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PERTH'S GOOD SECOND HALF. 30-Point Win from Subiaco. After an even first half, in which ap palling conditions seriously affected the standard of play, Perth gained the upper hand in the third quarter of its match against Subiaco at Subiaco Oval on Satur day and in the second half Subiaco was outplayed. The winner handled the ball more skilfully and was more certain and purposeful in its play than Subiaco, al though Subiaco suffered a severe blow when Bowe, who had been a vital force in the centre, was injured late in the third quarter. The teams were: PERTH..--itzgerald. Robertson. McCarthy. Rail-backs: Bailey. HRss, Hatton. Centres: Rundell. Puddey. Lewis. Hail-forwards: Mc Kenzie, Henfry, Hetherington. Forwards: T. Ransom, Gook, Keightley. Ruck: Oliphant, Williams. Grigg (rover). Nineteenth man: Love (replaced McCarthy, injured leg, in second Quarter). 8UBIACO.-Backs: Luke. Strack. Fisher. Half-backs: Roberts Hardiman. N. Smith. Centres: Bennett. Bowe, Cumming. Half-for. wards: Shea. B. Smith. Peers. Forwards: L. Mills. Cartledge. Brewer. Ruck: Roe. Mc Intyre. Bunton (rover). Nineteenth men: Leitch (replaced Strack. injured leg. in the last minute of play). UMPIRE: V. Sparrow. Play started in driving rain, which con tinued throughout the quarter. Subiaco was the faster but failed to turn its advantage to good account. Perth's kick ing at goal was uncertain and 13 minutes elapsed before Gook, after dropping two chest marks, goaled. Bowe was outstand ing at centre but only one goal resulted from numerous attacks which he launched. A blinding shower marked the close of the quarter, when the scores were:-Perth, 1.5; Subiaco, 1.1. Winning in the ruck and across the centre, Perth scored three quick goals in the opening minutes of the second quarter. But its handling of the ball fell away and Subiaco, with Roe domin ating the ruck, rallied to score two goals. Bunton's open play helped the team to overuome the difficulties of a wet ball and slushy patches on the ground. The Subiaco centre line regained its advantage but the bas faltered in the closing stages of tie quarter and Perth led at half-time th 4.7 to 3.7. Perth lost an excellent chance of estab lishing a big lead in the third quarter when, after a goal, it missed four easy shots. Gook was off the target, although playing very well. Subiaco was outplayed but clever work by Shea enabled it to get into attack, only to fail at goal After many tries Perth's attack steadied down and when Gook goaled Perth was 25 points ahead. A knock on the leg af fected Bowe and for a time Subiaco's vital force was nullified. But it was easily Perth's quarter and the city team led at the close of the term with 7.15 to 3.7. Shea replaced Bowe (injured) at centre at the start of the last quarter, Bowe going to half-forward. Grigg goaled for Perth. Puddey, who had been subdued, was prominent in this quarter and Perth handled the ball with great skill. It did

not have mnch success at scoring but it was by far the better team. Subiaco fought on till the end and increased its score, but Perth had the match under control throughout the quarter. The final scores were:- PERTH ........... ..17 (71pts.). SUBIACO .. ..... 5.11 (41pts.). Scorers.-Perth: Gook, 4.6; Keightley, 3.0; Grigg, 1.2; T. Ransom, 1.0; Williams, 0.3; Olipant, 0.2; Henfry, 0.1; Mc Kenzle, 0.L One behind forced through. Sublaco: Bunton, 1.3; Roe, 1.2; Brewer, 11; Hardiman, 1.0; Shea, 1.0: Mills, 0.2: Peers, 0.1; McIntyre, 0.L One behind forced through. For Perth Hilsz was a fine player. He carried the responsibilities of centre half back with distinction and was very safe. Robertson gave excellent service in goal, checking the opposing goalsneak, clearing strongly and kicking the heavy ball over long distances. Oliphant and Grigg did a full share of effective work on the ball and Williams's hard work was an asset to the team. Gook played with spirit and skill, although his kicking still is not up to his best standard. Lewis, McKenzie, Puddey (in the last quarter) and Hatton were prominent at times. Until he was injured Bowe was one of the three best players in the game and his brilliant play was sufficient to share the honours of the Subiaco team with Bunton. The latter's ease and skill in the poor conditions made him promi nent in every quarter. Roe was almost their equal He followed strongly and did a lot of hard, effective work. On the wings Cumming and Bennett did excel lent work and Shea did some clever things at half-forward. Others prominent were B. Smith, N. Smith, Hardiman and Peers.