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EAST FREMANTLE'S PACE. A 41-Point Victory. Faster to the ball and more positive in attack, East Fremantle easily defeated South Fremantle at Fremantle Oval on Saturday before a large crowd. The pace was hot from the outset and, although East Fremantle had a handy lead at half time South Fremantle rallied brilliantly In the third quarter, leaving East Fremantle only 2.4 in front when the last quarter began. A goal early gave South Fre mantle a chance, but East Fremantle set tiled down to systematic play and goals came quickly. South Fremantle's effort in the third quarter appeared to tell on the players, and in the last quarter East Premantle's pace and stamina proved match-winning factors. South Fremantle's move in placing Truscott at the pivot was not successful, and Jenkins took over that position in the second quarter. Jen kins, Burkett, Reilly, R. Toll and Higham were stationed at centre-half-forward at various stages of the game, but each found a master in Hutchinson. South Fremantle had plenty of opportunities, but its for ward work was scratchy, and its attacks lacked driving force. On the other hand East Fremantle carried the ball into the forward lines in a business-like manner, and intelligent passing among the for wards usually yielded a score. The teams were: EAST PREMANTLI.-Backe: Briggs. A. Kingsbury, J. Clark. Half-backs: Seubert, Hutchinson, Gabrielson. Centres: Taylor. C. Doig. Storer. Half-forwards: Donegan. Daniell. Prince. Forwards: Soltoggio, 0. Doig, Ebbs, Ruck: Wendt, Strang, Mcolinn (rover). Nine teenth man: Migro (replaced Storer, injured ankle, in last quarter.) SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backs: Renfrey, Chandler, Hlgham. Hall-backs: D. Doig, Dodd, Haskell. Centres: C. Lewington, Truscott, N. Lewington. Half-forwards: R. Smith, Jenkins. Burkett. Forwards: torn, R. ToIll Poole. Ruck: Reilly, A. Richardson. Dearie (rover). Nineteenth man: Reynolds (did not play). IUMPIRE: C. Black. The pace was on from the start and the ball travelled swiftly from one end of the ground to the other. Both sides played good football, but East Fremantle made more of its opportunities in the forward line, and two goals from G. Doig gave it an early lead. There was little to choose between the two teams on the ground play, but East Fremantle's high marking men struck good form early. C. Doig was winning at the centre, and he often put his side into attack. Two goals to South Fremantle made the scores level, but just before the end of the quarter East Fremantle added two goals to make the quarter-time scores:-East Fremantle, 4.2: South Fremantle, 2.2. A free against Kingsbury for holding the ball gave Toll a chance to goal early in the second quarter. South Fremantle then had a period of supremacy, but poor kicking for goal nullified many efforts. East Fremantle was in much better mood and. a beautiful angle goal on the run by Ebbs and another from Daniell gave it a handy lead. Showing much more de termination in attack and a better un derstanding among the forwards East Premantle went further ahead when G. Doig scored two angle goals and McGlinn added full points with a running shot. At half-time East Fremantle led, 9.7 to 3.8. With Jenkins at the centre and Toll at centre-half-forward, South Fremantle looked more business-like in the third quarter. The pace was fast, and South Fremantle was having the better of the play. Mistakes were made on both sides, but South Fremantle was able to make the most of its opponent's errors. East Fre mantle's defence was sorely tried, and had not Hutchinson, Gabrielson and Briggs been in good form South Fre mantle might have been closer than 7.14 to 10.12 at three-quarter time. Seubert went on a wing in the last quarter, Taylor going to a half-forward flank. Gorn goaled from a left foot snap and it looked as though South Fremantle was going to carry on its good work of the third quarter. However, East Fre mantle took charge and finally the South Fremantle defence wilted under pressure and the opposing forwards played a smooth, efficient game. Doig, McGiann and Ebbs goaled to make the game safe for East Fremantle. The final scores were: EAST FREMANTLE . 14.20 (10lpts.) SOUTH FREMANTLE . 8.15 ( 63pts.) Scorers:-East Fremantle: G. Dolg, 7.3; Ebbs, 3.7; Danlell, 2.2; McGlinn, 2.0; Sol toggio, 0.3; Wendt, Donegan, Prince and Strang, each 0.1. One point forced through. South Fremantle: R. Toll, 2.3;

Gorn, 2.2: Poole, 1.3; Reilly and Dearle, each 1.1; Truscott, 1.0; A. Richardson, 0.2; C. Lewington, Higham and R. Smith, each 0.1. East Fremantle had few weak links in its side, owing its victory to excellent team-work. Briggs and Gabrielson rarely made mistakes and frequently upset South Premantle attacks. Hutchinson played a big part in his team's win by his clever play at centre-half-back, while C. Doig, particularly in the first half, had control at the centre. Ebbs marked brilliantly at times and in the last quarter did more than his share of work. Wendt, G. Doig, Clark, Danlell and McGlinn were others to do well. D. Doig played solidly in defence for South Fremantle and although he had plenty of work to do he stuck to his task well N. Lewington gave a dashing wing display and he was often responsible for putting his side into attack. Dodd was often under notice for good defence work, while Reilly battled hard in the ruck. Haskell was prominent early in the game but a knock on the back restricted him in the closing stages. C. Lewington, Ren frey and Gorn were best of the remainder.