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WEST PERTH DEFEATED. East Fremantle's Poor Kicking. After a fairly even first half, East Fre mantle drew away from West Perth in the second half of the match at the Fre mantle Oval on Saturday and won easily by 44 points. Heavy rain spoilt the play from the spectators' point of view, al though there were several amusing inci dents when players slid along the mudfy cricket pitches. Apart from the pitches the ground was in good order. East Fre mantle had most of the play, but its kick ing for goal was astray, only four goals being scored from the first 16 shots. West Perth played resolutely throughout and did well, although handicapped through several players being unfit. Tet ley, although he had been in bed most of the week with influenza, had to play, while R. Screaigh alld several others had minor injuries. The teams were: EAST FREMANTLE.--Backs: J. Clark, A. Kingsbury. Skeahan. Half-backs: Donegan, C. Dogle. Gabrielson. Centres: Migro. Beubert, Storer. Half-forwards: Sanford. Prince. Bec caria. Forwards: Ebbs. G. Doig. Soltoggio. Buck: Strang. Wendt. McGlinn (rover). Nine teenth man: W. Taylor (replaced Strang. in jured leg, in the second quarter). WEST PERTH.-Backs: Tetley. Caplin. Lemon. Half-backs: Moran. P. Walsh, James. Centres: Bridges. Giese. Austin. Half-forwards: W. Golding. Davies. Sampson. Forwards: W. Kingsbury, Tyson, Pola. Ruck: O'Keefe. Cook, Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: R. Screaeb i (replaced O'Keefe. corked leg, at half-time). UMPIRE: C. Black. West Perth played determinedly during the first quarter, and led early. Heavy rain marred the play,. and gradually East I

Fremantle settled down to take the lead. Playing steadily, East Fremantle led 3.6 to 2.3 at quarter-time. In the second quarter Strang twisted his right leg twice and had to leave the ground. East Fre santle's kicking for goal was poor, and it should have led by more than 4.12 to 4.3 at half-time. O'Keefe did not resume after the. In terval owing to a "corked" leg. East Fre mantle had most of the play, but the soccer tactics did not tend to make the game interesting. West Perth's defence was called upon to do a lot of work, and it stood to its task well. At three-quarter time East Fremantle led, 8.18 to 4.7. Main interest in the last quarter was East Fre mantle's effort to improve its percentage. The heavy ball made goal-kicking diffi cult, and the home team's addition for the quarter was 3.4. The final scores were: EAST FREMANTLE . L22 (88 pts.) WEST PERTH. . . 68 (44 pts.) Scorers:-East Fremantle: G. Doig, 4.6; Sanford, 2.2; Soltoggio and @Fbs, each 1.2; Strang and Wendt, each I.1; Done gan, 1.0; Beccaria, 0.4; Prince, 0.3; isigro, 0.1. West Perth: Tyson, 3.1; W. Kings bury, 2.2; Davies, 1.0; Sampson, 0.2; Giese, Lemon and W. Golding, each 0.1. In a strong half-back line Gabrielson was outstanding for East Fremantle. He relieved with dash and handled the wet ball surely. Donegan, whether on the half-back flank or rucking, was a vital factor in East Fremantle's success. Prince, Seubert, and Sanford were in ex cellent form throughout, Prince marking the greasy ball as surely as anyone on the ground. C. Doig, Skeahan and A. Kings bury proved reliable defenders, while Ebbs, Soltoggio and Storer were often pro minent. Few did better for West Perth than P. Walsh; and in the first half he was the outstanding player on the ground. In the second half particularly he received strong support from Caplin, who played dashingly at times. Giese was prominent in the first half, while Rainoldi and Pola roved well Lemon, Cook, Davies and Bridges were others to do good work.