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CLAREMONTS POWERFUL BURST. Runaway Vidory Over Subiaco. Claremont had a runaway victory over Subiacd at the Claremont Oval on Sat urday, the final margin being 65 points. Its side weakened through prominent men being absent, Claremont was even slower to start than usualMthe forward division particularly being below standard. The team was five points behind at half-time, with only 6.6 on the board. After the interval it was transformed. Every man becoming effective, with G. Moloney tgk ing over the centre-forward position and getting the attack" working smoothly, it produced a torrid ol?nsive which shat tered Subiaco for the rest of the game. It scored 6.1 in ten minutes and 8.3 for the quarter, while holding Sublaco down to 0.1. Thereafter the match lost com petitive interest. The teams were: CLARE[ONT.-Backs: McDonald. Grieve. Sutherland.- Half-backs: Headon. 8. Clarke. O'Neill. Centres: S. Mloney. G. Moloney. Edmeades. Half-forwards: Gibson. Heusler. Hesford. Forwards: Serleant, Julian. Boy Ruek: Reeves, Hunt. Hooper (rover). Nine teenth man: Curtis (did not play). SIBIACO.-Backs: Luke. C. Taylor. Fisher. Half-backs: Roberts, B. Smith. N. Smith. Centres: Bennett. Bowe. Cumming. Half-for wards: Shea Brewer. Peers. Forwards: Leitch. Hardiman. L. Mills. Ruck: McIntyre Roe. Bunmton (rover). Nineteenth man: Stuart (re placed Mills. broken finger, in first Quarter). UMPIRE.--R. Donoghue. A terrific wind was blowing across the ground. Subiaco showed a good turn of speed and passed well to the forwards but Claremont was backing up better and. more solid in ruck and with G. Moloney establishing a direct line to the goal, built up a lead. Bunton, limping, went to a forward pocket. Shea replacing him on the ball and Leitch going to a half-for ward wing. Stuart replaced Mills (bro ken finger) in a forward pocket. A rally in which Roe was prominent improved Subiaco's position just before quarter time, making the scores: Claremont, 4.5; Subiaco, 4.4. Subiaco went away from the ruck and a quick goal gave it a five-point lead, but Claremont replied with a goal. A gale and pelting rain made playing con ditions very difcult. Claremont was weak in the forward area, and numerous op portunities cgated -by G. Moloney were missed. Put Into attack by its defenders with Shea a strong connecting link, Su biaco gained the initiative and, though hampered by Bunton's disability, took the lead and held it, beli V.5 to Claremont's 6.6 at half-time. G. Moloney went in front of goal for Claremont, Edmeades taking the centre and Julian going on a centre-wing; Reeves and Hooper were pairing well and, with Clarke keeping Subiaco out Claremont went to a 14-point lead befbre Subiaco increased its score, gaining a behind. Claremont, however, was on top and. its ruck men and rovers particularly stron, It quickly carried the ball forward again. All dtsi men were now effective and with a well-balanced game It rattled Sublaco and scored 61 in ten minutes. G. Moloney bad the forwards- working systematically, and Fisher was given the task of watching him. Subiaco could not recover, and trailed at three-quarter time with 7.6 to\Claremont's 14.9. Sublaco pt t Hardiman in ruck in an effort to turn the play, but Claremont had a clear advantage in all departmaent, and steadily added to its score, though mostly with behinds. Final scores: CLAREMONT .... 1711 (119 pta) SUBIACO ....... 8s.6 (54 pta.) Scorers:--Claremont: Hooper, 4.1; G0 Molonea, 3.6; Serjeant, 3.2; Boys, i~n eeves, 2.1; Jullan. 1.2; Gibson and Heu-I sler, 1.0 each; Hesford, 01; two behinds forced through, Sublaco: Hardman, 2.2;' Bunton, 2?1; Shea, 1.1; Stuart, Brewer and Roe, 1.0 each; Peers, 0.1; one behind forced through. For Claremont, Hooper was in brilliant form, always ahead of the play and scin tillating especially in the t t third quarter. Reeves also s in devastating form, dominating the ruck and teaming excellently with Hooper. Clarke was in top form at centre-half-back, and G. Moloney was most effective. Serjeant gave a heady exhibition of both roving and forward play. Gibson and Suther land did fine work in ruck, and Headon and O'Neill were strong at half-back, with Grieve dashing in goal. Edmeadds, S. Maoloney and Julian also were effective. When an injury compelled Bunion to go out of the play for Subiaco, Shea became the force behind the offensive work and inspired a fine showing in the first half. The effort was too much and he was not so active in the second half. How much- he meant to the team was shown by the fact that it was not then nearly the same as before. McIntyre, fol lowing and in defence, was reliable and effective, but as centre-forward in the last quarter he had practically nothing to do. When Subiaco was under fire in the latter stages, Fisher was the most pro minent of the Subiaco men. Hardiman played steadily throughout, and Roe did good work in the ruck, while Stuart played well in a forward pocket. N. Smith and Roberts worked hard in defence, and Peers and Bowe were the best of the others. Bunton was a great force until injured.