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Drive 'Yourself in our de lxe Motor Cars Prices from 10/ per hire. Tivoli Garae.- I lAdvt. )i

Better Alex Gurney ANThS, Mel SphrastA IN thankA ldE ED CAPSTAN . It 's always time for a Special Mild in the RED Pack. 10 for 6d. - 20 for 1/-. - - Also flat and round fifties and hundreds.

SHIRTS MADE TO YOUR OWN MEASURE MENTS! Cut and made in our own work room by skilled Craftsmen - fit Snd finish guar anteed. Splendid wearing materials in a good selec tion of patterns and colourings. Woven Poplins and Art Silks, 10/6 each, or 3 for - . 30/ Pure Silk Crepe de Chine .... - - - - .. - .. . .. . . 21/ Best English Poplins ...... .. 13/6, 16/6, 18/6 each "Oakbank" EXCLUSIVE FOOTWEAR 47/6 Made from first quality Tan Willow, or black Box Calf, with smart medium snuare toes, Calf heel linings, and gimped edge, full golosh cut. Sizes and half sizes. Price 47/6 per pair. Also available in imported brown "Zebu" Calf. Price 50/ per pair. TENNIS SHOES.............. 6/6 Made with heavy weight bleached canvas uppers. in Oxford style with crepe or black retread rubber soles; reinforced toecaps and rubber sole foxing. Sizes 5 to 10. Prices from 6/6 to 15/6 per pair. All IWool Cream I GABARDINE ' TROUSERS ... 27/6 "Elasta-Strap" Patent waist grip for comfort and freedom of action. A qual ity cloth that will retain its appearance and give absolute satisfaction to the wearer. Prices 27/6 and 29/6 per pair. Men's Ready Tailored SPORTS COATS, a light weight cloth which is ideal for our summer climate, in the new season's grey and fawn tonings. Com fortable fitting, high-grade finish. Prices 45/, 52/6 and 63/ each. Aertex SPORTS SHIRTS . Polo style with short sleeves and button fronts. Plain colours of white, grey, green, and navy. Price 7/6 each. Fancy checked, marl and slub patterns in bol ours of blue, grey, green and fawn Prices 12/6, 14/6 and 15/6 each. The ideal Summer PYJAMA ... d. elbow length sleeves and knee length 2 Pants. Open V neck with rever collar. Made from a woven poplin in fast col oured stripes of blue, grey, and brown. Price 12/6 suit. BOANS CUP SPECIAL for the Ladies! 21/- PERMANENT WAVE for only 17/6 Neck Trim . . . 9d. Hair Cut .. ........ 1/6 Shampoo and Set ...... 3/6 Re-set ............ 2/6 First Floor -Adjoining Showrooms in BOANS HAIRDRESSING SALON Service and Satisfaction Guaranteed. "Oh, I remember. It 'was about Rivette's Mel bourne Cup. I said, 'You may have better luck in the No. 83 Charities Consultation.' " No. 83 oz Consultation. Tickets selling fast: 2nd week. PRIZE... £6, TICKETS 2/6 EACH.