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CLAREMONT NOT EXTENDED. Disjointed Play by Perth. Claremont had no difficulty in beating Perth by 16 points at the Claremont Oval on Saturday. After scoring five quick goals in the first quarter, Claremont maintained a comfortable lead through out.. Perth played disjointedly, its poor disposal of the ball preventing it from looking dangerous, and a lustreless game resulted. The teams were: CLAREMONT.--Backs: S. Moloney, Grieve, Hunt. Haif-backs: Headon, S. Clarke, O'Neill. Centres: Reld, Lovegrove, Kemp. Half-for wards: Julan., Compton. Bermingham. For wards: Serieant, G. Moloney. Oath. Ruck: Reeves. Edmeades, ooper (rover). Nineteenth man: White 'replaced Kemp, injured thigh. at three-quarter time). PERTH.--Backs: Fitzgerald, Robertson, Mc Carthy. Half-backs: Hllsm. Hetherington. Hat ton. Centres: Rundell Puddey, E. Ransom Half-forwards: Wooltorton, Henfry. McKenzie. Forwards: Coleman. Gook. Huddleton. Ruck: Oliphant. Bailey, Grin (rover). Nineteenth man: Lewis (did not play). UMPIRE.-R. Donoghue. Perth passed down from midfield at the start of play, but its kicking was astray, and with five minutes in attack it could not score against a keen defence. After seven minutes of play Claremont, fav oured by the breeze, swung into its stride and a smart passage-Bermingham to Kemp- to Compton to C. Moloney yielded a goal Thirty-one points were scored in seven minutes. Claremont had the pace and teamwork, with Perth crowling its game. Perth increased Its speed and vigour and more open work among the forwards enabled it to open its score after 15 minutes. Two free kicks to Gook gave him seven points. The standard of play fell off as the ball be came slippery and the first quarter ended with Claremont leading 5 . to 1.2. Perth went away from the ruck and two quick goals followed. Claremont then took the initiative and had a long period in attack without having much scoring to show for it. The understand ing among the forwards was excellent, but the short passing made it a long way to the goal. Perth's backs were solid but the ball came back to them regularly. Perth found it impossible to penetrate Claremont's defence. When Cook and Henfry changed places tem porarily the team broke through to score two points. A dull quarter ended with the half-time score: Claremont, s 75; Perth, 3.5. Claremont put Edmeades on a centre wing and Kemp (injured leg) in a for ward pocket. Perth got more purpose in its play, its forwards adopting a more direct style and Puddey taking a stronger hand in the centre. However, its system became upset by its inaccurate kicking and its mistakes gave Claremont ample opportunity to turn the play. Much the smoother side, Claremont consolidated its grip on the game, but it was not handling the wet ball so cleanly and most of its kicks for goal went astray. It led with 11.9 to 6.5 at three-quarter time. Perth played a hard, slogging game, roughing up Claremont, and slowly de creased the margin in the scores, though not in a way that would encourage its supporters to. give it a winning chance. Claremont used its 19th man in place of Kemp and had several other men limping. G. Moloney changed places with Love grove (injured leg). Resultory play ended with the scores: CLAREMONT... -. 13.12 (90pts.) PERTH ...... 11.8 (74pts.) Scorers.--Claremont: G. Moloney, 4.3; Hooper, 32; Compton, 2.1; Serjeant, 2.0; Bermlngham, 1.1; Lovegrove, 1.0; Reeves, 0.1; four behinds forced through. Perth: Gook, 4.; Grigg, 4.0; Oliphant, 2.2; Haddleton, 1.1; McKenzie, 0.1; Henfry, 0.1: one behind forced through. Claremont was a very even side. In the passages of play that counted most, G. Moloney again showed his brilliance. The defence was of outstanding merit, with O'Neill possibly taking the honours. S. Moloney was in fine form and Clarke and Headon were excellent at half-back, with Grieve keeping Gook quiet with a dash ing performance in goal. Compton played very well at centre-half-forward and Bermingham shone in ruck, where Reeves also was efective and Hooper and Ser jeant were competent rovers. Lovegrove had command in the centre until ham pered by injury, and Reid, though hurt, did well on a wing. For Perth, Oliphant was outstanding, giving sterling service in ruck. Bailey also was prominent in this division and Grigg roved effectively, following up the play well. Puddey was a strong influence in the centre in the second half and Ransom and Rundell did well on the centre-wings. Robertson kept goal in good style and Hilasz was another who was solid in defence. McKenzie was the best of the others.