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EAST PERTH'S ADAPTABILITY. Comfortable Victory Over West Perth Better suited by the waterlogged ground and teeming rain, East Perth gained an easy win over West Perth by 57 points at Leederville Oval on Saturday. Until the rain came, the game was interesting to watch, for the teams were evenly matched and the ultimate loser was play ing with plenty of dash and at times good system. East Perth was behind at the end of the first quarter, but soon gained the lead and gradually went further ahead, and at no stage appeared to be in danger. Whereas West Pe floundered, the East Perth players seemed comparatively at home under the atro cious conditions and played good wet weather football; frequently soccer tac tics prevailed, and the East Perth men backed each other up well and followed up the play better than West Perth. The teams'were: WEST PERTH: Backs: R. Scresigh. Tetley. Caplin. Half-backs: Lemon. P. Walsh. Moran. Centres: Austin. Giese. Bridges. Half-for wards: Sampson. Davies. W. Kingsbury. For wards: W. Goldlng. Tyson. Pola. Ruck: O'Keefe, Cook. Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: James (did not play). EAST PERTH.-Backs: J. Sweet. Ward, Tho mas. Half-backs: Mussman, Starr. Garnaut. Centres: Miller. H. Smith. E. Sweet. Half forwards: Broom, Neeson. Lockyer. Forwards: Fogarty. Gardiner. A. Campbell. Ruck: L. Graham, R. Graham. F. Patterson (rover). Nineteenth man: J. Campbell (replaced Muss man. injured leg. In last quarter). UMPIRE: R. Donoghue. West Perth began smartly with two goals from Golding following marks close in. Its ruck was functioning well and the team was infusing plenty of dash into its work, and although East Perth levelled the scores, West Perth went away again to a two-goal lead, the result of fast, systematic play. Half-way through the quarter heavy rain came down and the oval was soon transformed into miniature lakes. East Perth adapted itself better to the conditions and gradu ally wore down West Perth's lead. At quarter-time East Perth trailed by a point (3.6 to 4.1) and quickly took the b

lead after the change-over. Good foot ball was now out of the question, but East Perth's play had the virtue of being workmanlike, and sound methods among the forwards resulted in the side having a useful lead (7.10 to 4.3) at half time. Goals from Gardiner (3) and Neeson enabled East Perth to run away to a big lead, and, with rain now falling almost continuously, interest died away. Most players used soccer tactics in mid field, and after East Perth's early burst there was a long drab period, broken by only a couple of points to East Perth, until West Perth rushed through two goals in the closing minutes. East Perth led with 11.14 to6.3 at three-quarter time, and in the last term increased its ad vantage to win comfortably, the final scores being: EAST PERTH .. .. 15.19 (109 pts.) WEST PERTH .... 8.4 (52 pts.) Scorers.-East Perth: Gardiner, 7.4; Neeson, 4.5; A. Campbell and R. Graham, 12; L. Graham and Lockyer. 1.0; Pat terson, 0.3; Broom, 0.2; one behind forced through. West Perth: Kingsbury, 3.0; Goldlng,2.0; Fola, 1.1; Sampson and lainoldi, 1.0; O'Keefe and Tyson, 0.1; one behind forced through. Few players on either side were able to give of their best, but Neeson, on the half-forward line, gave an excellent dis play; he marked the ball on his chest well, and covered long distances at times with his punts. Lockyer" was another to shape well at half-forward, while Gar diner worked hard for his seven goals. H. Smith was always useful and at times artistic in the centre, and E. Sweet played well on the left wing. A. Campbell roved well, Mussman was solid in defence, and Broom, L. Graham and Miller were use ful. Giese was a hard battler in the centre for West Perth, and kicked well with either foot. Caplin was the best of the back lines, where Walsh also brought off a number of clearances, Cook and O'Keefe did a good Job in the rack, and Kings bury played well s.L half-forward and roving. Moran, Tetley. Bridges and Austin were prominent at times.