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A BELATED EFFORT. South Fremantle Fails. The closeness of the scores during the final half of the game made the match between South Fremantle and Swan Dis tricts at Bassendean on Saturday inter esting but apart from that the play was dull. South Fremantle played in a lethar gic manner in the first half but made a brilliant recovery in the third quarter. Swan Districts. however, fought back gamely in the last quarter and regained the lead with a few minutes to play. South Fremantle strived desperately to win but intelligent forward play by Swan Districts enabled Ditchburn to goal on the bell to give the home team victory by two goals. South Fremantle was weak ened to .some extent by the absence of Dearle, Haskell and R. Toll and the fact that Jenkins was suffering from a heavy cold but there was no excuse for the foolish moves made by several players. Short passing when a long kick was obvi ously needed was only one of the failings of South Fremantle's methods. Swan Districts battled strongly throughout and even when the visitors took the lead the players did not lose heart. The teams were: SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Maynard.Mose Lambert. Half-backs: Moiler. Zilko. Williams. Centres: Jones. Sinclsir. Mosey. Half-for wards: Greene. Andrews. Oakley. Forwards: J. Clarken Ditchburn. Rosewarne. otuck: hlur ray. Chester. Sweetapple (raver. Nine teenth man: Pearce (did not playt. SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backs: Henfrey. ighanl. J. Mills. Hsfw-backs: Dodd. White. D. Dais. Centres: N. Lewingion. Jenkins. C. Lewineton. Half-forwards: Poole. D. Smith. Reynolds. Forwards: aurkemt. Corn. Chandler. seuck: Rtellley. A. Richardson. Truscotc (rover). Nineteenth man: Hart (did not plisy. UMPIRE: R. Donoghue. Swan Districts had most of the play early in the first quarter but poor for ward work spoilt many attempts. Four teen minutes elapsed before the first goal was scored and that was to South Fre mantle's credit. Swan Districts Infused more dash into its forward play and two; goals resulted. South Fremantle equal-t ised and just before the bell a spectacu lar dash from the centre by Jenkins gave South Fremantle another got. to take the lead at the end of the first quarter, 3.3 to 2.4. Better understanding between the for wards gave Swan Districts an advantage *t

in the second quarter and it soon took t the lead. South Fremantle's play in front 1 of goals was congested, the full forwards t continually crowding. Swan Districts was I strong in defence and the side merited I its lead of 7.9 to 4.6 at half-time. I Doig was given the task of watching % Rosewarne in the third quarter. South Fremantle infused more dash and deter- s mination Into its forward play and gradu- € ally reduced the leeway. Swan Districts I made mistakes in its back line and South I Fremantle benefited as a result of those t errors. Swan Districts broke away to-. I wards the end of the quarter but South 1 Fremantle was only four points behind I at three-quarter time, the scores being r 11.11 to 10.13. South Fremantle took the lead for the I first time soon after the start of the last I quarter but it did not hold it for long as Rosewarne goaled to put Swan Districts five points in front. Both sides battled hard but Richardson scored full points to give the visitors a point lead with 13 minutes to play. With five minutes to go Murray, playing strongly kicked a point to level the scores. Three minutes from the close of play Rosewarne marked within easy distance and goaled. South Fremantle struggled hard but the ball was whisked down the field to Ditchburn who goaled on the bell. The final scores were: SWAN DISTRICTS .. .. 14.14 (98 pts.) SOUTH FREMANTLE 12.14 (86 pts.) Scorers:-Swan Districts: Rosewarne, 6.5; Ditchburn, 4.2; Andrews, Sweetapple, each 12; Maynard, Greene, each 1.0; Clarke, 0.2; Murray, 0.1. South Fre mantle: Truscott, 4.3; Gorn, 4.2; Chand ler. 2.1; Richardson, 1.1; Jenkins, 1.0; Mills, D. Smith, each 0.2; Reynolds, 0.1; two points forced through. For Swan Districts none did better than Murray. He rucked strongly throughout and in the vital last quarter he often stopped South Fremantle at tacks. Rasewarne and Ditchburn must share the credit for the intelligent for ward play. Ditchburn played away from the goals but he was safe in the know ledge that Rosewarne was ready to make the most of any opportunity which arose. Rosewarne's marking was a feature of the game. Sinclair, Andrews and Zilko played their usual reliable games while Chester. Greene and Sweetapple were often prominent. - In a side which played much below its best form C. Lewington was South Fre mantle's best player. He marked the ball surely and disposed of the ball accurately --an example which was not followed by most of his team-mates. N. Lewington and Jenkins completed a centre line which had the better of the opposition. Reilly battled hard and took some fine marks. while D. Smith, Renfrey, Dodd, White, Gorn and D. Doig were best of the others.