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CLAREMONT WINS AGAIN. Interesting Game at Bassendean. Claremont played soundly to beat Swan Dilstricts by 26 points at Bassendean Oval on Saturday. The kicking at goal, the work of the full forwards, and the defence of the winning team were out standing features of the match and were the decisive factors. Swan Districts played creditably and contested every inch of ground. At the end of the third quarter the team was only eight points behind and was maintaining good pace, but in the last quarter it was deprived of the services of Zilko, who had dislocated Claremont's half-forward line by brilliant work in defence and Swan Districts play suffered in the subsequent rearrange ment of placings. Although four regular players were not in the side, Claremont maintained excellent system and under standing throughout the game. The teams were: CLAREMONT.-Backs: S. Moloney, Grieve. Hunt. Half-backs: Headon. S. Clarke. O'Neill. Centres: Reid, Edmeades. Gath. Half-forwards: Hesford, Compton. Bermlng ham. Forwards: Sereant, G. Moloney. Love grove. Ruck: Reeves, Baker. Hooper (rover). Nineteenth man: White (replaced Berming ham, injured leg In last quarter). SWAN DISTRICTS,bBacks. Maynard, Mose, Pearce. Half-backs: Moiler. Zilko. J. Wil liams. Centres: Jones, Sinclair. Mosey. Half forwards: J. Clarke, Andrews. Todd. For wards: Greene. Ditchburn. Rosewarne. Ruck: Murray. Chester. Sweetapple (rover). Nine teenth man: Oakley (replaced Zilko, injured ankIe, in last quarter). UIMPIRE: 0. Owens. Claremont's smooth system, contrasting with Swan Districts vigorous, tenacious play made the game full of zest and interest. Against a light breeze Clare mont worked from the ruck with quick bursts and long kicks which drove the ball deep into the forward line. Clarke and O'Neill kept the Swan Districts at tack in subjection and Claremont goaled three times before Swan Districts scored. When Murray found form in the ruck Swan Districts came into its own and dominated the play to lead at the close of the quarter with 3.4 to 3.0. Brilliant play by Bermingham in the -ack gave Claremont two quick goals in the first three minutes of the second quarter. Other attacks broke down when Compton was beaten, or caught out of position. Unaided, G. Moloney played havoc with the Swan Districts backs and Reeves struck a "purple patch" in the ruck. In goal Grieve stopped several dangerous Swan Districts attacks by "spoiling" Ditchburn's marking and Claremont ran to a lead of 26 points. Zilko was impassable and it was not Ii

until the Claremont backs (playing bril liantly) drove the ball past the centre half-forward position that scoring was possible. Half-time scores were:--Clare mont, 10.3; Swan Districts, 5.6. Hard work by the backs and effective play by Sinclair in the centre gave Swan Districts a marked advantage at the opening of the third quarter and the team rallied magnificently to score four goals. Swan Districts was the faster, its ruck superior and Andrews outplayed Clarke. For a time, too Mose kept G. Moloney in check. Resting off the ball Bermingham, with Lovegrove, loosened the attack and made the game open, to Claremont's liking. Three goals were scored, and Claremont regained portion of its lead, but Rose wamre goaled as the bell rang to make the scores at the close of the quarter: Claremont, 13.4; Swan Districts, 11.8. Zilko had to leave the ground at the start of the last quarter. Andrews went to centre half-back, Ditchburn moving up to half-forward. Claremont soon at tacked through Compton to goal Then G. Moloney calmly "dribbled" a goal. Claremont suffered a big loss when Ber mingham was forced out of the game with an injured knee. ' Swan Districts fought on and when Oakley goaled it was only 13 points behind. Again G. Moloney led and marked cleverly and goaled to retrieve the position for Claremont. Thereafter play was fairly even, but Swan Districts could not break through. The final scores were: CLAREMONT . .. 18.8 (116pts.). SWAN DISTRICTS 13.12 (90pts.). Scorers:-Claremont: G. Moloney, 8.4; Hooper, 3.1; Bermingham, 3.0; Compton, 1.2; Serjeant, 1.1; Lovegrove, 1.0; Baker, 1.0. Swan Districts: Rosewarne, 5.2; Greene, 23; Ditchburn, 2.1; Oakley, 2.0; Sweetapple, 1.0; Chester, 1.0; Andrews, 02; Murray, 0.1; Todd, 0.1; two behinds forced through. For Claremont O'Neill was again an outstanding player, his marking and clearances on a half-back flank being consistently good in every quarter. G. Moloney played with great skill and re source to score eight goals; he was also responsible for several other goals. Grieve was a tower of strength in goal and Headon rarely failed. S. Moloney gave fine service in a back' pocket. In the ruck and at half-forward Bermingham played high-class football throughout the game, and Lovegrove, despite a doubtful leg, was a valuable forward. Reeves, Serjeant and Edmeades were also pro minent. Zilko was Swan Districts' best player. He outpointed Compton and for three quarters held the Claremont attack at bay. His marking was brilliant. Murray was a fine player in all circumstances and was never beaten in the ruck. The

vigorous Chester was prominent in every quarter, and Andrews (out of his accus tomed position) played well. Rosewarne did some good work near the goals and Greene, a recent recruit, played skilful. intelligent football at full-forward. Sin clair did a lot of work with his usual ability, and Sweetapple and Mosey were prominent in Swan Districts uphill fight.