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TOODYAY SHOW. TOODYAY, Oct. 16.-The Toodyay Agricultural Society's annual show was held on October 14 in ideal weather and was very successful. In some of the stock sections the entries were not so numer ous as list year, but competition was keen. The following were the principal awards: HORSES.-Thoroughbred stallion: E. B. Lee Steere, 1 and champion. Mare: E. H. Lee Steere, 1 and champion. Four-horse team: E. D. P. Hayes. Trotter: J. Howard. Draught stallion: Deepdale Estate. 1 and champion. Filly, three years: N. Maughan. Mare in foal: N. Maughan, 1 and champion. Mare bred in Toodyay district: E. D. P. Hayes. Mare, open: E. D. P. Hayes. Gelding. open: Deepdale Estate. Filly, two years: E. D. P. Hayes. Filly, yearling: N. Maughan. CATTLE.-Jerseys:-Bull: F. P. Atwell. Bull. yearling: F. P. Atwell Cow: J. A. J. Wroth. Heifer, two years: F. P. Atwell. Yearl ing: H. J. Drake-Brockman. Red Poll: Bull: B. S. Walton. Cow: B. S. Walton. Utility bull: F. P. Atwell. Cow: F. P. Atwell. Pure beef breed:-Bull: E. H. Lee Steere. Cow: E. H. Lee Steere. Two fat beasts: E. H. Lee Steere. SHEEP.-Merino, strong wool:--Ram. under 11 years: A. B. Stone. Under 21 years: F. P. Atwell. Over 21 years and under 31 years: A. B. Stone. 1 and champion. Ewe, under 111 years: E. E. Twine. Under 2½ years: 2. C. Phillips. Ewe. 3' years or over: E. E. Twine. Ram, any age: D. G. Walton. Ewe. any age: E. E. Twine. 1 and champion. Three ewes under 1% years: E. E. Twine. Farmers' Merino classes:-Ram, under 2% years: E. W. Beard. Under 3% years: E. W. Beard. Any age, owners with flocks of 500 ewes or under: H. W. Beard. Ewe. any age. owners with flocks of 500 ewes or under: B. G. Wal ton. Commercial classes:-Three wethers: W. A. Hodgkinson. Three fat lambs, crossbred. in wool. 56 to '75 lb. live weight: R. L. Jack. Three fat lambs. crossbred, for commercial value: E. L. Gilbert. Three crossbred ewes, under 4½ years: W. E. Jervois. Three cross bred ewes, under 4½/ years farmers with flocks of 500 or under: B. L. Jack. Three crossbred ewes, under 2½ years: W. E. Jer vois. Romney Marsh ram: E. D. P. Hayes. Ewe: EK D. P. Hayes. Dorset Horn ram: W. E. Jervols. Ewe: W. E. Jervols. Corriedale ram: K. J. O. Stevenson. Ewe: J. T. Smith. WOOL.-Two fleeces other than rams: K. J. O. Stevenson. Fleece strong wool Merino ram: A. B. Stone. Ewe: A. B. Stone. Fleece fine to medium Mermno ran: E. H. Twine. Ewe: A. B. Stone. Two fleeces other than rams or Merino sheep: J. T. Smith. PIGS.-Berkshire. boar over 12 months: Lobb and Jones. 1 and champion. Under 12 months: J. Birnie. Sow, over 12 months: Lobb and Jones. I and champion. Under 12 months: A. Groves. Tamworth boar: J. A. J. Wroth. Two baconers: J. Birnie. Two porkers: B. J. Drake-Brockman. POULTRY.-Game, male: C. Lawler. Fe male: C. Lawler. Leghorn, white, male: C. Lawler. Female: C. Lawler. Any other variety, female: C. Lawler. Australorp. male: L. W. Clarke. Female: L. W. Clarke. Rhode Island Red, male: L. W. Clarke. Female: L. W. Clarke. Sussex. male: C. Lawler. Female: C. Lawler. Bantam, male: C. Lawler. Female: C. Lawier. Utility Orpington. male: M1. Wroth. Female: L. W. Clarke. Utility Leghorn, male: C. Lawler. Female: F. E. Bradford. Minorca. male: C. Lawler. Female: Bt. E. Wallace. Utility trio, heavy breed: F. E. Bradford. Gander: G. Hughes. Goose: It. L. Jack. Drake: C. Lawler. Duck: C. Lawler. Turkey gobbler: F. E. Bradford. Hen: F. E. Brad ford. AGRICULTURE.-Wheat. premium: W. A. Hodgkinson. Other than premium: W. A. Hodgkinson. Oats. Algerian: W. A. Hodg kinson Burt's Early: W. A. Hodgkinson. Guyra: W. A. Hodgkinson. Any other variety: J. Truman. Barley. Californian: R. 2. Drake Brockman. English: S. 1. Lee. Wheaten chaff: J. A. J. Wroth. Osten chaff: W. A. Hodgkinson. Sheaf of wheat for corn: B. W. Tyndall. Wheat for chaff: W. A. Hodekinson. Oats for hay: G. Donegan. Oats for chaff: G. Donegan. Oats for corn: G. Donegan. Eng lish barley: K. J. 0. Stevenson. Collection of grasses and clovers: Toodyay State School. FRUIT.-Table raisins: Mrs. T. W. Fergu son. Sultanas: Mrs. T. W. Ferguson. Raisins. loose: Mrs. T. W. -Fergusons. Currants, Mrs. T. W. Ferguson. Navel oren~ee: W. A. Hodgkinson. Valencia oranges: W. A. Hodgkinson. Mandarins: K. D. Lee. Oranges. any other sort: W. A. Hodgkinson. Lemons: J. W. Hasson. Collection of fruits: W. A. Hodgkinson. Collection of dried fruits: Mrs. T. W. Ferguson. Collection citrus fruits: W. A. Hodgkinson.