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WEST PERTH'S FIRST VICTORY. Improved Form at Subiaco. When West Perth beat Subiaco soundly by 18 points at the Subiaco Oval on Sat urday, the club's supporters celebrated a dual triumph-the first victory for the season and E. Tyson's achievement of being the first West Australian to score 1,000 goals in league football. Before this match, Tyson needed nine goals to reach the 1,000. Eager to get them, he played football of a quality which it is doubtful he has excelled in his career Closely watched, he had to earn his chances, but with smart leading, sure marking and determined ground play he had kicked seven goals when the last quarter began. The eighth one followed and there was still 15 minutes of play left when, dashing out to receive a pass. he was fouled and a free kick was de livered truly. The crowd, which had been appreciative of his earlier efforts, burst into cheering and players rushed to congratulate him. West Perth thoroughly deserved its victory. It played sound football, smart and open, and had the initiative from the beginning. Sublaco did not have the same thrust and, although it made the match Interesting, was too Ill-balanced by weak links to threaten West Perth seriously. The teams were: WEST PERTH.-Backs: Caplin. Tetley. R. cRen n Haf-a cks: Moran. Per. Walsh, SLemAon. -Cetrs: Bridges. Glese Sampsron. Half-forwards: Meiarmid.rDavies. W. Kings bury. Forwards: W. Golding. Tyson, Pola. Buck: O'Keefe. Coo( Rainoldi (rover). Nine teenthc man: James (did not play). SttBIACO.-Backs: Luke. Robertn Strack. Half-backs: Stuart, Hordpman. N. Smith. Centres: Cumming. Peers. Bennett. Halffor wards: Shea. I,. Toll. McIntyre. Forwards: L. Mills, Cartledge. Dore. Buck: Roe. Leitch. Bunton (rover). Nineteenth man: Mackay (replaced Toll, leg Injury, in second Quarter). UMPIRE: G. Owens. From the start of play, West Perth established a clear advantage. Winning in the nick, it opened a passage through the centre and had the forwards moving nicely, with Tyson brilliant in front of goal. With the play open, Sullaco failed with poor kicking and was beaten to the ball, both in the air and on the ground. It was chiefly through Bunton that the ball was worked forward several times, but the forwards shaped badly. Against Sublaco's 1.3, West Perth had scored 5.2 at quarter-time, Tyson having kicked 4.2 of it. Subiaco handled the ball more con Tfidently in the second quarter, with longer kicking and surer marking. It evened 'matters in midfield and, with Hardiman breaking up West Perth's attack, made ' more use than in the first quarter of the opportunities Gumming provided on his centre-wing. Shea got the forwards in better working order and, showing more dash, Subiaco took the lead with 15 min utes of the quarter gone. By virtue of its nick, West Perth went ahead again and led with 6.6 to 5.8 at half-time. West Perth was in attack almost con tinuously in the third quarter. It held command in midfield and kept Sublaco on the defensive practically the whole time. However, it did not make the mar gin in the scores as great as was war ranted by its clear-cut ascendancy. Tyson was now being closely watched by Strack and the other players did not have his faculty for straight kicking, only three goals coming from 14 shots. West Perth was 9.17 to Sublaco's 7.10 at three-quarter time. West Perth continued to widen the scores and interest centred on whether Tyson would bring up his 1,000th goal. He began the last quarter still needing to get two and the 999th came soon after. He had to work hard for all his kicks, but when 11 minutes of the quarter had gone he received a push in the back in leading out to a pass from Pala. A well judged 30-yard kick yielded his 1,000th goal and he was roundly congratulated. With drastically changed placings, Subi aco made a rally, but it came too late. Final scores: WEST PERTH .. 14.21 (105 pta) SUBIACO .. .. .. 12.15 (87 pts.) Scorers.-West Perth: Tyson, 9.5; Kingsbury, Pola and Davies, 1.3 each; McDilarnid, 12; Cook, 1.0; O'Keefe, Giese, Rainoldi and Golding, 0.1 each; one be hind forced through. Subiaco: Bunton, 4.1; Shea. 2.5; Dore, 1.3; Cartledge, 1.1; Mackay, Mills, Leitch and Toll, 1.0 each; Hardiman, 0.2; McIntyre and Peers, 0.1 each; one behind forced through. For West Perth, Tyson took the honours. Cook did very well in ruck and Rainoldi, roving, carried on the play well. Pola was most effective, roving and forward, and Giese won in the centre. O'Keefe and Golding were prominent in ruck. Davies was a capable centre-half-forward and Moran, Caplin and Tetbury defended strongly. McDiarmid and Kingsbury were effective in attack. For Subiaco, Bunton performed won ders, roving continuously and taking the eye with clever play in all parts of the field. Second to him in effectiveness was Gumming, who played a neat, penetrating game on a centre-wing. Shea carried a big burden in attack with dexterity and then made a strong effort on the ball in the last quarter. After being solid in defence, Hardiman was swung into at tack towards the end. Strack, Bennett and Hoe were the best of the others,