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AN EVEN STRUGGLE. South Fremantle Beats Claremont. An interesting game between South Premantle and Claremont at the Clare mont Oval on Saturday brought victory to south Fremantle by nine points. The Fremantle team opened in breathtaking fashion with an exhibition of dahling speed and clever ground play and led by 21 points at the end of the first quarter. It was then Claremont'a turn to hold at tentlon with a fine demonstration of teamwork which changed the complexion of the game entirely, the lead being gained in the short period of seven minutes. Unfortu?nately. heavy rain then set In and the play, which had been of a high standard, developed into hard slogging, with little between the teams, and it was a question which side could stick it the hardest. The lead changed several times in the last quarter until South Fremantle went ahead ten minutes from time and, finishing the stronger, secured a grip on the game. The teams were: SOUTH PREMANTLE.-Backs: Renfrey. Higham. J. Mills. Half-backs: Dodd. D. Doig, Haskell. Centres: N. Lewington. Jenkins. Hart. Half-forwards, Burkett, D. Smith. C. Lewing ton. Forwards: R. Toll. Chandler, Gorn. Ruck, A. Richardson. Reilly, Truscott (rover). Nineteenth man: Poole (did not play). CLAREMONT.-Backs: S. Moloney. Grieve. Sutherland. Half-backs: Headon. S. Clarke. O'Neill. Centres: Reid. Edmeades. Jullan. Half-forwards. Heusler, Compton. Gibson. Forwards: SerJeant, G. Moloney. Kenworthy. Ruck: Reeves, Hunt, Hooper (rover). Nine teenth man: Boys (did not play). UMPIRE.-C. Black. South Premantle over-ran Claremopt in the first quarter. Accentuating tre mendous pace with strong backing up, it allied vigour with excellent ground play, and smart leading by the forwards brought quick scoring. Claremont fell into the error of rushing its play and although Reid gave it a passage around a centre-wing, its attack could not func tion properly against the opposing de fence. The South Fremantle rack com bined strongly with Jenkins to provide openings through the centre and N. Lew ington changed wings to watch Reid. Kenworthy changed with Julian. Twenty minutes passed before Claremont broke through for its first goal pnd it trailed with 2.5 to South Fremintle's 5.8 at quarter-time. Reeves to Compton to Hooper to G. Moloney gave Claremont a goal in 15 seconds from the first course after the change. South Fremantle erred in try ing to clear around Reid and Headon's wing and another 2.1 to Claremont made the difference two points with five min utes gone by. Heavy rain fell, but Clare mont's ruck was now in its stride and another quick goal gave this team the lead. Chandler moved into ruck tem porarily in an attempt to check Clare mont's superiority there, but in the face of solid teamwork by Claremont, South Fremantle had fallen away. It was Claremont's quarter and it led with 9.8 to 6.10 .at half-time. Claremont again got the ball away from the bounce and goaled within 20 seconds. This time, South Fremantle replied quickly with seven points. The rain had made the ground heavy and the ball slippery, and the play became a slogging affair. South Fremantle put C. Lewington on Reld's wing and N. Lewing ton back on the right wing. It gradu ally forced the ball down through the centre and after 19 minutes took the lead by two points. `Reid put Claremont in attack again, but a goal was equalised by South Fremantle, which #as handling the wet ball better. South Fremantle led with 11.14 to 1L12 at three-quarter time. Claremont regained the lead with a quick goal, but the teams were very even and a snap by Truscott put South Fre mantle in front again. It was anybody's game and with rain falling steadily it was a case of vigorous battling with neither side able to make headway. Then, 12 minutes from time, Kenworthy forwarded and G. Moloney took a remarkable mark to goal for Claremont. Fighting its way forward, South Fremantle got a goal by Toll from a scrum within two minutes and did not again lose the lead. South Fremantle kept up the pressure and goal ing again four minutes from time, re mained on top. Final scores: SOUTH FREMANTLE .. 14.15 (99 pts.). CLAREMONT ........ 13.124 (90 pta). Scorers.-South Fremantle: Chandler, 7.3; Truscott, 5.3; Toll and D. Smith, 1.1 each; Gorn, 0.4; Burkett, 02; C. Lewing ton, 0.1. Claremont: G. Moloney, 5.1: Hooper, 2.2; Gibson, 2.1; Julian and Compton, 1.2 each; Reeves and Serjeant, 1.1 each; Heusler, 0.1; one behind forced through. None of the South Fremantle players was especially outstanding. Truscott was in the play continually and, although he missed leads at the outset, he became in valuable when the rain fell, handling the wet ball smartly and carrying on the play well. Jenkins was the star of the first-quarter burst, but was ?naccountably neglected in the second quarter and was not again so prominent. After N. Lew ington had been overshadowed by Reid in the first half, he took a leading hand on the other wing in the second half and was a strong force in the winning rally. D. Doig played well at centre-half-back and Richardson, Reilly and Haskefll were a strong trio, following and .placed. Chandler was a capable centre-forward and Renfrey and Toll were best of the others. For Claremont, Reid, in brilliant form, was invaluable in midfield, trhiumphing over all South Fremantle's moves to stop him. G. Moloney gave another talented performance in front of goal, and Ser jeant roved in ?excellent style. Reeves and Gibson were forces in rack and Clarke, Headon and O'Neill made a strong half-back line, with S. Moloney in fine form in a back pocket. Edmeades did a workmanlike job watching Jenkins in the centre.