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A DISAPPOINTING MATCH. East Perth Beats Subiaco Easily. Better served in the forward lines, and with the side as a whole playing sounder and more systematic football, East Perth easily defeated Subiaco by 49 points at Perth Oval on Saturday. The standard of play was disappointing to a good-sized crowd, fumbling and misdirected kicking being frequently in evidence. Subiaco missed many chances through faulty for ward work in the first half and East Perth, profiting by a little luck in the bounce of the ball, had a winning lead at half-time. Its ruck and centre line had given it an advantage, and its for wards had out-manoeuvred the Subiaco backs. In the second half, Subiaco at

times played good football, but its ef forts were not sustained and East Perth won a rather tame game easily. The teams were: EST PERT.---Backs.: McEncroe. Ward. J. Sweet. Half-backs: Rowland. Starr, Thomas. Centres: Miller. Cronin, e. Sweet. Hall-for wards: Broom. Neeson. Fogarty. Forwards: B. Ryan. Gardiner. F. Patterson. Rck: L. Graham. it. Graham, A. Campbell (rover). Nineteenth man: J. Campbell (did not play). St-ac. Half-buacks: Stuart. Hardlman. Alien. Centres: Cumin. Peers, Bennett. Half-for wards: Shea. B. Smith. Bows. Forwards: Dore. I.. Toll. I,. Mills. Ruck: Roe. MceIntyre. Bunton (rover). Nineteenth man: Leitch (re placed B. Smith at hali-time). UMPIRE.-W. Collins. Faulty forward work handicapped both sides in the opening stages, two long drop-kicks from the half-forward line by Shea providing a marked contrast. East Perth was winning in the ruck, and al though this advantage was offset largely by Bunton's skilful roving, a series of de termined East Perth attacks enabled that side to lead by 3.4 to 1.4 at quarter time. Subiaco's back men were inclined to let the forwards wander in the second term, and East Perth soon had a good grip on the game. Across the centre East Perth was in command, with lrein and Cronin playing cleverly, and Nee son's good position play and long kicking on the half-forward line enabled the team to take charge. Starr and J. Sweet were marking well in East Perth's back lines: Towards the end of the quarter Subiaco rallied, but was well be hind (3.8 to 12.9) at half-time. Playing with more dash and at times introducing systean into its work, Su biaco showed improved form in the third term. Roe was working hard in the rack and Bunton was still roving cleverly, and three goals, one the result of a brilliant mark by Roe, were quickly scored. Subiaco then fell into errors when It looked as though it might stage a recovery, and Cronin's return to the centre after a period in a forward pocket~ had the effect of steadying East Perth, which led by 14.14 to 8.12 at three-quar ter time. After Fogarty had lengthened East Perth's lead with a goal, Subiaco revealed its brightest flash of combined play all day, when the ball travelled practically the length of the ground through Har diman, Bunton, Roe and Dore for a goal. All interest, however, had disappeared from the game, and East Perth went on to an easy win, the final scores being: EAST PERTH . . . 18.16 (124pts.) SUBIACO .- .... 10.15 (s75pts.) Scorers:--East Perth: Gardiner, 6.5; Patterson, 3.4; Neeson, 2.2; Cronin, 2.1; Fogarty. 2.0; Broom, 1.2; A. Campbell, 1.1; L. Graham, 1.0; Ryan, 0.1. Subiaco:

Dore, 3.1: Bunton, 2.6; Shea, 2.3; Roe, 2.0; Leitch, 1.0; Smith and Tbll, 0.2; one behind forced through. With a polished display on a wing, Miller was East Perth's most useful player. Patterson roved intelligently and gave good leads when spelling, and Nee son was the strongest link in the forward lines. Starr marked well at half-back, where Thomas was also prominent, while J. Sweet took some excellent captures in a back pocket. Cronin started many moves from the centre, Ryan and Gra ham gave East Perth an advantage in the ruck, and of the others, McEncroe and Gardiner did best. Although his kicking for goal was in accurate at times, Bunton stood out for Subiaco with heady roving; his mark ing was brilliant at times. Hardfman al lowed Neeson too much latitude in the first half, but from then played with plenty of dash. Stuart was another prom inent at times in defence, while Bennett and Cumming played well on the wings. Roe battled hard in the ruck, co-operat ing well with his rover, and Shea and Bowe were useful at half-forward. Dore (when he gained confidence) and Peers did best of the others.