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CLAREMONT EASILY BEATEN. Fine Display by East Fremantle. Unfolding a polished display of fast systematic football, East Fremantle easily defeated Claremont by 26 points at 1 Fremantle Oval on Saturday. Most of the attractive features of the code were

exhibited in a game which was always I good to watch, and in the first half East I Fremantle at times had Claremont non- 4 plussed with its speed and system; it was dominant in the centre and in the a ruck, and its safe marking and sure I handling of the ball formed a marked contrast to Claremont's frequent fumbl- 7 ing. Just before half-time. Claremont's 7 rucks struck form and from then on the l team's general play improved. Its mark ing was now much better and there seemed more purpose in its moves, and with the sides evenly matched the large crowd found plenty to hold its atten tion. But, determinedly as Claremont fought, it at no stage appeared likely to bridge the gap made by East Fremantle's earlier brilliance, and East Fremantle ran out an easy winner. The teams were: EAST FREMANTLE.-Backs: Briggs, A. Kingsbury. J. Clark. Half-backs: Donegan. C. Doig, Gabrielson. Centres: Taylor, Seubert, Storer. Half-forwards: Wendt. Daniell. Prince. Forwards: Soltogglo. G. Doig. Beccaria. Ruck: Ebbs, Strang. MoGlinn (rover). Nineteenth man: Migro (did not play). CLAREMONT.-Backs: S. Moloney. Grieve. Sutherland. Half-backs: Headon. S. Clarke. O'Neill. Centres: Held. Lovegrove, Edineades. Half-forwards: Gibson. Compton. Jalian. For warda: Kenworthy, G. Maloney, Boys. Rack: Reeves. Hunt. Hooper (rover). Nineteenth man: Hesford (did not play). UMPIRE: V. Sparrow. Ascendancy in the ruck, where Ebbs was outsanding, enabled East Fremantle to launch a series of attacks with the light breeze, but a solid defence pre vented a breakaway, and with nearly half the term gone the margin in East Fremantle's favour was only two points. Then, in a burst of Sne football, marked by accurate foot-passing and brilliant marking, East Fremantle took charge; Seubert in the centre and Ebbs, Strang and McGlinn on the bail were the driv ing force, and East Fremantle led by 4.5 to 1.0 at quarter-time. Goals quickly came to each side, and, as East Fremantle continued to play with smooth system, Claremont made changes in placings. With C. Doig almost im passable at centre half-back, and Gabrielson and Donegan supporting him well on the flanks, Claremont was break ing down badly across the half-forward line, and East Fremantle, with Seubert a stellar, was able to sustain the attacks. Half-way through the quarter it led by 10.5 to 2.0, and G. Moloney then went to the centre in an endeavour to quieten Seubert. To a certain extent he was successful, and when Reeves struck form in the ruck Claremont improved, and three goals in the closing minutes bright ened its prospects. East Fremantle led at half-time with 11.5 to 6.0. Edmeades was in the centre and G. Moloney back in front of the goals on resumption. The game was now more even, with Claremont more certain in its handling' of the ball, and holding its I own in the ruck. Goal was answered by goal and G. Moloney, who was outstanding 6 among the Claremont forwards, was fre f quently coming well out on to the half forward line. Claremont's tally reached eight goals straight, and then Moloney i broke the sequence with two behinds. Claremont had lowered its leeway by p three points at three-quarter time, when " it had scored 102 to 14.10. Two behinds and then a goal by G. Moloney brought Claremont closer, and then followed a period of midfield play

with neither side able to take charge. Clever handball between G. Moloney and Gibson gave the latter a goal, and then, in a long-sustained assault East Fre mantle could add only behinds until G. Doig goaled with a shot from an angle. East Fremantle was playing comfortably, and won easily, the final scores being: E. FREMANTLE . . 15.18 (108 pts.) CLAREMONT . ... 13.4 (82 pts.) Scorers.-East Fremantle: G. DoIg, 8.1; McGlinn, 2.4; Ebbs, 2.2; Beccaila, 1.2; Seubert and Daniell, 1.0; Prince, 0.3; Strang, Wendt am I Briggs, 0.1; three be hinds forced through. Claremont: G. Moloney, 5.4; Compton, 3.0; Boys asld Gibson, 2.0; Reeves, 1.0. East Fremantle was well served in practically every department, but C. Doig stood well out for his tigerish work at centre half-back; his marking was brilliant at times, and he allowed his man little latitude. Seubert gave a polished display in the centre, and Ebb's marking and knocking-out from the rack started many moves. Gabrielson at half-back was again one of the best. McGlinn roved tenaciously, Taylor played artistically on a wing, and Briggs was one of the hard est triers afield, whether on the ball or in defence. G. Doig scouted well and kicked accurately to secure eight goals, Strang was a tireless follower and Done gan did well at half-back. Few of the Claremont team played well throughout. . G. Moloney, however, played cleverly and unselfishly to hold the for ward lines together, and kicked five goals. Reid was the only centre-line player to show out, and started many moves with his long kicks, while Reeves, after a poor beginning, struck his best form in the ruck just before half-time; his marking and good kicking had much to do with Claremont's improvement. Clarke had an interesting tussle with Daniell, and Grieve played doggedly in goal and kicked off well. Of the others, S. Moloney, O'Neill, Gibson, Hunt, Headon and Kenworthy did best.