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RAILWAY COLLISION. TWO LOCOMOTIVES CAPSIZE. Accident at Central Station. On lines north of the main passenger platforms at the central railway sta tion yesterday morning two locomotives which were shunting collided and cap sized. None of the four members of the crew was injured and little damage re suited. Officials have been given re ports of the occurrence and an inquiry will be held. The accident occurred near points where Y road converges on Z road. Y road runs parallel with the road on the northern side of No. 7 platform, and Z road connects with the carriage eheds at the western end of the sta tion. Between the two roads are two other short lines which run to dead ends. Shortly after 8 o'clock one of the loco motives had pushed three empty pas senger coaches from one of the five lines passing under the Beaufort-street bridge and was drawn up on the western side of the points where Y and Z lines con verge. The lomotive was uncoupled from the coaches and, after standing for seve ral minutes, commenced to move bunker first towards the points. At the same moment a second locomotive moving bunker-first started towards the points along Z line. Colliding with a resounding crash, .both locomotives toppled over away from the point of collision. The crews jumped clear, except the driver of the locomo tive on Y line, who was still inside the cab when the locomotive went over. A breakdown train was summoned from East Perth and the work of lifting the locomotives and restoring them to the lines with the aid of the 25-ton crane was watched by crowds lining the near est platform and the rails of the Beau fort-street bridge. The first locomotive was set on the rails about noon and the second an hour later. They were towed to the East Perth depot for examina tion.