street, Elsternwick, to Mr. and .Mrs. L. G. Madden, of 12 Somerset street, Gardenvale-a daughter. Both well.

McDONALD (nee Lyla Dreher).—On the 7th No-

vember, at "lona," Minyip, to Mr. and Mrs. George McDonald-a son.

McDONNELL. —On the 16th November, at "The

Bungalow," Orrong road, Elsternwick, to Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McDonnell-a son (Ian Francis).

McMICHAEL. —On the 11th November, at "Glen

lee," Victoria street, North Williamstown, the     wife of James McMichael-a daughter (Irene Campbell).

MEURER. —On the 6th November, at Nurse Beale's

private hospital, Olinda street, Bendigo, to Mr. and Mrs H. Meurer-a daughter (Mary Doro-


MORISON.—On the 31st October, at Nurse Sewell's

private hospital, Culcairn, N.S.W., the wife of P. Douglas Morison (late 24th Batt., A.I.F.), of "The Knoll," Heaty, N.S.W.-a daughter.

OWEN.—On the 15th November, at "Lancewood,"

Glenferrie road, Kew, to Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Owen, of Ashfield, Sydney, late of Hawthorn-a son.

RAY (nee Elsie Cavanagh).—On the 27th October,

at Miss St. Ellen's, "Lister," private hospital, St. Kilda, to Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Lawler Ray-

a daughter (Jeanne Lawler).

SCOTT (nee Ida Jones). —On the 8th November, at

Malvern, to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Scott- a son.  

SEYMOUR-PAYNE.—On the 4th November, at  

"Londa" private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. W. Seymour-Payne, "Windsor," Riddell parade, Elsternwick-a daughter.

SMITHERS. —On the 17th November, at Hobart,

Tasmania, to Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Smithers-a


SOMAN.—On the 13th November, at her residence,

"Jeiniirvllle," Avoca street, Caulfield, the wife of Alfred P. Soman-a son.  

STANLEY. —On the 19th November, at 12 Brunel

street, East Malvern, the wife of Richard Stanley- a son.

SUTTON.—On the 14th November, at "Kuranda,"

Wellington street, Middle Brighton, the wife of A. Neville Sutton-a son.  

URQUHART (nee Diyo).-On the 30th October, at

"The Poplars" private hospital, Quirindi, the wife of J. A. Urquhart - a son.

VEITCH.—On the 13th October, at Edlington,  

Auburn, to Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Veitch, 16 Maud street, Kew—a daughter.  


ATKINS-MORGAN.—On the 14th October, at St.

John's Church, Melbourne, by the Rev. A. E. White, James Robert, eldest son of the late Captain J. Atkins, of Sunderland, England, to Annie Edith, widow of the late J. E. Morgan, of East Melbourne, and eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs H. H. Bergmier, of St. Helier and Bass, South Gippsland. Present address: "Sunny- side," Tullamarine.

BALLINTINE—EUTROPE.—On the 16th October,

by the Rev. Oliver Dowsing, at Wesley Church, Melbourne, James Edmond, younger son of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. Ballintine (late of Benalla), to Irene Estelle, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Eutrope, Nicholson street, Footscray. Present address, 30 Jordan street, Malvern.

BARRETT—LAROY.—On the 9th August, 1919 at

Touroing, France, Marie Claire, youngest daugh- ter of Jean Batiste Laroy and the late Sidonie Delporte Laroy, to Captain Alfred Horne Bar- rett, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Barrett, of Kooyong road, Caulfield.  

BATHARD—POTTER.—On the 11th October, at the

residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. John Caldwell, Thomas T. Bathard, second son of S. D. Bathard, West Ashton, Wiltshire, Eng- land, to Irene A. (Ipy), eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Potter, Geelong road, Footscray.

BLAND—MACDONALD.—On the 20th October, at  

Presbyterian Church, Singapore, by Rev. J. Cross, T. Arthur, elder son of the late J. A. Bland and Mrs. Bland, Cheshire, England, to Flora Marion, daughter of the late Hector MacDonald and Mrs. McDonald, of Melbourne.

COLLIS—MULLANEY.—On the 19th September, at

East Melbourne, by the Rev. Jesse Mayo, ex- Pte. R. F. Collis (60th Battalion, A.I.F.), second eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Collis, Abbots- ford, to Mona, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Mullaney, of Gembrook.

CONSEDINE—KEALY.—On the 22nd October, at a

Nuptial Mass in St. Patrick's Cathedral, Mel- bourne, by the Very Rev. Father Lockington, S J., Martin Edward (late 24th Btn.), youngest son of, the late Mr, and Mrs.E. Consedine, Irre- willipe, to Maurine, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs T. A. Kealy, Coburg.

DENYER—ELLIS.—On the 22nd October, at Christ

Church, St. Kilda, by the Rev. G. Pennicott, Robert, only son of Mrs. Denyer, Majestic Mou- sions, St. Kilda, and the late Mr. Robert Wil- liam Denyer, to Naomi, younger daughter of   Mrs. Ellis, Majestic Mansions, St. Kilda, and the late Mr. Frank Ellis.    

DIPNALL—WILLIS.—On the 9th October, by the

Rev. Fr. Daly, at the Church of S.S. Michael and John, Horsham, James Fairlie Thomas, elder son of Mr, and the late Mrs. James D. Dipnall, of "Werai," Hoddle-street, Elsternwick, to     Annie Marcelle, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Willis, of "Lily Dale," Minimay, Vic- toria. Present address, the Commercial Bank, Murrayville.             DRAPER—BRUCE.—On the 11th October, at the

Presbyterian Church, Nicholson street, North Carlton, by the Rev. J. L. Cope, John Arthur (late 7th Batt., A.I.F.), son of the late Mr. W. H. V. Draper, Glenferrie, and Mrs. S. Draper, to Veronica, second daughter of the late Mr. William Bruce and Mrs. Bruce, North Carlton.

DWYER-NAOKES.—On the 1st November, 1919,

at the Methodist Church. Auburn, by the Rev. A. E. Allerton, Eric Cornish, fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. George Dwyer, Glebe Point, Sydney. to Lucy Arrawatta, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Oakes, "Alva," Burwood avenue, Hawthorn. Future home, Sydney.

FORSTER—OFFICER. —On the 18th November, at

Elsternwick Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. R. W. Macaulay, Cameron McD., only son of Mr. G. C. D. Forster, of Perth, to Jean C., second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Officer of Brendon, Mernda road, Malvern.

GOBLE—THOMSON.—On the 15th October, at the

Prahran Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Ivo Bertram, Reginald John, eldest son of Mr. and

Mrs. J. Goble, "Clayton" Emo road, East Mal- vern, to Winifred Mabel, youngest daughter of the late Rev. and Mrs. C. J. Thomson. Present address, "C00narra", Rothesay avenue, East Malvern.

HARBORT—SIMON.—On the 11th October, at St.

Andrew's Church of England, Clifton Hill, by Rev. W. C. Hudson, Edward C. H. (A.I.F.),

third son of Mrs. A. Harbort, to Laura E., widow of the late R. Henry Simon, of Leongatha, and

second daughter of Mr. T. J. Wicks.

HEALEY—THOMPSON. —On the 8th October, at Christ Church, Ormond, by the Rev. C. A. Brewer, M.A., Harold Royal, the eldest son of Mr.

and Mrs. H. Healey, "The Grange," Point  

Nepean road, Moorabbin, to Gladys Frederica

(Rica) second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Thompson, "Glen Orme," North road, Ormond.

HENDERSON—CHAPMAN.—On the 18th October, at Prahran Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. John Caldwell, William, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Henderson, North Melbourne, to Alice

Maud, only daughter of Mrs. Mary Chapman, of Leonard's Hill, Daylesford.

HOLLIN—NEILSON. —On the 18th October, 1919,

at S.S. Peter and Paul's, Montague street, South

Melbourne, by the Rev. Father O'Ryan, James,

youngest son of Mrs. J. Hunter, of Town Hall   Hotel, Kyneton, to Eileen, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Neilson, of Eastern road, Albert Park.

JAMES—FLOOK. —On the 16th August at White-

field Tabernacle, Kingswood, England, by the Rev. James Trebilco, Samuel Stuart, R.A.N., of H.M.A.S. "Anzac," elder son of Mr. and Mrs.  

William James, 40 Truganini road, Caulfield, to Daisy Irene (Queenie), the second daughter of

the late Mr. A. J. and Mrs Flook, of The Park, Kingswood, England. KENNEDY—WHITTAKER.—On the 12th November

at All Saints', East St. Kilda, by the Rev. Canon Ashton, Stanley Richardson, youngest son

of Charles Crichton Kennedy, "Carramut," Westbury street, East St. Kilda, to Victoria May, fourth daughter of William Walter Whittaker, Dalgety street, St Kilda.

KIRBY—WARDLE. —On the 15th November, at Ballarat, by the Rev. John Walker, Terence C.   Kirby, only son of the late Mr. C. J. and and Mrs. Kirby, of 22 Oakley Square, London, to Priscilla I. Wardle, eldest daughter of Mr. H. T.   and the late Mrs. WArdle, of Dawson street, Ballarat.

KUHN—LYON. —On the 29th October, at St.

Silas's, Albert Park, by the Rev. A. B. Rowed,   Alfred August, third son of Mr. and Mrs. Kuhn,    

of Brunswick, to Dora, third daughter of Mrs. Lyon, late of Brunswick. LEITH—MASON. —On the 7th October, at Auburn

¿ViTn' C,'"ir:h' l,v «>e ""'. Albfkon, Lieut. t"e A lo,, i clt,_ D R 0 (lat(¡ J6th Bt((

wra t?n 'i' A> Ulthi Claremont nvcmie. Mal- wa, to Doris second daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

*. ". Mown, fclphln pot< Glenferrie. '


LIDDELL—DRAKEFORD. —On the 25th October, at

Clifton Hill Presbyterian Church, hy the Rev. J. H. Marshall, B.A., Robert Scott, third son of the late Mr. and Mrs. D. Liddell, of Euroa, to Emma, fourth daughter of Mr. S. F. Drake-     ford (China) and the late Mrs. Drakeford, Morrah

street, Parkville.

MEIER—SWANSON. —On the ,°th Deleter 191»

lit st lngimtitu s I burch of Fnglnn) Moreland lit Hie Ret CYottv Itslle Nelson iller son of Mr mid Mrs I Meirr Wit mt re I iiron, to I In Lilian }oimgest tluiu,hter of the late Mr I» Swanson and Mrs Swanson I cklyn 'Morelsnl NEALE—HAYBALL. —On the 4th October at Christ      

I burch, Pt Ilildu l,r Rev Geo Pennlcotl Al bert I fourth «on .pi Mr out Mrs. Neale W11 long! hv NSW to Vein >? voudgrr ilau,phtcr til Mr ind Mrs IJ Vi llavlvill tultalrt I Its rot street it hil la

OVERHEW—KENDELL.—On Ile 20lh October  

1J1I), at St, Columbi C1 mill of Enghiid hy Riv' Mr Den«} Harold Btrhard. min ol Mr t

Overlie» W \ to Margaret (Mile), d4ut,htcr ot lion W Kendi li. The Oiks \tiburn Pre fent address Ivlhro, Flinders (Vi A paper« please eupv )

PAUL-RIDGWAY. —On tho l«lh November, at  

St Augustine s'Chlirch Hamilton Brisboni bj the Rev I n s.rmstrotw Cecil h Paul, of Broome l-ilntc Danu! °eIaugor F M S viiungi it sonuttt 1 II lau) F-q late Cotonlti lervlee and Mr» Paul Su-sox, I n) land lo Jem F Cuinp hell unit daughter of Mr mid Mrs Julian Campbe 1 Ridgway, of * Bendels, Hamiltoa, Brisbane.  

PETERS-WILSON.—On the 30th September, at  

Scots Church, Melbourne, by Chaplain-Captain Irving Davidson, Captain Harold Peters, M.C.  

son of Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Peters, Auburn, to Bessie, daughter of Mrs. Wilson, St. Kilda and the late C. W. Wilson, J.P., Tatura. At home       "Myvore," 42 Stanley grove, Canterbury (near   Balwyn station), on Wednesday, 25th ins.t, after-

noon and evening.

RICHARDSON—HOLLINS. —On the 1st October, at

All Saints Church St Kilda, by the Rev T W Ashton, Herbert, second son of Mrs Richardson, Tasmania to Winifred, only daughter of Mrs. Hollins Albert Park (late of Derby England)

RUSHBROOKE—LEWRY.—On the 15th October at  

St Bartholomew s Church of England, by the Rev R Fenwick-Brown, Albert Claud (late 6th   Batt., A.I.F.), only son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. H.  

Rushbrooke, Plaistowe, Park Crescent, Kew, to   Ida Emily, third daughter of Mr and Mrs D Lewry, 138 Stawell street Burnley.

SMITH—ALLEN.—On the 21st June, 1919, at the

Parish Church, Luton, by the Rev. W. C. M. Winter, George William, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Smith, West Brunswlck, to Gladys   Cliabcth onlv daurhter of Mr and Mrt. 1 Allm luton Bcdfrrdshire Fnitlan 1 Presint address 137 Moreland road Weat Bruns-viek

STEVENSON—LUBE (By Special License).—On the      

28th August, 1919, at St. Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne by the Her Either J Donoain F,d»urd lurnea (late All), eldest ron of the late Color pi Idwnri William Ptcven-nn Roynl Horse Vrtlllery Fdlnhurgh Scotland and nephew of Hu late nng Gin! Herbert Wemyss S cvei son, lit Black Watch Regt, to 1 mil} daughter ot ihe late John Brangan Lube, of Melbourne ("White Hall," Bank place, Melbourne).  

THOMAS-TAYLOR.—On the 28th October at St.    

John's Church of England, Ballarat, by the Rev.    

Best, Arthur Llewlyn (late A.I.F. ), eldest son   of Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas, Barmouth, Wales, to Amy Beatrice, daughter of Mrs. Taylor, of   Ballarat, and late Robert Taylor, of Beech-  


THOMSON—NORTHCOTT. —On the 11th October,

at the Methodist Church, Coburg, by the Rev.  

T. B. Reid, assisted by the Rev. T. C. Boundy,  

Reginald Herbert, son ol Mr. R. Thomson 55 Cameron street, Coburg (grandson of the late Mr. R. R. Wearlng, Elmore), to Elma Milfred, daughter of Mr. Chas. Northcott, "Karadomo, 17     Edments street, Brunswick.  

TOLLEY—PRATT.—On the 15th October 1919 at

Loiar Holmes road Moonie Ponds by the   Moderator, Rev David Ross St Kilda Herbert     W Tolley (A I F ) to Nellie Duncan Pratt, third daughter of the late Thomas and Annie Pratt   Present address-Moranding Park Mooranding

TONKES—DIXON. —On the 5fth October/at Church

of Christ Drummond bv Mr Gifford Go-don lYands Ardwick (late 20th Rntt All) eldest

Kin of Mr» 11 Tonkrs Windsor to I 1 lane (llnnie) olde t d£tiij.(ilcr ol Mrs I

Dixon Dnltuniond

WALTER—FIELD. —On tin 1'rth October at tim        

rr*l lince of the bri te I rank J jonngest son if the lal« Mr and Mrs F G Wolter, of B*n digo to Pille S voimirest daughter ol Mr and Vrs W Field of \crubrai. Park street. West Brims» Ick Present ad ¡ress - Clifton» Dod

tilinta strerl'Berjilro f >K


ber at St. Monica rilC Church, % asenüon^hy thp Rev 1 lthc- Nelnn, Horace (late A I F ) fourth «n of, Mr and 'Mrs. TH heatley, \tirol

Mrctt Morrice Ponds to Isa!c1 third daughter of Mr and Mrs Cartwright, Bjron street,

Moonee Ponds.  

WILLIAMS—JAMES. —On the 18th October,      

Wpslrt Clll|nli Lonsdale street, by the Rev

Mt C nlltim Clarence (late lieutenant *. I F ) son or Mr »nil Mrs. C, william» Carlton, to I tile daughter of s anti E limes of Brunswick

WOODROFFE—NORMAN. —On the 21nt October  

1010 at St Michael nCF Prince « Hill hythe Riv C VI T Roger- Charles Filtrar I Wool

rolfe lo v inlet IsnM Norman onlv laughter of Chnrlntt« and the Inte Henrv Norman ol Albert P irk Ad lress, ' Coonov cr ' Bastings »treet,



ALLISON. —On the 17th November (suddenly) at

the residence of her daughter (Mrs G. Frost), Moubray street, Albert Park, Elizabeth, relict of   the late Alexander Allison, in her 87th year.   (Privately interred 20th November )

BU NI -On the 17th October, 1010 Agnes Ann

Boyne, of Cathedral street, Syilne}. belovcl wlfi nf Arthur (Bayee mnthel* of Dawn arid Raymond I elie and grandmother of Dawn and Margaret

BOUIIKI -On the loll hovemljif (sullcni}) it

her rrtntlcnce No !0 Faflthnnrile street, Wind sor Mat HUWH dtarly 1 closed wife nf Michail Bairke t'ai giller or the 1 iti Dr Dlward rhill;, of (astlimnine and devoted mother of Robert, lena Michael, \niiie Noia aid Pib} late ol Shot patton age I tv years II I P

BRA DI -On tim ltjth November at his residence

Hesket near Wotilwid Peter TiradJ son of the late lames Bradv Count} Carlow Ireland

Rest in peace

BROWN. -On the 29th October, at the residence

of her father, Kennedy street, Hamilton, Louisa Emma, fourth daughter of G. E. and the late     Elizabeth Brown, loving sister of Lottie (Mrs. Looker, Myamyn), and W. D. Brown (Tas- mania), aged 38 years.

BROWN. -On the 30th, October at his late resi-  

dence, Kennedy street, Hamilton, George Edwin, relict of the late Elizabeth Browm, dearly loved father of Mrs. Looker (Myamyn) and W. D.   Brown (Tasmania), aged 80 years and 9 months.   Late Victorian railways.  

BROWNE. -On the 20th November, 1919, at the

I S und A Bank I louse IJIgh street Mai vern Idttnrd Maxncll (late Olh M Brigade AIT) tip Icarh lovell onlv »on of Hinr) Via« eil and Mabel 8 C Browne aged SI years

BU rCIint-On (he Uth Novimher (suddenly, nt

midnight) nt her res) leuce I llrnv Inrrq, Beeac Naomi bl loved wife of James L Bulcher, loved mother of Mice, Ethel, Barton Dora, Jessie fharlin (deceased late All), Annie, and Jack in her 5oth }enr

In Gbd s carr

An 1 'so Ile fclvelh His 1 cloTfd rlrep '

CARMICHAEL -On the 15lh Nivomtwr at his

résidence Hastlnirs Malcolm, drlirly bclnvcd hue hand of Martha loving father of Mrs. Oppenheim Albert Park Mrs S,lowart, "W A Mrs Men, Glen I orbes, )frs Tliorp, Carnegie nurdi, nora and Tackvagctl 70 }cars

CLAYDON.-On the-21st November, 1919, at his

residence, 48 Lillimur road, S. Caulfield, James   William, the dearly beloved husband of Annie Keating Claydon, and lovingg father of Char-       lotte, Lillie, William, Emma, Margaret, John, Jessie, Rose, Elsie, and Violet, aged 72 years.  

DOBSON-On the 20th November Frederick, the   beloved son of Elizabeth Mary and the late       Henry Dobson, loved brother of Lillian E. and  

the late Ainsley Dobson.

DOW-On the 16th November, 1910 at Kelvin

Hospital, Willanra riorertce Marthla Dow dearly lotetl wife of William Dow Wyroona, Uke Ilouic lovlnf mother of Italie (deceised late A I F ) Ltlith, Lina Jacky and dear little


A patient sufferer.  

DOYLE-On the 21st November ^1!M, at her

parcuts resllcnce Birth Hill 470 Do burgh street Hotham Hil! Mat} Ulm (Cist) dear!) beloted elrYst daughter of William and Mttr} Doyle and loved taster oí i Ursula and the late lade and Maggie Dov le No novvris. RIP

Dearly loved and dpeph mournful

KOW-On tht 11th Notcntber at Koonwarra

EUen dearly heltivctl daughter of thp late Daniel nnd niin Egan sister op Hannah and Dan (In terrell leongatha Ceinetcr} November 13 )


GARDNER -On Uio 14th Nfyvtunbcr, pressed r*,ace

fully ltvil} at t.laywQrth, iMarlborough street, Balaclava, Tarni s Roberts

. v. faithful and true friend -(Iilscrtc 1 Irr E. Mcculloch )

in NDM Ui -On the Iflth Noveniher Min at

Coburg Thouin Wnmlck Hyndman formerly at Wau Io station Cnatl rtnrj aged 77 yean

JFWlIL -On the 16th Not ember «t his ...

dence "Millfarm House,' bt -.lames William Henrv lewell. dearly loved father of Mtintligue anj Hubert (St Itimini) DoiJ. (Mrs Cimithers Cobram) Rub} (llcnnlla), aged 1

Into Thj hand» oh Lord '

hFVT-On the .Ulli Notmiher at his residence

Svdney NSW Ch irles hpnt, beloved hrolhi r of Mrs Webster (Surrey Hjlls), MrB Bruse (Colac) Mrs. Moore (W A), and J II Kent,

late of Perth

MACIACHL O. - On the 2nt Vivimber nt his

llti resllcnce K2 Wellington road t-_-vt Mel

h iiinie, (rcorce Iltiigptu the deartv lives! htm und of Mcima Maclnelilon and dearh loi rsl father nf Hu (Mrs I Mcclelland; on! Nellie (Mr» W hhield") used (T

JtiROBHIT- On the »th Norcmber at Mo'insn

Svdnet lames W Mcllobert dear!} loved brother ol Helen (Mrs II Tnyltr) \nnlc (Mrs W Morrison) Tessie (Mm I tv ann) George (dectnsed) anl lean (Mr» C Lerere) Inte nf Bun oc-1 ant Ietiri interred Wentworth Falls

HI ic Mountains (Inserted by Ins lot ing


VKOL-On the 10th NmrinUr at bit rcsldeme

It Ilarwine street North Mpltmnmt William beloveil husbai 1 t f I li renee I Nicol only son of the late William ni \gne* NI ol lovel I rother of Annie (Mrf Walsh) lean, nnd M»r}

I ed li yean (I rítate!) interred on "1st )

At rut

Rlr 11 VRDH1N-On the 14th November 1010 at

Hundt bvtlnev NSW 1 n-dtrick Lone devoted nu band of Uley Ruhnrd on and Hinch loved anl on!} brother of Mrs. I Itrainion«, Rolvendeii

Millie Brlchtt n anl the Min m lil hardsell Ri e,ent strett Itr^hton Bench, and tie yttiniest sou of the late lohn and t linalictl Rn hardton of Roscneatli House ^untl} mount Cb Dublin, Ire-


So He giveth HU helm eil ripen

ROI HLClv-William dttrly beloved liimband of

I lilian IIIJi street road, Glen WatiTlp} (and deni) at prit ate hospital Melbourne), ITI da} 'tot Not ember ngrd 77 ¿cars.

SWIFT-On thi l»th Nnvemlier, at Heidelberg

("liarles Illchurd, lotetl husband of Flirnbeth Siwirt of Hl|,h street Preston (late of Haw thorp), «ntl frther of Charle« Villlitm Swift (late all-) (Prlvatelv Interfs ' )

THOMSON-On the Min Novrniber, at Brisbane,

Hugh Gilmour, the eldest son of the late John Gilmour Thomsou, 05 Eglinton street. Moonee



WATSON -On the ISth November at her dsugh

tir'o rruidtnce 10/ Biirwool roiil, Lpp"r Haw thom, Cathrrlm tlhabeth relict of the late l.eorgi Rolleston Watson, uni loving mother nf ( barbs (on nullo sinke), laik Mrs Hetzer, Mrs Hooper an! Ita, in htr asih )tor RIP (Intel rtsl pnvattli )

W AY -On the 21M. November 11)10 nt his reí

dente Vtliolsinri clinlAuorth road 1

Prall nn John I lllrinii the ilcnrly loiltl bus lund ol Jiw-it Wai, mid loving father of (bril,

line, lands (Mrs It. Clifford), Etlitl, and Barr), 01 ytars

At rest

vUJBSTtR -On Hie lVth Noiemlier, 1910 at Mont

clair nseiiui Bri'bum lurline the dearly he lovt-l ml, uf Donald llilisttr nu I loving mother of Dim I urlini in 1 lill e Billie, and foster mother of linn

WINSOR.-On Hu I Iii November, at "Drvnone"

jirlsslo hospita), Bondi Bldnev Ido louise, durll loud vufi ol I nul G 1 Wcnsor, MC, ind iLvughter of Vlr mid Mrs J, G Arnold, 'Tretllng* Allier) aped 20 ) ears

WESTMAN - On the 3rd November, at Dr Davies'

private hospital, Lockhart, N S W , Anna Eliza- beth, beloved wife of Charles Westman, Lockhart,         loving mother of Charles. Alex., Will and Tom     (New South Wales) Alf and Jack (Queensland), Annie (Mrs A. Bower) and the late Peter, of   Glenrowan West, aged 81.  

Peace, perfect peace.

WHEELSON. -On the 20th November, at Water  

fall Hospital, N.S.W., Norman Richar,d second son E. R. Wheeldon, Surreyville, Miller grove, Kew, aged 33 years.  

At rest

WOODS-On the 17th November, Martha Woods,

late of Ellingham, Norfolk.

A Faithful friend and servant for nearly fifty


----(Home papers please copy. )  

WOODSIDE. - On the 20th November, at the resi-

dence of her son-in-law, "Parkhend," Addison       street, Moonee Ponds, Jessie, the beloved wife of Robert Walker Woodside, and loving mother of Archibald and Elizabeth (Mrs. R.B. Anderson),    

aged 71 years. Privately interred on the 21st   November.  


On Active Service.

BRICE.-lu loving mcrnor) of Private William

Jdssnrd Arnold Bruce deirlv loved son of amy Gertrude mid the, bite W Illiain Bruce, of lihhn, Arness street North Cirllon, who was killed in action in tronce, nn 23rd November, 10111, brother of Geurie (relumed), Mrs Miller, Mrs Draper, Ocrty, Chrjstal and Lorm

' Dear!) loved hi all " v

I5RLCÍ_\ frlluile to Hie ever honoured memorv

of Private W !~ s. Bruce 58lh Battalion, Itillcd In aellon Aird November, 1910 in trauco

Au«troha inllcil to her soldiers,

Culled in honours name,

Ile rave his life for an answer,

That's How he ' plavi ii the game "

-(Inserted b) 2nd Brigade pal, returned J

CAMPICLI -lil loving memorj of mv dror brother,

Jock, «ho died ol I mid Palestine, 21st Noicm ber, 101B (Inserted bv Don )

nriBRIDGF-ln IOIIUK memorv of 20 010, Sapper W R B Dethridge (W 111) 2nd Field Co Fngi nrers, vilm was nctidrlitally killrsl at Bohatp France November *>2 1918 beloved onlv son of Mr and Mrs W H B Delhrldge Alphington, ogcti 21 j cars Buried nt Bobain Military Cerne


Deeply regretted

Star nf Filth, through all the coming years gleam


n«i mc belles e that som* dov beyond the light

I shall meet him who looked in duty's fore

with fpnrlos« smile

See the dear eye« and heir again the well TC

mrmtiercd soict

Murmur mi feeble thanks and clasp his

hovi«h hand the while -(Mother ond father)

DFIBRIDOI -In lol Ing mrmorv of our little

brother Sapmr W llrlbrhlge died of injuries recen ed in france November 2' 1018 Vl'O, our dear lousin Staff Nurse Edilh Moorhouse, dlrd of pninmonia in France Nnvember 21 1018 (Inserted by his sister and brother in law, Ida 'mil Trcd Moorhouse)

DtniltlDGt -In lovine; memorv of our deir

brother, Sapper William Drlbridge aciulcntillr killed at Rohnin France November 22 1018

(inrertid bj L J and I G Walker, Ivanhoe) DI LURIDGP -In proud and ever loving remem

linnci of mr oui) brother 20 019 Sapper Will »lbridic who was occidenlilly killed at Bnhaln, I ranee November 22 1918

There is n link, deilh cannot sever

Tnie love and remembrance lards for ever

-(¡njerted hy his losing sister, Ololvs)

DFLHnilKil -In hiving memory of my sincere

friend, 20 019 Sapper W Delhrldge, accidentally Ulled in I ranee Noi 2" 191Í

One of the bert

-(Inueried lij hiB sintere friend M Vickers,

Northcote )

DILBRIDW- In lovine memory of our dear

brother Sai per Will nelbrldgc who died of in jurien on the 22nd November, 1018, Aged 21


W e ore picturing you in memory, dear Will,

Just as srp now )nu last

-(Inserted bv his losing sisier and brother in law, Hlid i and Will 1 ant-aster Alphington)

Dn,HRID«t -In memorj of William B Dclhndge,

killed nt Bohoiti France, on 22nd November, 1911. (In tried bv his mis, II N K & G , and y AO)

IN sad and loving memory of mv deir brother,

who via killed in aelion, trance 23rd Novcm

liri 1010

Tlirco ) cars have passed, lmt none can tell The loss of a brother I loicd so well His heurt wai lrtnt his spirit brave

Ho is resting now in a soldier's grave

-(Inserted h> his loving sister Jessie,v Kerami, Marysville.)

RTITJY -III loving memorv ' of staff Sergeant

Albirt hells 12th USO who djul 22nd No veinbtr 1015 at Imtorfa Hospital Vulto, after being svoiiiidid at raHinoH brother of the

late Lieutenant Leo P Kell» killed in oclion In Fronni R I P (Inserted by his loving pirtbls.) IvFLLY

11) S."..". - M Util Nnl ember -2r 1911, after bung wounded it Gilliroll

Siinnhine pome«, shadows (oil

I ol ing rcmeinbrimi i» outlasts all

-(Inserte I by his old t ni O W lockson)

laiWTHFR,-hi loliug incmor) oí my diar brother,

I te F W Luwthir who died ol illness in the Abbeville llosntll, Nos 21 IMS

We mlw him most who loved lum best -(Inserted by h C)

MiUVLHIN -In sod but proud and loung memory

of my dear brother Lieut Colonel A Mc« MtUliirin (ti Licht Hone Regt (one of the origituU.) siho died of pneumonia at Tripoli, Syria, (3rd Naveml er lois.

It is sweet and glorious to die for ones King

and ennntrs

-(Inatrte i by his lov ing brother. Reg A MrLaoriii )

Mi HI RIV-Ir loving memory of our dcorl) be

luv ni brother, Lil lit Cold el A Mc(. Mclaurin, Sth Light Horse Regt (one of the origináis), who died of bronchial pneumonia on Hie 23rd Noiem ber 1018 nt Tripoli «srh

Nor could more fit memorial rise

Fo meet the I- mplrp s children's eyes, Tllnu tint ninth tells of dut) dqne, .Though life be t,iven in devrl lone

-(InHrTted by his lov ilig brotJier nnd siste" In law, R McO omi C M Mclaiurin, and faimh, ' Ciiniallo, ' Rutherglen )

MUNDY-In proud and loving memory of our dear

son and brother, Flight Lieutenant Clarence Reginald Mundy, who crashed whilst on duty, at Crail, Scotland on the 23rd November, 1918.

Ever remembered  

Only those who have lost know the price of


-(Inserted by his sorrowing father and mother,   brother Les, and sisters Essie and Sylv.)  

MUNDY -In loving memory of our dear brother,

Flight Lieut C. R. Mundy who was killed in an aeroplane accident at Crail, Scotland.

Only those who have lost know the price of peace. -(Inserted by his sister and brother in law, E.     and F. Long.)    

MURRAY-On tho 22nd November, 1918, of  

bronchial pnciimrnia at thi 41st Ptationary Hos pital lYnncp Driver Russell Murrav beloved joungei ron of ihe latí Hugh Murray, Warrnsm tool, «nil Mrs Murra), 9ä Milton »trott, St Kihi! after two ve-irs ni the sen ice in the AUvilino Mechanical Transport Column

In loving memory

PUNCHER -In loving mernorr of my dear brother    

Private lames S Puncher, killed In action, France, ¿1st Batt, November 21, 1010, also ni) dtnr husband, Private James II Bonella, died of Hounds, Mas Jt 1016

Un 1er the flog with the Ave starred cross,

Tin pride nf our Snutheni «cn,

Thcs laid down their hits in the deadly strife

To kctp Australia fret

ROBERTS -In memorv oí our dur pal, Gunner

T I (Tom) Roberts. 105th Howitzer Battery, who dlid of bronchial pneumonia, November 22,


Atsoldier omi a pian

One of the bett

-(Inserted by his pals, Claude Knowles, Barmah, and Clem Grlntcr, Nathalia, both late Alt )

THOMAS-In loving memorv of our dear son and  

brother Benn Gee rgt who died in t ranee trbm influenza on Jsovembci 22, 191S

Tile war I» o'er Hu victory won,

lo nil those words sound nice

Bul oh, how sad the hearts of thogp

Whoso loyed rnts paid the pnce

-(Inscrjed bv his mrrovviiig mother, sißter, brother and broUier in law, Langwarrin ) ^ THOMAS-In losing memos of our dear bother

ond uncle Henri George who dieri from influ mza in trance on November 2"1 1018

Vi hen the bells of pence ore ringing,

A.lld jour tuarts ore filled with pride

Give «ne kind thought to the sorrowing ones'

Whose l»)s hove fought and died

-{Innert eil hi his sorrowing brother, sister in lan, nnd nieces, Langwarrin )

THOMSON -In rail ind laving memorv of our

dear son and brother Coqioral Andrew V Thom son M M Uli t Icld Co Mist Fnglnoers who died of wounds at Inl Stationär) Hospital, Rouen Fronet nu Hie 22nd November, 1917 (In sorted bl his parents, brothers, ond sister, Mel bourru road, Dandelion! )

VICK -In los log mernoo of our dear son. Sorgt

Albert (Alb) Vlik, killi i in action Nos ember 23 19l0 late -0th Battalion, and loving grandson or Mr P Vick, Bindlgo

He made the great sieriflcp

-(Inserted hi his porentB Kensington )

VICK -In memnrv of our dearly loved brother

"igt Albli iitl. Ulled in ailinn Novcmbir 2J

Kia than the dust Ihe glorv ire atlolnid If in our hearts be not for evir ahrinct!

The deathless memon of tims who signed lu blool the coven mt ti) which we gained

Our freedom

ABRAHAMS,-In fond and loving memory of our  

dear mother, Leah Abrahams relict of the late Henry Abrahams, who departed this life Novem- ber 23, 1914.

-(Mourned by her sorrowing children, Isaac,   London; Emanuel, Fanny, Louis, Alfred,   Edward, London; Esther and Minnie, and her grandsons Harry and Phillip.)  

May her dear soul rest in peace.

ABRAHAMS-In loving memory of our dear  

mother, who departed this life November 23  


May her soul rest in peace.

nay lier KIHI mu i" pr«v« u«

-(Inierted by her loving daughters, Alice Cohen ol sod Esther I/jc«.) O


BROWN. -In loving remembrance of my dearest

husband and our dear father, who passed away at 519 station street, North Carlton, on the 23rd November, 1918.  

Pure are the joys above the sky,

And all the region's peace.

No wanton lips or envious eye

Can see or taste the bliss.  

Straight is the way, the door is straight,

That leads to joys on high;

'Tis but a few that find the gate, While crowds mistake, and die.  

-(Inserted by his loving wife, Catherine Brown, and sons, Archibald and William.)

BROWN. -In sad but loving memory of my adored

father, who passed away at 519 Station street,

North Carlton, on the 23rd of November, 1918. Tiie blow «a» sudden, the shock revere;

Wc little thought his thsitli »as so near. Only those who have lost aro able to tell

The pain at the heurt at. not saying farewell.

. 'There is no love'like father's. Though »c seek for it In vain,

Though wp miiy be loved by others, Lote like father's never comes again, i Forget hlnif No, I never will.

. I lovell him in life; In death I do the same.

-(Inserted by his only daughter, May Cumming Johns.)

BYRNE.-In loving memory of dear mother, who

died on the 23rd November, 1010; also dear Will, who'dlcil-on the 22nd of April, 1014; also dear Albert, who-ilied on 21st March, 1M7.

Oh, sacred heart of Jesus,

Hnve mercy on their souls. .-(Inserted by tile lamil}.)

CHANDLER.-In loving memory of James Chand-

ler,' of Rathscar, who died .November 22, 191S,

beloved husband oí Alice, and loving father, of George and Bowen. M1.1.P. (Inserted hy his loving »Ife and sons.)

COLLARD.-In loving memory of our dear sister

Margaret, who passed away nt St. Kilda on 22nd November, 1017. 1

Sadly missed.

FINN. —In loving memory of my dear wife, Vere

Lillian, who departed this life on the 22nd No- vember, 1917. (Inserted by her loving husband, Walter Stephen.)

FINN. —In loving memory of my dear sister Vera,

who parted this life on November 22, 1917. (In- serted by her fond brother Bert.)

FOULDS. —In loving memory of our dear father,

who died 23rd November, 1898; also our dear sister Mary, who died December 9, 1915; also our dear mother, who died May 15, 1919.  

Those who live in the hearts of those who

knew their worth is not to die.

-(Inserted by theil loving family, 8 Merton street, Albert Park.)

FOWLER (nee Alico Parry).-In loving memory of

my dear wife, who was called home on the 23rd i Novcmlicr, 1017. . t

Peace, perfect [toner.

-(Inserted by her loving "husband and little Gwcnrctli.)

FRY.-In loving memory of my dear wlfo and our

mother who passed away 22ntl November, 1018.

Rest in peace.

-(Inserted by her loving husband and family.)

HALL. —In loving memory of my dear husband,

Robert Hall, who passed away at "Oakworth," Clifton Hill, on 23rd November, 1917.

Your weary hours and days of pain, And troubled nights are passed ;   Your ever patient wornout frame

Has found sweet rest at last. —(Elizabeth Hall.)

HALL. —In loving memory of our dear father,

Robert Hall, who departed this life at Hoddle street, Clifton Hill, on 23rd November, 1917.

Ever remembered.

—(Inserted by his loving family.)

HALL. —In loving and affectionate memory of our

dear father, Robert Hall, who passed away at Oakworth, Clifton Hill, on 23rd November, 1917.

"Peace, perfect peace."

—(Inserted by his daughter and son-in-law, Bessie and Ted Thompson.)

MARSHALL. —In loving memory of my dear hus-

band and our father, John Frederick, who passed away on 23rd November, 1918, at Nicholson street,

East Brunswick.

In the silence thon has vanished,

I am lonely, led so lone.

Canst thou sec how much I miss thee

In that far-oil, distant home?

Do you still remember, far-off or nrar,

The faithful heart that Is walting here!

When the morning breaks and the shadows flee, And the pain iB pn«t, will you come for me!

-(Inserted by his loving wife Annie, and sons William and Frank.)

MARSHALL.-In loving memory of Foster Mar-

shall, who passed away at Glenferrie, November 22, 1918.

An old resident of Geelong.

MORRIS.-A loving tribute to Ihe memory of our

mother, who left us four }cars ago. (A. Morris, St. Kilda.)

ORGAN.-Passed peacefully away on the 22nd No-

vember, 1918, Elizabeth Organ, faithful, loving

wife of John Trealor Organ.  

One year ago no tongue can tell

How annxlously we stood

Beside dear sister Lizzie's bed,

To save her if we could.

With tears we saw her sinking. We watched her fade away.

And our hearts are sadly aching  

For the dear one who passed away. Weep not that her toils are ended.

Weep not that her race is run; God grant we may rest as calmly

When our work, like her's, is done.

-(Inserted by her sorrowing relatives and friends.)

PETER.-In loving memory o' my clear wife and

our mother, Annie, who passed away on 23rd November, 1910, at Ythan, East St. Kilda,

PETERS -In memory of my friend, who died No-

vember 23, 1010.

Ever remembered and loved.

Rehlnd all shadows standctb God. -(A.B.)

PETRIE.-In loving remembrance of our dear

fatiier, John Story Petrie, who died'ht-Fjsmkston on the 22nd' of November,. 1017, aise, .our loved rnoflttr,' 'Alice Anne* Petrie, passed nway at

Frankston on the 22nd of March 1003.

The years will bring the i bunges,

But lilli within our hearts

We »HI keen our parents' memory A sacred thing apart

-(Inserted by their loving daughter, sondn-law, Jessie R., Joseph Thomson, and grand-daugh


SAMPSON.-In fondest memory of Annie Catherine,

beloved »ife of Harold Sampson, passed away November 22, 1918. at Leicester, Mayfield grove.


We, set out together, mate o' raine, When .vouth was in ila prime;

Ufe-the path that lay before us, Life-the hill we climb We neither of us knew the road,

How long the journey, great the load; Nor I how deep the debt I owed ' . ' To God, for mate o' mine. -(Harold Sampson.)

SAMPSON.-In sincere and loving memory of our

darling mother, who passed «way peacefully at "Leicester," Malvern, on November 22.

. Dearly lotetl, sadly missed. t We cannot clasp thv tender hand,

Tivy voice wo ennnot hear;

Yet in our dreams »o BOC thy face,'

Shine'bright 'midst starlight clear.

Though angels took theo from our sphere,

To sonder rciilm.divine, -.

- Tile link that bound us here below

Still binds our hearts to thine.

(Inserted by hpr loving son and daughtcrdn-law, Harold anti Ruby Sampson.)

SAMPSON.-In fond and dearest memory of our

dear mother (other morn), who passed peacc tullv home on the 22nd November, 1018.

Wc know not where His islands lift

Their frond«] palms in air;

We only know we cannot drift

Beyond His love and care.

-(Inserted by her loving daughter Ethel and Will and Archie Twjford.)

SAMPSON.-In loving memory of our dear mother

mid grandma, who pasfed awoy. at Malvern on November 22, 1918.

At rest.

-(Inserted by Bert, Edith, and Dorothy, Irving .enuc, Annadale.) ,

SHIPWAY.-In loving memory of my dear »ife

and our darling mother, vvho passed peacefully away on the 22nd November, 1010, at Rlddcll's Creek. '

Oh, for the touch of a vanished hand.

And the sound of a voice thal, is still.

-(Inserted hy her loving husband and daughters, James Shipway, Amy, May, Emily, and Lily, nnd grand-children, Lucy, Emily, and little Maud.)

SWINGLER.-In loving memory of my beloved

husband, Jordan John Swingler, and our dear father, who passed away at his residence, Trutnlimr, on thp 23rd November, 1012.

When we recnll font! memories, dear, Which cling to us from year to year,

Those memories, sweet, how dear they are,


-(Inserted by his loving wife and family.)

THE VDWEI.I..-In sweet remembrance of our

Maisie, dear mintie of Mescal nnd Maisie, who died on the 23rd November, 1018.

TUBB.-In loving memory of my dear husband

and our father, Harry Tubb, of St. Helena, Long- wood East, who passed away on the 22nd of November, 1918. .

At rest! With loved ones gone before he waits

for us. v

TUCKER.-In loving memory of our dear father,

vtho parsed away at "Cranbrook." South road, Brighton Bench,' November 21, 1018.

Peace, perfect peace.

-(Inserted by his loving thihlren.) "".

VIRTUE.-Ill loving memory of my dear »ife and

our darling mollien Emma Elizabeth Virtue, ,»ho passet) away on the 23rd November, 1015.

WASinNGTON.-In memory of John, ' beloved

fnthcr of Mrs. J. Kellett, and grandfather of J. M., G. U., D. L., and L., Albert Park, who pussed anny at Woodend November 23, 1017.

.vVOODHAM (nee TRINNICK).-In afTectionato re-

membrance of my dear wife, Lill, vvho passed away at "Lilwood," Ea6t Brunswick, on No

. vember 22." 1018.

A loving wife, a devoted mother, and a true

little pal.'

-(Alf. .1. Woodbam, "Eurolie," Ol Grosvenor street, E. St. Killin.)

WOODHAM (nee Tnnnick).-In loving and fond

remembrance of my dear daughter, Lily Eliza, beth, who died at llmnsttick on November 22, 191B, abo my dear nephew, William Webb llcvvestou, who 'was killed in action in France on August 23, 1013.

A trusting, fallhful little heart. Has left this »"cary world below;

But I know in that beautiful Mansion above She is waiting for mc to come Soon together we shall stand By the cr)Stal river;

There to Join the happy throng. Praising God for ever.

-(Inserted by her loving mother, M. A. Cum ing, Pucker street. Yarraville.)


BLUNDY.-Mr. and Mrs. T. W. BLUNDY desire    

to THANK their many kind friends and   relatives for floral tributes, cards, telegrams, let-   ters, and personal expressions of sympathy during     their sad bereavement in the loss of their loved     son. Will all kind friends accept this intimation     of our deepest gratitude. Highbury road, Bur-     wood.             BOWEN.-Mrs. EDWARD BOWEN mid Family in

desire to express their sincere TIlAMtS fur £ the bind expreshion» of s)uipathy received during

their recent sad and sudden bereavement. I

".Vp!iSfih,'_Booran load, Citulllcld. _ 1 "~ TiROWN.-PAKKEIt Ti'RED) )IHOWN~~Sñd * XJ Family lender their since THANKS to many _t friends for kind expressions of K>tiipuch}, lierai l tribute!, Ac, during their recent sari bereavement; .£ also desire to thank Dr. J. Forbes MucKcnzIu for vc unremitting attention. Nurse Culhane, and nurses i ~i of Bethesda private hospital 8 Clifton avcuue, J: CUHon Uli. "I



COATli-Mr. and Mr». THOMAS COATE opd

Fumily respectfully wish to THANK their many kind trietuis and relatives Tor letters, cards, tclesrana, floral tributes, und expressions of sym- pathy In tlielr recent Kid bereavement. Bridge

tticct, Hampton. _._ .

RAWFORO.-The l'aliilly of the late Mrs. ROSE

CRAW FORD desire to return their sincere THANKS to their many kind friinds and relations for letters, cards, telegrams, lloral tributa,, and personal expressions of sjmpith) during their recent «ad bereavement. Olinda, 47 Robertson

sJirct,_Ivtnsingion. __ DAVIES.-Mrs. DAVIKh and Family desi:

convey sintere THANKS to all kind friends und relatives fer beautiful lloral tributes, letters, i irds, telegrams, lind personal expressions of s/m. path) in Iheir rctcnl sudden and tad bereavement. 8 Leormontli^lrcel, piñonee Ponds._^_^ DRAKBTOR»"The Kami!) uf the late Mrs. S. V.

DliAKKbilllD dcuro to express iheir sincere THANKS to their many relatives and frlrnds for letters, cards, telegrams, lloral tributes, and cs prrwions of sympathy received during their recent sod bereavement^. 40 Moorah st.,J'-¡rkvjllc._ TJICCLHS.--Mr. ECCLES uri] Family desire to -Í J tendtr sincere THANKS for all expressions ol sympathy in their recent sad bcniiiemcnt. Dun- lop street, Yarrawonga._

17Vl:HGU.«ON.-Mi. UIK1 Mrs. FURGUSON and

? l'amlly desire to cypress their heartfelt THANKS to kind friends nail relatives, for Jettera, cards, telegrams, lloral tributes, and personal ex- pressions of s) uip.ith) during their rerent Vad bo- nni cment in tlie loss of their dear son and biolher, Herbert Wlhon (Ucrt). Will all friends nnd relatives jilease accept thia inlimation of our gratitude to them, us wc find it impossible to answer all ilidiiidually. "Bonnie Brae," Dayles- ford.       HAZARD.-Mrs. HAZARD desires lo sincerely

THANK her neighbours nnd friends for their great kindness, nlfo for telegrams, letters, and floral tribute"? received during lier recent sod be- reavement. "Ellimatta," Cambridge road, Moo- roolbark.


Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anguiy desire to THANK their many friends and relatives for kind expres- sions of s)inpothy, floral tributes, telegrams, let- ters, cords,-und visits during their nccnt sod be- reavement, in the death of their dearly loved, father, Joshua Chong Hing, especially thanking Mr. A. Laver, Dr. Herlitz, and the nurses of Hospital for Aged and Infirm, Cheltenham. 97 Queensberry street, Carlton. McDONELL.—The Misses M. and B. McDONELL,

Mr. and Mrs. Charles McDonell, "Glen-   garry," Kingsley street, E. Camberwell; and Miss A. McDonell, Euroa, desire to THANK friends for expressions of sympathy in their recent bereave- ment.     MR. and Mrs. HETHERINGTON MARTIN and

Family desire to THANK Iheir relatives am kind friends,for visits, letters, cards, telegrams, floral tributes, and personal expressions, in their recent sad bercaveinrntl alio to the nursing staff of the Eye ond Ear Hospital, for lovine; kindnesses Biiovin to them while their little daughter waa on inmate of the institution. Smith fired, Dales- ford._ MR. A. A. ROSS and'Family desire to tem

their sincere THANKS to all friends and

lotions for telegrams, letters of sjmpathy, a . floral tributes in their sod bereavement, pirlieularly Dr. (.. Hodgson, for his constant attention; also the Revs. G. Carson ami A. R. Stephenson for their kindly visits. Manoah, Inkerman rd., Host. St. Huila.____

MR. mid Mr». hXNNEWELL return slnierc

THANKS lo their relatives and inrnds lor flora! tnbulcs, caru>, telegrams, ond personal .

precsions of sympathy during their recent sod be- reavement; .also the doctors, nurses, and staff of Ward 1.1, Mclliouruc Hospital. _ MltTPlCKEKING ond Family, of "Riversun. .

Glen Eira rood, Elsternwick, return sintere THANKS to their many friends for floral tributes, letters, and telegrams; olsoDr. Sherwin and Nur»o

cerely THANK oil kind relatives and friends for tard«, letters, telegrams, beautiful floral tri- butes, and personal expressions of sjmpothy m the recent nari bereavement of their dearly lovel husband ond father; especially thanking Nurses Gosncy, Eyre, Marlow, Drs. F. W. Morton, A. S. Young, Forbes McKenric, Rev. F. Robinson, for their untiring' nttcntion, nnd Mr. Lewis for the wâiy he conducted the funeral armngmnents. Will all kindly accept (his, as we And it impossible lo thank oil individually. Prcstonia, 10 Hotham street, __boiit Ii Pri'stou.__^ MRS. C. M.'WALKBR and" Form!), of "Gladys

ville," Albert street, Surrey Hills, return sincere THANHS to their many friends for Horal tributes, letters, cards, telegrams, and kind ex- pressions of sympathy in their recent sad bereave- ment, especially Mrs. J. Waites ond Mrs. C. Jeffery. ,_"____ Mrs T McDonell and Family desire to return sincere THANKS lo their many friends     for letters, cards, telegrams, floral tributes, and personal expressions of sympathy received in their recent bereavement. Will all kindly accept tina intimation of our gratitude. "Carngham," 100 Kcrfcid road, Albert Park._ MRS. "TRAYNOR and" Family destro to express

their heartfelt THANKS to their many frlrnds for their personal sympathy, letters, cords, tele- grams, floral tributes, in their recent sail lvereave nicnt. Will kind friends please accept this in« timation of deep gratitude. Dwyerstead, Buln Buln. MRS. MATTHIAS and Daughters desire to THANK their many kind friends and relations   for sympathy expressed in visits, letters, tele- grams, &c, in their recent bereavement; they wish to especially thank brother officers and the members of the City Council. MRS. GARDNER and Family desire to return

sincere THANKS to their many friends for floral tributes, letters, cards, telegrams, and kind expressions of sympathy in their recent sad be- reavement. MRS. MCMILLAN desires to THANK Mr.- J. P.

Jones, tailor, Royal Arcade, .also. Ms em- ployees, for thefi trouble ond-fci¿rrtnesi,üi her great


BROWNE. - The Friends of Mr. HENRY MAX-

WELL BROWNE ore informed that the re mains ol his late beloved son, Edward Maxwell, will be interred in Ute Brighton Cemetery.

The funeral will lease his residence, E., S., and A. Bank house, High st., Malvern, THIS DAY (Saturday, 22nd Nov.), at 2 p.m.

DRS.YTON omi CARSON, Undertakers, High 6t., Malvern, and Prahran. Tel. U1228._ CLANCY.-The Friends orthe late Mr. DENIS

FRANCIS CLANCY are respectfully invited to follow lils remains to the place of interment, m the Coburg Ceracterv

THIS DAY (Sat., 22nd msU), ot 2.30 o'clock.

ALFRED ALLISON, Funeral Director. Head office, 221 Victoria st., near William st., West

Melb. 'Phone Cent. ObO.

CLAYDON.-Friends of the late Mr. JAMES

WILLIAM CLAYDON are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the Brighton Cemetery.

The funeral will move from his late residence, 48 Lillimur road, South Caulfield, on Monday, 24th inst., at 10.30 a.m.

HERBERT KING and SONS, Undertakers, Glen- ferrie Rd., Malvern. 'Phone U4039.

MACLACHLAN.-Friends of the late Mr.

GEORGE BURGFSS MACLACIILAN arc re- spectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the Melbourne General Ceme-


The funeral will move from his late residence, 82 Wellington parade, East Melbourne, THIS DAY

no.x street, Richmond. 'Phone 912.

TWITCHETT. - The Friends of the late Mr.

HENRY TWITCHETT are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, in the Coburg Cemetery.

Tlie funeral will leave bia residence, 29 Chet- wynd st., North Melbourne, THIS DAY (Sat, 22nd November), at 2 o'clock.

THOMAS HENRY ALLISON, Undertaker. Head omeo, 181 Elgin st., Carlton. Tel. No. 1182 Cent.

of the lote Mr. JOHN AURKNC1Î WAY ore respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the Melbourne General Cemetery.

The funeral w11! move from his late residence, "Atholstan," Chatsworth road, E. Prahran, THIS

DAY (Saturdnv, 22nd Inst.), nt 4 p.m. (Motors.)

ui.'nt!t.-D'n trivn nn.i snvc iin.i»,.i «- it'll.

WILSON. - The funeral of the late HERBERT LINDSAY WILSON (of Kywong, Lochhart)       will leave Messrs. McIntosh Bros.' Funeral Estab-   lishment, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, To-    

morrow (Sunday, the 23rd inst.), at 9 o'clock, for the Wagga Wagga Cemetery. A. A. SLEIGHT, Funeral Directors, Melbourne. 'Phone 410,