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PERTH UNIMPRESSIVE. Smali Margin Over West Perth. Perth had an 11-point victory over West Perth in an unattractive game at the Leederville Oval on Saturday. It was the better team, but had a lackadai sical approach to the match, and there was little interest in the play for the first three quarters. Playing in fits and starts, Perth at no time had a grip on the game, though it might easily have held a strong lead at half-time if it had made full use of its opportunities. West Perth did not let up and kept evening the scores at Perth's frequent lapses into sluggishness. With 18 minutes to play, West Perth took the lead by one point, and Perth had to finish vigorously to save the match. The teams were: PERT.--Backs: McCarthy, Robertson. Run delL. Half-backs: Hlisz, Hetherington, Hat ton. Centres: Lewis, Puddey, E. Ransom. Half-forwards: Coleman. Heifrey, McKenzie. Forwards: G. Vans. Gook, Hsddleton. Ruck: Bailey. Olphant. Grigg (rover). Nineteenth man: Lucas (did not play). WEST PERTH--Backs: L. V. Walsh. Tet ley. Caplin. Half-backs: Moran. P. Walsh. Lemon. Centres: Bridges, Giese. James. Balf forwards: W. Golding, Davies, Bampson. For wards: McDlamid, Tyson. Pola. Ruck: O'Keefe, Cook. Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: Knight (did not play). UMPIRE.-V. Sparrow. From the start, Perth managed to get away from the centre, but found the West Perth half-backs turning the play. The play lacked crispness, with sides

A. Kingsbury (East Fremantle) attenmpting to mak over I Toll (South Fremantle), while J. Clark (East Fremantle) and S. Poole (South Fremantle) wait for a pmssible knockout In the league football match at Fremantle Oval on Saturday.

being checked by faulty kicking. Perth succeeded most with concerted move ments, but on the whole West Perth headed it to the ball. Neither side could claim an advantage in general play, al though Perth led at the end of the first quarter with 4.2 to 2.5. The play became a little faster in the second quarter and more vigour was shown. West Perth gained an advantage in ruck and, its forwards opening out better, it twice drew to within a point of Perth. Perth livened up and again Puddey put it into attack. There were several attractive passages among its for wards and they made many openings in the scoring area, but their score was kept down by a succession of behinds. Perth was only 11 points ahead at half time-7.10 to 6.5. Battling hard, West Perth forced the ball forward and reduced the margin to four points, but Perth swung into a steady, penetrating game and widened the gap. It then became sluggish and West Perth, which had not let up, resumed the initiative, . increasing its score to 9.10 against Perth's 10.11 at three-quarter time. With an advantage in midfield, West Perth slogged its way forward. After seven minutes, it gained the reward of determination with a one-point lead. Perth shook off its lethargy and a vigor ous onslaught yielded six behinds. After West Perth gained a behind, a goal to Gook made Perth more comfortable and West Perth lost a chance when Tyson hit the post with a running angle shot. After a period of fierce striving, O'Keefe goaled, reducing the margin to five points, but Perth was now on top and it goaled again. Final scores: PERTH .......... 12.19 (91pts.) WEST PERTH .... 11.14 (80pts.) Scorers.-Perth: Gook, 7.5: Haddleton, 2.5; Grigg and McKenzie, each 1.1; Cole man, 1.0; Henfry, 0.2; Olifant, Puddey and Varis, each 0.1; two behinds forced through. West Perth: Tyson, 7.4; Pola, 1.2; O'Keefe, Lemon and Bridges, each 1.0; McDiarmid, 0.3; Golding, 0.2; three behinds forced through. For Perth, Puddey was the main source of attack, providing, dash and iniative where they were badly needed and show ing improved kicking ability. Hilsz was very solid at half-back and Grigg roved with his usual effectiveness. McKenzie and Haddleton were prominent in attack and Oliphant played steadily on the ball. Ransom did well on a centre-wing and Gook, Rundell and Robertson were others to show out. For West Perth, P. Walsh was out standing at centre half-back. O'Keefe did consistently well in ruck, with Gold ing and Lemon also prominent. Bridges was strong on a centre wing. Tyson and Davies were effective in attack and Pola and Rainoldi, the rovers, were often under notice. Moran and Caplin were reliable defenders and Glese showed pro mise in the centre.